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Lynn and Jake

It started at a party.........

Lynn and Jake
by Jena121©

This is the story of a Father and Daughter who had been separated for a many years. Lynn had been bought up in a very wealthy home with her Mother, and she had since married and eventually divorced.

She had been looking for her Father for a number of years; her mother wouldn't tell her where he was or why he had disappeared. She decided on doing her own investigation. She hadn't been able to trace him, but now was about to discover him.

The feelings are all genuine and even though it is cast as an Incest story it is also a Love story. The story is true, and only the names are changed. It takes place in a capital city of Australia.

I would like to add that my stories are more sensuous and emotional – rather than having a lot of 'dirty words' included in them.

Please don't forget to vote and if you have any comments to make – try and send them to me. I will reply to all emails.

So sit back and enjoy, let my fingers tell you a story.


The story continues:-

Jake walked into the ballroom alone. He was 58 years of age, stood about 6'1" and was very well built. He had short black hair and deep brown eyes, the colorings coming from his American/Indian heritage. His skin was a warm olive tan and again showed his heritage.

He stood looking over the dancers and people on the periphery of the dance floor, until his eye was caught by a beautiful chestnut-red headed woman. She was about 5'8" and had sparkling brown eyes and a ruby red mouth. Lynn's skin was a caramel beige tone and showed signs of another ancestry.

He approached her immediately, saying, "I think this is our dance, Madam."

"Do I know you," she asked.

"Not at the moment, but you will get to know me very well in the next couple of hours," replied Jake.

"Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Jackson Roberts; known to my friends as Jake."

"May I ask your name."

"My name is Lynn Forrest and it is my 40th birthday party that you have gate crashed, Sir."

"Oh, but I didn't gate crash. I came on the invitation of one of my friends who I can't see at the moment.

"So, are you going to do me the honor of having this dance with me, Ms Forest."

"Well, seeing that I don't have this one booked, I suppose I could oblige you, Mr Roberts."

He held out his arm and she put her hand onto it, and they glided onto the dance floor. The music was a slow waltz and she tucked her head into his shoulder and they wound round the floor, taking no notice of anyone in the immediate vicinity. Lynn felt so good. This was a man, who even though he was older than most of her men friends, seemed to outshine many of her suitors. The music ended but they stayed on the floor and kept dancing. Round and round they went, both of them enveloped in the same sensuous feeling of having known each other for so long, when in reality, it was only a matter of an hour.

At the end of their last dance, Jake escorted her back to her chair, and asked her if she would have dinner with him the next night. Unfortunately, Lynn had a previous engagement and couldn't break it. So they decided on the night after when Jake would pick her up about 7pm.

Jake thought about where he could take this beautiful creature for dinner – nothing seemed good enough for her. He then had a brainwave. He would organize a picnic on the beach, outside his chalet. He had a private beach there and the water and scenery were very conducive to romance.

He rang her the next day and asked her if she could pack a bathing suit and just to wear something casual. Lynn was mystified, but agreed.

When Jake picked her up that night in his Dune buggy, she got quite a shock. She didn't know what was in store for her.

"Don't be afraid, Lynn. I have organized a sumptuous supper by the beach for us, and this is the best mode of transport."

"OK," she said hesitatingly.

When they arrived at their destination, Lynn saw the chalet and the beach.

"What a wonderful spot this is,"

"Yes, this is a home away from home for me," said Jake.

"You own this," she asked.

"Yes," replied Jake. "My main home is in the City."

"If you like, I will show you to a room and you can change into your bathers, and then join me on the patio for a drink."

"By the way, what would you like to drink,"

"I think a Dry Martini would go down well."

"Right, one Dry Martini coming up for the lady."

Jake had the BBQ already set up and ready to turn on when they were ready to eat. He bought the foodstuffs out from the kitchen and covered them. He had bowls of Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Tomato-Onion-Cucumber soaked in vinegar, a variety of cheeses and dips and a couple of 2inch Porterhouse steaks. Along with a variety of wines and spirits, he thought they should have quite enough to last them all night, if necessary.

