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Michael and Ellen A New Beginning

Michael finds out cousin moved south and he gets involved with cousin, again, and others
He always kind of knew what he liked seeing on a woman once she entered a room. That never seemed to change. Michael, having moved up in his company two years later, was still single at the age of 31, but in truth he did not care that he was.

He’d had his share of women, not that it was his goal, but to be with a special woman such as his cousin Ellen he told himself was something rather different. There were others. He remembered them all. There was Sarah. There was Elaine. There was Amanda. There was Brenda as well. Over the course of two years since he’d been with his cousin Ellen he hadn’t been with a more enjoyable woman that he could recall that was as fun as Ellen he told himself one Sunday afternoon.

He got promoted, again. He was moving up in the world. From store manager to District Manager and from that to Regional Manager to the southern District of the United States. Now that position allowed him to be connected to lots of females but all of a sudden something changed out of nowhere.

“I’m getting a new job dad,” he said. “It’s with a company down south but I’ll be a Regional Manager there like I was here. And dad,” he went on to say. “It’s a lot more money.”

“Really, when do you start?” his dad asked.

“Next week,” Michael told his dad.

“Next week?” his dad replied. “Did you hear about your cousin?” Michael said no and asked which one. “Ellen…she’s gotten a new job down there too. In,” and his dad told him what city.

“That’s where I’ll be stationed. I’ll have to look her up. I wonder if her email and cell phone are still the same. I’ll look her up. It’ll be neat to see her again.”

“I’ve heard she looks fabulous. I’ve been told she’s doing great in her new job too. But I’ve also heard she’s lost around 20 or so pounds. Hard to believe isn’t it?” his dad told him. “They say she looks like a princess…not that it matters or anything to us of course.”

He recorded everything his dad told him into his memory, not that his dad had to know that he did, but just in case they did happen to get together he’d already kind of knew what he would expect to see- a much more slimmed down “bathing” beauty. It was a new chance to see her in a whole new light possibly. And then he told himself who knew for sure what might happen between the two of them if they ever hooked up again? Life goes on. Things change. And memories are memories so what happened in the past a couple years back will always be a great memory for at least him he told himself.

“I’ll assume she’s finally met someone,” he said aloud but to himself once he hung up from his dad. “I told her to get herself a boyfriend. Maybe she did…but who knows.”

He went about doing his work as expected but took a moment and looked up her email. Once he found what he thought was her email he sent her a note and hoped he’d get a reply. Oddly he did get one.

“Hiiiii Michael, how are you? I’m doing well. I hope you are too. I’ve thought about you. Once in a while I think about you and me and well you understand…us of course. Not that any of that will ever happen again. But we can think about those good old days, right?”

She added a smile to that part of the note and gave him her new cell phone number as well. She told him to feel free to call her or email her at his convenience but she failed to tell him about her new boyfriend she’d been dating and where she actually lived, which was the town over. Regardless, he was more then happy to have received her email back.

That next day, he received another message from her. “Hi again, what’s going on big guy? Things were crazy around here but at lunch guess what I did? I thought about that reunion of all things. My boyfriend, I told you about him right? Anyway, he’s kind of like you in a way. Maybe not as tall or as ‘big’ as you and you know what I mean, right? But he is a really, really nice guy like you. I’ll talk to you soon, hopefully. Stay in touch, will you? Love ya’” it ended up saying.

He smiled and wrote her a quick note back. “Hi there Ellen. Gotta boyfriend do ya? Good for you. Talked with my dad. He said you were down here somewhere close. We should get together, okay? I’d love to. Oh and I’d love to meet this boyfriend of yours too. Talk later,” he typed.

Finally after several emails back and forth over the course of a few days the two of them set a date to get together with each other and only one another. Her boyfriend was not invited of course neither mentioned that portion of their “date” with one another. All that date was was a dinner date.

But when he saw her Michael instantly fell in love with her. Having lost around 15 or 20 pounds or whatever it was she lost he saw hips and curves and beauty he hadn’t ever seen before. And he told her so too.

“Really, I look that good to you?” she said, a smile so bright and so big he teased her that he had to shield his eyes from it all which made her giggle. “You know something,” she went on to add. “I still hold this special little place in my heart that tells me,” and she looked around before saying it, and then finished as she quieted her voice “Bed down with him. See if he’ll bed down with you again.”

“You’re still a naughty, naughty little girl Ellen,” he said.

“But I do Michael. I still do,” she said.

“I’d do that in a heartbeat girl. However, you’re involved with someone now.” He was shaking his head as he added “And I’m not about to mess that up.”

“Awwww come on Michael,” she said, “with this body? Being with you like we were way back when would be just like us way back at the reunion. It just takes me back.” She smiled and then she winked. “It brings back so many great memories.”

