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Massage Fantasy Continued

This is another fantasy. Please read my earlier one. In writing these, I am obviously drawing on my experiences at sensual massage parlors. And, in the attitudes is express towards my fantasy daughter, I am reflecting my attitude towards the ladies. I always appreciated what they did for me.

In the week after I received a massage from my daughter, I had conflicted feelings. After all, she was my daughter. But she gave me a terrific massage, I loved it and I wanted another one. She knew and used all the most erotic techniques. I wondered how long she had worked at the massage parlor and who had trained her. And she had said that she hoped I would come back.

She came over for dinner on Sunday night, as she usually did. She gave me a chaste hug and kiss and we had a nice evening. She chatted away with my wife about shopping and television shows. There was nothing in her demeanor to indicate that our relationship was anything but a typical father-daughter relationship. There was not even a glance or a wink to acknowledge what we had done at the massage parlor. That didn’t keep me from getting an erection while looking at her. I had to hide it from her and from her Mom.

I was back to see her the next week. This time, I called and made an appointment to make sure that I would see her. I used a pseudonym so she didn’t know it was me until she came through the door to the reception area. Then she got a big smile on her face and said “Oh, good, it’s you!” As she led me back to a massage room, she said, “You know, I checked you out with the other girls. You’ve seen a lot of them and they all like you. But some of them say you get them to let you go a little bit further than they should. They warned me not to let you go too far.”

I think that what she said was true, that the girls did let me go a little bit further. Almost all of them let me kiss their nipples. That was actually against the rules because there wasn’t supposed to be any oral contact. The majority of them let me stoke their labia and their clitoris. Several of them let me slip my fingers inside and a few of them even let me bring them to orgasm. Looking at her sexy body, I hoped that she would let me go a little bit further too.

When we got to the massage room, she gave me another hug and cupped my genitals through my pants with her hands. She said, “I’m looking forward to this. I get to see that nice dick of yours again.” That put to rest any worry I had that she had any regrets about our first massage.

Once again, I got an hour-long massage that included a bath. Once again, I waited to undress until she got back in the room. She started the water in the tub.

Then I asked if I could undress her. She said, “Sure.” I hugged her, pressing my erection against her tummy, caressed her back and the sides of her breasts. Then I backed off and slowly pulled her camisole over her head. I was rewarded with the sight of her gorgeous breasts. I cupped them with my hands and rubbed her nipples with my thumbs. A little shiver went through her body. Then I reached down and lowered her panties. She let them fall and kicked them off. I cupped her pubic mound with my hand, massaging her pubic hair, then hugged her, rubbed her back and pressed myself against her. I asked her if she would undress me. Again, she said, “Sure.”

She unbuckled my pants and let them fall. I kicked them off and put them on a chair. As she unbuttoned my shirt, she rubbed my chest and as she lowered it off my shoulders she rubbed my back. Then she lowered my underpants and caressed my genitals, cupping them once again in her wonderful hands. Once again, I loved exposing myself to this gorgeous nude woman and I loved the feeling of her hands touching me.

Just a word about my experiences in the massage parlor: Walking in off the street and meeting a new lady, knowing that in a few minutes we would be nude together was for me an absolute male fantasy. It is part of the reason I went back again and again. I loved looking at the ladies and exposing myself to the ladies. Almost invariably, when I took down my underwear, they were staring straight at my erection. I must be a closet exhibitionist. I would never want to offend anyone but these ladies knew that they were going to see me and touch me and I loved it.

During the bath, I asked her how long she had worked here. She said, “About a month.” I commented that she surely knew all the best techniques and asked her how she learned them so quickly. She said, “Well, there was a day of training here with another girl, but there was too much to absorb in one day. But most of the girls here have a husband or boyfriend and they like to get another girl to take care of them a couple of times a week. I mean, the guys know what the girls are doing here, so it’s only fair that someone takes care of them. Mostly, they trade off, but I volunteered to take care of the guys if the girls would teach me their techniques.” I was a little shocked and didn’t say anything more about this during this massage. This revelation was something to absorb. But I had an image of my daughter nude with another nude woman and her nude husband or boyfriend and it gave me a dirty thrill.

