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Memorial Day Memories 5

Memorial Day Memories Part 5

End Part 4:

She thought about it for a while, then turned to me and said, “Then there’s only one thing to do.” I stared at her, waiting for her to continue. “We have to tell them before they find out.”

All I could do was echo in response, “We have to tell them…tomorrow”

“Tomorrow?” came the shocked reply in unison.

“How long do you expect me to be able to keep my hands off of you?”

How the hell was I supposed to tell my parents, my father especially, that I was fucking their baby girl?


I slept fitfully that night, tossing and turning. I kept looking at the clock. 1:00, 2:15, 2:46, 3:29, 4:07, 5:51. At 7, I finally called it quits and took a shower, mentally preparing what I was going to say to my parents. I had already decided (without consulting with Joc) that I was going to tell them alone. If anyone was going to get punished for this, it would be me. I wouldn’t let Joc get in trouble. For 15 minutes in the shower, I was relaxed. I had no troubles. No one needed to confess anything. I had everything all guys wanted, two girls who REALLY loved my cock. As soon as the water turned off, my troubles came crashing down on me again. What the fuck was I going to tell them?

I walked into my room, eyes focused on the ceiling, my brow furrowed in thought. SNAP! “Austin!” I could tell it wasn’t the first time she had called my name.

Broken from my trance, I looked at her. “Yea, Joc?” I sat on the bed next to her.

She lay back on the bed, and pulled me with her, snuggling into my side. “Do you know what you’re gonna say to mom and day yet?”

My arm around her, my eyes focused on the ceiling, I just shook my head. “No, not a fucking clue.”

“Me neither.”

“Well, that’s not a problem, I’m doing this on my own. If any of us get in trouble for this, I’m not letting it be you.”

“Ty, you’re being ridiculous. We’re in this together, we go through this together.”

“Not a chance Joc. I’m not letting you take the fall for this.”

She sat up and straddled my chest, and smiled at me. “Then I’m not letting you up to go and tell them.”

We both knew that if I wanted to get up, I could have, but I just lay there. “I could think of worse places to be stuck.”

“That’s because you haven’t seen my dark side yet.” She bared her teeth and growled at me, then broke into a fit of laughter, which I joined.

“Scary!” I smiled up at her, she was right, of course. Our parents needed to see that we were a unified front, that we were in this together, and that they had to accept that. “Ok, sis. You’re right. We’ll tell mom and dad together.”

Just as I said that, the door opened, and mom and dad were standing there. “Tell us what?”

Joc turned her head around, staring at them, still sitting on my chest. I couldn’t see them, but I was damn happy about that. Now, Joc and I were always close. Mom and dad knew that, so they figured this was just another one of our games that we played, similar to the scowl game. How wrong they were. If they hadn’t come in right there, this probably would have evolved into sex, which I’m sure was the last thing they expected.

Jocelyn dismounted me, and instead, sat up on the bed, I joined her, putting my arm around her, drawing her close to me. “How long were you guys out there?”

“Long enough to know that you were going to cover for your sister, Austin. Now please, what do you need to tell us. You know we love you unconditionally, and we will do whatever we can to help if you guys are in trouble.”

“Well, you guys might want to sit down, it’s kind of a shock.”

“Everyone’s ok right? No one’s hurt nothing bad right?”

“No, mom, Joc and I are just fine, more than fine actually.” My parents visibly relaxed. I took a deep breath and started. “You know how you guys knew about me and Ash and Joc and Ash?” They nodded. “And remember how I seemed like I wasn’t worried about our situation?” Again, a nod. “Well, that wasn’t apathy towards what you were saying, it just didn’t really apply to us.”

“I don’t understand Austin.”

Joc stepped in. “Well, Austin told me that you guys were concerned that one of us would grow jealous of the other, wanting more alone time with Ash, not having to fight a sibling to be with a significant other, right?” Again, nods. “First off, thanks for understanding that I like girls too, it means a lot to have your support on that front. I was scared to tell you.”

It was my dad this time. “We just want you to be happy, Sunshine.”

“Thanks, Daddy. But there’s a reason Austin wasn’t worried about the three of us. We do both love our time with Ash, but we can’t be jealous of each other, because we love each other.”

My mom spoke now. “I know you two do sweetie, you guys have always been close. But now romantic love is in the picture, and I really don’t want to see that wreck what a beautiful relationship you two have as siblings and as friends.”

“But mom, that is the kind of love we’re talking about. Joc meant romantic love. We really do love each other, and Ash. The three of us.”

My dad looked like he was thrown for a loop, almost unable to remain in the conversation, so shocked once it set in what we meant. My mom maintained her composure better, but was still a little thrown. “How long has this been going on?”

