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Lost In Space: The Lost Episode

Based off the end of the television series from the 1960's.

"Danger, Will Robinson! Dan-guu-weeaaar," the robot's voice had died out execrably.

If Penny Robinson had to listen to Robby the Robot's continuing malfunctioning programming any longer she would scream. Will had done his best to keep the damn pile of junk running after all these years. Long years lost in space with no clear destination. After the disappointment of misleading alien life in the Alpha-Centari system, they decided to head back to Earth. Along the way their computers had somehow miscalculated the course. And now they were truly lost in space. The only real explanation was the extreme magnetic interference from the junk planet they had once encountered.

They had persisted for many years, scraping by with the meager scraps of food they could find, until they could get their hydroponic garden back at full strength. Deutronium had proved to be rather abundant among the stars; providing enough fuel to continue on to a habitable planet. At this point any habitable planet would do. The Robinson family had planned on stopping at the first blue dot they found, to settle and be the first parents, a sort of Adam and Eve of that planet.

Penny had grown weary of being consigned to live in the desolate vastness of space. Years had passed without sight of any system of planets. After all this time she had blossomed into a beautiful woman. But what man would have her? They had the foresight to bring along enough clothing and food for the entire family. In their planning they had completely ignored providing a future mate for both her and Will.

These thoughts had come upon her as they prepared for the wedding of Judy Robinson and the ever handsome Major West. She was harvesting extra food from their hydroponic garden in order help celebrate the coming events. How she longed for her own marriage. The day she would be treated as a princess to celebrate the beginning of a new life. To her dismay she knew that day would never come. She would never have the same opportunity as her older sister Judy.

Even the old codger, Dr. Smith, was not even an option. He had passed away after a rather large diamond had fallen from his shelf onto his head during the night. John Robinson jettisoned him out into the emptiness of space along with that huge rock. There was no need for greed out in these parts, as there was not a single soul to trade with. Judy had given up on ever having a true love.

Penny was not the only person aboard the ship who had grown up without hope of finding a significant other. Will Robinson had also grown into a handsome man while his hormones had been raging for years. The only thing keeping him busy was Robby the Robot. Were it not for the constant breakdowns Robby was troubled with he would be instead servicing himself more frequently. There is only so much a young man can do in space. Even Will had noticed the imbalance of available women. He had no other prospects, not one. Only his mom and two older sisters were aboard for this trip.

Will was not as much of a pessimist or prude as his sisters or mother, at least not in thought. What everyone else saw as an unfortunate situation to be in was in fact a great opportunity for Will. As they aged he began to notice his sister, Penny. How could you blame the guy? She was the only other single girl around for millions of astronomical units. He knew it wouldn't take a lot of convincing to get her interested. He had noticed her looking at Major West and occasionally even at him. The only difficulty could be convincing the rest of the family. None of them could possibly stand for such an idea. Will knew he had to try despite what they may say.

Penny had retired to her quarters. A small area with just enough space for a bed, a desk, and a chair. It was about the size of a dorm room would have been had she stayed on Earth and gone to college. But instead she was stuck out, literally in the middle of nowhere. Tears came to her eyes as she considered their future prospects. She began to wipe her eyes as she heard a knock at her door.

"Penny," it was Will's voice that she had recognized. "Penny, may I come in?"

"Yes Will," Penny said while trying to hide her whimpering. "Please come in."

"Have you been crying," Will asked.

"Just a little," she replied.

"Whats bothering you? You know I'm here to help."

"I'm just sad is all. Judy is getting married to Don. It seems like mom and dad have always been married. And well," Judy began catching her breath, "well you and I Will, we won't ever have anyone to marry."

"That's what I came to talk to you about. I feel the same way. I look ad mom and dad and they seem so happy. I look at Judy and Don and I know they will have a happy life. I want that too Penny."

"But with who Will? There is no one left for us."

"Yes, Penny, there is someone left for both of us. We are left for each other."

"William Robinson!" Penny's reaction had been enough to let Will know what she thought. But she still voiced her thoughts nonetheless. "Do you know what that would mean? Do you have any idea? It would be wrong! It would be incest!"

