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Ma And Me Part 3

Flying Solo with my first virgin
This is Ma And Me Part 3 As I Fly Solo.

As summer drew to a close, I was perfecting my technique in all the different ways there were to fuck my cock in the mouth and pussy of both my ma and Maggie. If I had been in college, I would have received a Master’s Degree. The two of them began to tell me their secrets of the family love life and how incest had formed their introduction to sex. That life now extended down to me.

Maggie said, “Jimmie, did you know that your ma and me are cousins, or even maybe half sisters?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, you see, my poppa and your ma’s pa were cousins. When I was sixteen, my poppa fucked me the first time as momma and my three older sisters all watched. I was the baby of the family. I loved the attention that I was getting as I became part of my incestuous family. After poppa gave me my first oral and fucking cums, I licked and sucked his cock while my momma and my sisters licked his cum from my pussy. I then had to eat each pussy of theirs. I was fucked by my poppa and your ma’s pa. I loved sucking one cock while another one was fucking my pussy. They not only fucked their own daughters as they had their sixteenth birthday, then they would swap all of us girls between themselves. Your ma’s sisters and all of my sisters.”

I listened in silence as Maggie continued. As she spoke, my cock was being sucked by my very own ma.

She said, “Sometimes, we would all get together and have a big fucking orgy. We would spend all day and night until us girls were all fucked by both fathers. We sucked their cocks and fucked them, then the girls ate their cum out of each others pussy. I really loved those times. By the time we were all over the age of eighteen most of us were pregnant. My sisters and your ma’s sisters did not know which father got us pregnant.Then we moved away several years later your grandpa could actually be my son Joey’s pa.”

My ma piped in as she wiped my cum from her chin, “When I became sixteen, it was my pa that fucked me for the first time. I was eighteen and knew that it was my pa that got me pregnant with you. When Maggie moved in with us, he was fucking me and her. Maggie's son Joey had gone off to college and was living with her older sister far away. We know that she was taking care of all his needs.”

Now, it was my ma’s pussy that needed my attention. They agreed that they both loved fucking me and teaching me the ways of making love. With the start of a new school year, they insisted that it was time that I had to find a girl my own age to make out with.

Maggie added, “Don’t try to get the real pretty ones, they will be too popular and stuck up. The will only want the handsomest guys on the football or basketball team. You will have more luck with the plain girls, those that are over weight, or skinny, the lonely ones are the girls you will be able to easily get into their underpants to get laid.”

High school started the day after Labor Day. In third period, I noticed a very tall and thin girl enter the class room. She was taller than any of the other girls and most of the guys. I noticed her because I was the tallest guy in school. She sat two rows over and one seat ahead. Then the last period class, I was sitting in the last row against the wall beside the windows. She came and sat in the last chair in the next row by me. I saw her name on her notebook, Wanda. I noticed her plain face that was really nice looking in her own way. She wore horned rim glasses, had dark hair and a very slim figure. Her breasts appeared to be very small and she had narrow hips and long legs. Her simple cotton dress was knee length, button down the front and with bare arms.

We kept sneaking glances at each other all through class. We each would smile when we knew that we had been caught looking at the other person. Finally the final bell rang and we walked away from school together. She was about 5’ 10” tall to my 6’ 4”. As we were both walking in the same direction. I asked where she lived, It was just a little out of the way to where I lived. I was a little surprised when she took my hand as we walked. We were asking each other questions about our likes and dislikes as we became acquainted.

We walked past Maggie’s Hair Salon and I waved to her and ma as they stood looking out the front window. I only told Wanda that I lived with my ma and her cousin and they both worked there at Maggie’s Hair Salon. She told me that her momma and she had just moved here. We both mentioned that we never had any real friends because we were always bigger than those our age and were to young so never fit in with those our size. At last, we walked up to a small house on a street of old small houses. I asked if her mother was home.

Wanda said, “Momma works at the local canning company. She had the 4 pm to midnight shift. She has to leave home before now to catch a bus to get to work on time.”

I knew about the company canning the local farm vegetables and fruits. I asked for a glass of water and was invited in. I sat on and old sofa as Wanda brought me water. She sat very close to me. I decided it was time to make my move. I turned and kissed her on the cheek. She immediately moved her face so that I was kissing her on the lips. I started to use my tongue to part her lips. She responded in kind and throwing her arms tightly around me as she devoured my kisses.

As we momentarily broke to breathe, she said, “I have never kissed a boy before!”

We then began to kiss again, I was using every technique I had been taught by ma and Maggie. She was kissing even more passionately. I began to kiss down her neck. Goose bumps appeared as I kissed down to the top button of her dress. She moaned as I unbuttoned the top button. She was louder as I undid each of the other buttons as I kissed between her tits. She helped me shrug the top of her dress off her shoulders. She was not wearing a bra, she did not need one. I exposed a pair of pale very small sized tits with tiny pink nipples. They were so small, even though she had told me that she was seventeen, almost a year older than me. She continued what almost sounded like purring as I kissed and then sucked her nipples. I would try and suck the entire tit in my mouth.

I was also lightly caressing her inner thigh up under the hem of her dress until I was touching the hem of her underwear. (Those that have read the first "Ma And Me" know this happened a long time ago. Back then, women's panties were like men's boxer shorts with big leg openings). I was not stopped as I slipped my fingers under the hem of the leg opening. I was caressing her pussy. I found it was already sloppy wet as I fingered her pussy lips and tiny clitoris.

“My momma said that I should never let a boy touch me there, but it feels so good. I want you to touch me there! It even feels better than when momma does it to me! Oh, I was not supposed to say that. Momma says that other people would not understand that she and I make love with each other.”

She had a big orgasm from my teasing her clitoris and sucking her tits.

