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Lust for Marie's Daughter, Part 3

Marie finds her fantasy a dream cum true, and then Gerrel finds both his lovers willing to play

I drove the short distance to Jake’s house and parked in front.   Walking up to the door I could her Marie’s moans as once again he filled her with pleasures.   I knocked to interrupt them as they apparently fucked in the living room one last time before her entry to blessed wedlock.   After a few moments Jake appeared at the door in a robe that barely covered his aroused cock as it formed a tent before him.   “Morning Gerrel, I didn’t expect you quite so soon, I hope you’re not in a hurry, Marie is unquenchable today for some reason.   If that’s okay with you that is, that I take care of her one last time before you steal your bride away.”


I grinned and stepped inside his home.   I knew where Marie was and found myself aroused at knowing she was in the mood. “Sure Jake, in fact, I’d love to see her cum for you, or maybe we can get a start on those three ways we discussed since she’s obviously in the mood for love” and chuckled lightheartedly.   His expression turned an odd shade of awe at my candor and replied “Guess it wouldn’t hurt to ask her” and chuckled with a lecherousness I could easily identify with.


We walked in to the living room where I saw my bride sitting haphazardly on a large leather couch; her juicy snatch had left a trail over it that was plainly the result of more than one climax.   I smiled as I walked over to her and leaned to give her a kiss.   Her mouth smelled of cock, and her body was coated with a glistening layer of sweat as if she had fucked all night long and cum a lot with her anal lover. “Morning sweetie, I see you have really enjoyed your night, I am so happy we all decided on you two getting together.   In fact, I think with your current need, maybe this would be a good time to join together as a threesome.   If you’re willing and able to try it that is Marie” I added in tones that said I really wanted her to take us both.


Her eyes glistened with her needful thoughts as she had barely ebbed from the tumultuous climax Jake had just brought her to, her lips turned into a devious smile as she spoke “Oh baby, you are so good to your wife, how could I refuse anything you want of me?”


I kissed her again as I pushed the robe from her shoulders and exposed her bare sweat coated flesh.   Her pussy reeked of her nectars, and I knew that Jake had probed its walls at least once with the puffy petals that she bore so well. My smile was filled with want as she reached up and unzipped my fly to release the even now engorged instrument that would fill her once or more depending on her needs. I slipped of my shirt and tossed aside as Jake watched our brief foreplay.   She pushed my pants down and I stepped from them, my proud meaty tool stood erect before her as she slid her lips over the head and sucked half of the shaft into her mouth greedily.   I knew it was a possibility, but my fears were now realized as she tasted the sweet cum of her daughter on my flesh.   Her eyes flared with jealousy as she continued to suck my shaft like the wanton woman she had always been.   I was now fully hard and lifted her from her seated pose and drew her into an embrace as my lips pressed against her neck below the ear.


“Marie, later I can tell you about my wedding night, just as you can tell of yours.   For now, allow your two lovers to fill you with the wonders only a woman like you can enjoy fully” and guided her to the center of the lushly carpeted room.   Our dance was simple for starters, I held her close and kissed her as my hands caressed her pert breasts while Jake pressed against her back and caressed her buttocks to spread them open for his invasive tool for probably the tenth time or more.   She melted between us as first Jake found the mark and slid his cock’s head into the well worn sphincter muscle and then the broad head of my cock slid inside her sopping wet cunt.   Fortunately we were adept at adjusting our heights to match her shorter stature and soon she felt our cocks sliding gracefully in synchronized moves with her two cavities.   It didn’t take long before her gasps of pleasure turned to screams of delight as her orgasms came in continuous waves through her body.   I could tell that Jake was getting the short end of the deal as he was only able to get a couple of inches inside her ass with our current pose.   I nodded and he withdrew his anxious cock for the moments it would require to relocate.


At his withdrawal Marie shuddered and thrust her hips even harder against my mound, impaling all she could of the ten inch dick she had married me for. I lifted her off the floor and impaled her further as I took a seat on the floor and pulled her atop of me as I reclined.   Her hips thrust up and down as another wave passed through her and she came swiftly over the hot velvet rod she loved to have inside her gash.   Jake took his opportunity and mounted her from behind and thrust his cock into her slick rear entry with grunts of pleasured joy streaming from his gasping mouth.   Marie screamed again as she felt filled so completely not knowing which way to thrust her body to take the greatest joy…six inches in her ass and ten in the cunt she screamed out climax after climax that seemed to never end as her two lovers neared our time of ejaculation.   Jake strained to withhold his climax until we could both fill her simultaneously, I nodded in accord and we allowed her to pound us both for another minute until she cried out again with a massive orgasm that drained her of all else.   I grunted out my need as did Jake and she felt her womb and anus filled with our seeds.


