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me and my brother reaquaint ourselves in the kitch

my brother fucks me hard in the kitchen after coming to visit, please read previous experiences firs

It was the next morning after my husband had found out about me and my brother and l’d found out he had had similar relationships with his family. We had been up most of the night talking, sharing old experiences whilst we made love and although we had both had hardly any sleep we were exhilarated. It was like getting to know each other all over again and we both felt a huge burden had been lifted from us. He reiterated that that he was more than fine if l still made love with my brother and that he was serious about being a part of it if we wanted.


‘think about it’ he whispered as he went off to work, slipping his hand into my dressing gown and giving a nipple a little tweak cheekily.


I’d literally only had time to fill the kettle on before my brother burst into the kitchen naked. Rushing over to me, turning me and pushing himself against my ass and grabbing hold of my arms, leaning round my neck he kissed and bit into the flesh below my ears.


‘l’ve been listening to you both all night, banging away, its my turn now sis!’ he said. I could feel his hard cock pushing between my ass cheeks and my sore pussy twitched and ached.


He pulled my dressing gown down and off my back, throwing it aside, he was frenetic, grabbing my hair quite hard and pushing me down, l thrust back into him. He took hold of my panties and yanked on them, l felt the pain where they gathered and pulled on my skin and especially between my pussy lips, but this just heightened the lust and excitement l was feeling inside. Finally with one big yank and a intense shot of pain on my pussy the material gave way and my torn panties where also thrown aside.


I felt his fingers grabbing at my sore but wanton pussy, feeling as he literally shoved l think 3 or 4 fingers into me, I gasped with pain, excitement and shots of pleasure as he pushed his fingers hard into me and pulled on my hair.


His fingers left me and l squealed for my brother to fuck me, l’d yearned to feel his cock in me again after many years. I felt the end of his cock against my pussy, positioning it between my lips. He pulled hard on my hair, my head bent back, my mouth open and gasping, naturally l pushed back onto my brothers lovely cock as he thrust hard and deep inside and started to thrust hard and fast in and out of me.


The pain, the exquisite sensations, the excitement, the feelings l was having all over my body as he literally pounded my pussy from behind. I was shuddering and shooting orgasm juices onto my brothers cock, within seconds, as it thrust deep and hard into me. Literally I was having multiple orgasms without breaks, my whole body shuddering, banging my fists on the kitchen counter, loudly shouting ‘yes fuck me brother, fuck your sister hard!!’


His grip on my hair tightened and pulled even harder as he thrust so hard into me it nearly lifted me off my feet and held it deep inside me, I felt his cock twitch hard and then the warm shot of his sperm deep deep inside me. With little short sharp thrusts he continued to cum, l felt our mixed juices running down my legs as he finished, his grip on my hair loosened and l felt as his body relaxed. Still slowly moving his cock, now only about half erect, but nowhere near limp, we gasped and panted fast and deep.


My body still shook gently as he gently moved his cock inside me,he  lifted me upof the counter, put his arms around me, l felt his body heaving against me with his deep breaths. He still managed to whisper in my ear in a way that made my whole legs feel weak ‘l love you sis, l’ve missed you so much’. Before very gently kissing my neck from one side to the other.


Suddenly we were jolted out of after sex love with the sound of applause, we spun round and stood in a pool of our sex juices, brother and sister, naked, cock and pussy glistening, as my husband (with obvious bulge!!!) stood and applauded our ‘performance’.


To be continued

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Posted 20 Jan 2014 02:47
Wow! I can hardly wait for what happens next.
Posted 05 Dec 2013 20:17
HOT! and pretty funny at the end with the hubby
Posted 15 Mar 2013 14:00
We cant wait for the next installment on this the sex in the kitchen was so hot that we reenacted it god it was some of the best sex we have ever had
Posted 04 Aug 2011 11:48
Excellent...I commented on your last story ...mainly because of the relationship I've had with my older sister. I told my wife about it when we first started going together and she accepted it...maybe because she shared my love of exhibitionism. It must run in the family because our daughter and our granddaughter do also.
Posted 14 Jul 2010 14:27
Cumfox, you can't leave us here!
Posted 03 Jun 2009 20:19
Very hot babe! Another HOT story, can't wait for the next one. Thanks, Reeb.
Posted 26 Dec 2008 12:06
hey hun, ive really enjoyed reading ur stories and cant wait for the next 1 x
Posted 25 Nov 2008 04:31
it was a cool story, but if husband too had joined it wud hav been more fun n excitement.........
Posted 23 Nov 2008 11:49
It was a good story a little rushed near the end but I hope it is either the husbands sister or mother he had a affair with. keep going please.
Posted 22 Nov 2008 01:08
I hope the husband was with his sister in the past, and that the wife's brother marries the husband's sister after they meet, and all 4 live happily ever after
Posted 21 Nov 2008 09:10
WOWSA WOWSA, Fucking great and so well written, My cock needs some attention now

Hurry and write the next chapter.

Tim x
Posted 21 Nov 2008 07:15
Amazing!! hope the husband joins in :) x

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