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Massage Fantasy Continued Again

Over the next few months, I become one of my daughter’s regulars at the massage parlor. I continued to see other ladies but I saw her at least twice a month and more often as time passed.
Once in a while, she would pass me in the hallway when I was with another lady and give me a smile. A couple of times when I was with another lady, she poked her head into the massage room to say hello.

I was standing nude the first time so she could see my erection the instant she poked her head in. Another time, I was already face down on the mattress but I rolled over strictly for the purpose of exposing myself to her. Both times, she smiled and winked.

As time went on, one massage after another, she let me go a little bit further and a little bit further. When I was face down, she would not only give me a light touch on my scrotum, she would cup it in her hand and massage it. I would raise my hips and she would cover my penis with her hand and stroke me.

Likewise, when she was face down, I would always stroke her labia and her clitoris. She would raise her hips and I would cup her pubic mound with my hand and run my fingers into her vagina, pulling out her juices to lubricate her labia and her clitoris.

In every massage after the second one, she spread her legs as soon as she turned over. I would generally first sit between her legs and fondle and kiss her breasts for a while, then move to the side to caress her inner thighs. Every time after that second time, she let me caress her labia and her clitoris and run my fingers into her vagina. Often, she would raise her arms over her head, exposing herself completely to me. I would caress her genitals while I kissed her breasts.

She eventually let me come on her tummy. She was expert at this. I would lower myself onto her, sliding my penis up and down her body from her legs to her pubic mound to her breasts. When I became focused on her tummy, she would place her hand between my penis and my stomach so that I was rubbing against her tummy on one side and her hand on the other until I came all over both.

She was very free and easy with me. After the first couple of sessions, she frequently called me “Dad” during a massage. We didn’t discuss things outside the massage parlor, but we did acknowledge our father-daughter relationship.

She was sexually freer with me than any other masseuse had ever been, hugging me longer and giving me more full body contact. I can’t express how wonderful it was to have my beautiful daughter do these things for me. I loved her already, but now I loved even more and in a different way because of the things she was doing for me sexually.

In later sessions, I screwed up the courage to ask her more about her job and her experiences since she took the job. You have to imagine, for example, that we were in the tub and she was giving me a breast massage, sliding up and down, my penis pressing against her belly and then enveloped by her breasts when I asked her how she came to apply for the job.

She said, “Well, I have a girlfriend who works here. She told me about it and I was curious enough to apply for a job. It sounded like something I might enjoy and I could make a lot of money.”

Or that she was giving me a body slide when I asked her about her first day. She said, “My girlfriend trained me. On training day, the massages actually belonged to her. I was there to observe, learn and participate if I wanted to. I was expected to be nude and I was really nervous about that. But the first guy was really nice. After I stripped, he complemented my on my body and I really liked that. I liked the fact the he enjoyed looking at me and told me so. I helped out on the massage and when it came time to finish him, I reached over and gave him a few stokes before my girlfriend got him to come. I really enjoyed looking at him and touching him and it gave me a big charge to watch him come. That got me off to a good start.”

Or that we were undressing each other when I asked her if she was comfortable with the nudity. She said, “After the first few times, it became no big deal. In fact, in here I’m not comfortable until I’m nude and the guy is nude. When a new guy walks in the door, I want to get nude with him and see what he looks like. I like them looking at me and I like looking at them.”

Or that she was enveloping my penis with her hands when I asked her if she always liked to touch the guys. She said, “You mean their dicks, don’t you? Yes, I always like to touch them. I like to see them shoot. I probably would like it anyway, but I know that they are feeling really good and I made them feel good. So far, I have liked seeing and touching every single one. As soon as I set eyes on a guy in here, no matter what he looks like, I want to see him and touch him.”

She exhibited a curious but real freedom and innocence about these sexual matters. She was doing what felt good to her and to her customers.

