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Mom and son secrets 3

Mom and son secrets 3

Fulfilling a young man's fantasy

Over the next few months the relationship with my son grew deeper and more intense. It was insane how attracted and obsessed we became with each other. We shared that same devious desire; mom and son engaging in forbidden sexual activities. We were so hungry for each other and took every window of opportunity to quench our thirst.

It was incredible, the heat and chemistry which burned when we were together. Not in my wildest dreams had I envisioned that such an immense, breathtaking sensation could even be possible. I remember how exhilarating my forbidden affair had been with my cousin Antonio, but this one with my own son, exceeded by far the lascivious thrill I had experienced back then.

As summer was approaching, I was getting anxious going sun tanning at the lake. There were a bunch of other Europeans who enjoyed that little paradise. It was a small lake, not known to many people and therefore we felt free to practice nudism. I discovered this lake on one of my bike rides shortly after I had immigrated to Canada, and I had been going there ever since.

I knew there wouldn't be anyone else around on Friday afternoon, so I invited my son to join me for some fun in the sun. I took the afternoon off and went there straight from work.

When my son arrived, I had already taken my clothes off and eaten my lunch. I asked him to get undressed and to lie down beside me on my blanket. As he was lying face down, he ate his sandwich and fresh veggies I had brought for him.

I love to sunbathe and soak in the warm rays of the sun beaming down on my naked body, and the wind gently caressing my burning skin... but on that day, I wanted to skip that part. I was too anxious to get started.

“Oh baby, I am so happy, we have the whole afternoon together,” I exclaimed enthusiastically.

“So am I mom. I have been dreaming and fantasizing about today ever since you told me we would be coming here. You can not imagine the scenarios that have been occupying my devious mind. God do I love you mom,” he chuckled.

I took the bottle of baby oil-- which I prefer to use over suntan lotion--and got ready to oil my son’s back. I poured the oil right onto him and started to rub it in thoroughly. I moved slowly up and down, massaging him firmly; then switched to applying soft pressure with my flat palms.

Ever so gingerly my hands traveled up to his shoulders, rubbing and kneading them. Softy I went down over his arms and back up to his neck. My slippery hands made their way over his shoulder and down over to the right and left side of his rib-cage. Reaching to the front, I tweaked his little nipples just for an instant, before retracing my movement. Periodically he moaned and twitched under my touch.

My eagerness to please him grew by the second. Vivaciously my hands were gliding down his spine--thumbing my fingertips along the way--right to the small of his back. I massaged his butt cheeks with both of my hands, giving them a firm squeeze from time to time. My agile fingers moved down his thighs and legs and came back up on the inside of his thighs. I repeated this action several times. Then I asked him to open up his legs a bit wider and he willingly complied. I took the oil and squeezed some right on to his butt, and watched with delight as it ran between his crack. My nimble fingers were gliding over his pucker hole, his perineum and to his balls, back and forth.

His body squirmed and his breathing quickened. ”Oh fuck mom! The stuff you do to me is just out of this world. You are driving me nuts!” he gasped.

I squeezed his balls more firmly, ran my hands back to his ass and rimmed it and teased him by slightly inserting my slick finger.

“Oh fuck mom, that’s so fucking wicked! Oh god, stop it! You are going to make me cum right away.”

I bent down and whispered in his ear,

“Oh baby, I love it when I succeed getting you all worked up and giving you pleasures you didn't even know existed.”

I kept teasing him, rimming and poking my wet slippery finger deeper into him, slightly pushing in and out. As I retracted my finger from his tight virgin hole, his little rosebud winked at me. His breathing accelerated and the muscles in his body contracted. I knew he was aroused to the max and it was time for him to roll over on his back.

As soon he was lying on his back, I poured the baby oil on his tummy and rubbed it in while I was watching his facial expression of enjoyment. I rubbed his six pack abs, which he had gained from all the workouts at the gym.  My baby has matured so much over the past few months and bares such a resemblance to his father. He reminds me more and more of him, his husky voice, his muscular build, his quirky smile...and of course the way he can satisfy my sexual needs, I reminisced.
I took my time to massage his arms and chest, his tummy and his legs. But as soon I applied the oil on his cock, which stood at full attention, I couldn't resist my temptations any longer. I plunged down on him, licked and sucked his rock hard cock while my fingers were rimming his virgin asshole again. His whole body was quivering as if he had a seizure.