Jake lay atop of her as he ebbed from the draining climax; I supported them both as she fell into a bliss she had never known possible.   We lay together for about five minutes and then Jake rolled off to one side and Marie to the other.   We each laid in our contented post climactic bliss on our backs, side by side for another five minutes before Jake excused himself to go to the bathroom and clean up from the wondrous threesome’s joys.   Marie’s eyes turned to mine as he left the room and she whispered “Did you fuck Sandra last night?” without a hint of the expected motherly concern other than a bit of jealousy that her daughter had consummated her marriage vows for her.   “Yes…” I replied in a calm voice “…She and I had wanted to join as more than simply father and daughter.   In fact she wants and has done so much more than you know Marie.”


She sighed at the loss of her little girl, but smiled as she spoke again to her new husband. “Gerrel, I hope you were gentle with her, she’s only a kid after all.”


I rolled onto my side facing her and cupped her jaw in my palm. “You know I was baby, and yeah, she’s only a kid in years, but a full fledged woman in so many ways.   I think we may have the makings of a wonderful family if we can simply relax and enjoy it.   You know our love for each other extends to Sandra as well, and she wants to be close with her mother as much as I do.”


Her eyes filled with tears as she found a joy she had never hoped, that a man could bring she and her daughter closer together, more than mother/daughter, but as lovers as well. A daughter that would find joys with her shared love and passions, and all for the caring love of a man who gave so much more than he wanted in return.   She rolled over and planted a kiss on my lips as she groaned with happiness and then whispered “Let’s go home Gerrel.”   I sighed at how easily the confrontation had gone and rose to my feet and helped her weary body to her feet.   She would likely be sore for a day or two after the pounding Jake had given, and then taking two cock’s severe punishments simultaneously would surely make her think twice of her energy’s desires when it came to pass again.   She picked up the robe and slipped it on as she walked from the living room to find her clothes.   I picked mine up and dressed while I waited for one or both to reappear.


Jake had done a nice job of decorating his brown stone home, he apparently liked nice things and spent his wages wisely at acquiring them a piece at a time.   I looked around and found Jake to be a better friend than I had thought possible before asking him to be my best man.   I knew that he and I would enjoy more play time as the weeks, months and even years went by.   He walked back into the living room and stood just in front of me with a broad smile. “Gerrel, I still have a hard time with the idea that you were willing to give me your wife on your wedding night, I owe you big time.   Did Marie enjoy our threesome, she didn’t say anything to me as she got in the shower, and just a smile was my only clue to her mood.”


I chuckled at his attempts to know whether he would get to pound his stiff into her ass again any time soon and so I reassured him as best I could. “Jake, you saw and heard her orgasms as well as I did, no way will she let that kind of joy go unrepeated.   I think we may have created even more a monster than the two of us can handle, but only time will tell.”   I extended my hand and shook his as a friend as Marie walked back into the room, dressed in the same gown she had worn to our wedding; it was all she had brought.   My eyes sparkled at the sight of how beautiful a bride I had married and swept her up in an embrace and kiss that took our breath away. “Let’s go home sweetie” I murmured “our daughter is waiting, and likely will need more explanation of why we were apart on our wedding night.”   Her eyes sparkled as she heard me say the words, she blinked away tears of joy even at the reminder of me plunging my huge cock into her little girl and bringing her to joyous climax.   Little did Marie know there had been several of them over periods of hours, and even just before I came to pick her up.   She would eventually find out, but before that the three of us had some serious fucking to do as a family.


Jake showed us to the door and we bid farewell to our new friend.   We both knew that it would not be the last time we shared passions together. I could see in my mind’s eye when Marie would deep throat my engorged cock as she got rammed from behind with Jake’s ever hard youthful shaft…likely in her tight arse rather than her snatch…she really does love to be fucked up the ass and his dick is just the right size for her to take it all and love the joys it brings. I opened her car door and she sat in the passenger seat, it was only then I could see the true weariness of her escapades, but she glowed with the completion a fully sated woman carries only after such passions are given and taken.   I closed her door and walked around to the driver’s door, opened it and climbed in.   I waved good bye to Jake who was still standing in awe of his new found friends, and a woman he’d likely never forget.


