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Madison Brings Off Daddy and Mommy

My daughter is the spark that ignites a new beginning.
It had been only a week since Madison had found out what it was like to be made love to by her Daddy. We had not been alone together since that time. Because she had just completed a case my wife, Natalie, had arrived home at a normal time each day. During the day Madison had become serious about finding a job, so she was away all day long. I had told all my neighborhood lovers that I was off the market. I didn't give them any reason, but I found that they were really understanding, which was totally appropriate from the loving way I had treated them.

Now I was feeling the loss of my usual pussy dose each day. I had even started rubbing one out by myself in my studio, looking at Madison's graduation picture. I was so lost I even contemplated putting the moves on Natalie, whom I hadn't fucked for over ten years. I had decided long ago that Natalie was essentially sexless. She had never seemed to enjoy getting boned and had never even considered giving me a head job. When I tried to go down on her she acted as if it made her ill.

Finally, things came to a head. I couldn't take it anymore. I sneaked into Madison's room after Natalie had been in her room for an hour. I assumed she had gone to sleep. Of course, we didn't share rooms, but I thought that after midnight she had to be out of it. When I woke Madison her first instinct was to grab me and pull me into bed with her. She told me she had been waiting the whole week for me to come to her. She had even gone to bed nude each night to make it easier for me to take her.

That was all I needed to hear. I took off the only thing I was wearing, my boxer briefs, and climbed into bed with Madison. She asked if I remembered our last session. Certainly I did. She had given me the most magnificent cocksucking I had ever had. And at the end she had told me next time it was my turn. So I knew what I had to do.

I was going to give Madison the best and slowest pussy eating that she had ever had. I didn't know what she had done before and I didn't care, but she would remember this for the rest of her life. I started at the top of her body; her face. I kissed her passionately, tonguing her mouth, nibbling her lips, basically making out with an ecstatic frenzy of love. Then I moved to her neck, biting the back of it and kissing and licking the base of her nape, under her satin-like ebony hair. I made sure to suck on her earlobes and give them some nips too. All the while she was holding onto my cock, squeezing it as hard as she could, and making out with me, too. The pressure hurt, but a good hurt.

When I had made out with her face and neck for about 5 minutes I started licking my way downward. I licked her china white skin above her bosom and then proceeded to make love to each breast. I would suck on her nipples until they became like little, hard jewels, so precious and tasty. I could take an entire tit into my mouth. That was heaven, sucking on such perky, little titties. As I sucked on one I would fondle and maul the other, changing back and forth, and she kept pressing my cock in her little hand, giving it a stroke now and then.

I had finished with her tits, so I moved down her belly, which was slightly pooched out. Perfect for cumming on sometime, but not this time. Now I just licked and stuck my tongue into her innie belly button. I sucked on it and she giggled. Moving on I took my wet tongue down to the shaven area below the button. I took my fingers and popped her little clit out of its hood. Then I blew on it and she giggled again, and shivered in anticipation. I started softly to lick with just the tip of my tongue. She moaned, and came. I then licked harder, and she came again, shuddering with ecstasy. I started sucking on it and she almost fainted. Her whole body began to shake. I had finished with the clit.

It was real pussy eating time. I again blew into her vulva, spreading the labia apart. Her pussy was so fucking wet. I began to lap it up like it was ice cream. I licked her pussy lips and rammed my tongue into her vagina. I held the lips apart with one hand, pushed a finger up and found her G-spot. I tickled it causing more cum to begin to flow out and I ate it all up. Once in a while I would lick her thighs for variety, and she would giggle with the tickling sensation. Then back to sucking her dry. Finally, I knew she couldn't take anymore. I stopped, moved up, and shared her pussy juices from my lips to hers.

It was at this point, after an hour of lovemaking, that Natalie walked in and fainted on the floor.

I suppose you should know a little more about Natalie. She was extremely beautiful. Very proud and haughty. I never understood why she married me, except I was a re-bound boyfriend and I think she married me to spite her other boyfriend. I learned on our honeymoon that she was not very interested in sex. She would begrudgingly let me fuck her every once in a while. That is how Madison happened. She had forgotten to put in her diaphragm one time, and that was all it took. She had Madison, and, presumably regretted it for 18 years.

Her parents were born again Christians. She wasn't religious, but being raised the way she was did, indeed, have an affect on her. She seemed to detest all sex. At least, I had never seen her look at a man with any interest. Oddly enough, she really enjoyed the company of her female colleagues. They often stayed out late going over cases, or so she told me.

So, she had fainted on the floor. I picked her up, placed her on the bed, and proceeded to rub her hands to arouse her.

Madison, who had always thought her mother could care less for her, was actually quite solicitous. When Natalie came around her head was in Madison's lap and I was kneeling beside her. She couldn't understand what had happened for a moment, then she sat up and looked at our naked bodies. She remembered what she had seen. Now she had to use her lawyer's mind to figure out the situation.

She did it quickly. And as she started to say something Madison surprised the hell out of me by wrapping her arms around her mother and kissing her. I mean, really kissing her. And Natalie responded. This answered so many questions and filled in the blanks of so many doubts I'd had over the years. Natalie was simply not interested in me and fucking. She liked women. But her upbringing had kept her from fulfilling her needs.

And now, her own daughter had seen what I couldn't see for some twenty years, and was helping her mother the only way she knew. By giving her mother the sexual release she had never had before. Natalie was making out with our daughter, and I was feeling extremely horny just watching, but I could wait to see what happened.

