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Lost and Found 3; Making Lynn come first

Bryan and his sister Karen make Lynn climax. All characters 21+
Lost and Found 3; Making Lynn come first

by Cheltenham

 Again, feedback is appreciated. Is there anything missing? Something you might want to see in the series? I'm open to ideas but I can't guarantee every suggestion is possible, nor can I promise that I will implement every suggestion. Thanks for reading.


She led us out to her car. It was parked conveniently a few steps from the front door. I helped my sister load her bag into the trunk and went around to open her door. Karen winked at me and leant over to kiss my mouth. I pulled her in, my hand disappeared under her purple dress. Her body tensed as I caressed her sex with a finger and dipped inside its warm wetness.

I breathed into her mouth, a promise that I would finish what I started. She bit her lower lip and paid attention to my sudden awareness of Lynn's presence. I felt a little self conscious but managed to give Karen another kiss before I got in the passenger seat. My sister sat behind me.

It took an hour to arrive at the humblest of abodes. I walked hand in hand with my sister to the front door, watching Lynn's cute bubble butt wiggle a foot ahead of me. The house was immaculate, save for a few strewn about clothes. She bent over to grab them up from the floor and teased me relentlessly until we entered the kitchen together.

"Sit. I planned to make something for my girls, but as you see they are with their father so the house is vacant for the weekend."

I squeezed Karen's hands on top of the table and intertwined my ankles with hers. She shifted in her seat playfully, rocking her hips slowly from the front of the chair to the back. My little sister was trying to get off and I knew she'd done it since we were sixteen and in the prime of life. I motioned for her to follow me and got up.

"I just...umm..."

She tried to be formal about it, but Lynn waved her hand nonchalantly and lifted her elbow to the height of her shoulder.

"No problem. Just be here in about twenty minutes. I should be done with our dinner."

Karen smiled politely and followed me down the hall to a bathroom. I closed its door, locked it and slipped my hands up her dress. She winced as I tugged down her soaked panties. Her scent immediately caused me to respond. Her fingers struggled with the zipper in its stretched state and helped me into the open air. I kissed her lips with longing, swirling my tongue with hers in a playful and tender embrace. I felt how she carefully stroked the length of me, pressing the heel of her palm against the underside of my crest. A gasp escaped her, drawing my attentions to the wealth of cream my teasing produced. My digits dwelt, dancing across her slit and diddling the tightest chasm I'd ever had the pleasure of claiming as my own.

She pleaded with her brown expanses, hoping that I might relinquish my inner lust to her. We gently eased together, mashing abruptly in a sloppy squishy mess. Her juices dribbled down onto the floor beneath us, foamy excesses of creamy lather threatened our precarious balancing act atop a counter. Karen's legs were resting on my shoulders and I found myself buried to the hilt, cramming inside my rightful home. She clenched me, restricting every thrust as I grew closer to climaxing. I'd shared every sexual proclivity with her over the years and I know my little sister had a mind like a steel trap, as well as a pussy like a velvety vice. I sensed my needs were about to be met when her hands pushed me away.

Her body turned around and I slipped back into her warmth, lifting the dress she wore. I held onto the two palmable masses, truly feeling their weight. Their youthful elasticity. They defied gravity and would surely envy any woman in their mid twenties. She moved her ass back and forth, rolling her agile hips and thighs in a bouncing circular motion. I held my breath and sucked on the nape of her neck lightly. It was one of her sweet spots and sent her over the edge. My sister came hard on me, coating the top half of my prick in sweet pussy nectar. She reached down and handled my slapping balls. Their weight rested in her hand as I continued fucking her. The way her wrist tugged downward, firmly prolonged my orgasm. I hugged her from behind smelling the faintest remnants of childhood's past. She moaned softly in my ear, while my head nestled on her shoulder and hid in her long brown locks.

I lost my hold on reality and saw fireworks as my eyes screwed shut. Karen tightened as I came, trapping me. Her ass leant into my mound and did nothing to help me soften. I usually remained as hard as a rock for a few minutes, post orgasm. She lifted herself off me and bent down to wad up her panties. I knelt down and tasted her cum spattered slit, sucking her folds into my mouth as the thick white paste trickled out onto my outstretched tongue. She trembled and held the back of my head, whimpering desperately as I ate my entire load and some of hers mingled in it. When I stood, she put her head on my chest. We dressed and sort of hurried back to the kitchen. Lynn had served our plates, now wearing an apron with nothing else beneath it. I'd just cum and already wanted to push myself to go another round.

Her pert ass found itself exposed, with only the ties coiled from around her waist to shield it. Lynn was wet. I smelled her slightly musky aroma and saw her gleaming cunt from between her parted thighs as she stirred a pot on the stove. Both women noticed the growing tent in my pants and smiled.

"I guess my outfit is to your liking?"

She said calmly. I nodded, unable to respond. Karen gazed in much the same way I did. Her hand fell to my lap and tugged the zipper lower. Of course, when Lynn heard a zipper, her attentions were averted. I thought I was imagining it, but she was salivating at the sight. My sister stroked me, pausing at the bulbous purple head. A bead of clear liquid formed at the tip and Lynn by that time crawled over to where I sat. The food on the table didn't concern me when she'd managed to suck the head of my prick down her hot throat. I stared at her wavy haired head bobbing at a painfully slow rhythm, taking all of me down her relaxed throat. Karen whispered to me, something that I know by Lynn's expression that she didn't comprehend. She repeated herself, but in a more loving tone and still it wasn't interpretable. I never learned how to translate between the two languages so I couldn't help anyone.

