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Mom Loves Tommy All the Way

Tags: mom, son, sex, incest
Mom and Dad help Tommy to become a man.
Tommy was sitting in the rented motor boat while his dad carefully steered it around the large, tranquil lake. Dad had never driven a motor boat so he was very careful and deliberate with everything he did. His attention was fully focused on driving. Tommy was sitting across the narrow aisle from his dad, facing backward. He looked at the beautiful blue sky, the pine trees that surrounded the lake and a couple of boats in the distance. His mom was sitting on the bench seat which ran along the side of the boat directly behind dad.

Mom and dad met in high school and Tommy is the product of their teen love. Dad is a 35 year old muscularily built man who owns a small construction company. He’s very successful and neither Tommy, nor his mom, want for anything. Tommy’s mom is 33 years old. She stands 5’8” tall and loves to maintain her golden brown tan. She has long blonde hair and a figure that rivals any swimsuit model. Today she wore a yellow, flower print bikini top with a solid yellow thong.

Mom and dad have always had a liberal outlook on life. Pool parties, drinking and sexual freedom were not uncommon. They made a point of teaching Tommy to work hard; his dad was a prime example of that. Yet they maintained that there was nothing wrong with enjoying the spoils of such hard work.

Mom and dad’s parties usually began after Tommy went to bed. He remembers one particular evening. It was a warm summer night and his parents had another couple over for dinner and drinks. Tommy recalls being sent to his bedroom after dinner but he could not fall asleep. He went to his window, which looked onto the backyard swimming pool, where he watched and listened to what his parents and their guests were doing and saying. The only illuminated light was the one in the swimming pool. Dad had placed the blue lens cover on the light and the water was deep blue. Tommy saw his mom and the male guest sitting next to each other on the edge of the pool with their feet hanging in the water. Tommy recalls that his mom was topless. He had seen his mom’s bare breasts once or twice in the past so he didn’t think too much of it. He watched for several more minutes and saw his dad getting into the spa with the female guest. They were both nude! Tommy watched with great interest as mom and the male guest stood up from the pool’s edge and walked hand in hand to the Jacuzzi. Before getting in, they both removed their bathing suits and entered the spa totally nude. Tommy watched as the four of them sat closely to each other. It was then that Tommy’s dad reached out of the spa to the pool light switch and turned off the light. The backyard was in total darkness and Tommy could see nothing. The pool filter was humming just outside his bedroom window so he was unable to hear anything going on in the spa. He lost interest and went to bed.

Today on the boat, Tommy found himself staring at mom’s breasts. They were tanned, firm and uplifted as they shimmered in the sun from the suntan lotion she had applied. Her long blonde hair blew in the breeze. She was sitting on the bench seat sideways with her feet bottoms on the seat and her knees were slightly apart. Tommy glanced at his mom’s thong bathing suit bottom and clearly saw the material coming out of her ass crack. The material was slightly out of alignment and a small portion of her pussy lips were showing.

Mom wore mirrored sunglasses and Tommy couldn’t tell if she was looking at him, past him toward the front of the boat or if her eyes were closed. Tommy was beginning to become aroused at seeing his mother’s pussy peeking out. He noticed she had no pubic hair. Tommy continued to look at the scenery but found his gaze returning to his mom’s pussy. He looked at her face and couldn’t tell if she was partially squinting or partially grinning. He continued to look around but once again, his eyes focused on mom’s pussy. This time, her legs opened slightly more than they were. More of mom’s pussy peeked out. Tommy thought he got busted and quickly looked away, but as his eyes scoured the horizon, he looked at mom’s face. She still seemed to be looking through him. If only he could see her eyes, then he’d know for certain if he had gotten caught checking her out or if the motion of the boat caused her legs to innocently move.

Tommy looked over his shoulder at his dad who had his full concentration on driving the boat. When he looked back at mom, Tommy saw that mom’s legs were spread even wider and the patch of cloth which had been slightly pulled to the side was now pulled all the way to the side exposing all of mom’s pussy. Tommy’s dick was becoming fully erect now and it was obvious. After staring for several seconds, Tommy looked at mom and her facial expression changed from what he earlier thought may have been a squint now seemed to be a knowing grin. Tommy assumed his mom had been watching him for a while.

Tommy looked at mom’s pussy and was no longer afraid of getting caught. His gaze did not move away from what has given him the hardest erection he’s ever had in his sixteen years. His dad announced they were going to set ashore on a nearby sandy beach. As he maneuvered the boat to shore, mom asked Tommy to remove a soft drink from the cooler and bring it to her. Tommy reached for the cooler and removed a drink. He was far enough away from her to cause him to stand up and take two steps toward her. His penis was fully erect and his gaze did not move off mom’s pussy. When he stood next to mom she reached up for the soda and slowly grazed his hard cock with her hand. She grasped the soda with the one hand and without taking it from Tommy, her other hand reached for his stiff cock and she gently stroked it through his bathing suit a few times. She took the soda from Tommy and put both hands down. She thanked Tommy and she then readjusted her bathing suit bottom so it was in proper placement. Moments later dad was jumping off the front of the boat and pulling it onto the shore. He tied it to a nearby tree stump and announced he was going to take a short exploratory walk and would be back soon. Tommy thought nothing of this because it was common for dad to go off and check things out when arriving at new destinations.