Jake decided he would have a Martini as well and subsequently made a jug full of them. Enough for a couple of drinks each. The wine was in the cooler with the cork out so that it could breathe. Everything seemed set for a great seduction scene.

He had also changed into a pair of swimming trunks and when Lynn emerged from the house, he was all ready for a swim. They ran down the beach together hand in hand and splashed their way across the outgoing waves. They stayed there for about ½ hour, and Lynn said that she was starting to feel chilly.

They ran up to the where their towels were and wrapped themselves up. After allowing Jake to dry her a little, Lynn collapsed onto the rug that had been laid on the sand and reached up to take her drink from Jake.

"That was a great way to start a date," murmured Lynn.

"That is just the start of it," replied Jake. "There are a lot more goodies in store for you."

"Oh, may I ask what?"

"Just let me take care of you and I am sure you will be deliciously surprised."

They settled on the sand and spoke in general conversation, for about an hour.

Jake said, "Well, I don't know about you, but I am starting to feel hungry."

"Yes, I think I could eat a horse," "If not the horse, the rider." Lynn laughed.

Jake thought to himself, that he would love to eat her.

Jake asked Lynn asked how she liked her steaks cooked and she replied. "Medium rare, thank you."

He put the steaks on the burner and set up the small table with the salads, plates and cutlery, along with the sauces and seasonings.

The steaks were ready in about 10 minutes and they ate them sitting on the rug. A typical beach picnic scene, but at night and in the moonlight.

After they had finished, Jake thought it best to put the remaining foodstuffs in the kitchen, along with the dirty dishes, etc, which he did. He told Lynn just to sit there and wait for him to return.

While she waited, Lynn looked out over the ocean and the starlight and thought what a magical world it was, and this was one of the best places to appreciate the sights and sounds.

Jake returned to the rug and lay at her side, breathing in the scents and sounds of the ocean, but also getting the smell of her sensuous body odor. She smelt like gardenias, it was intoxicating, and he felt himself becoming aroused while just lying there next to her.

He eased his hand slowly up her stomach to the base of her voluptuous breasts. These had the fullness of ripe fruit and were twice as tantalizing. Her large nipples were swollen and the peaks was taut and stiffened. He could no longer resist the bountiful feast before him. He grazed the sensitive peak with his tongue and felt her wriggle under his hand, and arch up, proffering herself for more of what he had begun. He then began his assault with his tongue on her sensitive nipples, teasing and nipping them, all this while his hand was traveling down over her stomach and under the front of her bikini bottom to her shaven mound and was working his fingers into her most private place. Jake smoothly positioned himself so that he was kneeling over her and rapidly relieved her of the remainder of her bikini top, so that he could fully appreciate the sight spread out before him.

With one easy movement, his hands curved around those beautiful globes, massaging them and rubbing the pads of his thumbs against the nipples. He released a silent groan and bent so that he could suckle at the rosy circles that were beckoning him. He loved the way she responded to the attention he was lavishing on her with his lips., shuddering with enjoyment at his touch.

Lynn tried to touch him, but he stopped her hand firmly.

"I don't think I have the will-power to last if you touch me," he muttered. "That's a first for me."

She smiled up at him and then slipped her fingers under the waistband of his trunks, eliciting a groan of pure pleasure. She was thrilled that she could make him feel exactly how he made her feel; hot and out of control.

"Let me," she coaxed huskily. He breathed deeply as she grabbed his hard member with her hand, feeling its rigidity through his trunks.

"What are you trying to do, woman?" he rasped, pulling himself well out of reach so that he could kiss that sexy smile off her face.

"You just make me feel so good," Lynn confessed.

"Glad to hear it."

"What have I done to make you feel so good?" Jake asked.

"Is it this, do you think?" he asked again.

