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Mom Called Me At Night

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Mom Called Me At Night


(Written By:   Jack Is Back)


My mom and I live alone because my dad died of a car accident when I was 3 and since then we have lived in this big old house in the northeast of town.

I was 16 and my mom was 52 when it all happened.

We were very close and she always was treating me like a friend as her priority in her behavior with me and that made her to talk to me very openly, even about her sex life.


Mom is not a very beautiful woman and she is almost one of those big sized ladies but with a nice looking fat chicky face and very huge but shapely tits and a really round ample size butt; beside she always used revealing sexy dresses. All these combination made her a sex symbol for me. Therefore to me, the ideal type of women are somehow fat matures with big great boobs and ass.

That kind of sex thoughts led me to find fat mature elder women on the internet porn sites, specially those who looked like mom. I have to admit that I used to jerk off seeing those big matures with thoughts about mom.

I was sure that mom had been found out about it too that my type of ideal women for sex were the ones about her age and size. One day after I had came back from school, I made sure about it when I found some web pages opened on my computer which mom had found them via other links of my favorite sites and then just turned the monitor off and waited for me to find the pictures of those big fat sluts when I sat behind the computer.

After that day she didn’t mentioned anything about it but she made an obvious change in her dresses and made them more opened, thinner and sexier than before.

From that time I was sure she wanted me to bang her bad, but I was waiting just for a clear clue from her side.


It was one hot summer night that she made that move. That night she was wearing a very short and thin red nightgown consisting of a small short only covering her ass and a short shirt buttoned hardly over her huge tits without any bra which made her breasts clearly visible for my eyes.

After dinner she started to talk about 2 of her boyfriends that she had sex with them (as I mentioned before she always talked to me about sex very easily).

Then suddenly she asked me:” what is your favorite type of woman to have wild and ultimate sex with”


I was surprised and a little blushed, but I tried to be as honest as her and replied:” you know, my idea about a   woman to have ultimate sex with is that she should be fat enough with big boobs and great ass so I can burry my Thing in some soft and comfort meat anywhere I wish to penetrate.” I had gathered all my courage to say that and I was not sure how she would react.

She smiled at me:” that’s almost my body description. Anyway I am glad that you know what you want so you won’t waist your time wondering around.”

After dinner she said goodnight earlier than usual and went to her bedroom. I walked to my bedroom too to kill the last hours of the night reading a book. My room is in front of mom’s some steps away.

Half an hour later mom called me from her room:” Steve… Steve, would you please come over here quickly?!!!”

I rushed to mom’s room just to find her standing at the corner of the room looked very obviously pretended to be terrified:” Steve, there is a lizard under my bed!!!” she said to me.

The first thing I’ve noticed was that mom had worn a complete dark red make during the time she was there.

The make up made her looking very nasty in a seductive way; almost similar to those dirty mature women I used to see on the internet.

I knew there was no lizard and she only called for me to check up on her and to see how sluty she looked with that type of make up. However I bent over to see under her bed:” mom, there isn’t any lizard here.”

She replied:” may be it ran away when you came. But it’s all right now that you’ve looked. You can go now, just please turn off the light before you go.”

I turned off the light and left her in an almost dark room.

It was almost 11 pm that I was preparing to sleep, 15 minutes after mom called, I took off my dresses wearing only shorts just when mom called for me again:” Steve, please come over here!!!”

“What is it this time?” I said to myself opening mom’s door just to find her in the dark room again standing at a corner, as far as I could see in a dim light entering from outside.

I could hardly see mom only a shade of her, so I tuned the light on and at the same moment she made a short scream:” Ooooooooo…No!!!”

There she was standing completely naked; covering her pussy by her hands which were passing over her big boobs just covered her nipples. It was obvious that she prepared her figure precisely in that way, before I entered to the room so she made that figure in a very nasty way just to set a seducing show for me.

I have to admit that she succeeded because she really turned me on.

Mom said:” I didn’t expect you to turn the light on.” She was lying since she remained silent when I opened the door. She continued:” you know this summer is very hot and I used to sleep naked; anyway I called you because the damn lizard is back.”

I said, couldn’t take my eyes of her body:” Do you want me to look after it?”

Mom replied:” no, it’s no use it will run away again. But you can do me a favor and sleep beside me tonight, that would make me feel secure and I won’t be afraid anymore.”

Then I made sure that what she was up to something:” Sure, of course.” I said in a voice shaking from lust.


She turned her back to me wiggling her fat ass for me:” OK, then turn the light off and come to bed.” She said while she lied in the bed and turned a small lamp beside on.

I turned the light off and sneaked to her bed. Mom turned her back to me so I was lied beside her just an inch away from her naked body completely visible under the small lamp light.


I was almost hard when she moved her body closer to fill the gap with her ample size round naked ass.

