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Ma and Me

How I learned the real factsof life
This is the way I learned something of what I wanted to know. Back before internet porn, before Viagra, before Victoria’s Secret with those near naked mannequins in the windows, before Fredericks of Hollywood, before the birth control pill, before the centerfolds in Playboy and Hustler, before the staid soap operas on radio that became the torrid orgies they present on TV today, long before sex education in school, I mean way, way back in time.

At age 16, I was a very shy and reclusive boy in school. I was over 6 foot tall and skinny. I was no good at sports, but a good schooler. I would almost stutter if a girl would talk to me. Mostly, they would just ignore me. I did love to watch the girls at school as they walked down the hall. I could see and watch their pretty legs, and their hips as would sway seductively as they moved.

Back in those days, girls never wore pants or shorts like they do today, they wore dresses. The necklines were high and showed no hint of any cleavage above what were called bosoms back then.

I would try to be within ear shot of some of the older boys when they talked about the sex they were having. They would talk about their dates with the girls that were called ’loose’ back then. They would laugh as they mentioned those girls that would suck a guy’s cock. They would then elbow each other in glee over an 'alleged' make out. There might even be the mention of a girl’s name that one of that one guy claimed that he had fucked.

At home, it was Sears, Roebuck and Montgomery Ward catalogs that perked this young teenage boy’s interest into what the female form might look like under the dresses. I know, for I was that boy.

But the pictures in the catalogs really did not tell the real story. Pictures of women wearing girdles, corsets, garter belts and such would hide the bottom half of a torso and of women wearing braziers that covered half of the upper half. Those pictures did not show anywhere near what could possibly be underneath. The real desire to know how a naked woman would look like was what I had to contend with as I jacked off my hard erection until I had a cum.

My ma worked six days a week in a beauty shop from 9 am to 6 pm. She would be tired from standing on her feet all day.

There would be times when she came home, kicked off her shoes, reached up under her dress and unhooked her hose from what I knew to be a garter belt. I would watch intently as she would roll a stocking down, one at a time, and take it off. I liked looking at her beautiful shapely legs.

I would then be asked to rub her tired feet and calves to relieve the ache and tension. She would always stop me if my hands would stray slightly above her knees and under the hem of her dress.

Then came the Saturday, that was the day of my sixteenth birthday. It was two o’clock in the afternoon. I knew that ma wouldn’t be home until six. I had stripped naked and stretched out on my bed. I was jacking off my erect, over seven inch cock as I looked at the pictures in the catalog.

I was startled when ma’s voice said, “Well, what have we here? Your birthday and you are celebrating by pleasuring yourself all alone!" She was standing right beside my bed. I was trying to cover myself with both hands.

She leaned over me. “Let me see what you are looking at. Is that the only thing you have to look at while you jack off your cock?” She pulled my right hand away. “No you don’t, let me see what you have there that you want to hide!”

She gasped as she saw my cock and balls. It was for the first time since I had been in diapers. “I had not realized that you are no longer a boy. With a cock like that, you are a man!”

She was licking her lips, there was a gleam in her eyes that I had never seen before. “I guess that now is the time to not let that big beautiful cock go to waste!” She jacked me off a few strokes.

She stopped and then started undressing. "Let me show you what a naked woman really looks like!"

I ogled her body as each piece of feminine apparel was removed and discarded on the floor. Soon, she stood in all her beautiful nakedness. Her 35 year old 5 foot five inch body that was still slim, firm and in fine shape.

She had small tits with very little sag to them, dark areolas and small hardened nipples. But my eyes were quickly looking at the object of all my youthful lustful desires. There was a patch of dark brown pubic hair above the thick and wetly gleaming labia of her pussy.

Ma knew that I hadn’t dated any girls. “Honey, Have you ever fucked a girl?” My ma had always called me “Honey.”

“No, ma, I have never even seen one naked before, you are the first one! You are so beautiful ma!”

“My pa fucked me the first time when I was your age. His cock ate my cherry and took my virginity. Now I get the privilege to receive my own son’s virginity. Of all the cocks that have fucked me, none was ever virgin. I am so happy that yours will be my first!”

I had heard guys say that I was expected to get on top of her, stick my cock inside her pussy and hump my cock until I enjoyed pumping my cum up inside her and then get off.

There had never been any talk of a woman enjoying sex and having her own cum. She was only there just to service the male.

She got on the bed with me, she reached and grasped my engorged and fully erect cock in her hand. She surprised me when she kissed it and then put her mouth over my cock and began sucking. I had heard guys say that girls had sucked their cock off, so I knew what ma was doing.

“Do you like this, honey, do you like to have me suck your big beautiful cock in my mouth?”

“Oh ma, I have only dreamed about it since I first heard about it! It feels so good, nothing has ever felt so wonderful before!”

“I want you to cum in my mouth!” She licked and sucked me.

“Ma, I am going to shoot my stuff!”