This time, when she was face down with her legs spread, I ventured beyond her vulva and stroked her labia. They were wet with her juices. She smiled and moaned. When she turned over, though, she didn’t spread her legs. I did the same thing that I did the prior time. I lay beside her for a while, my free hand roaming, my penis pressed against her. Then I straddled her and started working on her breasts. I gave them a lot of attention. First, I massaged them gently, avoiding her nipples. Then I covered them with my hands and stoked them. Her nipples got very hard and her beautiful areoles wrinkled up nicely. By the time I leaned over to kiss them and play with them with my tongue and lips, they were rock hard. After I kissed each one, I drew back on blew on it gently, then kissed it again.

Suddenly, I felt her thighs pressing against mine. She wanted to spread her legs. I moved to her side. She spread her legs. I pressed my penis against her leg and ran my free hand up the insides of her legs. I did this several times coming closer and closer to her genitals. I wanted to tease her before I touched her. But touch her I did, gently massaging her wet labia and her clitoris with my fingers. She moaned and arched her back a little but, thrusting her pelvic mound towards me. I slipped a finger into her vagina and began to stroke the walls. She felt absolutely delicious. All of a sudden, she chuckled and said, “Now I see what the girls were talking about. You do get girls to let you go a little bit further. Come on, it’s time to finish you.”

I lie down on my back and spread my legs once again exposing myself to her to the maximum extent. She sat between my legs again with my genitals right in front of her. She took more time this time. She massaged the front of my body for a longer time, brushing my penis as she went by and periodically cupping my scrotum in her hands and massaging it. She said, “I told you that you have a nice dick. I should have told you that I love your balls. I love this nice big ball sack that fills my hands.” I hadn’t very often had a woman massage my scrotum like this, but it felt wonderful. It sent shivers through my whole body. I wondered what else the other ladies had taught her. I wondered who taught her this technique, whose husband or boyfriend she practiced on, whether the other lady had been nude, and so on and on. I was having nasty erotic fantasies about my daughter.

Then she lubricated the entire front of my body with lotion and invited me to lubricate her. There she was, straddling my legs while I was spreading lotion on her upper body. I could feel her juices on my legs. I got to fondle those magnificent breasts and nipples again, reaching up from my prone position, cupping them with my hands. Then she gave me body slides. She held her legs together and slid further up than she had the first time. My penis was pressed into the valley between her legs. Her back was arched and her breasts were right above my face. Then she would slide back down, so that my penis slid up between her legs, over her pubic mound and her tummy, all the way to her breasts. There she would pause to press her breasts together so that my penis was completely enveloped by them. This time she would pause with her pubic mound directly over my penis and grind herself into me a little bit. Sliding up and down her body, my penis felt as close to being inside her as it could feel without actually being inside her. I asked whether this was what the ladies taught her. She chuckled again, “Yes, this is what they taught me but they also taught me not to let the guys put their fingers inside me.”

When it came time for her to finish me, she took her time. She stroked me gently and lovingly for at least five minutes. When I did finally ejaculate, it was the explosive culmination of a long buildup. The head of my penis became so sensitive that it was almost painful and I had to ask her to stop stroking me and just hold me.

She held me for a minute or so. Then she went to get a rag. Just like before, she cleaned me up and milked out the very last drops of semen. Then she stroked me gently just like before. Meanwhile, as she sat beside me, I was running my hand up and down her back and patting her gently. I loved her and I loved what she had done for me. I told her so.

She said, “That’s the reward of working here. I make men very happy and I love doing it.” I asked her again about her liberal use of body contact and whether she gave every guy the same amount of body contact. She said, “Well, maybe I’ve given you a bit more than usual. But once I started working here, I decided that if I was going to do the work, I was going to use everything I’ve got. Now get going, just be sure to bring this beautiful dick back to see me.” This time, I really believed she wanted me to come back.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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I'm loving these!
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Again Excellent. "V=5++++."

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