He smiled. “They were great memories. I haven’t forgotten them. Trust me, I haven’t forgotten any of that,” he told her. “But what about that boyfriend of yours? I am not about to get in the middle of that,” he said as he shook his head. “He’s a nice guy, right?” She nodded and smiled. “You’ve done it with him?” he asked. She hesitated but nodded her head and smiled some more. “You like it all, right?” She nodded her head and said yes. “Then you should stick with that, forget everything else, and forget about us.”

“Awwww come on Michael…you and I have something special don’t we?” she said.

“We do. I mean we did,” he told her.

“We can still have that,” she said. He wasn’t sure he was ready to agree but nodded his head anyway. “I’d sure love it if…if you and me could lay down together. I’d love it if I could give you another one of my special,” and she stopped. She looked around and again quieted her voice. He smiled. “One of my special uhhh you know…jobs? Wouldn’t you like and want one of those again?” she asked, quietly.

He smiled and had to nod his head.

“Then let me come over. Allow me a day at your place. I’ll give you something very special.” And she added, with a smile “Something that you’ll never forget Michael.”

He was already thinking how that would feel. He practically started to smile at the thought of it all as he pictured the two of them naked, especially her of course, and he could see her lips, tongue, and her mouth all over his cock. That was in addition to them having affectionate sex with one another as if it was their first time ever doing it.

“Okay, you’ve got a deal. Saturday. My place. The pool…yes I’ve got a pool. My bedroom. Us naked. You and me having lots of fun…and of course no boyfriend,” he told her, smiling.

And at that point she was smiling, happily too. “Ohhhhhhh Michael I can’t wait for Saturday. It’ll be soooo much fun. Us being together like in the old days.”

“I sure hope so,” he came back.

She got there on schedule. It was 11:30 am. The sun was out and it was already hot. She was wearing her new, nice looking bikini, which she never wore one before in her life, and she looked gooooood in it too.

“Oh, I’ve got it on underneath all this,” she said, once she hugged him, and kissed his cheek as well. “You’ll probably like it too or I hope you do.”

She took off the top first. Yes, he was definitely impressed how her upper body looked and once she took off her sandals then her shorts he was duly impressed with all of her and how slim and more shapely she appeared to look. His eyes stuck out. She smiled too seeing as he stared hard at all of her body and all her new curves that filled the room.

“Damn girl…I gotta say. You look soooo so good. I mean it! What man doesn’t want to lay down in bed with you? What guy doesn’t want to make love to a body like yours Ellen?” he told her.

“Like you?” she asked, smiling from ear to ear. “Soooo does that mean we should skip the pool? Does that mean you and I should just go into the bedroom? I don’t mind. I wouldn’t mind if you don’t.” And in truth she wouldn’t mind having sex with him right away. She wouldn’t mind making love to her cousin she told herself. “You look pretty darn fantastic if you ask me too,” she said.

And in truth he did look a few pounds lighter. “Ohhhhhh I’ve lost a few but not…like you. You well you look terrific and I mean…terrific Ellen. God, wow,” he went on to say as his eyes floated all over her figure. “Damn!”

“So I look really good to you?” she said again and he was nodding his head.

“I could eat you up,” he told her as if teasing her.

“Then feel free Michael to do that. Eat me all up. Eat all my body up Michael. Kiss me all over, lick me everywhere, mmmmmm, and nibble my body anywhere you want to. Ohhh Michael, oh Michael I’m yours. All of this is yours today. Me and my body is as game as you want me to be Michael…mmmmmm,” she went on to add.

He was “talked” into it due to how she said what she did and that tone of voice of hers as well had him walking towards her, gradually, and as he did she suddenly got a bit hornier and even hornier knowing her cousin, of all people, and her were about to have sex and make love like it was always meant to be.

He took her into his arms. She let him too. He pulled her body against him and she let him do that too. She felt her head go closer and closer to his head. And before she knew it she was kissing her cousin on his lips. As always, to kiss him on his lips, it felt awesome.

Fireworks started exploding all over the place. Ellen loved it as his lips “careened” across hers and he kissed her as if some other girls or was she either way? It felt soooo romantic to be kissed by him like he was kissing her. In the middle of his house, he held her body close and casually as he swung his tongue out and dipped it inside her mouth to move it about her mouth and hopefully turn her on some more.

She eventually swung hers out and did the same thing as the two of them stood holding each others body and passionately kissing one another, with tongue, as they did. She could have fallen to the ground right then and there but Michael lifted her and he took her to one of the first floor bedrooms.

In it, he took off his shirt as she watched. Her hands were all over his burly chest and she leaned into it and started kissing it right away. She kissed it all over as her hands pawed his chest at the same time, especially his fat, and now, hard nipples. She liked it that his nipples were hard and so she toyed with them, and even nibbled on them, for her own self-pleasure.