She nodded and continued to suck my cock. I had my first oral cum as I filled her mouth. She continued to suck until my cum ended. Ma then moved up and we kissed. deeply, not as son and mother, but as lovers. She was giving me a taste of my own cock love juice.

Again, she moved so her hips were next to my face. “Honey, I did you, I sucked your cock, now I need you to kiss my pussy and make me orgasm!”

I could smell the wonderful aroma of a woman aroused in a passion of sexual lust and desire. I had never heard, at that time, of a guy that had performed oral copulation on a pussy. Now I was licking my lips in anticipation.

She guided my mouth, lips and tongue to her wet and very tasty pussy. “My clit, my clit!”

I didn’t know what she was saying. She had to show me her pink clitoris that had already come out of its protective hood.

“That’s it honey, lick my clit, it is my love button that makes me orgasm, just like your cock gives you pleasure. Oh yes, honey, you are making me cum!”

Her orgasm shook her body in her release of pent up sexual need. She held my face tight against her female sex as she climaxed. My ma then showed me how to tease her clitoris in different ways to heighten her arousal.

She had me cup her tits with my hands and tweak her nipples as I learned to use my mouth, lips, tongue, and especially to be very gentle with my teeth. I loved to nuzzle her pubic hair with my nose.

I inhaled the sweet aroma of her intoxicating female sex as I savored the flavor of my own ma’s wonderful pussy. She climaxed several times. I was enjoying my first oral contact with a pussy, just one of the sexual contacts that I became totally addicted.

On that birthday, I found out things were much different than what I had heard from the older guys at school. It was my own ma that was teaching me the joy of mutual sexual satisfaction and gratification that day. The best birthday present that I ever received.

Ma then pulled me up on her as she guided my cock to her pussy. She rubbed it between her slick wet outer lips it to get it all slippery with her pussy juice. Ma made sure that I was also stimulating her clit.

“Fuck me, honey, fuck your cock all the way up my pussy. I am so hungry for my very own son’s cock. I want you to pump your cock love juice to fill me with your cum!”

I felt my erection slip easily into her vagina.

“Oh, honey, you don’t know how I have waited for you to fuck me. That is why I haven’t gone out looking for men for over two months. I was waiting for your birthday today. I had to have you fuck my pussy for the first time, just like my pa fucked me the first time on my sixteenth birthday!”

Her pussy was so tight on my cock. Her muscles would grip and then relax, grip and relax as I moved and fucked into her and then withdrew slightly. She had her legs around mine. Her hands were on my ass cheeks, guiding and controlling the thrusting of my cock at a rate that gave her the most pleasure. She made sure that our bodies made contact with her sensitive clit at our groins..

Every so often, her body would tense up and then relax. I learned those were the times that she was enjoying an orgasm. Finally I said, “Ma, I can’t hold it back any more!”

She told me, “Let it go honey, cum in me, fill me with what you have in your balls, cum in me baby, cum in me!”

She wailed as she climaxed as I had my first cum in my ma’s pussy. The same pussy that gave me birth sixteen years before. My ma and I completed our first total incestuous coupling. It was the first of many fuckings over the years to come, or should I say, cum.

Over the rest of the day and into the night, with short rest breaks, we each enjoyed the various positions there were to sexually make use of my cock, our mouths and her tits and pussy. Late that night, we were on our sides, face to face, fucking. My cock still in her pussy as we fell asleep.

The next morning, we bathed in the tub together. Ma explained to me that I must never tell anyone about what we had done.

“Honey, what we did is called incest. We would both be in big trouble if it was ever found out that we fucked each other last night, or even that we are now naked in this bath tub together, today."

"My pa fucked me and I loved him for it. He and I fucked together until he died. I loved fucking. I never had another man until then. I think you should know that my pa got me pregnant on my eighteenth birthday. My pa, your grandfather, is also your pa. I loved giving pa his only son, you."

"I wanted so much so much to have you fuck me like he did. It is incest, but I loved fucking pa, and I love fucking you and I want to continue! Because I love you so much, I won‘t need to fuck other men”

“Oh, yes ma, I love fucking you!”

“Honey, I will teach you everything that you need to know!"

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Posted 17 Dec 2010 18:11
Posted 16 Oct 2010 03:08
nice stuff!!!
Posted 17 Sep 2010 09:42
Great story...thanks!
Posted 29 Aug 2010 21:38
Good story, good content and easy to read. A Solid 5
Posted 28 Aug 2010 07:10
Loved it but a bit fast on the seduction - but keep writing
Posted 27 Aug 2010 10:38
Very well done. It was like I was really there. Got me rev'ed up.
Posted 27 Aug 2010 10:12
Nice tender story. Very sexy. Liked it a lot.
Posted 26 Aug 2010 12:20
keep em coming,there must be more to this great story
Posted 26 Aug 2010 09:20
good story lots more to cum?
Posted 26 Aug 2010 09:05
I really enjoyed and am looking forward to more stories from you!
Posted 25 Aug 2010 21:49
It was a bit cheesy, but overall I liked it.

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