I took my mouth off him and poured some more oil right over his cock. My fingers were gently teasing and tracing the contours of his enlarged knob and then I paid all my attention to his shaft again. I massaged it with both of my hands, up and back down to the very base of his cock, first slowly and then in high gear. His body arched, his eyes were shut, and his fist squeezed the blanket as he let out a long loud howl. His ejaculation gushed up in the air and hit me in my face and hair, and strings of his cum stretched out between us. My pussy contracted wildly when I saw load after load of my son’s creamy jizz being spewed all over his tummy and chest.

It took awhile before he opened his eyes and when he finally did, he looked so bloody happy and satisfied; like he was coming back from another world. I was overcome by an enormous feeling of gratification, being able to provide my precious son with such wonderful sensations.

Like usually, when we were not pressured for time, I continued to massage his half flaccid cock, pumping my hand rapidly up and down his shaft. Skillfully my tongue licked and flicked his sensitive head, which was still covered with a mixture of oil and sperm. Just tasting his delicious jizz made my mouth salivate and wanting to clean him off. My tongue and mouth grazed over his genitals and his tummy, lapping it all up, making sure I wouldn't miss a drop.

My pussy was drooling wet and yearning to be filled. My urges to fuck him surged higher and higher. I went down and put my mouth on him, and worked him with my tongue, mouth and hands to the best of my abilities. It only took a few minutes of my skillful pleasuring to bring his cock back to life. As soon I had achieved to give him the desired hard on, I positioned myself on top of him, hovering over him, with my legs standing on either side of his hips. Slowly I lowered myself onto his majestic cock, impaling myself on him.

“Oooh yesss, that first insertion always feels sooo good! Feeling stretched and filled by your cock is absolutely heavenly! God I can’t get enough of you baby,” I chirped cheerfully.

I started moving up and down on him, at first slow then faster. Then he placed his hands right onto my breasts, squeezing them, pinching and twisting my nipples--harder then I normally like it-- inflicting pain. I whimpered and moaned, and he started to move his hips in a synchronized rhythm with me, up and down. Periodically we changed from slow to fast, from low to high gear, pounding and clashing together consistently.

The sun beamed down on us and the cool breeze caressed our sweaty bodies. I heard the birds chirping as I drifted off to never- never- land, totally consumed by those heavenly sensations. A long extended sigh escaped my mouth as I reached the peak of my first, long overdue, orgasm. My head tilted back and my mouth agape, a flood of extreme sensations riddled every limb of my body. While the final tremors ebbed out slowly, I briefly opened my eyes.

I thought I'd seen something move…I strained to open my eyes again, and yes, there certainly was something over in the bushes. My mind was still half gone. I tried to concentrate, rocking in a much slower pace and getting my composure back to normal. Then I finally could see it, there was someone hiding behind the tree. My stomach flipped with trepidation, by the discovery that we were being watched. A mixture of shame and unrestrained animalistic lust invaded my brain, wanting to give this Peeping Tom a show.

I started to move faster, grinding my pussy voraciously on my son’s pelvis, moaning and groaning loudly, making sure the pervert could hear me. I fucked my son, like a woman gone mad. I was riding him like I was out to win a race. Our pubic bones clashed together each time I descended on my son, swallowing up his cock hilt deep with my lusty cunt.

My son still lay beneath me, just taking my abuse. One minute he squeezed his eyes closed, under my profuse pounding, and then he would watch with open eyes how I was driving myself into ecstasy. The overwhelming sensations were building up to a powerful crescendo, leaving me trembling and totally out of breath. Exhausted, I collapsed on top of my son’s chest.

I just lay there for a while, needing to catch my breath, needing to rest, needing to calm down.

I opened my eyes and took a peek. Goosebumps followed in the wake of my discovery, when I saw the man’s forearm and fist moving frantically, stroking the cock which was protruding out of his zipper. I couldn't see his face which was hidden by branches and leaves, nor was I really interested. My heart was racing, thudding against my chest. I was so enthralled, knowing he was turned on; witnessing a mother fucking her young son. It sent ripples of uncontrollable carnal lust through my entire body and I wanted to give him more.

