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Memorial Day Memories 3

Memorial Day Memories 3

End of Part 2:

We lay there for a few minutes, and Joc fell asleep against my shoulder. I easily lifted her, placing her in the passenger seat, bucking her up and driving back home. I started driving home, and that’s when my life changed. The drunk driver ran a red light and smashed into the passenger side of my car, pushing us off the road. My phone was instantly in my hand and speed dialed Ash. I looked over and saw the gash on Joc’s head. Before I passed out I was able to eke out, “Madison Road. Help.”

The rescue was blurry for me. I kept fading in and out of consciousness. My memories are all fuzzy, but I think I remember Ash crying over the two of us, and ambulance and EMTs coming, beeping machinery in the hospital. After two days, I was completely conscious, waking up and seeing a nurse checking my vitals.

“Welcome back. Everything seems to be just fine with you. No lasting damage, just a scar or two where the glass hit.”

Momentarily I was relieved, and I let out a long, slow breath. Then I was instantly horror stricken. Jocelyn. Still in a little pain, I couldn’t wait. I started to get out of bed, but the nurse pushed me back in. “My sister. How is she?”

“She’s in a coma. The crash ruptured her spleen and bruised two ribs. It could have been much worse. We don’t know when she’ll wake up, or if there will be any lasting damage.”

I started to tear up. “I need to see my sister.”

“I can’t let you out of bed.”

“Then wheel me in there. I don’t care. I need to see her.”

She sighed, apparently knowing that I wasn’t going to give this up. Finally relenting, she put me in a wheel chair and wheeled me to my sister’s room. My parents, Ash, M&M and Sammy were all there. Ash saw me come in first and ran over. She stopped short in front of me and kissed me deeply, climbing into my lap in the wheel chair. The nurse just sighed, knowing she was going to lose the battle again. It was slightly uncomfortable, but I wasn’t shooing her away. I needed some form of physical contact, and right now, Ash’s body on mine was just what I needed. My parents were thrilled I was ok, as were Joc’s friends. Ash stayed close to me, explaining why nobody was in my room.

“She needed us more. You weren’t that badly hurt, and we knew you’d be ok. Joc isn’t that strong, and if she needed us, we needed to be there.”

“Shh, she means the world to me, I’m happy you were with her.”

From then on, we just sat by her bedside, each taking turns holding her had, speaking to her, begging her to be ok. I knew I loved my sister, but I didn’t know how many other people did. The sad faces made me smile, knowing how much my sister was loved. Ash stayed with me the rest of the day, wherever I went. She knew what my sister meant to me, and I knew what she meant to her. Right now, the person we each loved most was in critical condition. We didn’t know what to do with ourselves. When I was strong enough, I lost the wheelchair, and I just paced her room, the waiting room, anywhere. I couldn’t sit still. I volunteered to run errands for people. I needed to do something, or the grief would catch up to me and send me into a spiral. Ash was similar, needing something to do. We kept each other occupied, but our minds were each on Joc constantly.

Days passed, I wouldn’t leave Joc’s side, wanting a friendly face there when she woke up. Finally, the head nurse told me I had to go home. I did. I showered, and got some clean clothes, but I just couldn’t sleep in my bed. I needed something. I called Ash. She heard the need in my voice and came over. My parents didn’t question it at all. She stayed in my room that night. I held her tight and close, occasionally, a tear slipping out. She turned to me and kissed me sweetly, something I’m not exactly used to from Ash. “Austin, this is not your fault, it’s that drunk driver’s fault. Stop beating yourself up.”

“I can’t Ash. I know it’s not my fault, I just…I don’t know. I’m just so fucking frustrated.”

“Hmm, I think I can help.” She pried herself free of my grasp and laid out on her back on the bed. She stripped quickly and looked up at me. She spread her legs wide and held her arms at her sides. “Take out your frustration.”

“You’re a fucking godsend.” Still angry at nothing in particular, I stripped quickly and climbed on top of her, shoving my cock inside her in one thrust. I began to fuck her hard and fast, with the sole purpose of getting off. Right now, Ash was just being used as a way to get me off, and I loved her for volunteering to do that. She knew just what I needed. I didn’t give her chance to adjust to the rapid invasion and just kept pounding away. She dug her nails into my back and bit down on my shoulder to stop from screaming out in pain and pleasure. I kept pounding away, forcing my cock through her tight folds as she had orgasm after orgasm at my rough treatment. Every time she came she would bite down harder, scratch deeper and draw more blood from me. Sweat was dripping off my body, my face grimacing as I fought through my anger. Silently I fucked her harder and harder, deeper and deeper, the only sounds in the room being my hips crashing against hers and her low moans escaping the lock she had on my shoulder. Finally I was about to cum. I increased the tempo and just as my hips crashed into hers, I shot load after load of semen deep into her abused and freshly fucked pussy.

