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Mark and Sis

Me and my friend Mark have fun with Sis.
I’m pretty much hetero in my sexual desires – when I’m at the beach, I’m checking out the babes, not the guys. However, I did have a homosexual experience when I was a teenager, and wouldn’t mind it happening again. I guess that means I’m at least a bit bisexual.

It happened when I was sixteen. My best friend Mark, also 16, was in my room one day after school, and we were sitting on the floor doing homework. Mark was wearing tight jeans that day. I noticed quite a bulge in his crotch. Not that he was erect or anything, but it was clearly a larger bulge than I could have displayed when flaccid.

Nothing happened right then, but I thought about that bulge when beating off that night. It scared me a bit, even while turning me on. “Am I a fag?” was all I could think. The next morning, I spanked the monkey while looking at a Playboy I kept between the mattresses, just to reassure myself that I still liked girls.

A couple of weeks later Mark and I decided to go to the city pool for a swim. I was paying a bit more attention to Mark’s crotch after he changed into his swimsuit. Nothing unusual. At least until he got in the pool, then got out and sat on a towel beside me: His now wet swimsuit was clinging to his body, and, again, there was that large bulge.

I did my best not to stare, but I think Mark saw me sneaking a look. As I peeked (and felt the beginnings of a hard-on), Mark shifted around and pulled his knees up, so that I could now see up his suit leg to the lining. And behind that thin piece of fabric was a clear outline of a large, semi-erect cock. Mark was talking about some chicks he had been swimming with (one of which happened to be my older sister Pam), and did a great job of ignoring what I was looking at.

After a few minutes, I jumped into the pool, mostly to hide the fact that I was getting hard. (I’m not well-endowed – about 5-1/2" – but a hard-on is perfectly obvious even for someone with an average prick.) I swam around for a few minutes, then took a couple of dives off the board, then went back to my towel to catch some rays.

When I got back, Mark was still sitting with his legs pulled up, and my sister Pam was on my blanket. I’m pretty sure she was enjoying the sight, as she made no effort to hide where her eyes were looking. Besides, I had heard that Pam, who was seventeen years old, was quite a skank. She looked it and acted it, always wearing skimpy and tattered clothes, along with her long stringy hair and lots of jewelry. The rumors in school were that she liked to suck dick.

If Pam had ever had a sexual interest in her kid brother, she never showed it. Only once had I ever seen her naked, and that was when I walked into a bathroom with an almost-closed door, and she was toweling off from a shower. From her yelling at me you would have thought I had stolen her virginity! And all I had seen was a couple of modest-size and rather floppy tits.

Anyway, I pushed Pam over a bit and sat down next to her. As she scooted over, she folded her legs, and gave Mark a great look at her swimsuit-covered crotch. Although it was a one-piece swimsuit, it was typical Pam: high cut legs, low-cut front, and lots of skin showing. And I could tell Mark appreciated the sight, as his cock appeared to start to get larger.

We talked for a few minutes, then Pam said she was tired of the pool, and suggested we go home, pop some popcorn, and watch a movie. This was OK with me and Mark, so we all headed to the showers.

The boy’s shower at this pool was one large, rectangular room with several shower poles, each with about six shower heads around them. Mark and I stripped off our suits and went to a pole with no one else there. I could not help but notice his cock now: it was much larger than mine and was semi-erect. I was staring as Mark took the soap and lathered up his cock and balls, and even stroked his dick a bit. I looked up and saw him staring at me and grinning.

“How come you’re staring like that, Rod?” he asked me, as if he didn’t know.

“Well, I just noticed that your prick is a lot larger than mine.”

“Yep, looks like you got a bit short-changed. How long is your’s when it is hard?”

“Six inches,” I exaggerated slightly, while my small dick shrunk even smaller under his stare.

“Mine gets to about 8 inches,” he replied, and I don’t think he had to exaggerate.

He finished “washing” his privates, I finished rinsing off, and we went and got dressed. A couple of minutes later we met Pam out by her car, and she gave us a lift home.

My folks were not home, as they had gone on a weekend getaway, leaving Pam in charge. I pulled out a video that I liked (can’t recall which one, but probably one of the Star Wars series) and put it in the VCR. Pam when to the kitchen and started making some popcorn. She also poured us some drinks. We were expecting soda pop, but she brought in a tray and it had some paper cups with dark red liquid in them – she was serving us red wine. “It’ll help us relax, and Mom isn’t here to say no,” she explained.