He lifted her up and laid her bikinied body in to the bed. So far she enjoyed it. He was smiling as he laid over her and seeing as he was he started playing with what parts of her tits that he could. At this point she hadn’t even considered that he was her cousin.

She loved and enjoyed it immensely. He was playing around with her breasts and cleavage. He looked up into her eyes, touched her lips with one of his free hands, and then he kissed her again on her lips. The feeling of his hands on her lips aroused her a lot. She closed her eyes as she felt tingling ringing out in her boobs and down inside her legs.

“Oh God Michael…you are turning me on in a big way. Ohhhhhh my God…keep doing it. Keep feeling me, and turning me on like that, please?” she told him.

He pushed her bikini top up off her boobs. His hands “swallowed” them up. He confined her boobs to his palms, rubbing and then squeezing her tits as he followed that by toying with her hardening nipples.

“Ohhhhhh fuck yes…yes Michael yes,” she cried out as he toyed on her nipples.

So he kept on toying with both of them, making her harder, and even harder then ever. She cried out again as he did that and finally he moved south, down over her tummy as he played with that for a short while, and finally he took hold of her bikini bottoms and started to pull them off.

They were almost all the way off and both of them heard cell phones ring. One set was his and of course the other was hers. She wasn’t sure who hers was but figured it was her boyfriend calling to see how she was getting along. He wasn’t sure either but he knew he had to stop. He had to pick up his phone and see who it was calling him on a Saturday.

Her cell phone was in the other room in her shorts. She wasn’t going to answer it at that point. But Michael’s was another story entirely. His came in from his boss. Seeing as he is the Regional Manager it was almost imperative that he answer his phone.

“I gotta take this,” he said. “It’s my manager.”

Now his manager happened to be a nice looking woman, built a lot like Ellen, but in most opinions was a lot better looking then her so Michael didn’t dare not answer it. He had to take the call. He apologized to Ellen and still in his bathing trunks he got up off the bed to answer the call. He had to call her right back.

He liked talking to her. She was nice. She was always sweet. But as far as business was concerned she always “demanded” answers. And seeing as these two, Michael and Serena who was two years younger then him, got along so well he walked away from the bedroom and spent time talking to her.

“Hi…you called?” Ellen said once she called Tyler back.

“Having a nice day?” he asked.

“Ohhh sure, it’s been fun seeing him again. You’ll have to meet him sometime,” she said.

They talked a bit and she hung up and waited for him to get off the line too. But his conversation with his boss ended up being a lot longer then hers. He finally got off the line and said to Ellen, as she shook his head, “I have to go. I’ve got to meet up with my manager. I have to go over some things she said she was looking at. Ellen, sit down a minute.”

Ellen did. He sat down beside her. “You know I like you, right?” She said yes. “You know I love making love with you too, right?” She said she assumed so. He smiled and added “Well, I’d love to finish all this. I’d love to get together with you. I do want to make love to you and I want you and me to go all the way…next time, alright?”

“Ohhhhhh Michael, do we have to wait until there’s a next time?” she said as if whining.

“Yes Ellen…this time we do,” he told her. I’ve gotta go…sorry.” He looked at her and at her upper body too. “God, you are soooo darn good looking. I want you and I want to eat you up all over,” and once he said that he ran his tongue over his lips.

“I’m going to go home and do you know what I’m going to do?” she said. He asked what. “I’m going to go home and masturbate,” she told him. “Or if I make love to Tyler I’ll imagine it’s you I’m making love to.”

“You know you’re a naughty, naughty little girl don’t you?” he said.

She did just that once she got home. Tyler was a good partner in bed but he was not, in anyway, Michael and she knew it for sure. If only it was Michael she was making love to.

As for Michael, he found his boss’ place. It was a little like his only larger. “Did you bring something to swim in?” she asked. He said yes. “Well here. Let me show you what I meant when I mentioned everything I did. Sit down and take a look at these numbers.”

He sat down. She stood behind him as he looked at the numbers on the computer screen. Before he knew it he felt a set of hands sliding down over his shoulder. He stopped reading. This attractive and for sure sexy-as-it-counts boss of his had placed her hands on his shoulders and as he read those numbers he felt her easing her hands down over his chest. He had stopped what he was doing, momentarily, once he felt them.

Even though he couldn’t see her face, he felt those soft delicate hands of hers. Yeah, they felt good. He loved that feel on his chest. And then she said in that feminine tone of voice he always liked “Handsome, just keep on doing what you were doing. Everything will be fine.”

