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Memorial Day

I got more then I anticipated at my family's first official cookout of the summer
I met my cousin John when he was 18 and I was 9. I thought he was the most handsome boy I had ever seen. Big brown eyes, shiny dark brown hair and the kind of lips that are meant for kissing. And on top of all that, a sexy British accent that sent shivers through my spine, even at that age.
I heard over the years that my aunt's female friends would ask about, and even had affairs with my cousin.

My grandmother kept his graduation picture on the mantle in the living room surrounded by various other special occasion pictures of the family. My mom's wedding, my aunt's wedding, my twin cousins newborn pictures, things of that nature. But the picture of John has and always will be my favorite. There he was holding his graduation cap to his chest staring right into the camera with a sly sinister smile that just oozed "I'm up to no good". Oh, my gosh. Did I have the biggest crush ever.

John lived in England, so I didn't get to see him often. But being the oldest in my generation, he was like the cool big brother to get in trouble with. We'd run around my grandmother's house playing tag and hide and seek with John, and if anybody broke something or knocked something over, he'd take the blame. He was my hero.

Me and my family moved an hour away from my hometown when I was 14, so I didn't get to see my extended family much. On one visit back to my hometown, I heard that John moved to America. The idea of seeing my dear cousin again made me so excited.
Alas our next meeting wasn't until I was 26.
To me this was perfect timing. You see, all through the years I have maintained my crush on John even without seeing or talking to him. On some nights while I lay naked in my bed, I rub and pinch my clit while imagining him sucking and nibbling on it.
On other nights, I would dip my fingers deep into my pussy, and suck my juices off of my fingers while imagining it was Johns cock I was sucking after he fucked me.
Can you imagine my excitement now?!

One weekend while visiting my grandmother, John called and asked to speak to me.
I took the phone from my grandmother, and in my sweetest voice I cooed "Hello?"
"Hello! Karen!" John shouted with the inquisitive excitement that told me my voice did the trick.

"Hey John. It's been so long! The last time I saw you I was a kid." I announced with the intention of letting him know that I'm not a little girl anymore.

"I know, wow! You must look so different! How old are you now?" John asked in disbelief . "Twenty-six," I said proudly.

"Wow, my fiancée is 26. You guys are the same age". My heart sank. What?! Fiancée?! Nobody told me. And she has the nerve to be my age! I hated her already.

John told me they were coming to visit on Memorial day, which was three weeks away. I gave him my number and told him to call anytime.

Over the weeks John and I talked on the phone for hours at a time. It was more like two people courting then two family members catching up. John would ask me about my love life, what kind of movies I liked and what kind of music I listened to. It was like he was trying to get to know me.

Every now and then there would be a sexual intonation to a statement, followed by an awkward silence. We were obviously attracted to each despite the fact we were cousins, and we still hadn't seen one another in person. As it turns out, during one of Johns visits to my grandmother's house, he saw a picture of me when I was twenty. I didn't think that was fair because I hadn't seen a current picture of him. Nevertheless, I couldn't wait to see him again.

One evening while John and I were talking on the phone, I asked him for some relationship advise. "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure K, you can ask me anything." The way he emphasized the word 'anything' piqued my curiosity.

"There's this guy I'm talking to that's trying to convince me that we've known each other for three years, which in his opinion makes it okay if I sleep with him after one date"

"Have you known him for three years?" John asked attentively

"No I haven't technically. He works by the supermarket I shop at by my apartment. Sometimes I would see him standing outside smoking, and he would say hello. Only two weeks ago he asked me out." I explained in a way to make it clear to John that this guys antics annoyed me.

"Sounds like he's trying to weasel his way in. I can't blame him," John said in reply.

"What do you mean you cant blame him?" I asked John hoping he was going in the direction I secretly wish he would.

"Well I mean, you are a very sexy woman, so I can't blame him for trying to get you into the sack."

At that moment my pussy started drooling. That's exactly what I wanted to hear. "How do you know I'm sexy? You haven't even seen me since I was a little girl" I pressed for him to explain.

 "I've seen a picture of you, and the sound of your voice is mesmerizing. Why do you think I've been calling you so much? I love the way your voice sounds over the phone."

