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Mom makes it up to me

Enjoying my summer break with a mature woman

After my very first BJ from my mother, my whole outlook on life changed. I started thinking more about my English Teacher Mrs. Murphy, more about girls in school and certainly more about my mother and the places her and my father would go on weekend nights.

Mrs. Murphy was my Mom's age. She was the only female in my all male high school, with the exception of the school nurse and secretary.

In the mornings Mrs. Murphy would step out of her car looking like the biggest prude! Her blouse was always buttoned to the top and she always wore thick long skirts that covered her knees.

I started paying more attention to her as my sexual desires increased. She carried herself like a prude, however once she reached our classroom she would unbutton 3-4 of her top buttons on her blouse and occasionally unzip the side of her dress to expose her beautiful legs.

She would lecture and all of her words would just turn into mush. The only thing I could think about was undressing her and sucking on her huge breasts. Each day at the end of class she would move her chair purposely by the exit door and stare at my boner as I walked out.

My daily routines of masturbation in the morning and when I came home from school never really changed. I tried on several occasions to persuade my Mom into giving a blow job or help me jack off. It was obvious that the deep throat BJ she gave was a once in a lifetime event.

It was several weeks after my encounter with Mom that I met Lucy. Lucy was my age, had a really nice body and was known as the girl from the wrong side of the tracks. We sat next to each other on the bus playing cards or just talking.

Lucy had a reputation and I took a lot of grief at school because we sat next to each other on the school bus. The more we talked the more I started too really like her and did not care about her reputation. The school dance was coming up so I asked if you would go with me.

The dance was at 7:00pm that night. We arrived at Lucy's house right on time and after a quick introduction to her Dad, Lucy joined my mom and drove to the high school.

The dance was great; we danced fast, danced in groups and never left the floor. On the slow songs we held each other very tight. We made out dancing slow, all the while driving my hard-on into Lucy. She was grinding back and If I wasn’t careful I would cum in my pants.

After the dance my Mom picked us up and other than huge blue balls the ride to Lucy's was uneventful. We dropped Lucy off and once back in the car my mom just unleashed hell on me.

Apparently she was talking to other Mom's and found out about Lucy's reputation. I tried to convince her that they were just rumors and Lucy was a nice girl. I finally stopped talking and just listened to the endless reasons why I should not see Lucy again.

We arrived at home and I went straight to my room without talking to my Dad or older sister. Lucy's didn't have a phone and there was no way to reach her for the fact that she lived almost 10 miles from us.

The following Monday I was able to see Lucy and we decided to cut class and just go to a local park to talk. We ended up making out on the lawn and Lucy let me touch her all over. I was able to run my hands down her pants, feel her soft pubes and finger her pussy.

I could tell she was really enjoying my fingers and she quickly became so wet it started seeping through her jeans. My cock was on fire, but we could not go any further. Again, my balls were so swollen and my cock actually hurt from being hard for so long.

That afternoon we both headed back to school to catch the bus home. During the ride I asked Lucy if she could come to my house. My Mom would give her a ride home and we could just tell her Dad that she missed the bus. The plan worked perfectly! Lucy got off the bus with me and we walked to my house

Lucy and I arrived at my house and I have to say I was speechless, my mind was racing and nothing was going to stop me from losing my virginity with Lucy.

I wasn’t sure if the BJ my mother gave me counted or not, all I knew was I wanted to stick my cock in a pussy for the first time.

We walked in dropped our books and started making out just inside the front door. Lucy quickly started to pull my pants down as I was removing her shirt. Lucy had such huge tits that I barely touched the snap on her bra and her tits just exploded from her chest.

Frantically I started sucking her puffy nipples, feeling her pussy and grinding my cock into her crotch. My cock was the hardest it have ever been. I was in heaven, sucking her nipples with my fingers buried in her soaking wet pussy.

She finally stopped me took her shoes and pants completely off. She laid on our couch spread wide and told me she wanted me. Her inner thighs were glistening with moisture and I could tell she was as horny as me.

My pants and underwear were off in a flash as I climbed on top of her. I was merely split seconds away from full penetration when I felt the stare of my mother. There she was standing behind us.

“What the hell do you think you two are doing”?

Oh crap, “Mom when did you get home?”

“It doesn’t matter Christopher!"

Lucy was frantic, trying to find her clothes which were scattered from the front door to the living room. My Mom kept screaming at the both of for having unprotected sex, started lecturing about STD’s, pregnancy and the emotions of having sex.

The entire moment was nothing but a blur. Mom quickly escorted Lucy to the garage and told her she was driving her home without me. My boner never went down, but jacking off was the last thing on my mind.

My Mom finally returned home and apologized for screaming. I refused to talk to her simply went to my room. Later that evening my Mom brought me dinner, apologized again and promised she was going to make it up to me.

The next day at school was our last before summer break. Lucy never came to school and there was no way to reach her over the summer break. My one chance of intercourse ended abruptly. The bus ride home was horrible and all I could think about was Lucy, her soft pale white skin, huge tits with very puffy nipples.