Feeling so hot and frisky, I quickly sprung off and went on all four, inviting my son to take me from behind. I positioned myself sideways, to provide a better view for the voyeur in the bushes. My son took his cock in his hand, slapping it teasingly against my butt and my longing cunt. He enjoys teasing his mommy before giving it to her.

“Oh baby please, please, don’t! Please fuck me, fuck your mommy!” I screamed, making sure I would be heard.

Slowly he slid his cock between my parted slick lips as I pushed myself towards him, hungry to be filled. Finally I could feel his knob entering my dripping wet entrance of my cunt. I savored each and every inch as his elongated cock slid deeper and deeper into my love channel. Then he started holding me firmly by my hips as he drove his young hard cock in and out of me. Hard and deep, powerful and fast, picking up speed. My body shook uncontrollably under his thrusts, making me scream with delight.

“Oh yes baby, fuck me, fuck me hard! Spank your mommy; punish her for being such a dirty slut!”

Within minutes of his hand smacking my behind, I exploded. I came hard and violently. My pussy walls tightening, gripping around his cock, and trenching him with my orgasmic juices, wetting the blanket underneath. He continued to thrust deep and furiously and asked,

“Is that the way you like it mom? That’s the way you wonna get fucked, ey, is it?”

“Yeeaahh, yeeaahhh…that’s it…” I murmured, unable to say more, as my climax lingered on and brought me to another high, and kept me there for the remaining time of his ferocious fucking.

His grip on my hips tightened and his thrashing became more violent, as he approached the finish line. He loudly grunted as his cock pounded deep inside me with spasms of cum shooting against my cervix. Holding on tightly, he remained frozen and glued to my behind, as he savored the aftershocks of his orgasm.

I glanced over to the bushes and saw the man, which looked like a rather young one, walking quietly away.

“Wow, mom, were you ever wild today. What’s gotten into you?” my son inquired.

“Oh I guess… that’s just being outdoors and fornicating like wild beasts,” I used as an excuse, never mentioning anything about the voyeur.

Sexually and totally satisfied we lay down to rest and enjoyed the remaining time relishing the warm summer day in the sun.

Summer was our quiet season at work. So I asked my boss, if it was possible to take off --paid time-- every Friday afternoon, and to make up for my time in the fall, doing an hour unpaid overtime. He liked my proposal so much that he offered this deal to the rest of his employees, who eagerly agreed.

So my son and I made it a regular habit going to the lake week after week. And so did the young man, standing there watching us, without my son knowing anything about it.

Then it happened, the second week of August, while my son and I had just started fucking, the young man came over and said,

“This was the most interesting summer vacation I've ever spent on my uncle’s farm. It was so exhilarating watching the two of you fucking. I wished I had a mother like you. You know, that’s every boy’s dream.”

My son was kind of shocked and called him a dirty little pervert. But the gutsy young man replied very coyly, “Who is the bigger pervert, me watching, or you fucking your own mother?”

Well my son couldn't find an answer to that, and the young man continued with a look on his eyes, no one could resist, "I would give anything to be in your shoes…even just for an hour. Maybe we could trade places?”

He looked kind of nerdy with his thick glasses and the way he was dressed. And I guess my son could relate to the boy’s desires and needs better than I could. He gave me a begging look. Actually both of them did. God how could I refuse?

I just smiled, lifted my hand in gesture and agreed. ”Oh what the hell, why not? Come here boy.”

He turned to my son pointing to the bushes and said, “Your place is over there behind the tree, Okay?”

As my son walked off, the young man said to me, “My name is Freddy, but I want you to call me son, while you are seducing me, Okay? I want you to pretend I am young and innocent, and never seen people having sex, you got it mommy?”

I nodded and motioned him to sit down beside me, and asked him if he ever had sex, and he said, “No mommy, but I want you to teach me. I get teased a lot in college, a couple of girls gave me a blowjob, but that’s it, never gotten to first base with any of them.”

I felt kind of sorry for him and quickly slipped in to the roll playing his mommy. I removed his glasses, looked deeply into his eyes, cupped his face in my hands and planted tender little kisses on his mouth. His lips parted, hungry to feel more. I extended my tongue and traced softly around his lips and slid it in just a bit. A quiet moan escaped his throat as our lips fully touched. I swirled my tongue around in his mouth and he reciprocated.