We started the flick and munched down on the popcorn. After a few minutes, Pam said, “I’m going to put on some more comfortable clothes.” She was dressed in jeans and a cotton shirt, but she did wear mighty-tight jeans, so it was no surprise they were not comfortable.

Pam was gone for a bit, and when she finally returned, she said, “Anyone for more wine?”

Mark and I looked around at her, and immediately checked her out: very short but loose nylon shorts, and a T-shirt knotted under her tits. She obviously had no bra on, as her nipples were sticking out proudly.

“Sure,” we managed to stammer, and Pam disappeared into the kitchen.

“Wow, does she always dress like that?” Mark asked me, as he stood up, adjusted his jeans, then sat back down cross-legged.

“Sometimes, when she’s got some guy she’s prick-teasing. But not when she’s just lounging around here.”

Pam returned with some more wine for us. Being only sixteen and having very little drinking experience, even the first cup was giving me a bit of a buzz. And relieving my inhibitions enough that I fairly well stared at Pam’s tits bouncing around in her t-shirt.

Pam sat down somewhat across from us, cross-legged like Mark. And again made our eyes pop out: she wasn’t wearing any panties, and we could see up her shorts to the sides of her hairy twat. It didn’t take long for both Mark and me to be sporting serious boners. In my case, wearing loose jeans, I could somewhat hide it, but Mark, with his big prick and tight jeans, couldn’t begin to hide his woody.

Pam obviously knew what she was doing. She acted nonchalantly, looking sideways at the TV, eating popcorn and sipping her wine, while we stared at her nearly-revealed body.

After a few minutes (no doubt planned by Pam to let us get nice, raging hard-ons), Pam looked over at Mark, dropped her eyes to his crotch, and exclaimed, “Oh my, Mark, you’ve got a boner!”

“No shit, Pam! What do you expect, with you sitting over there spreading your legs for us?” Mark replied. I have to give him credit – he was far more composed than I was. Looking back, I suspect he knew that Pam was interested in his dick, so he saw through her plot much sooner than I did.

Pam grinned, then got up and walked over and sat between Mark and me. She looked down at his crotch, and said, “Looks like a man-size boner, at that!” Mark just grinned, and Pam put her hand on his crotch and started rubbing it. I was sitting there like an idiot, my mouth hanging open, watching my big sister rub my best friend’s dick through his jeans.

Pam continued squeezing and rubbing Mark’s dick, and moved her other hand up and started massaging her left tit. My eyes were glued to this hand, as she pinched and rolled her nipple through the T-shirt. She looked over at me, then glanced down at my crotch. “Looks like my baby brother likes what he sees, too.” With that, she took her hand off her tit, and started rubbing my crotch, while she continued rubbing Mark’s with her other hand.

Both Mark and I were starting to moan and to feel rather cramped in our pants. Pam continued for a minute or so more, then said, “Well, seems to me that it’s getting warm in here!.” With that, she grabbed the bottom of her T-shirt, undid the knot, and peeled it off over her head, giving Mark and me a look at her floppy tits and erect nipples. She put the shirt down and started playing with both of her nipples.

“Boys, I think you need to take off those jeans and let your trouser snakes get some breathing room!”

I hesitated, but Mark stood right up and peeled off he jeans and underwear, letting his dick spring out. What a monster! It was easily 8" long and nice and thick.

“Mmmm . . . that is quite a piece of meat you have there, Mark!” my sister exclaimed. “What are you waiting for, Rod?” She watched me while she leaned back and peeled off her shorts. She wasn’t wearing panties, so when she sat back down cross-legged, we could see her pussy hair and her lips poking out onto the carpet.

At this I lost all inhibition, and I stood up and took off my clothes. My dick also sprang to attention. “Well, Rod, you’re not built like Mark, but you got a mighty hard prick there – and I know what to do with pricks of all sizes.” She reached up and grabbed both our cocks and started stroking them.

“Have either of you ever had sex with anyone?” She asked. After we both said no, she continued “Well, I think it’s about time to teach you a few things about the birds and the bees.”

Pam stood up, and, continuing to hold our pricks, guided us to the couch, and had us sit down by each other. “Ok, no touching your dicks for the next few minutes, guys.” Pam walked over and turned off the TV, our eyes glued to her jiggling butt every inch of the way. She then turned on some dance music, and started gyrating in the middle of the living room while we watched. As she swayed with the music, she ran her hands up and down her body, repeatedly lifting and lowering her tits, sucking on one nipple then the other, and then back down to rub the inside of her thighs.

“Christ, Pam, you’re gonna make me cum without even touching myself!” Mark exclaimed.