He dipped his head and again circled her nipple with his mouth, then flicked his tongue over the tight bud, over and over, until her breathing was coming in little gasps.

"Or is it this, perhaps?" Running his hand along her thigh, he parted her legs and then settled his hand over her shaven mound again. Leaving it lie still for a moment, he then rhythmically moved it against her. while he resumed his assault on her breasts.

Lynn lay back and simply enjoyed all these conflicting emotions. She felt so free giving herself to his ministrations.

He trailed his tongue over her stomach, down to her belly button. He then skillfully removed the bikini bottoms, allowing her to wriggle out of them. He continued his journey downwards, taking his time to savour every inch of her and then breathed in the sweet aroma of her femininity. Lord, how he wanted to spend his time tasting her, Lynn moaned as his tongue explored her most intimate places. An explosion of pleasure started deep inside her and grew as he lashed her throbbing bud. When she thought she couldn't bear the exquisite soar upwards any longer, she pushed his trunks down past his ankles, using her feet.

She allowed her hand to feather the tip of his manhood, then grasped him and slowly worked her hand up and down his rigid shaft. It made him feel so good. She leaned down and took the tip of his shaft into her mouth, laving her tongue up and down the length of it, and swirling her tongue around the mushroom head every now and then. She felt the tightening in his ball sac and knew that he was nearly ready to cum.

"I'm cumming sweetheart," he whispered to her.

"Cum in my mouth, my love, and let me swallow your sperm.  You know it will be the first time I have ever swallowed a man's cum."

She again took the tip of his shaft into her mouth and as she did so, he let loose with a large stream of fluid which filled her mouth and her throat. She swallowed it in a few gulps and lay back and smiled up at him.

Jake then slid across her body and with very little foreplay this time, thrust into her and began moving swiftly and firmly inside her tunnel of love.

They came as one. For a moment time seemed to stand still as every fibre of her being roared into a satisfied completion.

"I can't believe we made love on a beach," Lynn said with a tentative smile.

"Life is full of first experiences," he murmured.

"I am sorry, my love, that I have to tell you something which may destroy this evening."

"What is it, Jake? Nothing could spoil this night."

"Well, I believe you have been searching for your Father for a number of years." "Is that right."

"Oh yes, Jake. Do you know anything about him that you can tell me."

"Well, Lynn, I too have been searching for my Daughter for a long time." "Now I think I have found her."

"What wonderful news for you and her Jake," "When will you know for sure."

"I know for sure now, darling." "You are my Daughter."

"Really Jake... or should I say Daddy..... how do you know this for sure."

"While we were talking earlier, I was asking you some pertinent questions without being too forward and you have answered them all correctly."

"Oh, Daddy, sighed Lynn." "Does this have to change things for us." "After all no-one around here knows that we are related." "We could just pretend to carry on as we are now." "I don't want to lose you again."

" I couldn't bear to lose you either, my darling." murmured Jake.

"So if it is alright with you, we will just carry on as if we just met at your party, and fell in love at first sight."

They lay in each other's arms, savoring the feelings and emotions that had just been felt by both of them.

His lips fused hers in a gentle bonding, transmitting an incredible love and tenderness.

So Lynn and Jake started their new life together as lovers, NOT as Father and Daughter.

This is a one-off story – there will be no sequel to this – Lynn and Jake continue to live and love very happily together.



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Posted 05 Jan 2010 14:27
Pretty damn good. A pleasure to read.
Posted 03 Jan 2010 07:06
Very nice love story Jena. Liked it a lot.
Posted 31 Dec 2009 05:09
Great story Jena. I agree with Iceman, a classic story
Posted 31 Dec 2009 03:23
I just love your stories Jena..please dont stop
Posted 30 Dec 2009 22:26
Jena a wonderful story you must continue and put some detail in it
Posted 30 Dec 2009 21:36
A little slow for my taste but a good story.
Posted 30 Dec 2009 18:13
What a wonderful and heartwarming story, Jena....once again you have written a classic.

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