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A young love

Jason watched as she walked into the bar and every male eye watched her approach.

As she looked around the room, a number of patrons shifted in their seats. I stood up knowing that she was looking for me.

She really was a vision. A tall, elegant woman with chestnut hair that flowed down her back, sparkling green eyes and a special smile that was directed at me. She stood about 5” 9’ and had a very curvy body with long legs and a bust-line of about 36C.

She walked over to me as I drew out a chair for her and thanked me for the courtesy. This woman was 36years old but kept herself very fit and only looked to be in her twenties.

The Maitre’de came over and advised me that our table was ready when we were. We sat down to dinner and enjoyed a wonderful meal of Pork Cutlets with Potatoes, Peas, Carrots, Cauliflower with cheese sauce: followed by a light Zabaglione along with a couple of bottles of a delicious Merlot.

It took us about 3 hours to complete the meal as we spent some time catching up on recent events. After our coffee, I asked her if she would like to go dancing in the Hotel’s Lounge where they had a great 3 piece combo. She agreed and we drifted into the Lounge. We were lucky to get a booth as another party was just leaving.

I ordered a nightcap for both of us and then asked her to dance. Megan stood and walked into my arms. What a joy it was to hold her! We slowly made our way around the floor and she rested her head on my shoulder and moved closer to me.

I don’t know if I was fortunate or not, but I immediately began to get an erection.

“Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you glad to see me,” she whispered in my ear.

“I am definitely glad to see you, and that is an armed and dangerous weapon,” I replied with a grin on my face.

That was all Jason needed. He moved his face to hers. At first, their mouths met, softly; they kissed each other's lips, sweetly. Tentatively, Megan stuck her tongue out a little and licked his lips, feeling a deep erotic thrill far down in her loins as she did so. Jason felt the same as he felt his own daughter’s tongue lick his lips, sending an electric sensation right to the head of his dick. His response was to do as she was doing, lick her lips. Then his tongue pushed forward, eagerly duelling with hers before moving on to explore her mouth, now wide open for him. Soon they were passionately French kissing each other, Megan moaning a little as her erotic pleasure climbed higher and higher.

“I think we had better take this upstairs before we become a public spectacle,” said Megan.

He pulled the key from his pocket as he arrived at the door of the suite and grabbed her and hurried her inside. Jason began to strip her outer clothing off as soon as he had locked the door, then knelt down and proceeded to peel her lingerie off using his teeth. It was a slow process but he made sure that he kissed every part as he uncovered it. He stood up, pulled the comforter down and lay her gently on the bed.

“Don’t move, I will be with you in a moment.”

She smiled up at him and watched him diversify himself of his clothes in double-quick time; then he joined her on the bed. 

As they lay on their sides facing each other, he drew her even closer, his hands sliding around her, moving down her back. Megan rolled just a bit so that she was somewhat over his side. As the entire lengths of their bodies met, Jason rubbed against her soft, smooth skin, feeling the heat of her body burning against his. His hands were full of her ass cheeks, kneading and rubbing as she moaned into his mouth.

He was out of his head with lust, tasting his own daughter’s tender mouth with his tongue as he sucked fiercely at her lips, nibbling and biting. Jason couldn't get enough of her; he felt on fire. His dick was harder than ever, pre-cum starting to ooze from his shaft as they kissed and kissed and kissed.

Breaking the kiss, his lips kissed their way down to her neck, causing the youngster to shudder while goose bumps broke out.

"Mmmm," she moaned.

Full of lust, Jason moved down further over her chest, eager to take her exciting breasts in his mouth. With his hands still massaging the globes of her ass, at she gasped when he captured one of the hard nipples between his lips, and then murmured when he began sucking

Eagerly, he slid downward, his mouth savouring the taste of the hot, smooth, younger flesh of his daughter's tummy and then, lower to her thighs. Both father and daughter's excitement were at heights neither could have imagined. Jason finally got an up-close look at his 36 year-old baby’s cunt. This was what he had fantasized about for so long. It was hairless and baby smooth. The lips were swollen and gleaming from the aroused wetness. He could see her beautiful clit irresistibly peeking out from its hood.