“Ok, then I’m stopping, ‘cause you can’t cum yet!” Pam replied. She came over and kneeled between Mark’s legs, and put her left hand under his balls to massage them. Mark groaned, and Pam started pumping his dick with her right hand. He groaned some more, and clearly was ready to cum. “Go ahead, and let ‘er rip!” Pam exclaimed, while pointing his dick at her open mouth.

“Ohhhhh . . . god . . . I’m cumming!” Mark moaned, as he spurt out several large streams of cum, most of which went right into Pam’s mouth. She swallowed all she could, and then rubbed the globs that landed on her tits into her skin.

“Ok, you get one quickie, then I expect you to last for awhile, ‘cause I ain’t even started yet!” Pam told Mark. With that, she looked over to me. “And you, little brother, will probably last about two seconds, right?” I didn’t reply, just stared at her tits. She moved over between my legs, but rather than grabbing my prick or balls, lifted up her floppy tits and wrapped them around my dick, then started massaging them up and down. I lasted perhaps 15 seconds, then, with a groan, started shooting wads up come up into the air. Most of it hit her under the chin, but she managed to get a couple shots into her mouth.

“Yum,” she said, as she massaged the rest of my cum into her chest and tits.

“Ok, boys, now we’re going to have some fun. And that means I get to cum too!” Pam stood up, looked at me and said, “Rod, stand up so Mark can lay down on the couch. I stood up and Mark did as instructed. His dick was not hard, but it wasn’t entirely flaccid either. Pam straddled Mark, on all fours, with her ass over his head.

“Ok, Mark, time to eat some pussy!” she said, as she grabbed his prick and started licking the head.

Since Mark had never licked pussy before, I’m sure he was wondering exactly how to do it, but he was a trooper and started vigorously licking her twat. “No, go gently, and slow, long strokes, up and down my slit,” she instructed him, barely bothering to take his prick out of her mouth.

Mark slowed down, and gently licked her inner pussy lips their full length. She moaned a bit around his dick, then started pumping her head up and down, sucking on his cock. In about a minute or so, he was hard again, and Pam laid her head down next to his cock, while continuing to stoke it with her fingers.

As Mark continued to lick, she gave him directions. “A bit faster now.” “Don’t lick my clit, lick to the side of it.” “Faster!” “Keep it gentle!” As he concentrated on pleasing her, she moaned louder, then, almost without warning, started jerking her hips and ground her pussy into his face as she reached orgasm.

“Stop!” she cried, as she continued jerking for a few more seconds. She slowly relaxed, then said to Mark, “When a girl cums, you have to stop the direct stimulation or it starts to hurt!”

After relaxing on his chest for a minute or so, Pam started sucking on his cock again. She looked over at me, and said, “Come kneel over here, Rod.” I knelt beside the couch, and got a close-up view of Pam sucking on Mark’s dick. My own dick was now hard again, and I pumped it slowly with my hand.

“I saw you checking this cock out at the pool, Rod. Do you like cocks?”

“Ummm . . . well, I noticed it was pretty big,” I replied.

“Did you get hard looking at it?”

Mark jumped in, “Yea, he got a hard-on looking. I saw it.”

Pam took Mark’s dick and leaned it towards me. “Suck on it, Rod.” I hesitated, so Pam grabbed my prick with her right hand and said, “You suck on this, and I’ll beat you off.”

I tentatively leaned forward and stuck my tongue out, touching the side of Mark’s prick. I licked up and down a little, then Pam lifted up his prick with her left hand and pointed it right at my mouth. I hesitated, so she stroked my dick faster and said, “Go for it, Rod!”

I closed my lips around Mark’s dickhead, and almost immediately got a head rush. This made me pause for a moment, then I started to lower my head, feeling Mark’s dick slowly slide into my mouth. I moved my tongue around, feeling the contours of his dickhead, and then felt it on the back of my throat. After holding his dick in my mouth for a few seconds, I brought my head back, and let it slide out almost entirely. I could feel his pee hole with my tongue, and as I swirled my tongue around his dickhead, Mark moaned, which turned me on even further. I cupped my hand under his balls and started feeling them, which turned Mark on even further (not to mention turning me on!).

Pam was still pumping my dick with her hand, while watching intently as I gave Mark a blow job. I was harder than granite, both from the sensation of a penis in my mouth, and from Pam’s
ministrations. For several minutes, Mark and I groaned and moaned, as I pleasured him and Pam pleasured me. Mark then started groaning loader, and I could tell he was near cumming. It never even occurred to me that he was going to cum in my mouth, I just wanted him to cum.