Dad left mom and Tommy in the boat. There was silence and Tommy didn’t know what to say. Tommy looked around and saw that dad had found an obscure inlet and there was nobody in sight. The only sound was the light tapping of the small wake as it splashed against the side of the boat. After a minute or so, mom sat forward and removed her bathing suit top, releasing her firm 34C breasts. Even though Tommy has seen mom’s breasts in the past, this was the closest he has been. She slowly rubbed tanning lotion on her breasts which caused her nipples to become erect. As she did this, she tipped her head back as if she were stretching her back. Tommy sat in silence as he studied mom’s every move. Next mom stood and removed her thong. Tossing it aside she asked Tommy to join her in the lake. Mom jumped off the boat into the shallow water and waded into the refreshing lake water. Tommy followed and swam next to her. Mom stopped and the water was about chest level. Tommy stopped swimming and stood facing mom. Mom bent at the knees to where only her head was above the water and she stepped toward Tommy. Tommy felt her hand rub his cock. She said nothing as she pulled Tommy’s bathing suit down and took his hard cock into her hand and began to stroke it. After a few moments Tommy felt mom’s legs around his waist and the tip of his hard cock was grazing the entrance to her soft pussy.

“I saw you looking at me, Tommy,” mom said. “It got me excited. I knew that we both wanted the same thing.”

Tommy could only grunt in agreement as he was rendered speechless. The feeling of his young, hard sixteen year old cock at the entrance to mom’s warm pussy somehow felt natural to him. Mom unwrapped her legs from around his hips and swam away from Tommy toward the sandy beach. Tommy followed closely behind.

Mom exited the water and trotted toward the boat where she removed a large beach towel. She quickly spread the towel on the dry sand just along the water’s edge next to the boat. She lay on her back, motioning for Tommy to kneel between her legs.

“Take a good look my son, because today you will become a man.” Mom spread her legs and exposed her Brazilian waxed pussy for Tommy to visually enjoy. Tommy’s bathing suit was lost somewhere in the lake and his penis was fully erect.

“Come now, son. Show mommy you’re ready to be a man,” Mom said.

Tommy began to quickly look around. “What about dad!” Tommy whispered fearfully!

Mom chuckled and said, “Dad won’t be back for a little while. Don’t worry about him now.”

At that, mom grasped Tommy’s cock and gently pulled it to her waiting pussy. Once she placed the tip of his hardness into her moist pussy, Tommy naturally pushed the rest of his cock deep into his mom.

“Ooohhhh,” Mom cooed. “I like that baby. Keep going.”

Tommy continued to move his cock in and out of mom’s pussy. He thought it felt tight and it was very lubricated. With every pump, Tommy believed that mom’s pussy became wetter and wetter. Tommy was a virgin, yet he had masturbated in the past. The feeling of putting his hard cock into a pussy was more than he ever imagined. But to put his cock into his mom’s pussy was better still.

Mom’s legs were spread wide and she raised her hips in unison with Tommy’s thrusts. Her breathing was heavy as she grabbed Tommy’s athletically firm, smooth ass and pulled him deeper into her. She now set the rhythm and she pulled Tommy into her faster and faster. Tommy’s breathing was heavy and fast. He could feel his orgasm building from within his balls.

Mom thrust harder and faster and suddenly let out a loud moan of pleasure! “OOOOOOOhhhhhhhhh!”

Tommy continued to pump his cock into mom as he looked at her face. She was biting her bottom lip and her brow was furrowed. Tommy knew mom was having an orgasm and this put him over the edge. He felt the explosion begin at the base of his cock and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it! His cock seemed to get harder than it already was and with one final thrust his cock began to pulsate. String after string of cum shot into his mom’s accepting pussy.

When Tommy was finished he collapsed onto his mother’s glistening body and she wrapped her arms around his neck. They both laid there for several minutes.

“How does it feel to be a man, baby?” Mom asked.

“It feels good, mom. I should have become a man sooner,” Tommy quipped with a grin.

Mom chuckled and kissed Tommy’s nose. “I think you’ll have plenty of opportunity to make up for lost time” Mom said with a grin. “Let’s go for a quick swim and cool off.”

They both got up and ran into the lake. They played in the refreshing lake water for what seemed about half an hour when dad walked out of the bushes adjacent to the beach.

“Hey, that looks like fun!” Dad called out.

Mom stood up to wave. Her bare breasts were exposed above the water line and Tommy was shocked back to earth from his current state of euphoria.

“Mom! Dad can see your tits!” Tommy nervously stuttered.

“Well, he’s seen them before, baby,” Mom said with a chuckle.

“Yeah, but I’m with you.” Tommy thought for a second and nervously exclaimed, “And I’m naked, too! Shit, dad’s gonna flip out, Mom!”