As she parted her hot thighs further, Jason nudged his face between them, breathing in deeply. The aroma was captivating. His fingers parted her pussy-lips, and when he tentatively touched his tongue to the swollen pink nub, Megan reacted as if she had been shocked. She cried out in excited pleasure, "Gahhhh!"

Jason had never felt so hot in his life. He plunged his face into his daughter's sweet pussy, while he ground his cock against the mattress in his excitement. Almost immediately, he began automatically squirting, his climax coming, without him being able to stop it. But that seemed to have no affect on his lust for his daughter's sweet pussy.

"Oh my God, oh fuck daddy, daddy!" Megan cried passionately, bucking her hips, thrusting her hot cunt against his face, her juices quickly covering his mouth.

His daughter's taste and smell were driving Jason wild. His eager tongue worked furiously, flicking against her hard clit and then dipping down; eagerly lapping up her juices and swallowing, savouring a taste he had only imagined when he sniffed her panties all those years ago.

He couldn't get enough of her cunt! Her swollen pussy-lips were soft and alive, and her clit a hard nub between his lips. He drew that precious morsel into his mouth, slipping it in and out between his lips, his tongue flicking and probing. Megan was mindless in her pleasure, bucking up frantically against his face. Mewling cries, deep and throaty, were coming from her. The 36-year-old was fucking her own father's face and he loved it!

If this was what he could do with his mouth, how could she survive the onslaught when he took possession. Would she burn up completely?

Jason eased his way up her body and prepared to take her higher still. He wanted to show his girl all the ways of making love that he could.

They french kissed again, totally immersed in the taste of each other. Jason then lifted himself over her supine body and gazed into her bright green eyes which were full of love for him.

“My darling, I have been waiting so long for this, I just hope I don’t cum too quickly, but if I do, I wont forget you. So hang on for the ride of our lives. I love you so much.”

“Oh Daddy, I have wanted this since I was young too, although we have lost a lot of time in the past, we will just have to keep trying to catch up.”

Jason then directed his rigid cock into her perfect love hole and lay there still as he enjoyed the feeling of being buried in her warmth. He then began to work slowly in and out, gradually building up speed until they were both practically racing each other to the finish line.

After a prolonged dance of wild, sensuous loving on both sides, they kissed and fell into a gentle sleep, with her curved into his body.

When she awoke the next morning, she turned and kissed him deeply. His hand snaked round her head and pulled her closely to him, taking possession of her mouth that left her weak.

When he released her, she rose gracefully and positioned herself over his manhood and took him deep inside her body.

She used that control as she rode him hard and then eased to a slow sexy pace that had him groaning as he rolled her onto her back.

This continued for about 10 minutes and Megan started to rock with his movements and let out a big sigh.

“Daddy, I’m coming. Cum with me.”

“I’m right with you my darling, let it all go for Daddy.

He said to her, “this is not only the start of a new day, but I hope the start of a new life for you and I.

Megan curled into his chest and replied, “Yes Jason, for the rest of out lives.

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Posted 23 Dec 2010 00:16

Posted 23 Oct 2010 18:38

Jena, you did it again; how do you always know exactly what I need.
Posted 19 Sep 2010 08:25
There is absolutely no one who can depict the joys of father/daughter love like this author.
Posted 12 Sep 2010 03:01
Thanks for all the great comments boys - Luv you all
Posted 12 Sep 2010 02:57
Dee so real I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 29 Aug 2010 18:33
great...up to your normal high

Posted 29 Aug 2010 02:39
One of the best stories I've read on this site. A solid 5
Posted 29 Aug 2010 00:31
Incredibly descriptive piece. Looking forward to more.
Posted 28 Aug 2010 08:24
That my dear was incredable, as I have a 30 yo Daughter who I love dearly. thanks for the thrill.
Posted 28 Aug 2010 07:19
Yummy. Great story.
Posted 28 Aug 2010 06:22
Dee, I love it. So loving and sensual. Would love to see a flashback story, particularly involving him sniffing her panties.
Posted 28 Aug 2010 05:32
Hi i wish you are doing god, I love your storys, you are the one

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