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Mom Loves Tommy Part 4

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Mom rests as Tommy and Dad decide to sample young fruit.
After eating breakfast, Tommy went to the lagoon where he could swim in the cool, clear, still water. After several minutes, he saw his dad and Megan wade into the lagoon. They were holding hands, but Tommy wasn’t surprised by anything at this point. Megan giggled as Tommy’s dad whispered into her ear. Megan let go of his hand and playfully ran a little deeper into the lagoon and then dove in. Tommy enjoyed watching Megan’s firm breasts jiggle as she ran, as did his dad.

“Hey, Tommy,” Dad called out as he continued wading toward Tommy. “Having fun so far?”

“I’m having a great time, dad,” Tommy replied.

“Good! Because we are all about having fun this weekend,” Dad said.

Dad got to within a few feet of Tommy when Megan popped up out of the water between Tommy and Dad. Both Tommy and Dad said, “Whoa!” as they were both surprised.

Megan giggled and said, “Did I surprise you guys?”

Both Tommy and Dad replied simultaneously, “It was a happy surprise.”

All three of them laughed and Megan chuckled, “You guys can’t say you’re not related! Are you the same in everything you do?” Megan bit her bottom lip and glanced at Dad. Dad smiled and winked at Megan.

“Uh, did you two have some fun of your own last night?” Tommy asked.

Dad and Megan chuckled and coyly looked at each other.

Dad said, “Let’s go to the boat and get some sun. The beach is getting crowded.”

Tommy looked at the shore and saw the other nine people milling about. The three of them casually swam to the boat that Dad had moored next to the others. They climbed up the ladder on the rear and each located a comfortable position to lie in the sun. Dad removed sun block from a compartment and spread it on himself. He spread some on Megan’s entire back half, taking a few extra moments to rub her firm young ass. Tommy saw that Dad’s cock was becoming somewhat erect, but Dad tossed the sun block to Tommy and then lied back down.

“Megan, do you mind putting this on my back?” Tommy asked.

“Of course not!” Megan sat up and took the sun block. Tommy lied on his stomach as Megan sat facing Tommy, crossing her legs underneath her. She began at his shoulders and moved down his back to his ass. Megan spread the sun block on Tommy’s ass and inner thighs. She hovered in this area and on occasion, when she rubbed his inner thighs, gently brushed against Tommy’s balls. Tommy liked the way if felt and was becoming aroused. So far, he had yet to have sex with one of his peers.

Tommy spread his legs slightly and Megan did not miss the opportunity. She reached between his legs and gently stroked Tommy’s balls. Tommy’s cock was getting hard and he lifted his hips in an effort to find a more comfortable position. Megan saw the opportunity to reach her hand further between Tommy’s legs and she began to rub his hard cock. Tommy instinctively rolled onto his side where Megan could have an easier time at rubbing him.

Megan grasped her hand around Tommy’s cock and began to stroke it. The hot sun glistened off of Megan’s body as she worked her hand up and down Tommy’s shaft. Tommy’s eyes were closed as he enjoyed Megan’s handiwork. After about a minute Tommy sensed a shadow blocking the sun on his face so he opened his eyes and saw his dad standing next to Megan. She was sucking his hard cock but she never missed a stroke of Tommy’s cock.

Tommy was intrigued as Megan’s lips appeared to be a soft refuge for his dad’s cock. Dad was watching Megan take his cock deep into her mouth and then he glanced at Tommy. Dad smiled and winked at Tommy and Tommy smiled back. Tommy felt a kinship with his dad he never felt before. This is better than going to a baseball game Tommy thought.

“Come over here honey,” Dad said to Megan.

He stepped to the bench seat and sat down with his legs outstretched. Megan followed and once dad was settled she got on her hands and knees and continued to suck his cock. Initially, Tommy was a little hurt that dad would take Megan away from her excellent stroking duties but he was quickly satisfied when dad waved him over and pointed to Megan’s ass. Tommy sat up and got on his knees behind Megan. He started to rub her pussy and felt that it was wet with natural lubricant. Megan slowly moved her hips to the touch of Tommy’s hand on her pussy. His cock was very hard and he naturally guided his cock into Megan’s pussy.

Megan’s pussy felt tighter than Mom’s and Vanessa’s. Tommy let out a soft moan as Megan’s pussy seemed to tighten around him like a velvet glove. Megan’s hips moved in rhythm to each of Tommy’s penetrating thrusts and it wasn’t long before she was also moaning with pleasure. Megan was enjoying Tommy’s cock in her pussy so much she seemed to devour Dad’s cock. Dad watched as she deep throated his hard shaft.

Megan was glistening as the sun shined upon her. Tommy filled her pussy from behind while Dad filled her mouth from the front. Tommy was driving his cock deep into Megan when she reached back with one hand and held it against his abdomen as if to stop him. Tommy stopped and Megan grasped his shaft and removed it from her pussy. She quickly put the tip of his cock at the entrance to her ass and pushed back. Tommy had never had anal sex but he was so revved up he responded to Megan’s push back with a thrust forward. His cock slid into her tight ass.

“OOHHHHH!” Tommy loudly groaned.

“That’s it! Fuck my ass!” Megan said in a breathy voice.

Megan took dad’s cock into her hand and began to stroke it with a vengeance. Her grip was tight enough to cause her knuckles to get white.

“Cum for me,” she said to Dad, staring in his eyes. Her teeth were clenched as she fervently stroked his shaft.

Dad could no longer contain himself and seconds before he shot his load, Megan put her lips around the head of his cock. Dad let out a loud moan as he shot his cum into Megan’s waiting mouth. She accepted every surge of cum into her mouth and swallowed every bit of it.

Tommy was now pounding his cock into Megan’s ass and she turned her attention to him.

“Fuck my ass! Come on! Like daddy like son! Cum inside of me!” Megan was ferocious as she pushed her ass against Tommy’s thrusting cock.

Tommy could hold back no longer and he shot string after string of cum deep into Megan’s ass. His cock was pulsating as Megan cooed with pleasure “Mmm, that’s it! Fill me!”

Once Tommy was dry he slid his cock out of Megan’s ass. She lay on the floor of the boat trying to catch her breath. Tommy sat down next to her and Dad stayed on the bench seat. The three of them were spent and not a word was spoken for the next thirty minutes when they decided to jump into the lagoon for a swim.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing on the beach.

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Posted 19 May 2013 09:43
This was my favorite of your stories so far. Really hot and erotic.
Posted 18 May 2012 22:35
keep writing this series its great
Posted 12 Nov 2011 17:17
Hot story waiting for the next one. Thanks for sharing.
Posted 09 Nov 2011 06:32
Great story. Almost forgot about this group. It's been so long. Good one.

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