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Megan's Interim 3: Megan's Shower

Brother helps sister relax, has a surprise
It had been a long day, long and stressful,and I was so glad it was over. All I wanted to do was have a hot shower, then read in bed. I slammed the door behind me, kicked off my shoes, and dropped my bag. My head was sore and I made my way to the kitchen to find an Advil. There was a bottle of wine sitting on the table, but nothing else. I frowned, downed the pill, and found the corkscrew.

The bottle was imported, looked expensive-something I’d never buy-but I didn’t care right then. I reached for a glass, but then hesitated and gulped it straight from the bottle. I don’t know my wines well, but it was a rich dark red, heavy and flavourful, my favorite kind, and one of the best I ever had. I considered taking it with me, but just took another long swallow before heading to the shower.

I stripped off my clothes as I walked, not bothering to wait for the privacy of the bathroom. My coat, shirt and jeans made a line from the kitchen down the hall. I threw my bra in the general direction of my bedroom, but didn’t watch to see where it landed. I wiggled out of my panties in the door way to the bathroom, and closed the door behind them. I paused only to pull the elastic out of my hair and stepped into the bath, turning the hot water to high. I jumped slightly as it hit my skin, but leaned into the steaming spray.

It took me a minute to adjust to it, and I crouched down, hugging my body to my knees. I could barely stand the pain but soon it vanished, and the heat started to soak the aches from my back. Soon I was soaking; everything that wasn’t wet from the water was dripping with sweat. I could feel it running down my chest, mixing with the water, and oozing out between my breasts and thighs. The water was cascading down my back, running over my ass and merging with a stream that ran over my shoulders, down between my boobs and across my belly to my slit. As the water warmed my skin, it warmed other parts of me too, and I could feel it burning against my closed pussy lips. It was slowly turning me on, but the feeling was small compared to the built up frustrations of the day.

I slowly stretched out so I was on my hands and knees-the shower hitting my right between the shoulder blades-and I arched my back down and curved it up, working the sore muscles. My legs were stiff too, and I held my breath and leaned back, ass in the air and boobs to the floor, then reversing. It’s hard to do yoga in a bathtub, but I was doing my best. I stopped for the final time, arms straight and back arched, knees to the floor, heels brought up to my butt cheeks, boobs pressing out in between my arms, head back, eyes closed. In this position the stream of water was pounding my ass, and with my legs slightly spread, I could feel it on my slit as well. The air was thick and humid, and each breath I pulled in relaxed me more and more, and the water slowly aroused my inner workings.

I held the poise for a few more minutes, and then carefully climbed to my feet. I more relaxed then I had been, and my nipples were hard and stiff, but I wasn’t ready to deal with my body’s needs just yet. I cracked the heat in the shower and leaned my arms and head against the wall, waiting as the shower grew to sauna like temperatures.

The hot heavy air made it easier to relax, and I finally was able to think over the last few moments. I hoped the wine wasn’t for anyone special, and I wondered what my brother Michael would think, seeing my clothes like that. Were my panties inside or outside the bathroom? I chuckled quietly, trying to remember.

It was growing harder to breathe, and I had to suck deeper for each breath, but that just made it easier to forget my troubles. Each breath forced more stress out of me. All I was focusing on was breathing and the growing pulse between my legs. It twitched and moved with my heartbeat, and I focused my breathing on it too, so my entire body was in line. One breath, one pulse, one beat. I was so lost in it I didn’t hear the door open.

I jumped, startled as the shower curtain was pushed aside. My brother Michael was standing there grinning and naked. I gave him an unimpressed look over my shoulder as he climbed in behind me.

“I see you found the wine,” he said, loudly over the sound of rushing water.

I looked away guiltily. “Um yeah I did. Sorry if that was for someone.”

He laughed and hugged me from behind, arms reaching around to cross over my breasts. I could feel his arousal firm between my ass cheeks. “For you silly.” He kissed the back of my neck gently. “For your special day.”