“Oh . . . god . . . I’m going to cum!” he said for the second time that afternoon. I kept up my sucking, and a few seconds later felt his cock jerk in my mouth, then tasted and felt his warm sperm shooting into my mouth. I just kept going, and in a few seconds my mouth was full and cum was dripping out around his prick. Pam started licking around the base of his prick, trying to get the cum that I couldn’t contain.

After a few more seconds, I gulped and swallowed what seemed like a huge mouthful of cum. I slowly pulled my mouth off Mark’s cock, keeping my lips tight around it to squeeze as much cum as I could off it. Pam immediately popped his prick into her mouth, and licked and sucked it clean.

“Wow, Rod, you suck dick real nice!” This was Pam talking, not Mark. “I think you deserve a reward for that. Don’t you agree, Mark?”

“Man, yea, I have never cum that hard before!”

“Well, a guy should know how to please another guy,” Pam observed, as she swung off the couch to let Mark sit back up. “And, since he did you, now you can do him!”

Mark looked puzzled for a second, then said, “Ok, I’ll blow him.”

“No, that’s not what I mean,” Pam said. “Kneel on the floor facing the couch, and I’m going to help Rod fuck you in the ass,” she said rather matter-of-factly. Mark looked uneasy, which was quite understandable, so she continued, “Don’t worry, you’re both going to enjoy this. Rod gets to fuck you and cum, and you’re going to find out how good a dick up your ass feels. You have a prostate gland just forward of your asshole, and having a dick in there massages it, and you will cum again harder than you ever have!”

“How do you know that kind of shit, sis?” I asked my sister.

“One of my boyfriends taught me,” she replied, “He showed me how to put my finger up his ass and rub his prostate while beating him off. You cannot believe how intensely he would shoot when I did that. Makes me think it felt pretty good to him!” She turned to Mark and told him to turn around and lean on the couch, which he did.

“Get behind him little brother,” she told me, which I did. She grabbed a bottle of lotion off the end table, then kneeled beside me and stroked my dick a few times to keep it hard. “Grab your ass cheeks and spread ‘em, Mark,” she instructed.

Mark reached back and spread his butt cheeks, exposing his asshole to Sis and me. Pam squirted some lotion on it, some on my dick, and some more in her hands. “Lots of lubrication, guys--assholes are very tight!” Pam stroked my dick a few times, lubing it very nicely, then slowly started pushing her finger into Mark’s asshole. “Squeeze my finger,” she told him, which he apparently did. “Now loosen up,” she instructed, and again he did. A few more “squeeze, loosen” cycles and her finger was all the way up his asshole.

“Ok, Mark, remember what the ‘loosen’ part feels like – here comes another finger.” This one went in very smoothly.

Pam removed her fingers, grabbed my dick and positioned it right on Mark’s anus, and told me “Ok, Rod, push in slowly. Mark, this might hurt a bit, but once he’s inside, it will feel good.”

I pushed my hips forward, and after a few seconds, with Pam telling Mark to loosen up, my dick popped into his asshole. Man, did this feel good! It was like a tight fist massaging my dick. I slowly started pumping in and out, and Pam squirted some more lotion on my dick when it was almost out.

Mark started moaning a bit, but not as much as me. I pumped for two or three minutes, then Pam started massaging my balls. Actually, she was doing both of us, one set of balls in each hand. Mark seemed to be enjoying it, but I wasn’t paying too much attention, just concentrating on my own pleasure.

After another minute or so, Pam looked up at me and said, “Here’s the best part, little brother!” She let go of my balls, scooped up some lotion with her finger, then quickly slid her finger up my asshole!

“Oh, man, that feels good!!!” I exclaimed. I was now on the verge of cumming, and as I started moaning louder, Pam started massaging at the front of my rectum. It only took a few more seconds, and I started experiencing the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had.

“Ohhhhhh . . . my . . . god . . . ohhhh!” I was barely coherent, moaning and cumming and moaning some more, as I shot several large wads of cum into Mark’s asshole. I slowed down my pumping, and just relished the feeling of cumming and having a tight anus squeezing my dick.

After relaxing for a minute, I pulled my prick out of Mark’s asshole, and Pam pulled her finger out of my ass. “Ok, boys, now it’s my turn again,” Pam announced. “Mark, lay on the floor on your back.” Mark got off the couch and did as instructed. His prick was very hard (since he had just been fucked in the ass!), and lay against his stomach. Pam straddled Mark, and lowered her pussy to rub against his dick. She shifted her hips back and forth, masturbating herself on his prick.

