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Making mom pt.3

but I slowly began to slide to my dick into her pussy.Oh her pussy felt like it was fire.
I reached my hands further down her, until they were cupping her bottom, then I lifted up on her ass, letting her know that I wanted to pick her up. She understood perfectly well, because she lifted her right leg and draped it over my ass, and lightly jumping up, she wrapped her left behind my ass, interlocking her legs together. I moved my hands further under her ass, feeling of her smooth soft skin. Mom continued to dry hump her pussy against my dick, then she removed her mouth from my shoulders and looked into my eyes. What I saw was pure lust, love, and affection all rolled into one. “I love you mom, and not like a son to mother love, I love you.” Mom smiled at me, “I know son, and I love you too” I then leaned my head and began to kiss her on the lips. Mom pulled her arms tightly around my neck and returned the kiss with a passionate hunger. I then slipped my tongue past her tongue, and met her tongue and as our tongues danced together, I slightly pulled my hips away from her body. Mom raised herself up with her legs, and positioned the entrance of her hot wet pussy hole right against the head of my swollen dick. Before I entered though, I broke the kiss and looked at her glowing face.

“Mom, are you sure of this? I don’t have a condom handy and I don’t know if you do.” Mom shook her head, “No baby I don’t have any condoms handy either as I haven’t had a male lover in several years, but I don’t care at this point. I want to you to fuck me. I need to feel your dick inside of me.” “Do you want me to pull out when I get close?” Again she shook her head, “No, I want to feel your spunk fill me up. If I do get pregnant we will cross that bridge when it comes. For now let us just make love as it should be done.” Then she forward and began kissing me
again, her tongue swirling around inside my mouth.

I felt like I was going to get dizzy, but I slowly began to slide to my dick
into her pussy. Oh her pussy felt like it was fire, it was so hot, and
extremely tight, but she was so aroused, so turned on that my dick was able to
easily slide in about 3 inches, before I had to pull back out. Mom moaned out
as my dick slipped back out, then her body shuddered as I slid even further
back in. After 4 times, I had all my dick buried deep inside her pussy. I could
feel mom’s pussy muscles contracting around my dick, milking so to say. I knew
it would not take long for me to cum, and mom was already on the edge. I
started slow at first, moving my dick in and out of her, all the while, mom was
moaning in my mouth. Then mom began to meet my thrust and she would ground her
hips against my dick. As I slowly fuck my beautiful mother, she broke our kiss
and looked back into my eyes, “Oh God son, you don’t know how wonderful this
feels. I’m sure it may not be as good as some of the younger girls, but I hope
you like too.” As I continued to fuck her pussy I smiled at her, “Mom, I don’t
know what other girls feel like as you are my first one, but I doubt any of
them could contend with you, and honestly I don’t want to find out.” Tears
streamed out my mom’s eyes, “You mean to say that you gave your virginity to
me?” Grinning I just bent my head down, and took her right hardened nipple into
my mouth and began sucking on. This brought mom over the edge as she began
cumming, “Ugggghhhhhhh, ooooohhhhhhh fuck, fuck, fuck, aaaahhhhhhhhh!!!”, she
screamed out into my shoulder as she had buried her face back into it. Mom was
really humping my dick at this point and I felt a build of warm liquid inside
her pussy as it forced its way around my dick and began splashing against my
pelvis and down my legs.

I had all but stopped fucking her as she came on dick. Finally mom relaxed in
my arms and held herself tight against me, her pussy throbbing around my dick.
I was close to cumming myself, but I wanted to give mom one more orgasm if I
could. I slowly lowered myself to my knees and then wrapping one arm tightly
around mom’s back, I placed my other hand on the floor and gently lowered her
onto her back, with me on top. I looked back into face and saw that tears were
streaming from her eyes, but they weren’t tear of saddness or pain, they were
tears of happiness. She smiled at me and I saw love in her eyes. I kissed her
for a minute, and then I lowered my head down to her left nipple taking it into
my mouth as I began sucking on it. Mom thrusted her breasts at me, and began
pushing up with her hips, letting me know that I could carry on. I then let
caution fly away as I began pounding my mom’s pussy. She was so wet by now,
that loud squishy were made from my dick and her pussy. Mom literally being
digging her nail into my back as another orgasm began building inside of her.
She screaming out by now, almost as loudly as when she had fucked herself with
her vibrator. She was saying my name over and over again. She no longer saw me
as her son but as her lover, so I began whispering her name as well. “Ohhh
Tracy I love you so much, and I hope this never stops.” “Oh Simon you make me
feel so good. I love you so much Simon. Oh Simon, Simon, Simon uuuggghhhhh
Ohhhhhh Fuck Simon I’mmm cummminnnnngggg!!!!”