So I told her about Memorial Day (leaving out the details of the raunchy sex with both Ash and Joc). I continued through the weeks and months until I reached last night. I kept the graphic details out, but discussed that we had all intimately been with each other, and that it wasn’t just lust.

“That’s quite a story Austin. And I’m happy for you two, really I am, it’s just hard to adjust to. I never expected you two to be as close as you were, but certainly never this close! Your father might be a little less forgiving than I am, but he’ll come around.” He was still in shock, trying to follow the conversation. “What I can say, and this goes for both your father and me, is that we are going to be uncomfortable about this. We just ask that you try not to flaunt this to us. We have no problems with you two acting as you always have, but please, let us adjust at our own pace.” With that, they left, my father still in a bit of a stupor.

I hugged Joc, we had told them, and it went surprisingly well. No one yelled, my dad didn’t kill me. An overall plus. Together we fell onto the bed, her on top of me. “That went better than expected.”

“I know! Finally, I can just do this without fear of being caught!” Joc leaned down and kissed me fiercely, her lips against mine, her tongue in my mouth, dancing with my own. The kiss lasted and lasted. Our lips were never apart for more than a few seconds as clothes were stripped away and Joc slowly impaled herself on me. Her mouth still glued to mine, she rode me slowly, her body grinding on mine. Rather than the fast, hard, fucking that we usually did, this was slow and sensual. Not a race to cum, but a form of showing each other how much we meant. Still it felt unbelievable. In and out, Joc slowly bounced on top of me, up and down. Her little whimpers were caught in my mouth as I caressed as much of her tiny body as I could reach. I pulled her close to me, pressing her body into mine. I began to match her thrust for thrust, sending her through numerous small climaxes. Finally, she began to shake, her body convulsing on top of me as her inner muscles contracted around me. Unable to hold back, she came hard, moaning into my mouth. Her juices dripping down, covering me. I thrust into her one last time, and unloaded. We climaxed together, then fell into a peaceful sleep. Well needed rest for both of us.

For the next few weeks, everything was ok, but it wasn’t a calm period for us. Joc was at work almost all day, so she didn’t notice it, but Ash and I were around the house a lot. Tension was building between my parents and the three of us. They were still talking with us, and to an outside observer, everything would seem fine. But to people who have known me and my parents for a while, there was just something off. There was more nervous laughter. My parents seemingly couldn’t let any quiet be in the house, there had to be forced conversations instead of quiet. I don’t know what they were thinking, but it was starting to irritate me, and I knew it had to do with me and Joc. So while Joc was at work, I decided to talk to them.

“Mom, Dad, I don’t know what’s going on with you guys, but there’s been a little tension of late. Ever since Joc and I told you about us, there’s been something off.”

“Well, Austin, what did you expect? That your mother and I would be instantly ok with you and your sister together. It takes time for this to sink in, for us to accept it.”

“No, Dad, it doesn’t. Joc and I love each other, and that’s all there is that you need to know. There’s no accepting or sinking in. It’s not something you can avoid.”

“You’re right, we know that. It’s difficult for us, but believe me when I say this Austin, we’re happy for you. All your father and I want is for you and Jocelyn to be happy, with whomever you choose. And you’ve chosen each other. But you have to understand that we don’t understand this. It’s hard for us.”

“I know mom, and I’m happy that you guys aren’t upset with us, but this tension has to stop. I don’t know what you’re afraid of. Joc and I are responsible people. We’d never let anything stupid happen between us. It’s almost like you expect us to be…intimate…every time you see us. We’re still the same people, and we still want you in our lives, but you have to relax!”

“You’re right, honey. We’ll try to calm down around you guys. And Ash.”

And they did. Ash noticed it the next day. So did my sister. Alone at the pool (Joc had the day off and my parents were at work), they asked me about it. “I talked to them. I didn’t like the way they were acting around us, so I spoke up.” Apparently, nothing I have ever done was sexier than this.

“Mmm, a stand up man.”

“Someone who will take what he wants.”

They were staring at me with sexy grins on their faces. I knew they wanted to be taken. Thrown onto the grass and fucked until they couldn’t move. I started with Joc. Pulling her close to me and lifting her light body until her face was to mine, I kissed her fiercely, as she wrapped her legs around me. Slowly I lowered her to the grass, and let her lie on her back. She just lay there staring up at me, lust burning in her eyes. I ripped off her bathing suit, tearing the top and the bottoms off. Laying there, she looked fucking amazing. Next I went over to Ash. I knew she wanted the same thing, but I wanted to be even rougher with her. Without even kissing her, I ripped off her suit, leaving her naked. I bent her over and smacked her ass hard, leaving a red hand print. Growling through my teeth, I said, “On the grass, next to Joc.” She followed directions, the two of them naked as the day they were born, staring up at me, the only one with clothes. Quickly I remedied this, taking everything off, and kneeling in front of my sister. “Ash, we’re gonna make her beg for my cock. We are going to tease her until she physically needs my cock inside her. But me and you, first we’re gonna start off with a hard and fast fuck while my sister watches. And just so she won’t be tempted to play with herself…” As she lay there passively, I tied her hands behind her neck, not letting her move her hands at all. She looked over at me and Ash, just as I climbed on top of her, my cockhead barely pushing against her pussy. “Ready to be fucked like never before?”