I pulled from the curve and looked over at Marie; she had already drifted off to a peaceful slumber as her body quivered with the internal memories causing mini waves to flow through her sated core.   I parked in the driveway as usual and leaned over to kiss my bride.   She stirred and looked up to see we had already arrived home, her smile painted her face with untold joys and she cooed “Let’s go in and cuddle up with our baby and rest a bit honey; that be okay with you?”


“Sure honey, we can sit and put a movie in the DVD and cuddle up as a family, unless Sandra has something else to do today, after all it is Saturday.   We’ll just have to see.”

I got out and walked around to her door, opened it and extended my hand to help the weary soul of my bride from the car.   I was proud that she could even walk after the workout she had found with Jake, not to mention her first time being double dipped with such ferocity, or truly, at all, but she did, and made me proud as we walked in the door to find Sandra sitting on the couch waiting for us.


She gushed out “Hi mom, I hope you had fun last night” in a tone that belied her own efforts with me.   I nodded as Marie replied “Yeah baby, Jake is one heck of a good man, you should be so lucky…oh wait, you were” and laughed at opening the stream of knowledge for her daughter to flounder over.   Sandra’s eyes found mine as she gasped at me having told her mother of our lust filled night. Marie calmed her quickly and gently as she said “Sandra, he didn’t have to tell me anything.   No matter how well he washed I knew your scent on his cock when I sucked him at Jake’s place a little bit ago.   We’ll all be the better for being open about what we want and how we want it baby.   I don’t have a problem with you wanting him, he’s a hell of a man” and reached over and patted my soft lengthy cock inside my pant leg.


“Oh momma, I hoped you would understand; I want so much for us to be a close family.   I am not sure, but I think you can teach me as much as he has already; if you’re willing to that is.”


I held up my hand and beckoned Sandra to come over and join us.   As she came close enough I wrapped one arm around Marie and the other around Sandra as we enjoyed a group hug to seal the inevitable fate of our little family, joined in love, joined in desires, and to be joined in so many ways as time went by.   My lips pressed to Marie’s cheek and then to Sandra’s, they both smile and kissed me back with the same sincere caress and I whispered “you must kiss one another as well” and watched as their lips pressed together in sweet caress, though Sandra did get a little carried away when her tongue invaded Marie’s mouth.   Marie was cool though, she sucked it lightly in reply and pressed her body closer to that of her daughter’s.   I sighed in peaceful content; even a plan of extreme measures could not have fulfilled my wishes with greater result.   We moved over to the couch and sat, well in truth, they sat next to each other in tender embrace and I sat on the floor between two sets of wonderful limbs as they tussled my hair and each took a turn kissing my head as we watched “Sleepless in Seattle” to set the romantic mood to even greater heights.


Marie soon fell into slumber, her body well worn to be sure.   I turned my head over my shoulder as I heard the tell tale breaths of her sleep and winked at Sandra.   She leaned over to me and we kissed as my hand slid between her thighs to touch the wonderful warmth of her loins again; I found her not only warm, but moist as well and chuckled at her obvious desires so soon.   She was dressed in a night gown still and raised it up for me to take a taste, which I did and loved the resulting surge of creamy juices she gave forth as she leaned back and enjoyed what wonders she had found with the newly bonded family unit we shared everything in.   Marie stirred as my lips suckled gently on Sandra’s pussy and clit, she turned in her seat to bare a tit and suckle on her daughter for the first time with unselfish love.   The movie ended with the happily ever after that was meant to be, not only for the characters portrayed, but for the three of us who would live out a dream CUM true.   Sandra groaned as she let loose with her third climax of the movie just as the titles rolled.   I allowed Marie to suck the juices from my fingers and lips her daughter had given without hesitation.


As I got up to turn off the TV I saw them embrace and kiss and then heard Marie say “Baby, you are so tasty, I may have to let him give me the chance to get you off with my mouth too.   I haven’t been with but one other woman, but I know what I like, and am pretty sure I can show you how to please me as I bring you to thunder.”


Their lips met more heatedly as Sandra enjoyed the new bond with the woman who had given her life and now so much more.   Her hand slid between her momma’s thighs and probed the inside of her panties, already soaked with cream from earlier and what joys she had found while working on herself as she sucked Sandra’s tit to help get her off.   I stood and found myself in awe and would have joined in, but it was their time, mine would come when it was right; oh my, I thought, would I cum when the time was right.