I rolled off of her, dripping in sweat, both of us at peace for the time being. I still held Ash close to me, and she gladly snuggled against my chest. Just before we fell asleep Ash turned to me. “I might have to get you angry again if that’s how you’ll fuck me.”

We were in the cafeteria two days later when the best news of our lives came. Joc was awake and seemed to be in perfect health. All of her surgeries went well and she was fine. The doctor seemed to want to get something else out, but Ash and I couldn’t care less. We bolted to Jocelyn’s room, leaving the food behind us, flinging open the door. I walked up to her and gave her a big hug, then retreated into a seat, looking at her, waiting for a response. Instead I saw that familiar scowl on her face, the one we always used to greet each other. But something was off. Her eyes weren’t sparkling like they normally were. She spoke. “Who are you?”

“Very funny Joc. Never do that to me again, you had me scared sick!”

“Austin, she’s not joking.” It was my mom. “She lost her memory. Until a minute ago, she didn’t know who she was, let alone her family and friends.”

“Joc? It’s me. I’m your brother, Austin.” I looked over at Ash, she was crying, unable to bear the thought of my sister not remembering her. “This is Ash, she’s your best friend.”

Jocelyn just looked at us blankly, as if meeting us, strangers, for the first time. Nothing registered in her face. I was just another face in a hospital, not her brother, not her lover, just another face. Another stranger that was sitting in her hospital room.

I turned to the doctor. “Is there anything we can do to jog her memory?”

“Nothing conclusive,” he answered. “Though, there has been some reported success when showing something that meant a lot to her. A childhood stuffed animal, some sporting equipment. It could be different for everyone.”

“Thanks, I’ll try that as soon as we get home.”

The next three days were frustrating. Joc was willing to try anything, but nothing worked. She was just getting to know me again, and she saw how much I loved her, but she didn’t know the extent that I needed her. We tried everything in her room, everything that might have had any meaning in her childhood. I spent as much time with her as possible, trying to jog her memory. She hung with me and Ash in the pool, and pieced together that she and I were dating. Apparently, that sent her into depression. She hid in her room for hours at a time before she allowed me to talk to her. I lay on her bed and held her close to me, much in the same position that we were in after we had sex, only this time we were clothed.

She seemed to want to talk, but was skirting the real issues. “Austin, before I got hurt, were we close?”

“Very close Joc. You’ve been my best friend from the moment you were born.”

“What did we talk about?”

“Everything, anything and nothing. We would sit for hours in your room or mine, just chatting.”

“So, I can tell you anything and you won’t get upset or mad at me?”

She was retreating into herself again, almost embarrassed. “Joc, I could never get mad at you. I love you too much.”

She smiled. “I think I like Ash.”

“Well you should! She’s been your best friend for as long as I can remember!”

“No, but I think I like girls, but you’re dating her. It’s just so confusing!”

I laughed and hugged her close to me. “Wanna know a secret baby sis?” She looked up at me expectantly. “You and Ash were a couple before you got hurt. I only found out about two months ago, but from what Ash has told me, you guys had been together since high school.”

She was momentarily elated. “Really?” I nodded, then she got angry. In a small voice she said, “So, we were together, and then as soon as I get hurt, she goes and fucks my older brother? I thought we were a couple?”

“Joc, it’s very complicated. Trust me, she loves you more than you can know. Go to her. Call her up, ask to see her. You’ll see that you guys belong together.”

It killed me that she didn’t have those feelings for me. But I was prepared to bury them before, and I’d do it again if I had to. Joc called Ash the next day, and they spent the entire day in their room, from certain moans I heard as I relaxed in my room, they had made up. Ash came into my room and gave me a quick kiss. “Just thought you should know, she still loves you, she just doesn’t know it’s you she loves.” I must have looked confused because she continued, “We had the strap-on. The one we used all those years ago when she screamed out your name. Well she was saying how right it felt, how she needed her guy. She even asked if she had a boyfriend before she got hurt.”

“What did you say.”

“I didn’t say anything. She’ll figure it out soon enough.”

