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Megan's Interim 2: Megan's Heat

Brother and sister add heat to an already hot night
The heat of the night was suffocating, and I lay sprawled on top of the covers of my bed. My bed, and now my brother’s. It had been weeks since he moved in, and since we became closer than any brother and sister should be. I knew it, he knew it, but neither of us cared. We were living as lovers now, and we had no intention of stopping. The frantic lovemaking of the early days had finally died off, our passions not fading, but changing from the urgency of needing to fuck each other to death, to relaxing more in each other’s company. And of course we had some needs beyond sex, food and money mostly, and we had gradually become a more normal couple, besides the obvious of course. Michael found a job, I had part time work, but we shared the same bed, and spent our evenings in various romantic ways that always ended in sex.

We had talked about our future together. We were both content with our new lives, had no desire to change anything, but problems were likely to arise, and we both knew this. Earlier that day we had talked about it, wondering what would happen should our parents drop by for a visit. I only had one small extra bedroom, and though they had never stayed with me before, Michael pointed out they might be more likely to come with both of us living here.

“So you’ll sleep on the couch,” I said.

“That small thing?” Michael laughed. “That’s barely a love seat.” He kissed me. “As we both know well.”

“The floor then, in the living room or something. You aren’t suggesting sleeping in the same room as me, are you?”

“We’ve shared a room before. It wouldn’t be too strange.” He sounded serious, but his eyes were mischievous.

I rolled my eyes. “Only with other people there. And I don’t think you can keep your hands to yourself any more. Mom and Dad can’t find out about any of this.”

“And what are you going to tell them when your belly starts to swell?”

I hit him. “That’s what the pill is for dummy.” He laughed, kissed me, and that session was one of our hottest, ending on the kitchen table, and both of us covered in bites and his back scratched from my efforts to pull him deeper inside me.

That night, I lay alone, the heat of the room stifling me, keeping me awake, though barely. The thick blackout curtain made the room blacker than pitch, and all I could hear was my own breathing. My skin was sticky with sweat, the sheets beneath me clinging uncomfortably. I didn’t know where Michael was, and part of me was glad, that his extra heat wasn’t adding to my discomfort.

I was lying on my stomach; left leg bent upwards, head to that side. The long halter top I was wearing had ridden up, and I could feel a cool breeze on the damp skin of my snatch. I muttered my brother’s name sleepily, and heard him chuckle, then shush me quietly. I snuggled deeper into my pillow and tried to sleep.

The next I was aware of Michael, was feeling his breath on my legs. He was blowing, lightly, cooling me with each exhale. I murmured encouragement, and the mattress depressed slightly as he climbed on, the jet of cool air moving higher on my legs. It stopped briefly on my pussy lips, and I contracted my muscles, as the air tingled against my privates. Then his hands were sliding up my back, curving around under my arms to squeeze my tits once, and continuing over my head, pulling my top off. I sighed at the relief of having fresh air touch my back.

Michael kissed my neck, then drew his tongue down my spine leaving a trail of beautiful, shiver inspiring wetness. He blew his way back up, speeding the evaporation of his saliva. I stayed still, waiting for his next move, but almost screamed in shock as a block of ice touched the top of my spine. Carefully, Michael dragged the ice cube down my body, first down the hollow of my spine, then around my ass cheeks, and my shoulder blades, touching the outer swell of my breasts, then along my arms and legs. Everywhere he dragged it he left a river of flowing, icy cold water that streamed off my skin.

The cube had expired on my roasting skin, and Michael rubbed my back with his freezing fingers. The effect of my brother’s work had roused me, mentally and sexually, and I started to sit up, but Michael pushed me back down. He whispered to me to stay still, and remained bent over me, kissing my neck, ear and face until my back had dried, and my cunt was dripping. He lifted his head, but kept me down with a hand, until I felt the bite of another ice cube between my shoulders. This time he lined a series of cubes along my back, and then I felt him moving around over top of me. The ice cubes slowly melted, sending rivulets of water running off me, prickling my skin.

His breath was hot on my pussy lips, and his finger probed between them slowly, cold against my heat, then bitterly cold as he slipped an ice cube into me. I shuddered, gasping, and thrashed, throwing ice all over the bed. Michael laughed, calming me with his hands, and I moaned as the conflicting sensations ran through me. My inner workings clenched against the ice, fighting against the cold, but the heat in me grew, with his touch, and as I felt the ice slowly shrink inside my cunt.

