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Massage Fantasy Finale

This one is shorter but a lot of fun!

When I got to my daughter’s place, I quickly realized that it wasn’t for lunch. She peeked through the peephole then stepped back and opened the door. She was wearing an even briefer, sexier outfit than she wore at the massage parlor. She wore only a bra and very brief panties.

I could clearly see her hard nipples through the bra and her pubic hair through her panties. I didn’t have an erection as I walked up to her place because I wasn’t expecting this, but I immediately got one.

She said, “Come on. I don’t have a Jacuzzi but I’ll give you a shower.” As she walked towards the bathroom, I watched her gorgeous swaying, almost naked hips.

We did our usual thing, meaning that we undressed each other. I went first and it didn’t take long. I unhooked her bra, cradled her breasts in my hands and leaned down to give each a kiss. Then I lowered her panties and cupped her pubic mound with my hand. She was already wet. I fingered her clitoris.

She laughed, wriggled free of my grasp and said, “Wait, wait, I haven’t even got you naked yet!”
Then she undressed me slowly, slowly, stroking practically every inch of my body as she did so. As always, when she took down my underwear, she cupped my genitals in her hands. But this time, she spent more time massaging them. I shivered with pleasure. In retrospect, I think she wanted to keep me on the very edge of orgasm for our entire session.

She showered me and I showered her. We pressed against each other, soaped each other, washed each other all over. She reached around me, her breasts pressing into my back. She hugged me, pressing my penis into her belly and grinding against me. We both were more excited and urgent than we had ever been at the massage parlor. She was breaking her rule big time.

This was definitely way off the reservation. Before this, I could always at least pretend that we had a business relationship. I paid her for a massage just as I paid the other ladies. But here I was naked with my naked daughter at her home. We were doing all the things we had done at the massage parlor, but this wasn’t business. We were doing it simply because we both wanted it.

We went to her bedroom. We both worked hard to give each other a good massage, but our sexuality was front and center. I think we were both frantic with the forbidden fruit aspect of what we were doing. While I was face down, she was all over the back of my body. She gave me body slide after body slide.

I could feel her body melting into my back as never before. She straddled me and sat on me. I could feel her juices wetting my back. She massaged my scrotum. She reached both hands under my hips to stroke my penis. She just couldn’t seem to get enough of touching me this time.

When she was face down, I was all over her back, stroking her up and down with my hands, reaching down to cup her pubic mound, running my penis up and down her body, stroking her genitals. When she turned over, I massaged and fondled and kissed her breasts then focused on giving her an orgasm with my hands. As I did, she her pressed her breasts to my chest with a new intensity.

Very quickly, she exploded into a very long orgasm. When she finally finished, she fell back and rested for a minute, while I continued to cup her with my hand and run my thumb through her pubic hair.

The she asked me to get on top of her. Oddly, she waved me away from the lotion. I lowered myself onto her tummy because I figured that was where I was going to come. But as I slid down across her pubic mound, she spread her legs. There we were. My engorged penis was poised at the entrance to her vagina.

She smiled at me and said, “I love you, Dad. Please come in. I want you inside me.” A woman half my age asking me to enter her would have been an intensely erotic dream even if she wasn’t my daughter. I had wanted this very badly. She wouldn’t have had to say please.

I told her that I loved her too and slipped slowly inside her, feeling the walls of her vagina envelope my penis. This is what I had wanted for weeks and weeks. I reveled in the luxurious warmth of her vagina around me. She thrust her hips towards me as I entered her. I could feel our pubic hair finally mingling.

When I was fully inside her, she wrapped her legs around me and murmured, “Now I’m as lucky as Mom. I’ve got your nice dick inside me.” I was very, very aroused and that set me off. I pumped just once and exploded inside her. I had spasm after spasm. As I emptied myself into her, she pressed her hips towards mine again and again, saying, “Come on, Dad, come on, get it all.” I got it all. I cannot remember a more intense orgasm.

To my surprise, just as I was finishing, she exploded into another orgasm. I kept pumping her with my still hard penis until she finished. The walls of her vagina pulsed around me and milked out every last drop of ejaculate. It was the most glorious finish to our lovemaking that I could have imagined.

When she was finished, she collapsed on the bed. She must have noticed my surprise because she giggled and said. “Oh yeah, I can get it that way too. Your fingers don’t do it, but your dick does.”

Afterwards, she lay hugging me, her naked body pressed against mine, stroking my penis gently. She said, “I wanted so badly to do this. I’ve wanted you inside me for a while. I’m going to need you to come see me a lot because I get really horny from my work.”

After a while, I got up and told her that I had to get back to work. She stretched her arms over her head and arched her back, posing for me, giving me a full view of her gorgeous naked body. She smiled and said, “Are you sure?” I told her I was sure. She gave me a wicked little grin and said, “OK. I’ll give you a blow job next time. I wanted to just fuck you this time.”

This is the end of the massage fantasy because from here on the fantasy involves an incestuous affair with my daughter.

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Posted 21 Sep 2013 09:54
Posted 20 Jan 2013 09:41
Good for her. She finally got your dick inside her pussy. "V=5x5."
Posted 06 Sep 2010 18:40
Excellent story line. Very sensual, loving and the prose flowed very well. Keep it up, will be looking for more stories. ***
Posted 05 Sep 2010 08:46
hot story but we want more
Posted 05 Sep 2010 07:27
I hope there will be more stories with her.

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