I could feel his breathing getting heavier and stopped kissing after a few minutes. I cupped my breast and asked him, “Would you like to touch and caress them baby?”

He just nodded and I pulled him closer. I started stroking his head, running my fingers through his hair. In a soft comforting voice, I encouraged him to feel free to touch and caress my boobs. I took his hand and guided it, tweaking my nipple, rolling it back and forth between his thumb and index finger, getting it aroused and hard.

“Oh yes baby, play with your mommy’s boobies! Caress them. Tweak my nipples. Lick them. Suck them!” I cheered him on.

He eagerly reached out, touching, feeling and exploring. “Oh they are so soft, they feel nicer than I expected. Oh mommy, may I really suck them?”

“Oh yes baby, suck them! I love having my tits sucked."

He lay down and I held his head close to my tit. He latched on to my nipple like a little hungry kitten searching for the tit to feed on. Shivers were running down my spine, watching my adopted son suckling on my breast.

With my nipple still half in his mouth, he said, “Hmm mommy, this is so nice.”

I couldn't help but quietly laugh and caressed him tenderly. His penis was growing and getting harder. I laid my hand on it, just resting it there for a while. I could feel the twitching in the palm of my hand, as it was growing in size. I removed my hand and said to him: “Oh baby, you sure have grown quite a bit since I last seen you. Just look at this, how big and hard you are.”

He smiled and said sheepishly, “That’s you mommy who does that to me. You are so pretty and sexy. I dream of you all the time. Every night, when I am alone in bed, I jerk off with your image in my head.”

I was so overwhelmed by what this young man was telling me and was aroused to the maximum. I felt like throwing him off me and to fuck him voraciously. But instead, I kept my cool and concentrated playing my role.

I tenderly massaged his young cock, running it through my fist up and down, went in a twisting motion over his knob and back down on his shaft, repeatedly. As I reached the base once again, I loosened my grip and let my nimble fingers slide over his small extracted sack. I kneaded his balls soft and tenderly. He moaned and groaned and his mouth released my tit.

I slid away from him and he sat up, resting propped up on his hands and arms. I knelled down in front of him and started pleasuring his penis. He watched in awe as I licked of the pearls of pre-cum on the tip of his knob.

Trying to watch his facial expression, I started licking and sucking his young cock by stroking his shaft and engulfing his knob, taking his cock all the way in my mouth and then letting it pop out again, switching from slow to fast. I could feel the twitching in his cock and expected him to come in no time at all.

So I stopped to give him a chance to relax and I encouraged him, “breath, breath in deeply. Relax! I know baby, those feelings are exciting for you, and it feels sooo good to cum. But it is very important to learn how to enjoy it to the fullest. To stay in control and to make it last longer. Women like men with staying power. You understand?”

“Yes mommy, I understand. Show me what to do and how!”

”Oh I will baby. We have plenty of time. Let’s not rush anything! Let’s just enjoy the present moment.”

I continued playing with his cock, tenderly stroking and licking it while his eyes never left me. I must have spent at least 5 minutes or so pleasuring him and couldn't hold myself back any longer. I climaxed without even being touched.

I sat up, spread my legs wide open, took my fingers and opened my labia to show him, how wet I was, how excited I was from sucking his young cock. I scooped some pussy juice up with my finger and licked it off.

“Hmm, would you like to taste it too, baby?” His eyes opened wide and he nodded eagerly.

He dove right down and buried his head in my wet sloppy pussy. As his tongue licked up my juices he slobbered and slurped, sounding like a bunch of pigs eating from a pig trough.

Looking down on this stranger, feasting on my pussy, who is pretending to be my son, just drove me over the edge. I cried out:

“Oh yes baby! Oh yes, keep going, don’t stop!

I was overcome with immense sensation, lighting bolts shot through my entire body and a long, loud screech filled the air as I climaxed again.

“I am cumming…aahhh..yeeaahh!” My juices flooded in to his mouth and face.

His hair all drenched he sat up and with as huge smile he chuckled: “Wow that was awesome! I made you come and squirt. Oh fuck, I can’t believe this!”

He licked the juices off around his mouth, “Hmm, sweet, better than my cream!” he laughed.

I kissed him and thanked him and told him it was his turn to cum. But he insisted,” No mommy, I want to explore your pussy. I've seen them in porn movies and pictures, but never in real life. Please let me see it, mommy.”