She started to touch my hard cock with her ass and said:” oooooh, what a huge dick you have there!!! It seems that your gun is ready to shoot.”

I moaned in pleasure:” Aaaaaah, I’m sorry mom, but with you naked beside me I can’t control it anymore.”

Mom put her hands inside my shorts and started to squeeze my cock with one hand and rub my balls with the other:” Then we should do something about it. I think if I help you unload your gun, this wild dragon would calm down and let you sleep.”

I said:” OK, but how do you want to do that?” then I started to kiss and suck her big boobs with hunger.

She sat on the bed continuing her marvelous hand job for me:” Let me start with my special blow job for you.” And then she took off my shorts by tearing it and put my cock completely in her mouth and sucked it like I thought she was trying to eat my meat:” Oooooh, mom you are a hell of a sucker.”

Mom said:” how is mama? Do you want me to be your WHORE tonight?”

I replied breathless from her hard sucking:” Aaaah, yes, I wanna fuck you mom like a dirty bitch. You fucking nasty whore set me up very good tonight. I could have never imagined you to show up whole naked like a slut.”

Mom stopped sucking for a while, looked me in the eye with lust and said:” Oooooh, son I like it when you talk to me with dirty words. I was dying to be FUCKED by you. I made every sulty and dirty move I knew to make you fuck me, specially from the day I found out that you like those fat sluts with big tits whom look like me. Am I any compare to them?”

I grabbed her ass and said:” you are the best of them, beside you are much dirtier and tonight you proved that you are a Bad Bitch who deserves to be fucked like a cheap Street Whore.”

She moaned:” Aaaaah, so fuck your bitchy mom the way I deserve it. Ooooooh, FUCK your whore mom, ooooooh yeah.” Then she started to suck on my cock harder and faster.

I reached to her breasts with one hand squeezed them one by one and put my other hand on her head and pushed her mouth on my cock harder the way she had no choice but sliding my cock deep in her throat.

After some minutes I felt satisfied with that position and pulled my cock out of her mouth with a great pop sound and I ordered her:” Lie on your back bitch, it’s time for your fat pussy.”

She obeyed and lied on the bed, showing me her well shaved pussy with fat pink lips, then she lifted her legs and slightly bent her knees saying:” oh, yeah this way you can have deeper penetration and make it easier for me to have you all the way in since I was never been fucked by man at your size. Your cock is a real MONSTER.”

I kneeled between her legs, put my hands on her tits and pressed them hard. My hands was no match to her huge fat tits so I pressed them using my weight, then bubbles of her boob meats came out under my fingers and I felt her erected nipples under hands.

She started to moan and scream:” Oooooh, oooooh, fuck your whore mom; don’t make me wait anymore.”

So I put the head of my cocking her pussy and inserted just an inch and move it in and out to tease her willing for more.

Mom had become very horny at this point and screamed:” FUCK me all the way through; insert that Dragon FULLY… INTO …MY… PUSSY. I said do your mom like a DIRTY WHORE son, oooooh ye, fuck, ye, ooooooooh, give me all your cock.”

And with that I rammed my cock in one hard and fast move all the way into her wet hot dripping pussy. I could fell the head of my cock touching the bottom of her womb.

She was screaming in lust. I put my arms under her knees and had her heavy legs lifted from bed. Touching those fat meaty legs made me even harder and made mom moan loader then I start to pump in and out in that position.

After 6 or 7 strokes mom screamed:” ooooooh, yes, yes, yes I’m cuming unload your hot semen into mom’s pussy. Aaaah fill mom’s pussy from the bottom of your balls son.” I felt her very hard orgasm sending waves of juices and pulsing on my cock as I made several heavy cumshots deep into her pussy.

We both collapsed after that hard orgasm. I didn’t had the power to even to pull my cock out of her pussy so I   lied above her, relaxed my body on her meats like a blanket and we slept like that.



After about half an hour I woke up and find mom beside bed as she started to make a slow dance shaking her big boobs close to my mouth. Then she did the same shaking dance with her ass near to my chest.

She moaned:” Aaaaaaaaaaah, sonny don’t you want to fuck you slut mom again, aaaaaaaaah, ye, aaaaah, come on fuck this horny whore.”


I grabbed her ass and pulled it to my chest, and then I put my hands on her pussy using it to press her ass to my chest. I started to kiss and rub my lips on her huge, soft and meaty ass chicks and I told mom:” oooh mom, you have a very big nice ass. I’ve always dreamt about hugging it this way.”


Mom pushed her ass further to me, grabbed my semi hard dick with both hands and start to stroke it while she was moaning in pleasure of both what I was doing to her ass and my fingers now moving in and out of her pussy.


I stopped flirting her ass with my lips and said:” oh mom, let me Fuck your ass!”