I interrupted only long enough to say “I’m going to go take a shower, you two have fun while I’m away” and chuckled as I turned and walked to the bathroom and stripped myself naked to shower; I had thought alone.


I had barely climbed in and slid the curtain closed when I heard the door open and two sets of footsteps come in.   Moments went by and I was invaded by not one, but both of my lovers naked bodies. One older and more experienced before my chest, and the other youthfully exuberant behind me, both pairs of hands lavishing my body from knee to shoulder in caressing touches that brought me again to full arousal in short order.   I felt Sandra’s hands slide around my hips as she pressed her worthy breasts against my back, her hands surrounded the base of my cock as Marie lowered herself to suck me willfully to a hard thick mass of trembling flesh as my mouth let forth groans of pleasure that echoed from the porcelain tile walls.   Marie was eager only to arouse me it seemed as Sandra jacked me off to help with the efforts of bringing me to climax, or so it seemed until Marie stood up and asked me to turn around, that her daughter wanted me first.   I grinned as I faced Sandra who smiled and raised one leg high enough and place her foot on the tubs raised edge for her mother to push my eager meat to the portal of heavenly bliss I had already found more than once.   Marie pushed at me to enter the teen with needs, I helped and soon found her eager hips thrusting along the thickened shaft as Marie wrapped her arms around us both and quivered with the resounding joys of our bond.   My hand swept behind me and I found Marie filled with cream already as Sandra came for the first time with me accompanied by her mother.   Marie anxiously turned me around and said “My turn Gerrel as she climbed over my shaft and impaled herself on it as the water began to chill.   Her aggression was supreme as she fucked me hard and deep and found her climax forthcoming.   I had not busted my nut yet as I asked that we find a bed to continue.


Marie slid her sweet wet channel from the stiff velvet pole and found the bounding flesh a delight as she said “Oh yeah, let us find somewhere to continue” and slid the shower curtain open as I turned off the water.   So much for a refreshing shower I thought silently as I stepped from the tub and found myself being dried by both lovely ladies,   Each wanted to dry off the shaft, but then each took a taste of it while performing the task, so who would I be to complain.   My arousal continued to grow even though I had found more delights since my wedding than ever before in my life.


We adjourned to the master bedroom, a place larger than where Sandra had found herself thrust into over the long night’s lust filled desires, one that had a larger bed, Queen Size should be just right for the three of us I thought as we climbed in over the comforter’s smooth cotton surface.   This was still rather new to me, so I wasn’t quite sure how to proceed, but thankfully the ladies had their own ideas of where to begin.   Marie lay along side of me as her hand gently grasped the base of my cock and began stroking its length.   Sandra at the same time pressed her lips to mine and we started making out hot and heavy as Marie made sure my aroused cock did not diminish in the least.   Sandra came up for air as her mother cooed “Baby I need to get off, can I take him this time?”


“Oh yes momma, I’d love to watch you ride him like a cowgirl” and again kissed my lips along with a thrusting tongue to invade me ruthlessly.   Marie straddled my hips facing me and beckoned Sandra to get closer to the action; she wanted her little girl to help her along the path to orgasm by playing with her mother’s clit.   Sandra sat down beside me an pressed her face to her mothers breasts and then as I coaxed her to she straddled my face and let me nibble on her clit and petals while she nursed on her mother’s breast and caressed Marie’s swollen eager clitoris.   I felt Sandra draw tight just before her second climax of our gathering came flooding over my face, I gulped as much as I could but was distracted as Marie finally found the pounding rhythm she enjoyed so well and thrust her hot wet pussy down to the base of my cock time and time again without mercy for their shared fuck toy.   Sandra ground her cunt down onto my face and I had to hold my breath as she came again just as Marie sent a wave of creamy nectar over my hard unsatisfied shaft.   Marie raised herself from my cock and traded places with Sandra who more than willingly climbed on for a ride to the peak of orgasm town.   Marie took pity on me and licked all of the nectars from my face, neck and chest as Sandra rode me like a champion bull rider and brought me to the brink again.   I cried out my need and by some twisted fate Sandra rose from the lengthy tool and dropped herself onto it mouth first as Marie joined her in licking me to completion.   My first load of cum spewed forth in an arched stream hitting Sandra on the cheek, and as Marie attempted to clean her daughter’s face another stream coated their joined mouths.   She looked at me and they both brought their lips to surround the crown as the third jolt filled their mouths with cum.   I was spent and my cock showed it badly as it drooped to flaccid quickly.