She gave me a sly grin, pushing up her hips and burying my cock to the root in her. “Make me sore, make me feel like the dirty slut that I am.” So I did. Without waiting, I slowly pulled the length of my cock out of her pussy, then rammed it inside her, rewarded with a whimper of pain and pleasure. I kept up the pace that I had just set, bottoming out on every thrust, using long, hard, fast and deep strokes. I grabbed her tits and roughly massaged them, squeezing them, using her tits as leverage. I continued to pound into her, her moans changing from whimpers to yelps, to full out screams as my cock punished and abused her tight pussy. I pulled out, and she looked at me, reaching towards me, begging for my cock.

“All fours slut.”

She complied quickly, getting into position, waving her ass at me as she so often did. I took hold of her waist and slammed back inside her tight hole, fucking her savagely. I glanced over at my sister, her eyes on fire with desire, wanting that same treatment. Her nipples were rock hard and her pussy was dripping, and she hadn’t even been touched yet. I stared into her eyes, catching her gaze as I fucked her best friend and lover. “You want this to Joc? You want your big brother’s huge cock tearing up your insides, fucking your pussy raw?”

“God yes! Fuck me Austin, please, I need your cock!”

In a soothing voice, quite contrary to how I was treating Ash, I spoke. “Not yet baby sister. You’ll get it, but not yet.”

I turned away from her gaze, and focused on Ash again. She was slamming her ass back against me, wanting the deepest penetration I could give her. Every time I bottomed out, I would smack her ass, leaving red handprint after red handprint. Again and again I fucked her. “God yes Austin, fuck me like the whore that I am! FUCK ME! CUUUUMMMMIINNGGG!!”

With that, she came, drenching my cock in her girl cum. Squirting all over me. Still I thrust into her body. She barely kept her balance as I fucked her harder and harder when a wicked idea came to me. I pulled out, Ash collapsing on the grass. I turned to my sister and stroked my cock once, then twice, my cum flying onto her, coating her body. Her face and tits were covered in my cum.

Ash finally regained her breath, and as she panted she was able to speak. “That was…the first…time…I ever…squirted.” She looked over at my sister, covered in cum. She seemed instantly rejuvenated. “Ooohh…yummy.” She lunged at my sister, then remembered that I was supposed to be in charge of this whole thing. She turned to me and looked at me with innocent puppy dog eyes. Her words contrasted her look entirely. “Can I pwease wick all of your cum off of her sexy body? Pwease?”

I had to laugh. “Go for it, but if you make her cum, there will be hell to pay.” With a sarcastic salute, she started by slowly kissing my sister, their tongues dueling together. She broke the kiss and trailed her tongue all over my sister’s face, collecting as much cum as she could, lapping every little bit into her mouth. She continued onto my sister’s tits, licking first around the base of her tits, then slowly spiraling to the nipples, collecting all of my cum in the process. With a mouthful, she leaned down to Jocelyn’s mouth and kissed her, opening her mouth and letting my cum drain out into Joc’s waiting mouth. They swapped my cum for a good minute before swallowing. By this time my cock was rock hard, a fact that did not escape Joc. “Please Austin, can you fuck me now?”

“Not yet, baby girl.”

With a whine characteristic of a 15 year old girl, she flailed her legs. “Why not?”

I didn’t answer, but instead turned to Ash. “Wanna help me torture your girlfriend?”

Again, that sly smile that I was growing so accustomed to appeared on her face. “Absolutely!” She lowered her head to Joc’s nipple and began to suck on it softly, licking and flicking it with her tongue. I kissed Joc softly, letting her tongue play with mine as I tenderly pinched her unoccupied nipple. I broke the kiss and kissed along her jaw line to her ear. I nibbled on hear earlobe and whispered to her. “Ash and I are going to torture you with pleasure. You will not cum until I decide so. So just lay back, and enjoy.”

I kissed down her neck and onto the unoccupied breast. Ash and I each had a breast in our mouths, softly sucking on it. “But I wanna be fucked! I want it hard and rough! FUCK ME!” Ash and I locked eyes, smiling at each other. We continued at our languid pace, kissing down her stomach, arriving at her pussy. I blew a stream of air on her clit as Ash traced the outline to her pussy with her finger. Never touching it, just tracing the skin around it. Joc started to moan and squirm, bucking her hips upwards to try to get my mouth on her pussy, trying to get Ash to finger her. Ash looked at me asking my permission, but I just shook my head no.