Mom began to loudly laugh as she said, “No he’s not!” Mom looked at dad and yelled, “Hey, Tommy’s afraid you’re gonna flip out because we’re skinny dipping!”

Tommy was shocked and thought, ‘Oh crap! He’s gonna kick my ass!’ But to Tommy’s amazement dad simply laughed and said, “No way, son!” At that dad removed his swim trunks and waded into the water to join mom and Tommy.

“Son,” dad asked. “Do you think it was an accident that we stopped in this hidden inlet?”

Tommy looked at dad with a confused look and dad continued. “Your mom and I thought it would be a good idea if she were to show you what it's like to join the ranks of manhood, seeing that you're sixteen and all."

Tommy listened, trying to make sense of it all. “See, Tommy, we believe that physical pleasure is best learned in the home, with people you trust. You trust us, don’t you Tommy?”

“Of course I do, Dad.”

“OK then, I left you and your mom alone for a couple of reasons. First so she could give you some sexual relief from all the teasing she did to you on the way over here.”

Tommy’s eyes got wide, “What!? You knew about that!?”

“Of course I did,” Dad said with a big smile. “Why do you think I never looked back at you two? Hell, son, we were only traveling at about 10 miles per hour. A blind person could have steered the boat at that speed!” Mom and Dad each let out a huge laugh while Tommy grinned with embarrassment.

“OK. So what’s the other reason you stopped here?” Tommy inquired.

“Ah, now for the big surprise,” Mom interjected. 

Dad excitedly said. “You see, through the woods, about a five minute walk from here, are a small group of our friends. You already know them from being at our pool parties. They brought their kids for this weekend.”

“Their kids?” Tommy asked inquisitively.

“Yes, Tom,” Mom said. “Two of the couples have five children between them. Three girls and two boys are over there. We didn’t plan it, but with you, there are three boys and three girls. It really worked out well. And they’re all between 16 and 18! Isn’t that great?”

Tommy thought for a few moments trying to make sense of all this when Dad said, “You might be wondering what this has to do with the pool parties. Let me tell you. We adults got together and planned to bring all you kids into the party scene. Do you think you can handle a little more of what you and mom experienced while I was gone?”

Tommy never admitted to being a fool and he quickly said, “I think I can handle some more of that.”

“OK then, let’s get the cooler off the boat and make our way to the party. It’s just a short walk away,” Dad said. “Oh, by the way,” dad continued, “it’s a clothing optional weekend. If you want to be nude, that’s cool. If you want to wear your bathing suit, that’s cool, too. It’s up to you, OK?”

Tommy shook his head in the affirmative and said, “I think I may like this weekend. Besides, I lost my bathing suit somewhere in the lake so I really have no choice!” He let out a loud, hearty laugh!

Mom slapped Tommy’s firm ass and said, “I know you’ll like this weekend. By the way, I packed a few extra things so you won’t have to go nude ALL weekend!”

All three of them laughed as they walked from the boat into the woods, making their way to the party. Tommy couldn’t stop grinning.

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Posted 30 Sep 2013 19:18
Very good and erotic story. Thought I would work from your earliest forward. Hope there is a sequel. Thank you.
Posted 28 Apr 2013 01:44
Good story.
Posted 15 Aug 2012 11:32
good start to this series.
Posted 20 Dec 2011 16:03
veryy nice guys a very sexy and nice storie
Posted 03 Dec 2011 02:46
incest is one of my fav
Posted 05 Nov 2011 19:47
incest is best!! love this sex tale,, well described!! a 5 of course!! wish i had a family like this!!
Posted 13 Oct 2011 22:52
Sounds like my kind a weekend
Posted 24 Feb 2011 14:30
Great story. Well written, made me feel like I was there. Let us know when part 2 comes round.
Posted 19 Feb 2011 21:55
Great story! More?
Posted 15 Feb 2011 09:02
Great writing. I haven't been this interested in a story for a while and can't wait to read the sequel. Only wish I knew where that inlet was when I was that age and even now!
Posted 14 Feb 2011 16:59
Great story, only one thing I wished that at around that age something like that could have happened to me! Hope to hear what happens next.
Posted 14 Feb 2011 16:40
Yes tell us about the party. Now that Mom has made a man of her son, he should be ready for the rest. "V=5."
Posted 14 Feb 2011 11:53
awesome stuff,can't wait for the next installment

hope its sooner rather than later
Posted 13 Feb 2011 23:58
A great start to the weekend and the party sounds like it's going to be a blast. Let's read about it soon.
Posted 13 Feb 2011 12:59
great story,,, now for part 2
Posted 13 Feb 2011 11:12
That was fun can't wait for the next part to happen. Thanks for sharing
Posted 13 Feb 2011 08:14
Great story, hope we hear about what goes on the rest of the weekend..
Posted 13 Feb 2011 08:06
Good story, wishing and hoping, but alas, too late for me. but would have loved to had my Mom when I was young.
Posted 13 Feb 2011 08:05
Hey, good story, but you need another part. I want to know about the party.

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