Pam was clearly turned on and started moaning as she slid back and forth, the length of Mark’s prick sliding along the length of her cunt. After a few minutes, she leaned forward, raised her ass, reached back and grabbed Mark’s prick, then impaled herself on it. “Oh god, this is great!!” she exclaimed as Mark’s eight inches of meat filled up her cunt. “Mark, suck on my tits!”

Mark grabbed her floppy, dangling tits and started massaging and sucking on them, as Pam rode his cock up and down. Pam was groaning and moaning, and pretty much enjoying herself. After a few minutes, she slowed down, looked over at me, and said, “I’ve been wanting to get fucked by two guys at once, Rod. How about putting your dick up my ass?”

Well, I didn’t have to be asked twice! “Sure, sis!” I grabbed the bottle of lotion and kneeled on the floor amongst Pam’s and Mark’s legs. Pam stopped her rocking and laid down on Mark’s chest, then reached back and spread her ass cheeks, while Mark’s huge cock stayed in her cunt hole. Her little starfish was surrounded by light hair. I rubbed her asshole a bit, then leaned over and licked slowly down her crack.

“Oh, god, that feels good!” she exclaimed, as my tongue circled her asshole. I flicked my tongue across the tight opening a few times, while Pam squirmed and moaned, and I could see and smell her juices, as she was extremely turned on.

I sat back up and squirted some lotion on her asshole, and rubbed it with my finger. After a few seconds, I put more lotion on my finger, and started pushing it into her ass. Sis moaned a bit, then loosened her anus, and my finger slid right in, knuckle deep. This all turned me on big time, and I was hard again just a few minutes after cumming in Mark’s ass.

I left my finger in my sister’s asshole, and used my other hand to squirt lotion on my dick. I put the bottle down and spread the lotion all over my dick. Then I slowly leaned forward, pumped my finger in and out a couple more times, then said, “Ok, sis, here comes my cock!”

Pam moaned “uh hu!” and concentrated on loosening her anal ring. I pulled out my finger, put the head of my dick against her asshole, and slowly pressed it in. In only a few seconds my prick was fully inside my own sister’s asshole. God, what a great feeling--not just the delightful pressure of fucking an anus, but knowing it was my own big sister turned me on big time!

Sis started rocking back and forth, but it took us a minute or two to get into a good three-way rhythm. We eventually worked it out, mostly by Mark and I staying still and Pam repeatedly impaling herself on dual dicks. She controlled the speed, and she sped up then slowed down several times, trying to prolong the pleasure. Since Mark and I had both cum twice already, we could last a bit, and Pam took advantage of it.

After perhaps five or six minutes, all three of us were groaning and moaning with pleasure. Pam started speeding up her back-and- forth motion, and I knew she was close to cumming. “Hold still,” she nearly yelled at us, as she rammed herself down hard on two pricks, and her hips started jerking. “I’m cumming . . . ohhhh . . . god . . . uhhhhh . . .” she moaned as her hips jerked a few more times.

We lay still, pricks still in my sister, for a few moments, then slowly I pulled my dick out of her ass. “Don’t stop, Rod, I want you to come in my ass!” my sister told me. So, I started pumping again, while she lay still on Mark’s chest. In just a minute or so I reached orgasm, spewing my hot load up my sister’s asshole. I left my prick in her for a few moments, then pulled out, rolled over and sat down beside them.

Finally, Sis pulled off of Mark, turned around and sucked him to orgasm. It only took a couple of minutes, and Pam swallowed every bit of cum (I think those rumors I heard are true!).

After a few minutes, Pam left to take a quick shower, leaving me and Mark to get dressed. Mark took Pam’s shorts with him when he left, “to beat off into,” he told me.

My sister Pam left to college a couple of months after this afternoon of pleasure, and she and I never again had any sexual encounters. Mark and I had a few more suck-n-fuck sessions, but when I found a girlfriend, I preferred fucking her. Mark, as it turns out, is a full-blown gay man, and other than this one afternoon with my sister, I don’t know that he has ever fucked another woman.

*** end ***

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Posted 02 Feb 2010 19:32
I liked this story a lot, a whole fucking lot. The shock of adding gay sex to an incest seduction was very nasty, wicked, perverted and horny. I'm going to go jack off now. Would love to see more of your writing. Check out mine.
Posted 02 Feb 2010 07:09
nice, i liked it alot

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