So I sat up. Propped up on my arms I leaned back; spread my legs to give him a real good view.

He gazed with amazement at this mystical place. He used his finger to explore it, letting them slide over my outer lips and up to my enlarged clitoris. Moving his finger right over the very tip of it, making me quiver and moan. He took both his hands, and spread my lips apart and stared right into my wet, pink box. His eyes opened up wider and wider and his saliva was trickling out of the corner of his mouth.

He took his finger and inserted it hesitantly into my vagina, twisting and probing, pushing deeper and deeper. Then he stopped and asked: “Oh please mommy, explain to me, how this pleasure box of yours works.”

I was taken back by his request, but what the hell, why not. Pointing to my pubic mound, I explained:

“See baby, this is called the “mons veneris”, which means in Latin:” Roman Goddess of Love” and this are my external genitals, which are called vulva and have the outer lips “labia majora”, and the inner lips “labia minora”, which protect the vagina, urethra and the clitoris.

Both the inner and outer labia are quite sensitive to touch and pressure. And the clitoris, which everyone just calls clit, is extremely receptive to any kind of pleasuring. It has a gland on the tip which is protected by the prepuce, or clitoral hood, a covering of tissue similar to the foreskin of your penis. The clit grows bigger and harder when you rub it, lick or suck it, and can easily give a woman an orgasm.

The urethra is just below the clit, and is not really related to sex or the reproduction system. It is the passageway for urine. But if the G-spot gets stimulated enough, either by vaginal or anal penetration, with fingers, a penis or a dildo, the immense sensation can trigger the Skeins glands to produce a liquid--which is not pee--and make a woman squirt: which is referred to as ‘female ejaculation’.”

“Oh my god mommy, that is so fucking exciting. I know all that stuff, but it was way more interesting having it explained by you. I think I gonna come real soon.”

Quickly I pushed him down on the blanket and pleasured his rock hard cock, licking and sucking to lubricate it. I sat on top of him, and lowered myself onto him. As soon his cock was submerged in my warm pussy, his eyes rolled back in his head and breathlessly he stuttered,

“Oh my…oh my god! Oh my is that good, so warm…so wet…uuhhh…soooo nice .”

I straddled him and fucked him very slowly, giving him a chance to savor every single up and down movement to the fullest. I would have loved to ride him like a wild cowgirl, but this being his first time; I thought it was more important giving him pleasures, rather than myself.

I studied his facial expression and moved slowly up and down, rested on his base, grinding myself hard against his pelvis, then lifted myself up, fucked him for a few seconds and hovered over him, not moving, the tip of his knob just on the outside of my soaking lips.

He lifted his head and supported it with his hands. He looked down, watched in awe how his cock was slowly swallowed up by my deep love channel, how my lips enveloped his shaft and were flaring open as his glistening cock slid back out of me. His breathing accelerated, his eyes widened and his body vibrated of excitement. I continued fucking him in a very slow pace, forcing myself to keep my own arousal at bay.

After several minutes of this intense pleasuring, he reached for my tits, squeezed and titillated my perky nipples, which drove me wild. No longer could I resist my urge to cum. I fucked him ferociously, my tight pussy clutching his hard shaft, pumping it, coming down on him hard. The loud moaning and the sound of our bodies clashing together over-topped the screeching of the seagulls at the lake.

At the same precise moment, when I reached my highest peak, he grabbed my forearms and dug his fingernails in them. With his eyes closed and frowning, he succumbed yowling to his first release inside a woman’s womb.

We just rested very quietly, relishing this unique experience each in our own way; one to remember for the ages.

Our silence was broken by my son’s voice, “Wow, I never knew it could be such a vivacious thrill watching others having sex. And how did the two of you enjoy it?”

Freddy jumped up, danced around yelling: “That was the greatest day in my life! Thanks man!” giving a high five to Johnny.

Then he bent down to me, cupped my face in his hands and planted a long warm kiss right on my lips, “Thanks mommy, you are the greatest! You fulfilled my wildest dream. Hope to see you again next summer.”

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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MOMMY, that was fantastic. You gave that young man more than he ever expected. You are a great teacher and lover. Your son was also happy at watching you get fucked by this Boy, who You made a Man, taking his Cherry. "V=5X5+++."
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