She slid them down past his chest as she pressed against it. They went further towards his stomach and then she slowly pulled them back up, stopping at his chest, and slightly breathing into his ear. She lowered her body close towards him again. Her face was close to his cheek. Her hands, down almost to his stomach, again, she kissed him on his cheek.

“Mmmmm, you know you have a great body Michael,” she said in a quiet like voice. “Let’s do something…something special. Shouldn’t we do something special? Instead of reading all this nonsense lets go let’s jump in the pool. Let’s go swimming for a while. And then we can see how it all goes from there. How’s that sound?” his boss asked him.

He swallowed hard but he did say “I think that sounds fine.” He turned his head and looked up at her. He smiled once he did that and then out of nowhere he pulled her slim body towards his. Michael placed a very noticeable kiss on her lips and pulled her into his lap.

For no more then ten minutes were these two in the water. And then she said “Let’s get out. Let’s go inside, okay?” She was smiling that smile of hers once she said it. He smiled back. She walked towards him and said “Michael sweetheart, you’re not feeling uncomfortable about this are you?”

“No, not at all,” he told her.

“Good so going back to my bedroom wouldn’t bother you at all will it?” she asked as she slid her hand down his flat stomach towards his crotch and rubbed it lightly.

“Nooooo, not at all,” he told her. “Not at all,” he said again. “I’d love to. Let’s go.”

He jumped out of the pool and practically pulled her out once he was out. She felt as if she was whisked away by his strength as she came, quickly, out of the pool. And then, suddenly, he pulled her body against his, and Michael kissed her on her lips smoothly.

“Let’s go,” he told her, smiling.

With that she took him to her bedroom. She was all over him at that point as she took off her bikini and he took off his swimming trunks as well. Her hand was on his soft limber cock as she stared into his eyes. Rubbing it and also cupping it as she told him exactly how nice his cock felt in her hand. She told him just how great it actually was.

“Mmmmmm, I mean that too Michael. Why haven’t you and I hooked up before?” his attractive, slightly younger boss asked him as she smiled.

“Well...” he started to say. “Probably because you’re my boss? I don’t know about you but it doesn’t matter any longer. I mean with a body like yours, with a body like that Amanda,” he went on to say. “Holy…fucking shit. I mean you have such great looking boobs and look at you. You have the sweetest, nicest looking body with those hips and that sweet ass too.”

Upon hearing that she was smiling from ear to ear. Nobody had ever said what he’d said to her. Nobody ever said anything remotely close to that ever. In truth, she is a gorgeous young lady and he would never lie about that.

His eyes circled down her body. His eyes rolled back up it too. He must have done that at least three times as he picked out exactly what he liked most about her figure. “God boss you have way too many features about you. I…I don’t know what I like the best.”

“Awwww thank you honey but sweetheart call me Amanda alright?” she said.

“Okay uhhh Amanda,” he told her.

With that, she smiled, and then she rolled into him and placed a big, sweet, lip crazed kiss on him, including her tongue as well. He followed as his tongue came out and slid into her mouth and once it did all hell broke loose so to speak as these two rolled in one direction or the other as they kissed and kissed some more. It did not seem as if it would ever end but Michael didn’t care. This girl, this young very sexy woman, could kiss the daylights out of his mouth.

They pulled back from each other, smiles on both their faces, and each told themselves that he or she was soooo ready for soooo much more. He looked at her. He looked into her eyes. He looked at her smile as well. Then he looked at her body.

“I’d love to make love with you but I can’t. Not today I can’t,” he said. I should but for whatever reason I can’t,” he told Amanda.

“Why not?” she said. “Michael honey…do you have any idea how horny I am today?”

“Ohhh shit…that horny, really?” he asked. “I uh do now,” he said, “now that you said it that way.” He looked at her before going on. “Being that you’re a very, very horny woman, and as god damn good looking as you are I know that you need this badly. I do. You need this…terribly! And when I say that I mean that!”

He waited for her response. She looked at him and then said “So knowing I’m that horny, that terribly horny baby why won’t you stay and do me? Do it all with me?”

“Amanda there are a couple reasons why,” he came back. “For one, you’re my boss and right now that just feels weird at the moment. For the second one, if we do this I know, for a fact, you’ll get pregnant because well uhhh I do that to women, and I’m not ready to be a daddy yet.” He looked at her. He ran a finger across her lips. He ran it down over her cheek. Then he said “I don’t have anything against doing it other then those two reasons but Amanda…maybe we can do this later on tonight but not now.”

“Okay,” she said. “What time then?”

He didn’t really think she meant it but he would come back. “Yeah, I’d love that too. Coming back here tonight sounds terrific. I’ll bring my trunks and a change of clothes if you want me too. I promise…I will,” he told her and she said great. He went to find Ellen again and see if she was happy and as he did he thought about Amanda and Amanda’s body throughout it all.

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