Will took a seat next to Penny on her bed. "Yes, I know what it would be. But what other choice do we have? Even if we find a habitable planet to populate someone will have incest to keep humans alive there. Us or Judy's offspring. I say we just do it. I would respect your decision about us, but I really think you should consider my proposition. We may not have anyone but we could have each other."

The gravity of their situation came crashing down on Penny. She knew Will was right in his assertions but was having a hard time coming to terms with her only option.

Will waited in silence with Penny. He could tell she was mulling over his words. He put his arm around her and pulled her in, thinking a few actions could help convince her. She looked over at him, with a concerned look on her face. He could only do one more thing. Will leaned in and planted a kiss on Penny's fertile lips.

Penny did not stop him. Instead she kissed him back, their lips locking in a loving and understanding way. She finally pulled back and leaned her forehead against his. "Will," she said, "What would we ever tell mom? What would dad say? They would never allow us to be married to each other."

"We can only do our best to help them understand. I love you Penny. We are each others only hope for true happiness. If mom and dad can't understand that then when we find a planet we can run away together and make it on our own."

"You really love me Will?"

"Yes Penny. I do love you with all my heart." Will's blood pressure was about to erupt. He had just affirmed his feelings towards his sister. It had only been a few seconds but it had felt like hours. The silence finally got to him and he pulled his forehead away from hers and moved in for another kiss. As their lips touched Will could feel the electric shock of love being returned to him from his sister. He knew she had come to the same conclusion as he had.

Will moved back slightly as to break apart from Penny. She in turn moved forward slightly to stay in contact. Will knew this kiss would be more than what he had originally bargained for. Penny leaned further in until Will had fallen over backwards onto her bed. The loving kiss quickly turned lustful as Penny became more aggressive towards Will. She motioned for him to move completely onto the bed where she straddled him and continued to smother his face in kisses.

Penny sat up for a moment. She looked deeply into Will's eyes as she lifted her ratty old dress up over her head. Will's eyes were engulfed in the sight of her perfect breasts, those nice round orbs of passion hanging over his head. Her perfect curves lead directly to her slightly darker aureoles which in turn accentuated her erect nipples. Will reached his hand upwards and cupped his sister's perfection in his hands. In turn Penny let out a slight moan of affirmation.

"I believe I've fallen in love with the most beautiful girl in the galaxy," Will blurted out.

Penny's only reaction was to lean back down towards Will and slide her hands beneath his shirt, expressing a need to have him reciprocate her actions to remove his clothing. He arched his back as she helped him slide his shirt up over his head. She lay back down to continue the spattering of kisses, their bare chests coming into contact for the first time. For both this was an erotic moment which defied all expectations. Neither had been this far with the opposite sex, and yet, somehow, it felt so right to be with each other.

What to them seemed like hours was in fact just a short moment. The electric charge of eroticism surged through their bodies as Penny's kisses made their way down Will's chest. She reached his pants and fumbled with the clasp, until he finally helped her with it. Will lifted his ass in the air, allowing Penny to pull his pants off. His cock was exposed to the cool circulating air of the Jupiter 2 spacecraft. Penny watched as his erection throbbed with passion for her. She had never before seen a cock so close. Its long shaft topped with a huge head only increased her desire to have him inside her.

A different desire overcame Penny as she stared down at Will's cock. She had never thought that what she was about to do was acceptable. She gave his cock head a kiss before she plunged the entire thing into her mouth. Penny bobbed up and down on Will's cock as he moaned in appreciation. She became even more horny as the taste of his pre-cum tickled her taste buds. She leaned upwards while continuing to stroke his cock as they looked into each others eyes. It was as if they were sharing their souls through sight.

"Will, I need you to show me the love you feel for me," Penny erotically pleaded.

Will knew it was time for him to take charge of the situation. Penny had done her part to get Will naked. What surprised him most was that somehow she was still wearing those silly stretch pants they had decided on for their family space uniform while he was completely naked. They had exchanged places and he had in turn followed Penny's lead.

Will started back at Penny's lips, getting a little taste of his cock. He moved to her neck, lingering on her collarbone. Kissing down to her beautiful orbs he focused on her nipples as she moaned in delight. Finally breaking away he kissed his way down her torso, making a quick stop at her navel. He continued down to her light green stretch pants and began to give them a tug. She lifted her hips in the air to accommodate his action. Penny was now just as naked as Will.