Madison was nude and reeked of pussy juice. Her mother was clad in her usual t-shirt and shorts. Madison pushed a hand down into her mother's pants and began to diddle Mommy's pussy. Natalie was all hair pie. Shaving had never occurred to her. Madison fingered her and finally made her cum, all the while kissing and tonguing her Mommy thoroughly. And Natalie responded by mauling Madison's tits. I could see the enthusiasm growing in her shivering body. I just waited with my cock in hand, keeping him hard with a few strokes now and then.

Finally, they broke apart and Natalie looked into Madison's eyes with her mouth hanging open in lust and eagerness for more. She shoved her t-shirt off and got out of the pants and then grabbed her daughter's head and crammed it into her hairy pussy. Natalie was kneeling on her knees with her legs spread apart. Madison started licking her Mommy's pussy and she showed how much like her mother she was by the way she enjoyed it. She liked girls too!

As Madison licked her Mommy's pussy, doing what I had just done to her, she showed that she had learned the lesson of cunt lapping well. She licked Natalie's clit, just as I had done to her, nibbled on it and then moved down to the lips and the juices squirting out of Mommy. Who would have guessed that Natalie was a squirter? Madison lapped it all up and went in for more. She loved eating pussy as much as she loved sucking cock.

It was about time for me to take part in this family party. I moved up the bed behind Madison, who was on her hands and knees licking out Mommy and I brought my cock up to her sweet, shaven pussy. She had been cumming right along with her mother, just as she had cum earlier when I ate her out. She was dripping with wetness. It wouldn't go to waste. It allowed me to put my cock head at the entrance of her cunt and ram as hard as I could. She squealed into the hairy bush of her mother, but she took it all and pressed back for more.

Now it was my turn to do some real fucking. Maybe her Mommy didn't like dick, but Madison loved her Daddy's dick. And I loved fucking my daughter. I rammed and rammed as hard as I could making her body shake as I had done last week. She kept pushing back for more. She got it. I thrust and thrust until I knew I would have to come soon.

I grabbed Madison by her little waist, pulled her up, as I pulled my cock out, spun her around and grabbed her head. Then I stuck my cock into her ready mouth and began to fuck her face. It didn't last long. I had to come. This time I pulled out as she whimpered at the loss, and shot my load all over her tits. What was left I let her suck out, and she did it fine. That girl loved cum. Then Natalie surprised the hell out of me by pushing Madison down and licking my cum off her daughter's tits. She had learned tonight that sex was good with the right girl. Her daughter.

Now it was Natalie's turn to learn about eating pussy. She had been fucked in the past, reluctantly, but had never eaten pussy. Tonight hers had been licked clean by her own daughter. She was now to return the favor. But Madison, after eating Mommy and getting fucked by Daddy, was ready for some 69 with Mommy. She had learned that she loved getting her own pussy eaten, too. She hugged her Mommy and then she and Natalie, with the Mommy on top began to eat each other out.

I had come only once tonight. I watched them and slowly got hard again. This time they were both getting something from me. Natalie seemed to really relish Madison's shaved pussy. She did a number on it, licking it clean, over and over, as Madison kept cumming. And Madison loved eating her Mommy's pussy, too. All of this was a novelty for her. She loved it. And she loved the taste of cum, male or female.

I began to jerk off. I jacked my peter as fast and hard as I could. I wanted to give something to both ladies. I shot my load onto the ass of my wife as she was being eaten by her daughter, then I turned my cock to Madison's face and hosed it, too. Then, as a treat for both ladies I reached to both ends of their bodies and crammed two fingers into each one's pussy and then into their ass holes. They both squealed. Our family was finally all tied together and we were one. We all collapsed and I sighed with relief. Life was good.

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Posted 04 Aug 2013 05:21
Hot story Peter. Enjoyed it.
Posted 10 Dec 2012 04:57
Is like going down memory lane with my daughter and then wife joined in after not having sex for about 14 years. thank you
Posted 07 Dec 2012 13:03
great story,
Posted 23 Nov 2012 05:42
Good effort.
Posted 12 Nov 2012 21:18
keep up the great work
Posted 07 Nov 2012 20:42
hot hot
Posted 07 Nov 2012 11:27
Fabulous!! Nice to see that everybody enjoyed what they wanted... Hopefully Natalie will expand her feelings about hubby... and start doing the neighbors with him!
Posted 07 Nov 2012 11:19
Posted 06 Nov 2012 17:38
very hot story good endingnow maybe daddy can get a little from mommy too
Posted 06 Nov 2012 13:16
Posted 06 Nov 2012 11:13
can't wait to see what happens next..very hot!
Posted 06 Nov 2012 08:29
Even better that the first. 5+. More chapters please.
Posted 06 Nov 2012 07:19
Once again you've written an excellent saga of people in Lust.
Awesome, is there more to this family reunion? A solid-"V=5++++."
Posted 06 Nov 2012 06:54
This show was good. A total surprise that mommy was a carpet muncher. An uptight lawyer was down and dirty in the bedroom. Just a normal day in the life. Everyone got what they wanted needed. Well written and dragged us along for the ride. Keep it coming.
Posted 06 Nov 2012 06:35
What a wild and now happy threesome!
Posted 06 Nov 2012 05:28
Hot, love it.
Posted 06 Nov 2012 04:48
Great story, truly enjoyed reading it!
Posted 06 Nov 2012 04:24
awesome cant waitto hear what else happnes

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