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Ma And Me part 2

Ma invites Boss to share son
This is “Ma And Me And Now Three The Further Adventures.”

My ma had always called me “Honey.” My name was actually Jimmie. I just had my sixteenth birthday. I was over six feet tall, but rather thin. Ma told me that I had the biggest cock that had ever fucked her pussy. In fact, the biggest she had ever seen.

Bigger than even her pa. He was the one that fucked her first, his cock had eaten her cherry, taken her virginity, and got her pregnant. Her pa had done the same with her two older sisters. It had been with full approval of the three girls own mother.

My own ma explained to me again, “Never tell anyone about what we have done, Honey. What we did is called incest. I would be in big trouble if anyone ever found out that we fucked last night and again this morning. I love you so much, Honey.”

“Oh, yes ma, I love you too, and the wonderful feelings I have when fucking you!”

“Honey, I will teach you everything!”

We fucked every time that we were alone together for the next three days. Ma was teaching me how to make love to her. All the different ways that made her want sex.

She said that she was teaching me various methods of foreplay so that when the time came I could use them when I would be with girls that I wanted to seduce.

Three mornings later, when I slid down to kiss her pussy, she stopped me. “You can’t do that for a few days, Honey, I started my monthly today!!”

“Your What?”

“My monthly, my period! Don’t you know that girls have periods?”

I shook my head. I was totally ignorant of the bodily functions of females.

Ma proceeded to give me intensive instruction course on female anatomy, hygiene and functions. Now I learned what those bloody rags and pads were that I had come across a few times. They were not some sort of bandages used in ways I hadn’t figured out.

A week later, Ma took a day off work at Maggie‘s Hair Salon.

She said that she had to see a doctor in another town where she was unknown.

When she returned I was shown a round rubber thing she called a diaphragm. She explained that there were times each month that she would be fertile. She would have to insert it up into her pussy to keep from getting pregnant when I would cum in her pussy.

It was now several months later. Being a young and always now a thoroughly horny sixteen year old with all the lust that I could muster, ma insisted that we only fuck three times a week. She said that she had to give her pussy a little rest from all the banging that I had been giving her.

It was now summer time, I had put on some weight and my muscles had begun to develop. My cock was even bigger from the work outs that I was getting in bed with my very own ma.

While ma was at work, I would go to the swimming pool just a couple blocks away to spend the day. I would only wear my bathing suit and carry a towel to and from the pool.

This one particular day, ma had gone to work as usual and I went swimming. I developed a cramp in my leg and limped home. The walk had worked the pain out.

As I entered the house, I heard familiar sounds of moans from the bedroom. I approached the open door. I was surprised to find my ma home.

Ma was naked. She was on the bed with another naked woman. They were in the classic 69 position. At first, I didn’t recognize the woman. It was Mrs. Mason, Maggie Mason. My ma’s boss at Maggie’s Hair Salon.

I had known her for years when I would stop in on my way home from school or Saturday afternoon double feature at the movie house. Mrs. Mason was at least ten years older, taller and heavier than my ma.

Maggie spotted me first and whispered to ma.

“Honey, we weren’t expecting you home so soon after you left! I guess it is time that you knew. Maggie and I have been lovers for years, ever since I went to work for her.”

Maggie was smiling broadly as she gazed at my now developing body. She sat up on the edge of the bed. I was ogling her nakedness. She had much larger tits with large hardened nipples and bushier pubic hair. She did not try to hide anything. She was also was licking her lips as she eyed my crotch where I had a giant erection from the sight of two naked women having sex together.

Ma was saying, “The café next door had a kitchen fire!” The building with the café and salon was only separated by a common wall. The fire department had done quick work in getting the small fire out. The smoke also had gotten into the hair salon. Ma and Maggie were told that they had to leave for a few hours while the firemen vented both businesses.

Maggie said, “You might as well come in and join us, Jimmie. I hear that you like to eat pussy. If you are half as good as your ma, I will enjoy a good suck and fuck from that big cock I see!”

Ma added, “Get out of that swim suit, Honey, it is time to see how you learned your lessons. Do you think that you can handle her pussy at the same time as mine! Maggie has been waiting for the right time to get to fuck you. Today is as good as any to find out what kind of lover you really are.”

Ma continued, “Maggie and I have been lovers since I started work for her. We both love a good juicy pussy and we both love a big cock!”

Then Maggie added, “Your ma helped me train my own son, until he went off to college! She promised me that when the time came, that I would be able to enjoy sucking your cock off and having you fuck me. Like your ma, my poppa was the first to fuck me. He also fathered my son. So, you see, incest has ruled all of our lives.”

I shed my trunks and my cock stood out like the nose of a pointer dog. Maggie turned to my ma, “You are right, I am going to enjoy sucking and fucking your son as much as you enjoyed fucking my son.”

Maggie motioned me to her as she slipped to her knees on the floor, taking my fully erect cock expertly into her mouth. She licked the bubble of pre-cum and savored it the taste. She sucked my cock into her mouth. She quickly brought me to a quick orgasm as she sucked cum from my balls.

She swallowed some and then shared the rest of my semen with my ma. “You were right, his cum is sweeter than my Joey!” She pulled me on to the bed with her. As we kissed, I could taste the remnants of my sperm. She pushed my head down and buried my face on her big tits. I sucked her nipples one after the other. Then my mouth was shoved down to a very wet cunt and soaked pubic hair.

Her aroma was much stronger than my ma as my nose thrilled to the tickle of her thick bush. The flavor of her pussy love juices on my lips and tongue was stronger than my ma’s.

I hungrily licked her large plump pussy lips. I was surprised at how large her clit was, it had to be three quarters of an inch or more long.

“Suck it, suck it, like I sucked your cock, suck my clit, make me cum!”

I could feel her as she stiffened when she had a violent orgasm.

“Now fuck me, I need your cock fucking me hard. Oh, you feel so good inside me. It has been so long since Joey fucked me the last time. Your cock is definitely bigger than his was. You are reaching places that no cock has ever been before. Oh, yes, fuck me, I am cum, cumming again. Keep fucking! ”

Our orgasms were together as I had my cum and rolled off Maggie.

My ma quickly moved in and lapped my semen from Maggie’s pussy. Ma was smiling like the Cheshire Cat.

“Hurry, Jimmy, I want to watch you fuck your ma, just like she used to watch my Joey fuck me!”

“Yes, Honey, I am soaking wet, I even had a cum just watching you sucking and fucking Maggie. Now I need your cock fucking my pussy. I hope you still have enough cock love juice for my pussy!”

I fucked my ma giving her several cums before I had my third cum of the afternoon.

Maggie rolled me off my ma and had her 69 again. “Yep, his cum taste reel good mixed with pussy juice!”

I watched as they pleasured each other. I was idly stroked my now depleted cock while watching two women in an orgasmic union.

We had spent several hours in an orgy of lust, three way sex and mutual orgasms.

Maggie told ma and me, “We are going to have to do this at least a couple times a month!”

And we did it for the rest of the summer.

To Be Continued

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