She replied with a shaking voice of desire and excitement:” No, aaaaaaaaaah, I can’t you are so big and ooooh I can’t let you fuck my ass. I hardly could have that entire great cock in my pussy, how do you expect me to have it in my TIGHT ASS?” She made emphasize in saying last the 2 words which made me sure she was very excited about the idea but she was terrified too.

So I told her:” come on, I know you want it too. I promise you will enjoy it much more than pussy fucking.”

Mom said with coquetry:” But only Professional Experienced Whores accept to be ass fucked. Do you think about your mom that way?”

I said:” Yes, you told me yourself that you want to be my Whore; so shut up and have my cock in your ass like a Dirty Slut.”

Mom said:” OK but we don’t have any lubricant for it.”

I replied:” no need to, I can use your pussy juices as lubricant.” Then I pulled out my fingers from her pussy and showed her the drips that were falling and rubbed them to my now fully erected cock.

Then I ordered her:” on your knees, Bitch. Show me that big ass. I want to fuck your horny ass, Whore.”

Mom quickly obeyed and went to bed on her hands and knees and wiggled her shaking ass for me.

She was still terrified to be ass fucked by my huge size cock.

I put myself behind her on my knees and start to fuck her pussy:” OK mom, lube my cock with your bitchy pussy so I can FUCK your ass. Come on do it you dirty Whore.”


As I told her that she started to move her pussy in that doggy style and her pussy was dripping hard as I made her cum.  

After she finished her orgasm, I pulled out my completely wet cock from her pussy and put the head of it on her ass hole.

Mom was still moaning of her intense lust:” Aaaaaaaaaaaah, ye, ye, you fuck me so good. Aaaaah, aaaaah…” then I inserted just the head of my cock in her ass and she continued to moan in a lower vice:” Ooooh, oooooooooh, oh it’s very big. Ooooooh watch it son you’re fucking my tight ass. Ooooooooh, easy son, easy with that Dragon Cock.”

I began to use the same technique as I used to tease her pussy last time. So I start to stroke just with the 1 st inch of my cock in and out of her ass and then waited, keeping the small movements.

As before, this type of fucking made her really mad. Her ass was shaking in desire and lust and she said:” don’t tease me anymore just FUCK my ASS. Ooooooh I can’t take it any longer ram that wild animal INTO My ASS. Oh ye fuck it NOW.”

I moved my head near to her ear and whispered:” Mom do you remember that Bruce Lee movie name I liked very much? What was it? Let me help you; but you should say it out loud. What do you called my cock? Huh? Say it Bitch. Say the movie name…”

I was sure that she knew that movie’s name.

She shouted in her dirtiest voice, just like a horny whore:” ENTER THE DRAGON. Fuck your dragon Into My Ass.”

Just as she screamed it I pushed my entire cock in one sudden, hard and fast move deep in her ass.

Mom screamed lustfully:” Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Ooooooh, yes, yes Fuck my ass. Aaaaaaah ye.”

I stopped there a few seconds so she could accommodate herself and catch her breath.

Then I slowly start to pump in and out just the last inch of my cock, keeping most of it in her ass.

As I was increasing my fucking speed, I bend over her back and caught her ample size tits with my hands and start to squeeze them as hard as I was ramming in her ass.

I felt the pressure and heat of her ass increased as she screamed in a very intense orgasm:” ah, ah,ah,aaaaaaaaaaah, yes FUCK, ah yes.” And that pushed me to cum really hard into her ass.

I was shooting my cum into her ass as its muscles made several pulses due to her orgasm on my cock.

I squeezed her tits to the rhythm of her ass tensions and with each pulse of my cumshuts which made her orgasm even more intense as I felt that my cock was bursting from her ass heat and pressure.

Mom moaned loudly like a mad whore till I had emptied all my heavy loads deep into her ass.

Then we collapsed again with me lying on her fat ass.

Mom said breathing heavily:” Don’t pull that Dragon out of my ass. Let it sleep so I can enjoy it flooded in your semen; it is even heavier now. Aaaaaaaah what a Fuck!!!”

I whispered in her ear:” how does it feel to be ass fucked like a dirty slut?”

Mom replied in that nasty tone:” oh it was incredible. You fucked your mom the way she deserves it, you should keep fucking my ass from now on, it is really a great and dirty fuck your whore mom needs.”




Written By:   Jack Is Back

February 15, 2009


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...well narrated...pretty hot..
Posted 04 Jan 2013 01:17
fuck i was so turned on it was so fucking hot made myself cum
Posted 25 Aug 2009 16:25
ive always wanted to fuck my mom i just dont noe how to tell her.. she sounds exactly like the mom in this storyy.... i just want her to bounce her phat ass on my cockk...

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