Marie grinned as she swiped the remains from her face with her arm and licked that clean. “Sandra now is a good time for you to learn how to deep throat a man with a big dick since he’s going soft on us.”   She chuckled and turned her next words to me “I understand baby, you’ve had a busy night and morning, just try to help her learn for us honey, I know you’ll like it even if you don’t get to cum again right away.”


I nodded as they began to move, my sack was drained but my motivation went into high gear as Marie coaxed Sandra to lie on her tummy beside me, facing my feet. “Okay baby…” she spoke to her daughter is soothing calm words as I listened to see what instructions she would give “…the first thing you have to remember is that if you take it too fast into the glottis your body will reject the invasion by gagging; so take it slow at first, guide his cock with your hand to make it line up good.”   Sandra rose enough as she gazed at the swollen crown of my dick and moved to take it into her mouth, her mother didn’t know she had already done that much, but she was a willing pupil and took only enough to fill her mouth.   My body tightened as I felt the lush saliva coat the head and a small portion of what would have been foreskin had I not been circumcised as an infant.


Marie watched intently, honestly trying to teach her daughter how to bring joy to her partner, joy to her husband at that. “Now, Sandra, tilt your chin up and away from your neck, it will open your airway and allow a smoother entry as you slide your lips down his shaft; that’s right” she uttered as my step daughter followed the lesson to a T.   I felt the tip of my cock slip just inside her throat and felt her gag slightly as the inch and a half thick head blocked her airway. Sandra backed off, seemingly frustrated, but not one to be defeated as Marie coached her with soothing words “It’s alright baby, it’s not something that is natural to take a flesh coated post down your throat, just try again, nice and slow baby girl.”   Sandra indeed tried again, this time with more success as I felt her throat close around the head fully and groaned at the wonder of what she would do to please her daddy and momma as well.   My body may well have spent all of its semen already, but not so with my desires as I felt the shaft harden with each attempt at going farther along the length of my cock.  


Her head bobbed up and back slowly along the now rock hard dick she was determined to deep throat, I laid still so that she could have complete control even though my natural instincts would be to thrust my hips to meet her with each time she fell farther onto the instrument of her unbridled desire.   My body shook with joy as I felt her lips come closer and then closer still, though she had only taken eight inches by my estimate as her mother praised her for the accomplishment, perhaps the reason Marie had never fully engulfed my shaft.   After rising up for a breath I felt her determination as she engulfed me once again a bit faster than she had gone before, I cried out as her lips surrounded the very base of my meat and Marie knew instantly that her daughter had learned well.   Her throat closed around the weighty shaft for an endless moment of sheer ecstasy as she gulped as if drinking a load of cum down, but alas I had none to give, but as she rose from me once again I sat up and grasped her head and lifted her lips to mine with a kiss to comment on her monumental triumph.


As our lips parted I rolled her onto her back and said “Baby girl, you deserve a reward” as I swung between her legs and pushed my swollen cock deep into her pussy with savage greed time after time until she squirted her load of pent up needs with an outcry of joy a few minutes later.   Her mother sat beside us as we fucked hard and deep, envy must have been mixed with pride, for as Sandra came a second time Marie sprawled beside us and said “Gerrel, I’m next if you’re giving out that sweet hard dick.”   I was frantic with need to cum, but my sack was still yet empty of the seed I desperately needed to send into the abyss, so instead I happily switched to her and lifted her knees to my chest and put it to her as deeply and energetically as she had ever had me, still rock hard as we too fucked until her climaxes came from somewhere deep in her core with screams of wondrous orgasm.   Both had been able to find their joy more than once, and I had been honored in so many ways in that frustrating limbo of needing to cum and not having it to release; a mindset only a man driven to giving carnal joy can know.   As I rolled from her sweat laden body between the two they each rolled to face me and cuddled with their arms each draped over my clenching chest and abs, content for at least now, though I wouldn’t know just how fitting that commentary was until an hour later.


To be continued…


As always I ask for any comments and/or votes to know I have accomplished my task as a writer.   Be they positive or otherwise, input is appreciated greatly. Never fear, I take negatives as seriously as positives.

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Posted 26 Jan 2010 07:59
exellant, the addition of th mother completed the triangle.Waiting for Sandra to learn anal.
Posted 26 Jan 2010 07:46
I think this is the BEST story on the site today. Great work, and eagerly looking forward to the next chapter.

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