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Luscious Eyes

Kai learns a lesson from her older brother.
I stepped out of the shower, my chest heavy from the hot steam. The tile felt cool and refreshing under my red feet as I grabbed the towel and patted down my body. I heard a bold knock on the door followed by a deep, stern voice. "Hurry up in there sis!" Mitchell bellowed.

I sighed and responded with a sharp " 'Kay!" Hurriedly I wrapped the towel on my still-moist body and unlocked the door. 

Wringing the tips of my hair out I stumbled and was caught by stiff yet gentle hands. Our eyes met and the towel dropped as the depth of our eyes enveloped in lust. I anxiously picked up the towel and wrapped it around my tense body. 

Mitch patted me on the back and walked downstairs, casually as if nothing had happened. I fast-walked into my room at the end of the hall and slammed my door. My heart was pounding and my emotions were racing. 

I remembered the look in my older brother's eyes, pure ecstasy. I plopped onto my bed and rolled onto my back, throwing the towel to the side. Running my hand down my body I arched my back and played a scene in my head. A scene I've thought of before, with Mitch. He would come behind me, caressing my body into his, feeling his warm breath on my neck and the hard curves of his abs on the small of my back. I ran my fingers through my still damp hair and moaned as I slid a finger into my now-wet slit. 

Suddenly my door opened. "Hey, Kai, just wanted to say sorry fo–" Mitch stopped mid-sentence as my legs shot closed in attempt to hide my body. He flipped his long brown hair away from his face only to reveal the tension brought by him biting his lower lip. His pale, bare chest was dramatically and vigorously moving up and down. Mitchell slowly stepped closer and sat at the foot of my bed, stroking my leg. "D-don't st-sto-stop." His voice was shaky and hoarse as his breathing was becoming short and gasp-like. 

Mitch took off his basketball shorts, leaving only his blue, plaid boxers as he crawled up next to me, propping himself up with his elbow. He took my hand in his and gently spread my thighs apart. "Don't be nervous, lovely," he whispered in my ear. 

Mitch took my chin in his hand, guiding my mouth to meet with his. His lips were soft and moist, comforting and easing my nerves as he guided my hand lower, still intertwined with his. He stopped right before we reached my clit. I held my breath. He placed his face close to mine, our noses touching. I could smell the fresh mintiness of the lifesavers he loves so much on his hot breath. Brushing his bottom lip slowly across mine, Mitch tilted his head, sliding his tongue past my lips to meet mine.

He slowly released his grasp from my hand and proceeded to slide lower down, swirling his tongue in unison with mine, both of us breathing heavy still. Mitch shifted his body so he was hovering over me, our lips still interlocking with passionate greed. Sliding a finger into my wet cunt, I gasped and rolled my hips. Mitch's cock was now laying, hard, on my stomach, moving across with every rough jerk of his hand. I bucked my hips and pulled on his hair as he suckled lightly on my neck, squeezing in another finger. My hips rocked in motion with Mitchell's thin, muscular arm. 

Pulling out just before my climax, he licked his fingers and got up off of me. 

Maybe I was carried away in the heat of the moment, but I found myself pinning Mitch down and running my hands down his relaxed, lanky body. He rested his arms behind his head, brushing his fingers through his hair and I gently grasped his hard dick in both my hands. 

He cocked his head to one side and I flicked my tongue against the tip. Mitch let out a short gasp as I proceeded to take him inch by inch, until I couldn't bear to push any more of his long cock into my throat. Mitch bucked his hips upward as I widened my mouth, caressing his balls in my other hand. Pivoting my head back and forth and side to side, I continued to suck on his hard cock until he tensed up. "Uuhhhnn, I'm guna cum.." He moaned, tilting his head back. 

With one swift motion, Mitch had me on my hands and knees, his broad figure casting a shadow from the overhead light onto me. He stroked my back from my neck down to my tail bone, sending shivers down my spine. Spitting in his hand, Mitch reached down and stroked his drenched fingers along my pussy as if I weren't wet enough. 

Slapping my ass, Mitch eased his thick cock, slowly into my soft cunt. I threw my head back and collapsed onto my elbows and he drove his shaft in deeper and harder with every thrust. Bending over on top of me, Mitch stroked my face and rhythmically sped up his motions, making me jerk my hips and groan.

I grasped onto my sheets as Mitch went wild, pounding inside me. "Mitch...I-I'm gonna..." I managed to choke out in between breaths.

"Cum..!" He had finished my sentence as he flipped me over quickly and came on my stomach. I shook with delight and pure pleasure as I came onto his hand. 

We lay there next to each other, gasping and muttering groans, my legs around his and my head on his chest, listening to his heart beat pound and staring into his luscious green eyes.

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Posted 14 Jun 2013 07:19
Wonderful first story even if a bit short. Very tender and loving account of something very special.
Posted 15 Apr 2013 01:33
Very hot story
Posted 14 Apr 2013 04:36
Very good. Very hot. 5
Posted 14 Apr 2013 00:38
i wish i had been u there to recieve his cock into my waiting cunt mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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