I couldn't help myself. I had to touch my increasingly sensitive clit while I listened to John describing the effect I had on him.
There was a long pause after John's last statement, during which I imagined his fingers dipping in and out of my wet pussy. Without me realizing it my breaths were getting faster and heavier. "Karen?" The sound of Johns voice startled me.

"Yes John, I'm here. Sorry I got distracted for a second."

"It's okay" he said reassuringly.

"I have another question," I said, keeping the conversation going

"Ask away," he said with a sense of excitement.

"Do you think having three orgasms a day is too much?" There was that silence again. "Hello......John? Are you there?" I hear him clearing his throat on the other end of the line.

"Uh, yes I'm hear. Why would you ask that? Do you orgasm three times in one day?" I could tell John was a little uncomfortable but he is a man and when it comes to sex, all men are suckers.
"Well..... yes. You said I could ask you anything right? Well I need your opinion cause I'm starting to think something is wrong with me." Again there was a pause until Johns sexy British accent broke the silence.

"You've got me there love. How do you have time to masturbate so often? I mean, with work and everything? "

"I can do it with no hands. I just squeeze my legs together while thinking about something that turns me on, and after about 10 minutes I have an orgasm," I explain proudly.

"Wow! You're gonna have to demonstrate that for me one day," John announced with a new found excitement.

"Okay, I will the next time I see you. And don't you back out either," I said teasingly.

It was a beautiful sunny day. Perfect weather for our Memorial day cookout, and perfect weather for a little sun dress. I planned my outfit carefully. I shaved my pussy hair clean off and put on a pair of black sheer thongs under a pretty yellow sun dress that showed off my 32 D sized breasts perfectly. My tender naked lips were already swelling with anticipation of my little demonstration. When I reached my grandmother's house, my aunt Elle told me that John went to my other aunt's home where the actual cookout was being held.

Once I got there my uncle told me that John had been asking for his favorite cousin. Knowing this excited me even more. As I walked up the driveway into the backyard, I looked ahead and saw a tall well built handsome man walking towards me. "Karen? Is that you? What took you so long?"

Oh my gosh!! He was even better looking then I had remembered! There were some gray speckles in his rich dark brown hair, but other then that he looked perfect!

I ran up to him to give him a long awaited hug. John picked me up and spun me around. I couldn't help but notice the bulge in his crotch as he place me back on the ground.

"You are absolutely stunning!"

"Thank you," I said shyly. John continued to look at me up and down. I could swear my cousin was licking his lips. "Listen, I left something at Grandma's house. Want to ride with me to pick it up?" I asked him.

"Sure, we can get away from some of this noise. Is there anybody at the house?" Now why would we he ask me that? Hmmmm I wonder...

"No. Aunt Elle followed me here and I have a key."

The short trip to my grandmother's house made me hot as hell. The thoughts running through my mind was down right sinful. Was I really trying to seduce my cousin? Is my life long fantasy actually about to come true?

I unlocked the door while John stood close behind me. I could almost feel his breath on the nape of my neck. His crotch grazed my plump booty I'm sure by accident. He asked me again was I sure there was nobody in the house. I reassured him we were the only ones. "I guess this would be a good time to give my demonstration," I said with a wink as we walked through the door.

"Oh, you were serious?" John asked.

"Yes! Don't tell me you're gonna back out now. It's not like you're gonna see anything," I said playfully.
I led John into the side den because it was the only room on the first floor that had doors to close for privacy......just in case. We sat on the couch together. My cousin didn't take his eyes off of me the whole time. "You are so sexy K," John said in the most seductive voice.

"Thank you." I smiled and closed my eyes as I started to experience the pleasure I was giving myself by clenching and releasing my thigh muscles while they're crossed over each other. The more intense the feeling of me pleasuring myself in front of my cousin became, the more I moaned out in release.

"Can I touch you?" John asked me. I almost forgot he was sitting right next to me.

"Okay" I said sweetly. John moved closer to me and uncrossed my legs. He looked straight at my crotch and licked his lips. He then reached up under my dress and pulled my thongs off.

"Pretty panties" he complimented. Thank you was my response to everything after that moment.

John then reached down and lightly touched my pussy lips "Mmmm, you smell so sweet."

This is it, is all I could think. I watched Johns hands as his fingers separated my deliciously wet pussy lips to find my swollen clit waiting for him to tug on. "Oh my god, you're so wet K. My dick is getting jealous." All I could do was smile. I was at the mercy of the pleasure my cousins fingers was giving me. John slowly dipped two fingers into my warm slit, at the same time pulling his thick 7 inch long dick out from his pants.