I asked her how she felt at our first encounter here. She said, “Well, I was shocked to see you at first. I had no idea that this was part of your life. But after a moment, I realized that I felt the same about you as I feel about every other guy. I could see that you already had an erection. There are not a lot of guys who walk in the door with an erection, so I knew that you really wanted a massage. I didn’t care that you are my Dad. I wanted you to see me nude, to enjoy looking at me the way other men do. I wanted to see you nude, I wanted to touch you. I didn’t want you to have to leave without getting off. And I didn’t want to turn you over to another girl and then sit and imagine you with another girl. I wanted to do you myself. All this flashed through my mind in just a couple of seconds. I know it’s supposed to be nasty and perverted but it doesn’t seem that way to me. Walking down the hall with you, I could hardly wait for us to be nude together.”

I loved her body slides when I was face up. We would lubricate each other with lotion and, as I described, she would slide all the way up so that my penis was in the valley between her legs. Her arms were beside my shoulders as she arched her back above me. Her breasts were right above my face and sometimes I pulled her down so that my face was buried in her breasts. Other times, I would stroke her arms. Her triceps were flexed from holding herself up. I could stroke up the outside of her arms, then down her back all the way to her buttocks. Or, I could reach up and cup her breasts and fondle her breasts and her nipples. I cannot express both how beautiful she is and how good it felt to touch her and how arousing I found all this.

Caressing her, it became obvious to me that she was more responsive to my stroking her clitoris than to my massaging the inside of her vagina. That meant that when she allowed me to take her to orgasm, it would probably come while I was stroking her. Finally, a day came when I was stroking her and kissing her nipples and she didn’t stop me.

She was writhing and moaning. I put a hand under her hips to cup her behind as she thrust towards my fingers on her genitals. I could feel her hips start to tremble. I stroked her a little bit faster and I could feel the trembling increase. I stroked her a bit faster yet and she exploded in orgasm. She arched her back and pressed her breasts against my chest. I milked her orgasm for everything I could get.

Her hips became fluid. I must have kept her going for two or three minutes. She writhed and tried to pull away but I was relentless. I told her I wanted her to get it all. I stroked her clitoris more and more gently, getting one shuddering reaction after another until there were no more. I actually think she had several orgasms merged into one long one.

She whispered, “Good God, Dad, I didn’t know you could do that. That’s the best orgasm I’ve ever had.” I whispered that there were many more where that came from. Then she hooked one of her legs over mine, kept pressing her breasts to my chest, reached down and stroked me off so that I came all over both our tummies. After that, I often gave her an orgasm in our sessions.

As time went on, I also extended my oral explorations of her body. When she was face down, I would lean over and kiss her back. When she was face up, I would kiss her breasts then work my way down to her tummy and her pubic hair. The first several times, she stopped me, but the day finally came when she spread her legs wide and I slipped between her legs and licked her genitals.

This was, of course, strictly against the rules. I loved the musky smell and taste of her juices and told her so. She just giggled and moaned. I licked her and teased her to orgasm. She thrust her mound towards me. I put my hands under her hips and pulled her towards me. I licked and licked, keeping her orgasm going for as long as I could. Once again, she collapsed on the bed and said, “Oh my God, that’s another best orgasm ever.”

After that, she did something she had never done before and that was strictly against the rules. She straddled me, right on top of my penis, and rubbed her wet labia up and down my penis. She leaned over, her breasts pressing into my chest and whispered, “This is just for you, Dad. I don’t do this for anyone else.” I wanted so very badly to slip inside her but she stopped just soon enough and finished me with her hands.

As it turned out, that was the last time I saw her at the massage parlor. The next day, she broke her own rule. She called me at work and asked me to come to her place for lunch.

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Posted 20 Sep 2013 13:58
Great stories!
Posted 20 Jan 2013 09:35
Getting better. Hope Lunch is what you really want. "V=5++++."
Posted 03 Sep 2010 09:25
Dam, that is so hot. Can't wait for LUNCH.

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