The musty smell of Penny's pussy pulled him in. She spread her legs revealing her hairy cooch to Will's view. So many years in space they had gone without the comforts of luxury such as razors. It did not matter to Will. He still desired to taste her as he had done to him. He moved his finger up and down her slit, feeling her wetness. He lifted his finger to his lips and took a taste.

A little taste of Penny's pussy increased Will's desire. He plunged his face into her womanhood, licking up her wetness. The more he engorged himself on her pussy the more she expressed her pleasure through gratuitous moaning. He licked up her labia, sucking it in and extruding it again. As his tongue reached her clit she grabbed his head and held it there. "Lick me there Will. Suck it," Penny Pleaded. Will ravaging her clitoris as he was instructed. Penny continued to hold his head in place as she quickly reached orgasm.

"Will," Penny gasped, "That was amazing."

Will moved himself upon Penny. Their nude bodies rubbing against each other as he moved in for a kiss. Penny could taste herself on his lips just as Will had tasted himself when she kissed him earlier. "I want to spend my life with you," Will said.

"I would like that," Penny replied. She felt Will's dick pressing against her leg. She spread herself wide open for him. "You can do it if you want," she told him.

Will knew he had completely convinced Penny of their inevitable destiny. He pressed against her soaking wet pussy. Her womanhood gave way which allowed him to gently slide himself into her. They were now one. She gazed into his eyes as he began sliding himself in and out of her. They were both overcome with a pleasure neither had known before. A bliss so wonderful that Will couldn't help but cum after only a few sound thrusts of his cock; exploding inside his sister.

The look on Penny's face had told Will that she enjoyed the feeling of the sex they had just experienced. The lack of bucking back at him as he came informed him that she did not cum with him. He was a bit disappointed, "I'm sorry you didn't have an orgasm."

"Don't worry about it Will. You gave me one before," Penny replied. "Besides, the sensation of your sperm shooting into me was good enough."

Will leaned in for one more kiss as his cock slipped from Penny's love tunnel. "I'm happy you decided to be with me," he told her.

An interruption; The blaring sound of an alarm came from each speaker of the ship's intercom system. Four loud alarm sounds and then silence. Will jumped off Penny and began putting on his pants. Then a voice sounded across the intercom. "Everybody to the bridge! We have reached a habitable planet!" The excitement in John Robinson's voice quickly spread to his children. Will dressed in a near instant and ran off followed shortly by Penny.

They had all come running onto the bridge. Out the window was the sight of a blue orb with green land. Maureen hugged her husband in delight. It was obvious that she had been overcome with tranquility. John looked at his wife and children. Then he focused on Judy and then at Major West. "Why don't we have the wedding right after we land," he asked with excitement. Everyone cheered in agreement.

Shortly after they landed John Robinson conducted a wedding for his daughter and Major west. It went beautifully. Judy was in the best dress they had on the ship and Major West in a nice clean uniform. And together they quickly ran back into the confines of the ship.

"Well," said John Robinson, "It looks like this planet is unpopulated."

"Don't worry honey. Don and Judy will soon remedy that," Maureen said as they both laughed.

"Mom, Dad," Will interrupted. "Since it appears we are here alone; Penny and I have something we need to talk to you about."

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 19 Jan 2013 07:34
Taking place in outer space & since you are lost , The new plant you recently stumbled upon.. Is MINE.!Guys leave NOW! Welcome ladies ,you wi9ll now become my new breeding stock.. please GET NAKED NOW!
Jill you may go,with the men, by turning you loose ,I'm hoping you w3ill again make another space journey,,Jill make sure that your next capt. is a Dom, thus insuring that he will not ask directions!Thus assuring me that I'll see you again.... PLS.a chp 2
Posted 10 Apr 2011 06:28
Loved it.
Posted 18 Mar 2011 13:08
Very creative. Impressive. Luv the strory line-woud luv to c will do both mom and penny-lol . again -well done!
Posted 12 Mar 2011 16:07
Vey Good 1st chapter. I remember watching that show on TV!! Send in part 2, ASAP. 'V=5+."
Posted 12 Mar 2011 15:15
Would be great to see what happens next. Great story.
Posted 12 Mar 2011 15:15
Cute. Very nice and kinky.

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