Gradually, my warmth overcame the cold, and I breathed deeply, fully aroused and trembling with the shock of temperature change. My nipples were rock hard against the bed, and I couldn’t tell what was wet from my own juices or the melted ice cubes. I wanted more, but Michael kept me lying face down. I wriggled my hips, and he laid an arm across them, massaging my butt with his hand. I strained against him, but he kept me down, kissing and sucking on my cheeks as one hand grouped my snatch. I moaned into my pillow, and Michael twisted his head down, his nose poking my lips, then his mouth latching on, penetrating my outer lips and playing with my inner lips and opening. He moved his hips around, lying on top of me, his hard on poking me under my right arm, the head pressing the side of my boob. I tried to move to take him in my mouth, but couldn’t reach the way he had me.

The skin of his chest was pressed into my back and ass, and Michael reached around my legs, hands curling around my hips to play with my clit. My breathing rose as he explored me, and I tried to lift my hips, tilt them towards his face. I spread my legs, granting as much access as I could, but it was all I could do, and I lay there as he spread ecstasy throughout my vagina and up my body.

I was close to cuming, so close, I desperately wanted too, but whenever I started to close Michael backed off, bringing me back down. I started begging him, pleading to let me finish, but he just laughed, blowing air across my pussy, dipping his fingers into me and squeezing my clit. I screamed in frustration, so close, but then Michael pulled away, moved off me, disappearing in the darkness. I could hear him moving, and I tried to jump up but was pressed back down by my brother. I cursed, but to no avail.

Michael was moving above me, but the first I knew what he was doing was when the tip of his dick bumped my clit. I jumped in shock, but Michael held me down. He tempted me, rubbing the head of his cock around my opening, pressing against my lips and clit, getting covered in my fluids, but he refused to enter.

I was close, so close, but he played with me, playing with my cunt without getting me any closer to finishing.

“Please Michael, please, just put it in, just stick it in me, please, please I need it, I need it so bad, come on please, baby, just do it, pleeeeeease!” My pleas had no apparent affect on him, so I switched tactics. “Don’t keep me waiting, come on, come on, fuck your sister, fuck her good, she wants it, wants it soooo bad.”

Michael leaned down, pressing himself against me, and started thrusting, but between my ass cheeks. I growled in frustration. He whispered in my ear, voice low. “Does she? Does my nasty sister want her brother to put his cock in her? Does she want dirty incest with him, filthy, nasty incestuous sex?” I gasped my agreement. “She wants me to put my thick brotherly dick into her nice tight pussy, and fuck her so hard? Does she want her brother to cum inside her, dump his incest filled sperm into her, fill her so good? Spray so much into her that she gets pregnant with her own brother’s child?”

I was crying out in agreement, wanting all of it, everything, just so long as he let me cum. I was squirming underneath him, trying to slip a hand underneath me to help myself out, but Michael grabbed my hands, laced his fingers with mine, pulling my arms out. I tried to through him off, but he held me down, forcing my body to lay flat.

I hated him then, hated him as much as I loved him, hated him for keeping me from orgasm, for torturing me. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I screamed that I would do anything for him if he let me cum, destroy his life if he didn’t.

Michael just laughed. I tried head butting him, but he avoided it, kissing my neck and sucking on my ear.

I was frantic, crying and gasping with emotion. Still he wouldn’t do it. He rocked his hips, coming off me completely, and back down, each time I prayed he would enter me, but he never did.

“Just do it!” I screamed. “Michael! Fuck me!!”

Finally, he gave in. Suddenly, so suddenly I clamped down and came at once, he thrust himself deep inside, spreading my pussy walls, pressing deep, deep into me, deeper than he ever had. I arched my back, bringing my hips up, lining my slit with his cock, and letting him pound into me as hard and fast as he could. His balls slapped against my clit, his ballsack looser than I had felt it before, the heat of our bodies stretching it out so with each thrust it thudded against the top of my vag and pelvis, catching my button with each tap. I came again, harder this time, harder than any but my first time with Michael, and this time he came with me, slowing and with one final giant thrust, pressing his cock deep into my cunt as he squirted into me.

We lay there, gasping with effort, stuck together with sweat and fluids. He nuzzled my neck, and I leaned back towards him.

“Thank you,” I panted, “Thank you.”

He kissed my neck. “I couldn’t keep you from it any longer. I’m sorry I did for so long.” His lips and tongue caressed my skin. “For you, anything. And everything.”

I pulled his arms around me, so they cupped my breasts, and he hugged me, pressing himself closer. We lay there, entwined and as one, finally falling asleep, together, as we would forever.

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Posted 18 Oct 2013 14:17
This is a great series of brother/sister love. Your attention to details is overwhelming. Makes one wonder if it is reality or fantasy. Thanks for sharing...5
Posted 04 Jun 2012 02:17
A winner!
Posted 03 Jun 2012 09:49
Enjoyed as lovely described. 5

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