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Mark and Masha learn alot from each other

Twins Mark and Masha get involved, fearful that Mom will find out

My twin sister Masha and I have always been close, as twins are, but we could not be more different people.  Masha is brash, gregarious, outspoken, and rebellious.  I am reserved, shy, reticent, and a brainy, studious type.

Physically, though, despite the difference in gender, we are very similar. Both of us are athletic, with very well proportioned bodies.  Masha, of course, has her pert little breasts, which I lack!  And, at the risk of sounding immodest, we are both quite good looking.

Just so you know about Mom, she divorced our abusive father years ago, and he is no longer in our lives.  She has worked hard to raise us, but has managed to keep herself up.  She is loving, but stern, and has a sense of humour that we appreciate during hard times.

To cut to the chase, a few months after we turned 16, Masha and I started experimenting sexually with each other.  It started rather innocently.  Our bedrooms were right next to each other in the downstairs of the condo, and Mom's was right above ours on the second floor.

Masha had nightmares quite often.  When we were younger she would go to our mother, get into bed with her because she didn't want to sleep alone, and share her nightmare while Mom comforted her and told her it was just a bad dream.

Perhaps as a result of us being adults and Masha being a little embarrassed to be crying to Mommy every time she had a bad dream, she began coming into my room.  She would come in and lay down next to me, and when I would awake, startled, she would sob, "Mark, I just had such an awful, scary dream, I'm afraid to go into my room alone."

This was irritating to me at first, but I loved my twin sister, so I always let her stay with me.  I would hold her in my arms while she related her nightmare, then stroke her hair, saying, "There, there, Masha, it was just a dream.."

She would fall asleep with her head buried in my chest.  And I would fall asleep, too.  It was very innocent for a while.

But one night, after she told me her nightmare, and I comforted her, she said, "You are so kind to me Mark.  I'm sorry I keep waking you up."  I said it was OK, and she gave me a kiss.  It was innocent enough, on the cheek, but it was a long and wet kiss, and I could hear a purr vibrating from her throat as she kissed my cheek.  I thought it was a little strange, but OK.

This behavior continued for a while and I thought nothing of it.  But one night it escalated.  Again, I was holding her in my arms as we both drifted off to sleep.  Our faces were very close together.  She was kissing my cheeks, forehead and neck, gingerly, but she let her mouth linger very closely to mine.  I could feel her breath, and was certain she could feel mine.  I expected her to keep kissing around my face, as she usually did, but she kept her mouth near mine for a long time.

I was naive about matters romantic, but I'm smart enough to know that if someone is doing what she was doing, they are begging for a kiss. My sister being the bold young woman that she is, would just kiss me if that is what she wanted, but she was hesitating.

As  I felt myself beginning to drift off to sleep, my intellect and inhibitions began to wear down, I held her a little tighter, caressing her strong, smooth back. 

Before I consciously realized what I was doing, I gave her a soft kiss on the lips, and she responded with a much deeper and passionate kiss.  Clearly, she was getting impatient waiting for me to kiss her.  She pressed her body against mine, and we continued to kiss passionately for the rest of the night, although we went no further that night.

The morning after that, I wasn't sure what to think, having just 'made out' with my twin sister.  I was a little perturbed, while Masha was acting more brash and excited than she usually does.  Mom noticed and asked if we were OK, and we assured her that we were.  Mom raised her eyebrows at us and gave a piercing look, like she was suspicious about something.  I hoped she thought we were on drugs!

That very night Masha snuck into my room again and got under the covers.  I put my arms around her and realized she wasn't wearing her nightgown.

"Masha!", I exclaimed, pushing her away, "Are you naked?  What are you doing?"

"Mark, please, let's not kid ourselves", she retorted, as she pushed back into me and gave me a solid kiss, sticking her tongue into my mouth.

"Masha, you know this isn't right!  And what if Mom finds out?  She might hear us.", I protested weakly, enjoying feeling her naked body pushed against mine.

"Mark, just give in, please, I want you.",  Masha said with affected shyness.

I'd never had a girl tell me she wanted me before, and one as hot as my twin sister was something I didn't think I could ever hope for.

She took one of my hands and placed on her round, smooth butt.  I enjoyed massaging it, grabbing it.  She took my other hand and placed it between her thighs, and I rubbed it up and down the middle of her legs.

"See how good it feels, touching me?  And can't you tell how much I like being touched?", Masha asked sweetly.

"Masha, your skin is so smooth, you're beautiful," I answered, but then realized what was going on.  "Masha, you are my sister, we can't do this." Again, a very weak protest.

With that, she slipped her thumbs into the waistband of my boxers and began pulling them down, meeting resistance from my cock, which at this point was sticking up, rock hard.

"You see, Mark, what a good thing this is?  You like it, don't you?", she cooed into my ear.

And I did like it, I let her slip my underwear off and then pull off my T-shirt.  We caressed each other's naked bodies, running our hands all over each other, kissing, savoring it.

Masha took my hand that was between her legs and guided it upwards to her dripping pussy, and with her guidance I began stroking her clit.

"Oh, that feels so good when you touch me there,", she moaned.

"Masha, keep it down!  Mom will hear!", I said.

"I don't care!", my rebellious twin responded.  But she was making too much noise as I stroked her, so I cupped my other hand over her mouth.  She looked at me with upraised eyebrows and a look of shock and some fear in her eyes when I did this.  But I could tell she was only acting, as I could feel her mouth curl up into a smile under my hand.

As I continued stroking her, and she also guiding my finger into her wet pussy, she was moaning, louder and louder, to the point where she was nearly shrieking, as her body began to convulse.

I had to keep my hand even firmer over her mouth to muffle out the racket she was trying to make.  I gripped her tight to me, and was clutching her jaw forcefully to keep her mouth shut.  She kept looking at me with that pretend shock and fear look.

As she came closer to climax, I rubbed her with greater rigour, and her body pressed against me, her perky little breasts pressed against my chest, and she shook like there was an earthquake when she came.  I had to hold her mouth so tight to keep her from screaming in pleasure.

Her orgasmic convulsion slowed down after she came, and I could finally let her mouth go when she was back in control of her senses.  I lay flat on my back, and she lay on her side, one leg draped over mine, and we kissed tenderly, savoring the little experience we just had.

"Mark, I'm sorry, that was so good, I want to reciprocate, but that just knocked me out, I'm about to fall asleep, I'm sorry, don't be mad.", Masha whispered in my ear.

"It's OK, Masha, go to sleep, I don't mind.  I had a great time tonight.  We'll have other times together."

Masha gave me another passionate kiss on the lips and said, "Oh, you are the sweetest brother ever!"

She promptly fell asleep with her head resting on my chest.  I was dozing off a bit, but was startled a bit when I heard footsteps upstairs.  Maybe Mom was just going to the bathroom, but I heard the patter of her feet coming down the stairs and heading in our direction.  I was so panicked, I didn't know what to do, so I just froze.

I heard her go down the hall and past my closed bedroom door to my sister's bedroom door.  There was a pause, then footsteps heading back.  I was glad Masha was asleep, I pulled the covers up, hoping it would hide the fact that we were both in here.

I heard the doorknob turn, and heard the door very slowly creak open.  Pretending to be asleep, I saw the dim light of the hallway come into my room, and I closed my eyes.  There was a pause, and then the door was slowly closed again, and I heard my mom's steps walking away and going back upstairs.

She knew.

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