“Special day?” I muttered drily. “Don’t know what you’re talking about, it hasn’t seemed all that special.”

“No? Well the show you put on earlier was.”

I looked at him strangely. What show?

At my confusion, he laughed again and explained. “I was in the bedroom when you can home. Nice toss with the bra too. Anyways if your day wasn’t great, let me help you with that.”

Oh. I turned back to the wall, and his strong hands started to massage my shoulders, easing away the aches and pains. Michael’s long fingers gently worked out the stiffness in my muscles and along my spine. I closed my eyes, letting Michael and the water do their work. I stood there as his hands worked their way down my body to my rear, then down my thighs to my feet and back up. Michael was pushing all the right buttons, and my pussy was responding beautifully. Gently he kissed each of my cheeks separately then pressed his face against them, draping his arms along my thighs. I sighed, finally at peace.

“Why is today special?” I asked.

“Well,” he answered, running his right hand around my thigh, cupping the butt, then back to hover over my snatch, “For one thing it’s our three month two week and four day anniversary.”

I laughed, but cut off as his hand slipped in between my legs. He stroked me there for a moment, and pressed his face deep between my cheeks, tongue reaching for the back of my slit. I gasped and moaned. I had never been touched from two directions at once like this, and it sent my already stimulated nerves screaming out of control. I arched my back and spread my legs, simultaneously trying to rock my hips back towards his face, and forward into his hand. Then his questing finger found my clit, and just like that I was cuming, legs trembling with release.

It was the quickest I had ever been brought to orgasm, and it shocked me. Though not very big, it was exactly what I needed. I wanted more though, and of course, so did he.

Michael stood, keeping one hand firm on my slit, while he spread my lips with the other. I reached down to help him pull my pussy open, and in one smooth movement he was inside me, parting me with his rock hard dick. I panted for breath, the water pounding against us, and Michael gave me two long slow strokes. I clenched my cunt tight against him, and he growled his lust. He pushed me up against the wall, so my face and boobs were pressed flat to it, and started pounding into me. I stuck my ass out as far as I could, twisting my hips so his rapid thrusts pushed deeper and deeper inside of me, and he wrapped my hair around one hand, pulling my head back. His right hand never left my clit.

My nipples were hard against the cooler tile, and the pain in my face and neck contrasting to the pleasure everywhere else. I knew I could last long like this, and didn’t, screaming out another, much larger orgasm, but Michael surprised me and managed another half minute of fierce pounding before he blew his load. His last thrusts were slow, but still forceful, and as he gave them to me I could hear his cum hitting the tub when he pulled out, and feel it running out of my well fucked hole.

We had never been that rough before, and kissed tenderly as we cleaned up, washed ourselves off, and dried each other down. We pulled on loose comfortable clothes, brought the bottle of wine into the living room and curled up together, filled with love and belonging.

“Hey,” I said softly, as we watched the sun go down.

“Hey what?” he asked, kissing my neck.

“You never said why else today was special.”

He laughed into my hair, running his mouth over my skin and ear. “Well remember that big job I told you about?” I nodded slowly. “Well it paid off, and as a reward I’m taking the family on vacation.”

“Really?” it had been so long since I had gone anywhere just for fun. “Where?”

“Mmmm Hawaii, or somewhere else warm.” He lowered his voice to whisper directly in my ear. “And of course there will be something nice just for you.”

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Posted 18 Oct 2013 14:28
Wow!!! Terrific ending to a beautiful series. Thank you so much for sharing your work with us.....5+++
Posted 03 Jul 2012 17:58
... lovely. Very hot.
Posted 21 Jun 2012 05:26
A real good story that's only getting better with each chapter...I'd love to see this continue for awhile.
Posted 21 Jun 2012 03:41
Kelsey, showers are wonderful locations to enjoy sex, just as are swimming pools, hot tubs, under waterfalls, and other places. Sex and water go together like ham and eggs, as you've demonstrated so erotically in this story.
Posted 21 Jun 2012 00:54
Lovely story, nicely described,hot. 5

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