“Sorry baby. He’s in charge.” Ash and I each took a leg, kissing and licking down to her knee, then back up, focusing on her inner thighs. I scooped up some of her juices, causing a shudder from her as I grazed against her pussy. I slipped my finger into Ash’s mouth. With Joc watching, Ash seductively licking the juices off my fingers. “Mmm, so good. I can tell how much you want it baby. Do you want to get fucked Joc?”

“Yes! Please Austin, please fuck me, I need your cock!”

Again, Ash looked at me, silently asking if we could fuck her yet. Again, I shook my head no. “Sorry baby. He’s in charge.” I pull Ash into a deep kiss, making sure Joc is watching me.

“Think she’s ready baby?” Ash just nodded at me. “Why don’t you test her, make sure?” Her eyes lit up as she dove into m sister’s pussy, licking and sucking all over the place. Tasting as much as she could, drinking down her essence. I pulled her away, just as Joc was about to orgasm. “Ready Joc? Ready to get taken by your brother’s huge cock?”

“Yes, please Austin, fuck me! I’ve never had to cum so badly in my life!”

“I’m sorry, Joc, what was that?”

She closed her eyes and screamed out. “FUCK ME! Tear up my tiny pussy, make me cum. Treat me like a dirty whore. I just want your cock inside me!”

Without warning I thrust deep inside her, then started to fuck her hard and fast. Not giving her time to adjust I rammed my cock in and out of her tight pussy while Ash started licking her clit, swiping at my cock every now and again. Almost as soon as I thrust into her, she came, finally releasing her build up tension with a mindblowing orgasm. Her mouth was open in a silent scream as she came hard on my cock. She came down from her orgasm and looked at me, smiling. “More, Austin, fuck me harder, I want it!”

I started ramming into her harder, as she stared moaning more and more, yelping and whimpering as my cock pounded her. I turned to Ash. “Do me a favor. Shut her up. I’ll let you choose how.” As expected, Ash’s sat on Joc’s face, her pussy covering Joc’s screaming mouth, muffling the noise. Ash thrashed around on Joc’s face, grinding her pussy on Joc’s face and tongue, getting herself off as she rode my sister’s face. Her tits were bouncing up and down as my sisters did the same. Both of them shaking from the power of my thrusts. Ash started to moan loudly now, approaching her own orgasm. I started to pinch her nipples, getting her closer to orgasm. I saw Joc’s tongue flicking in and out of her pussy, as Ash started to convulse, cumming, her juices flowing onto my sister’s tongue, which she eagerly lapped up. Wiped, Ash fell over, her face at my sister’s clit, which she happily started to lick. Between my powerful fucking and Ash’s talented tongue, Joc came again and again. We pushed her to two more small orgasms before she and I exploded together, my cum filling her pussy as she came hard. Ash gleefully sucked my cum from Joc’s pussy as the two gorgeous ladies 69ed in my absence.

All of us beat, and my parents coming home soon, we joined each other for a shower, and maybe a little bit of fun. We all came one more time as we washed and soaped each other up. Ash soon left, leaving just me and my sister. Enjoying the new stress-free environment with my parents, we ate dinner, then retired to my room. Both of us. We lay there holding each other, when Joc spoke. “She loves you, you know.”

Not quite understanding I looked over at her. “Hmm?”

“Ash, she won’t say it, but she does.”

“No she doesn’t, she told me I’m just a convenient cock.”

“She told me I was just a good pussy licker. Then we were together for over 2 years before she was able to say it to me.”

“So, she fucks a lot of people. I’m sure I am just a convenient cock.”

“Just take a guess, Austin. How many people do you think have dominated Ash like you did today?”

“I don’t know. A lot I suppose. She seems to like it.”

“Right, and wrong. She loves it. But before you, I was the only person ever to dominate her. She won’t do it unless she feels something. And with you, she feels it. She loves you Austin. And say what you want, but I know you love her too.”

I suddenly got defensive. “No I don’t. Why the hell would you think that?”

“Would you let anyone else near me? Someone you didn’t love, I mean? Austin, it’s ok. As long as you love me, I am thrilled that you love her. Just don’t expect any verification from her.”

“I know baby girl. But I don’t need it. I’ve got you.” I held her close to me and kissed her softly before falling into a deep and peaceful sleep.
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Posted 18 Mar 2013 08:33
I have to agree with whats been posted, This was fucking hot and I stayed hard through it all. :-) good work
Posted 28 May 2012 19:31
is there a number six... i love this series
Posted 27 Nov 2011 06:45
Whose TY?
Posted 27 Jun 2011 12:00
An excellent series. So hot and tender at the same time. 5+++++++++++
Posted 26 Jun 2011 08:44
I love this series! The fucking is so hot, but there is a sweet tenderness to the deep love!

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