I began pounding hard into my mother’s pussy as felt her orgasm erupt again,
her juices squirting past my dick and onto the floor. “Ohhh yes Tracy
come for me, cum on my dick my sweet Tracy .”
Mom clawed at my back as her body violently shook under my body. I couldn’t
take any more as I felt my orgasm bursting out, “Ohhhhhh fuck Tracy I’mmm
cummmingggg!!!” I rammed my dick hard into her pussy and held on tight as I
felt the most powerful orgasm I ever had explode from my dick. Mom screamed
out, “OOOhhhhh Simon ugggggghhhhhhh, and then she actually bit onto my earlobe,
not hard to draw blood but painful but yet pleasurable. I felt 4,5,6 up to 10
long squirts of spunk spewed from my dick into her pussy. As mom’s orgasm began
to subside, I squirted my last rope of cum into her and then I relaxed. I held
myself up enough to not smother mom with my weight, but her breasts and stomach
were pressed up against my chest and stomach. I felt my dick throbbing inside
my mom’s hot pussy, felt my cum mixing up with her pussy juice. I then leaned
down and began kissing mom again. We kissed for about 5 minutes, until we had
stopped for fear of passing out. Then mom hugged me and I hug her back. My dick
was starting to go limp, it was bout 5 inches long by now, and I slowly pulled
it out. Mom let out a whine as my purple mushroomed head slipped out of her pussy
along with gobs of my cum and her juices splashing onto the carpet and pooling
around her ass. I laid down beside mom and reached my arm across her breasts
and pulled her to me. She rolled onto her side to face and draped her arm
across me.

She smiled at me and I smiled back and then I kissed her forehead. Mom then
laid her head into my neck and I saw her close her eyes. She was very worn out
and to tell the truth I was too. I looked at my watch and saw that it was only 2:33PM , still an hour before either of my
sisters would get out of school. I set the alarm on my watch to go off at 3:30 PM and then wrapping my arm tightly
around my mother’s naked body, I laid my head against the top of her head and I
fell asleep. Before I did sleep though, several thoughts ran through my mind,
would we tell my sisters about this, and what if mom did get pregnant how would
we explain that, and then my girlfriend flashed through my mind. How would I
explain this to her. I had fallen in love with her, but I loved my mom even
more, and how would I explain the hicky on my shoulder and the nail marks on my
back. Somewhere during my train of thought I fell asleep holding my mother, my
lover the most sexiest woman around and she was mine.

I awoke to the sound of my wristwatch’s alarm going off at 3:30PM . At first I could
not understand why I was sleeping at this time of day, or why I was on the
living room floor. Then I felt my mother move in my arms, and the memory of
what had transpired between me and my mom in the last two hours rushed through
my mind. I was laying on my right side, and my mom was laying against my front.
She had been facing me at the start, but now she had turned and had her back to
me. My left arm was draped across her bare breasts and my hand was actually cupping
her right boob, I could feel her hard nipple in my palm. My dick, which was
hard again, was now sandwiched between her bare ass cheeks, and boy did it feel
good. I knew my sisters were just now getting out of school and my oldest
sister G.G. would be getting home in about 20 minutes, and my youngest sister
Vera would be getting home in about 30 minutes. But I did not really want to
get up. As I lay there thinking about the wonderful sex that I just had with my
mom, I slowly began humping my dick through her ass cheeks. I slowly began
rubbing my hand over her bare tits, gently squeezing one nipple then the other.
I was beginning to pick the up the pace of my humping when my mom moaned in her

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Posted 08 Aug 2011 08:44
Scored with a 1 because: this part is fully copied from Bed Making Mom Chapter 1 by SimonFear01


was written by another author, year 2007
Posted 21 Jan 2011 21:58
Great-now to p-4. "V=5."
Posted 02 Oct 2009 07:53
Really great. Enjoyed a lot reading it.
Posted 24 Jun 2009 04:11
I hope part 4 is cumming soon this is a great series
Posted 12 Jun 2009 19:31
Keeping the dialogue separated would improve the layout
Posted 12 Jun 2009 06:09
Great series. Can't wait for it to continue.

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