As I continued to watch his fingers plunge my dripping pussy I reach to stroke his thick knob. John took his fingers from my pussy and fed them to my mouth. I hungrily sucked them dry as I looked into his eyes. I lapped up every bit of my juices from his manly fingers. I then took his hand and guided them back to my pussy hole. I reached down and spread my pussy lips wide open while thrusting back against Johns hand.
"I could feel your pussy muscles strangling my fingers. My dick is so jealous. Can I dip it into your pussy please?" This question turned me on so much I came right there, soaking Johns hand. He slid his fingers from my pussy and grabbed my clit hard. He then pulled it like he was trying to pull a grape from its cluster. The mix of pleasure, gentle pain and taboo sent me over the edge. Instantly I squirted my cum strait out onto the couch. At that moment I begged John to slide his dick into me. After he licked my nectar off of his fingers, my cousin happily obliged.

I watched his thick cock slowly part my swollen wet cunt lips before I leaned my head back in ecstasy. John rammed his cock into me hard and fast. The feeling of his weight pounding against my tender pussy caused me to shiver with yet another intense orgasm. "Damn, this is some good pussy!" John grunted in my ear.

"Mmmmh!" I moaned in reply.

"You like that, don't you K? You like feeling your cousins dick pound that tasty pussy?"

"Yes" Was the only word I could muster under the pressure and pleasure.

John started beating up my pussy faster and harder. He buried his face in my bountiful cleavage as he pumped me. He grabbed me behind my knees and spread my thighs up and out. His dick reached so far into my belly, I thought I was going to go mad from the pleasure. The look on Johns face was full of lust and excitement.

We both watched as his thick cock disappeared into my juicy, tender folds, over and over again. My clit stood at attention as John shoved his cock and ground himself up into me like he was digging for gold. With each thrust the sound of my juicy pussy sloshing seemed to excite him even more. As I strained to look down at his dick ramming my cunt, I could see the soft inner lips giving way and enveloping to my cousins violating cock.

"Don't stop" I whispered in his ear.

"Your pussy feels so good and juicy. I love wet warm pussy. I love your wet warm pussy Karen. My sweet, pretty, long lost cousin." Johns words echoed in my ear turning me on even more.

"You want this pussy? Show me how much you want this pussy," I ordered him. John then banged my pussy so hard I couldn't see his dick anymore. Then he pulled his cock all the way out of my wanting cunt, and rubbed and tease my pussy with the glistening tip.

"Damn K. I can see your pretty pussy pulsating. You like that dick don't you?"

"Yes John. My pussy likes my cousins dick," I said slightly out of breathe. John massaged my juices into the tip of his dick, and then rammed the fucker back into me as deep as he could go. "Oooooh!" I cried out.

I could feel my pussy tensing up with a another orgasm. Just when I was about to cum again I heard footsteps in the hall. "Hey, John? Karen?" One of my other cousins had come back looking for us.

Startled, John jumped out of me while he was in the middle of cumming, which dripped on my dress, the couch and the floor. My pussy was left gaping and wanting more. He then ran to the corner of the room, all the while shooting cum everywhere......
..........To be continued...............

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Posted 15 Jun 2011 18:00
great story, wish I was there! can't wait for part 2
Posted 14 Jun 2011 06:45
Very well written can't wait for the next installmenat
Posted 28 Mar 2011 07:21
great story and well written, so hot and sensual
Posted 06 Apr 2010 17:09
Damn! What did you stop for? I hate being interrupted in the middle of a fine fuck! There is no way I would have stopped pounding that sweet pussy! Let someone walk in.... Who knows, they could join in!
Posted 06 Apr 2010 14:47
Totally hot!!! Can't wait for the next chapter
Posted 06 Apr 2010 11:08
Excellent first chapter - what happens next? Can't wait....
Posted 06 Apr 2010 10:57
I love this story. So frigging hot, I can't wait for the next part.
Posted 06 Apr 2010 10:25
Nice story, can't wait for the next installmnt!
Posted 06 Apr 2010 10:24
Wow... nice HOT story... got a good rise out of
Posted 06 Apr 2010 10:13
Fine piece of work. Keep it up.

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