Lynn's pursed lips eased to my pubes and nestled there as a batch of creamy seed pulsed down the thirty something woman's throat. She made a face but was a trooper. Once my cock had calmed, I heard Lynn mumbling. Her tongue swept the sensitive underside of my cock and she spoke up.

"I usually don't swallow loads, for anyone. But I'd have to say that your cum tastes good. Guys will eat things which make it bitter. Not you though."

She finished, as her mouth worked over the length again to sap whatever else might be hiding in my pee slit. I was in heaven. Her slick throat engulfed my length without a semblance of gagging, Lynn's eyes squinted somewhat as my cock eased all the way inside. I remained hard and she shed the apron covering her perky little tits and tiny pussy slit. She straddled me on the chair and used her hands to guide me inside. I held her still for a good ten minutes, resting my head on her chest. I knew I wouldn't be able to cum again, but the softness of her tunnel comforted me. She held me like a mother might coddle her own, though it was different. Lynn rubbed my back in slow deliberate circles and rocked herself very cautiously on my lap. Karen had rose from the table with her empty plate, set it in the sink and was surprised to see me stand with Lynn's cunt impaled on my prick. My hands gripped her ass tight, keeping the woman from falling as we walked downstairs to the refurbished den.

I sank onto a recliner a bit too abruptly because Lynn yelped. I pulled out and sat her where I had been.

"Open up. I have to check you. Let me make sure I didn't hurt you."

She cutely grinned and rested her knees on the arms of the seat. My tongue danced across her clit and sucked it between my lips. A finger gently eased inside her narrow hole. Lynn gasped as I discovered a bean shaped morsel on the interior front wall, inside of her. I wriggled my fingertip back and forth over it and sensed it was hardening. Her ass lifted off the leather and kept avoiding my contact.

"I know what you really want."

She tried to look innocent up at me as I lifted her ankles onto my shoulders.

Karen moved closer and got her head between my thighs from behind me. I watched her move closer. Her wiggling tongue caressed Lynn's pucker, lapping at it as I sunk my prick inside of her pussy. My sister's thumbs were gripping the insides of her cheeks, pulling them apart so her tongue might do its work. Lynn couldn't contain herself and whimpered helplessly, enjoying our pleasuring of her. My balls seemed heavy and slapped just above where Karen's tongue dwelt. She must have been viewing the action because I felt her move away slightly. Her hand gripped my shaft as I withdrew and guided it between Lynn's cheeks as her fingers held them wide. The rough interior surprised me again, holding me in its warmth until I ran out of shaft to slide in her.

I thrust slowly, pushing my head all the way inside and sliding almost all of it back out. She moaned with her knees almost slung over my shoulders as her ankles were. I replaced Karen's hands with my own. Her mouth focused its attentions on Lynn's empty pussy. I whispered to my sister in our language and motioned with my head. She smirked and went to work, licking the pussy in front of her. Her mouth drank up the plentiful liquor, sucking away at her cunt for more. I withdrew after a couple minutes and slipped my cock back inside her pussy. She writhed, feeling me slide all the way as my thrusts became a little rougher. Lynn screamed my name repeatedly between breaths. I shoved my balls to her vacant anus and withdrew, only to push my cock up her ass. Russian roulette with a cock is a fun game. Especially when I know if my cock is going to blow. She grabbed my thighs with both hands as I finally returned to her pussy, now sloshing wetly with her juices.

I twitched inside her, delving deep into her quivering cunt. Karen had returned to licking Lynn's pussy while I had my cock inside. I wanted Lynn to cream for me before I came but she seemed reluctant. I motioned again to a pocket in my jeans, now crumpled in a pile on the floor beneath us.

"It's silent."

I told her in our language.

She moved closer as my cock thrusted in and out of Lynn's hungry pussy. I sensed her cunt tightened when my sister strummed her thumb over the woman's clit. We heard her shudder and knew that making her come would be easy. Yes, we cheated by using a fingertip vibrator but desperate times call for desperate measures. Karen firmly massaged her clit, stroked the outsides of her labia and watched as my cock probed her nervous little hole.

"She's gonna come. Yes, you should feel it."

My little sister said quietly. Her thumb rested on Lynn's clit, while its hood remained retracted. A gush of hot fluid poured down my bare chest, onto the chair beneath us and continued to flow like a geyser. I kept right on fucking her, driving my cock entirely up her pussy. Her creamy cum covered my shaft and I refused to deny myself any longer than I needed to. She cooed, my seed spurting in ropes up her fertile cunt. I was ready to relax but Lynn wasn't able to stay on her feet. I slung her over my shoulder and carried her two flights up to her bedroom. Her petite body cuddled under the blankets in her room once I'd set her down. Karen smiled and left with me for the den. We cleaned up the clear cum, dried what we could of the furniture and opened the bar. Other than her wadded up panties, my sister was naked too. She mixed a few drinks for us and surveyed the pile of clothes beside the chair.

"Do you want to stay for the weekend or should I drop you back at our house?"

"I still want to have fun with Lynn. She's too cute for words and her skills on the stove..."

"I didn't get to eat. Let's go back upstairs to the kitchen and split the dish."

She led the way ahead of me upstairs and sat down at the table. I believed myself to be fully sated. I was sure Lynn would sleep through the night and hopefully part of the morning. Karen and I headed back downstairs to take advantage of the bar before we fell asleep on a couch together.
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Great story!
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Fantastic story. Keep them cummin.5+++

Posted 20 Jul 2011 07:51
as i have come to expect from you chel another good one like the little twist the brother and sister speaking another language to turn up the temp for lynn great works as always

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