Wanda said, “I want us to get naked, I have never seen a boy naked. Momma and I are always naked when we do it. I want to see what you look like naked and what a cock looks like. Momma tries to describe it to me. She told me that she was so lonely growing up. Then when she was sixteen she went to live with her uncle. Momma loved having him paying attention to her. She tells me how big her uncle’s cock was when he would fuck her. She loved giving him her virginity. They fucked often while his second wife and he were divorcing. Momma got pregnant with me when she was eighteen.”

We quickly stood and took the clothes off of each other. She gazed at my erection. “I never imagined that it would be so big!”

I held her tightly as my cock rubbed against her belly. We moved to the bedroom where she slept with her momma. I pushed her so she was prone on the bed that she and her momma had sex together. I kissed down her body and through her pubic hair mound. Wanda had opened her legs to give me full access to her pussy. The sweet aroma of her cunt and pubic hair was very intoxicating and the flavor of her pussy love juice was so delightfully light and so tasty. It was not as strong like ma’s or Maggie’s.

I was using my very best efforts to bring her to a climax. I wanted her to have another orgasm. I could tell she was enjoying the several cums I gave her. “Oh, that was so good, it was just like when momma kisses my cunt!” I was now fully aware that Wanda and her mother were in an incestuous relationship, just like my ma, Maggie and me. As I finished licking her pussy and tiny clitoris, I moved up over her body. We both were looking down to where my cock was now stroking between her pussy lips to get all slicked up to enter her for the first time.

“I am still a virgin. Momma was always very careful not to break my hymen. She told me that she wanted me to be able to give and prove my virginity to the first man that I decided to let fuck my cunt, just like her uncle had done! Jimmie, do it, I want your big beautiful cock to be the one to eat my cherry. I want to give you my virginity. I need your cock to be the first one to ever fuck me!”

Slowly I pushed my cock in gently until I felt the fleshy barrier of her cherry. It was the first one I ever had encountered. I paused, as ma told me that I should to allow the girl to be more prepared to be fucked for the first time. Wanda gasped as I did as she asked. My cock ate my very first cherry as it shattered my very first hymen, as I took my very first virginity in a girl’s pussy, or cunt as she called it.

I enjoyed immensely the feeling that I received. Just knowing that I had brought this pussy, with a small piece of thin flesh, from being a virgin girl to fully fledged first time fucked womanhood. A feeling that I had the hope of doing many times in the future. I pulled my cock out so we could both see traces of her now lost virginity. I used my handkerchief to wipe those traces away. I felt a thrill at what had just happened.

My cock had just eaten my first cherry. I had the proof that Wanda was no longer virgin. I liked what had just happened immensely. I had hopes that this would happen with many other pussy in the future. I liked the feeling that my cock was the first one to enter Wanda’s pussy. I already desired more virgins soon, real soon. I then reentered her palace of delights. I fucked up just past her now extinct cherry. I paused to let her become relaxed, just as ma and Maggie said that I should do. I slowly and gently pushed my cock deeper and deeper into the tightest pussy I had ever fucked, my first virgin.

Wanda’s tight virgin pussy would become the standard for all virgin pussy that I would fuck in the future. I liked how tight they would feel on my cock as I fucked them all. I slowly pushed further in as her pussy muscles began to relax to accept me entirely. At last, the head of my cock was tight up against her cervix. I knew what a cervix was. My cock had already experienced my ma’s and Maggie’s a number of times. I began the fucking motions as she likewise began to respond with her own movements. She placed her legs around mine and her hands were clenching my ass cheeks. I could tell that she was now enjoying her first fuck. We were soon sweating in our ardor of our sexual union.

“Oh, yes, fuck me Jimmie, fuck me, this is better than I ever imagined it would be, it feels so good, fuck, I love fucking. Your cock is filling my pussy, I can feel it all the way up to my belly button, oh, fuck me, fuck.”

Between the two of us, it was now pure lust that drove our sexual pleasure to the utmost. We were rutting like two animals. My previous sexual encounters in fucking my ma and Maggie gave me an advantage. I was able to anticipate Wanda’s needs to give her multiple cums. I began to feel her pussy responding as it began tightening and relaxing on my cock as we fucked. At times, it felt like a boa constrictor trying to squeeze my cum from my cock.

I was able to hold back and not ejaculating until she had experienced her own needs. I felt her cunt milking my cock as I now pumped my semen deep into her vagina, and I knew deep into her womb. The very thought that I was actually fucking my first virgin gave me a real sense of mastering the art of copulation. As I pulled my cock from her cum filled pussy, I moved up and presented my still hard erection. I told her that I wanted her to suck my sloppy wet cock covered with her pussy love juice mixed with my cock love juice.

She willingly accepted it as my gift to her. I guided her in the technique of sucking my cock to give me the pleasure that I desired. I let her suck me off, unleashing my sperm into her mouth. I instructed her to swallow and keep sucking to completion of draining my balls the second time. We lay there together as I taught her the very pleasurable methods of foreplay. She loved fucking the best, but also enjoyed the 69 position. It was much later, after four hours of fucking that I told her that I needed to go home, I dressed and left.

When I arrived, ma and Maggie could smell the scent of sexual activity on me. They were wanting to know everything. “Did you make out? Did you get laid?”

The big grin on my face answered their questions. I pulled out my handkerchief stained with Wanda’s virgin blood to prove what I had accomplished. It was my virgin trophy. It was the first trophy of many that I collected over the years after that.

To Be Continued.

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Posted 17 Dec 2010 18:34
Excellent. You made Wanda a woman. Congrats. V=5.
Posted 30 Oct 2010 00:00
Great story. Enjoyed it
Posted 11 Oct 2010 13:19
very erotic
Posted 11 Oct 2010 11:54
Hot. Very Hot.
Posted 10 Oct 2010 10:36

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