With that, Ash left, and my sister came bounding into my room about an hour later. “Have a good nap, Joc?”

“Mmhmm! And I think I’m getting my memory back. I remember Ash now. I remember her taste, everything about her. Although it’s kind of fuzzy, I think we had a threesome with some guy before I got hurt.”

“Must have been a lucky guy!” Again it was killing me that she remembered Ash, but not me. Hopefully it would happen soon enough. “So what caused you to remember Ash?”

She instantly got red in the face. “I can’t tell you that! You’re my brother!”

“You can tell me anything Joc.”

Still embarrassed, she said, “Well, when I tasted her, I knew. The memories just flooded back. I remember her now.”

“Doctor was way off when he suggested a stuffed animal.”

“I guess so. Austin, I’m really comfy, I think I’m gonna take another nap.”

“Whatever you want baby sister.” She had only known me for three days and she already knew what a push over I was for her.

She was sleeping and as she slept I stroked her hair. “Jocelyn Rae Lewis, I love you, and always will.”

She slowly woke up and looked at me, smiling. “Say that again.”

“Jocelyn Rae Lewis, I love you and always will.”

She sprung up from her nap and straddled my body. She kissed me full on the mouth. I was shocked, but I soon kissed her back. “I remember you Austin. Everything about you! I love you, Austin, I love you so much. Everything. I remember everything again!”

“So… when I said…”

“Yes, Ausitn! That meant the world to me when you said that. It must have triggered my memories! I have to tell everyone I remember them!”

So she did. And after hours of exciting hugs and stories and teary happiness Joc and I were alone in my room again. “Austin, fuck me.”

I flipped her over on her back, and I kissed her fiercely, my tongue invading her mouth, hers playing with mine. Our clothes were quickly shed and soon my body was pressed against hers, naked skin against naked skin. My cock rubbed up and down her slit, feeling her wetness. I slid inside her slowly, letting her feel every inch. “Fuck, I definitely remember this! Now fuck me so I never forget it!”

Smiling at her dirty talk, I rammed into her tight pussy, fucking her hard and fast. My cock pounding in and out of her hot, wet pussy. My hips crashed against hers, fucking her like she loved. She went limp in my arms, becoming my toy for my use. She loved when I took control, pounded her like a rag doll. I forced her arms over her head, holding them there, her entire body on display for me. “Goddammit I love your tits.” I leaned down and took a nipple in my mouth, biting it as I fucked her savagely. Her moans started out soft and low, like tiny little whimpers. They started to escalate into groans and grunts. My sweat was dripping off my body and onto hers as she opened her mouth to scream out. I quickly covered it with my own, muffling her moans in my mouth. She came hard on my cock, drenching me as I kissed her and fucked her through her orgasm. Finally she came down and held me close. Her body plastered against mine.

“Now make love to me. Love me.”

I kissed her softly, my tongue entering her mouth slowly, playing with hers, dancing with hers. I began slow, but deep thrusts. Bottoming out on each one. I let her arms go and she wrapped them around me, deepening our kiss. Her legs encircled my waist, pulling me in deeper. I kept thrusting slowly, my mouth glued to hers, not ever wanting to break this moment. For what seemed like hours, the best ones of my life, we continued to make love. She shuddered through a few small climaxes, her nails digging into my shoulders each time she came. Finally, I was approaching my limit. I broke the kiss. “Sis, I’m gonna cum soon.”

“Keep going, cum inside me. Cum with me.” She pulled my face back towards hers and we kissed again. After only a dozen or so more thrusts, I came. So did she. Moaning into each other’s mouths, we released our tensions, proving our love for one another. We lay there, in the aftermath of our orgasms, both of us as happy as we had ever been.

“I love you Austin Lewis.”

“Jocelyn Rae Lewis, I love you, and always will.”

All medical stuff is a complete guess, mostly coming from watching Scrubs. I don’t know how much of it is accurate, and I don’t claim to be a doctor. If you find error in it, I’m sorry. Don’t let it detract from the story.

Also, this chapter can be the end of the saga if you want, or I can continue it. I left it off like that as a passable ending, or as room to grow. If you want this to continue, please say so in the comments, or message me and say so. If you have any ideas where you want this to go, MESSAGE me. Do not post them in the comments. As always, thanks for reading and please vote and comment.

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WOW! Left me sitting on the edge of my seat with the last part and now things are ok! Great story, keep it coming!

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