Most of all the way her pussy felt in my hand. The smell and feelings we shared were immense. I could not sleep at night, really did not want to masturbate anymore my life seemed to be hopeless. I could not stop thinking about her and constantly smelled my fingers for her scent.

School was finally over for summer. My Mom made it a point to come home early and often. She tried to talk with me but I was still pissed.

My Mother finally came into my room and told me she had a surprise for me to make up for what she did to Lucy and I.

“Christopher,” as she would say when she wanted my attention, “your father and I are going out tonight and will not be back until Sunday.”

“Sissy is going to stay over at Heather’s house so I asked a very special friend of your father's and I to spend the weekend with you.”

At least she got my attention. “Mom, what do you mean by special?”

“Oh, you will see, remember how I told you I would make it up to you when I stopped you and Lucy?”

“Yes, but who is your friend?”

She just told me that it was going to be a very memorable weekend and after Sunday I would forget all about Lucy. I had an idea of what she meant, but my mind was racing. It was the first time I was not obsessed with the thoughts of Lucy since she was in my house.

The next afternoon my Mom and Dad were getting ready to leave, I waited for my Dad to head into the garage so I could stop my mother in her long coat. I cornered her and demanded that she show me what she was wearing.

“Mom, every time you and Dad go out for an overnight you always wear this long jacket.”

“It’s 90 degrees outside and you are dressed for winter?”

“Chris,” she snapped, “your father and I enjoy each other very much and frankly it’s none of your business what’s under my jacket!”

I wasn’t able to see under her coat, but the fact that she had tons of make-up on and super high heels I knew she was dressed provocatively.

“Christopher, now remember my friend will be over in about 30 minutes and I want you to treat her nice.”

“Ok Mom, I am still mad at you, but hope you have a great time.”

I sat down and started to watch TV, my mind was racing on who this friend was and why my parents made such a big deal about it.

A loud knock on the front door jeered my senses and woke me up from a mental slumber thinking of Lucy. I opened the door and oh my f-ing God, it was Mrs. Murphy.

"Hello Mrs. Murphy. What are you doing here?"

"Well Christopher, I am not sure if you are aware, but your parents and I have been friends since we were your age."

I had no idea, but my thoughts of losing my virginity seemed to disappear, I thought my Mom scheduled someone that I could have sex with.

Could my summer get any worse? I'll be the laughing stock of school when my friends find out that my babysitter was my English teacher! For the love of God, I am 18 years old and don’t need a babysitter!

"Well Chris, it looks like you and I are really going to get to know each other this weekend."

Yea, I thought to myself, how fun is this going to be!

"So did your mother tell you anything about me or how we met?"

"No, just that I was going to have a special weekend."

"Interesting, well, I have to use the restroom and will be right back."

This seemed very weird that she knew all about our home, where the bathroom was, where she put her suitcase and her overall confidence indicated that she had been here before.

"Christopher?" I heard her shout, "Where did you go?"

"Be right there, just putting some stuff in my bedroom."

I walked down the hall and Mrs. Murphy was standing in the kitchen with nothing on, but a very sheer nighty. Mrs. Murphy was of Irish descent, reddish hair, a few freckles and as I have said before had a huge set of the most luscious tits I had seen.

She coached cross country at the girl’s high school and helped with the track team in the spring. Needless to say her body was rock hard!

You have to be kidding me; my mom wants Mrs. Murphy to be my first? I guess my mother was making it up to me!

I sat up at our kitchen bar and watched as she prepared some snacks. She was cutting carrots and cucumbers, cheese and deli meat to create a platter of snacks.

Then she walk straight to me and asked, "Are you hungry dear?"

"Yes, I am very hungry."

"I was happy to hear that Christopher." "Let's sit in the living room and enjoy our snacks."

She sat on the floor and it was then that I realized she had no panties on and her nipples were fully exposed through the very see-through nighty.

"So are you glad school is out for the summer?" she asked.

"Yes, but I miss my friends and some things about school."

"Of course," she said.

We made small talk while eating the snacks and as we talked her legs were slowly spreading wider and wider. She then reached down and pulled her pussy lips apart to give me a full view of her vagina.

"Man, sometime I just need a little air in there" she said with a grin.

"Does it bother you to see my pussy Christopher?"

"Heavens no!"

"Have you ever licked a woman's pussy Christopher?"

"No, I just barely used my fingers."

"Would you like to lick my pussy?"

"Yes I would."

She then leaned back and opened her front of her nighty. She had really nice tits. There she was sitting on the carpet facing me with her legs spread wide open and rubbing her clitoris.

"Chris" she said. "I have to teach you a little about a woman's body before you can jump in."

With her right hand she spread her pussy as wide as it would go and with her left she started rubbing her clit.

"Son, this is the most sensitive part of a woman's body and where all the arousal comes from. I want you to lay down on the floor and put your tongue right here."

My flipping cock was bursting at the seams, the pain was something I had never felt and all I wanted to do is stick it in her pussy. I tried to kiss her and finger her pussy, but she quickly closed her legs and said, "No, you have to take it slow and be patient."

I agreed and put my face right between her legs and started to lick her clitoris.

"Hold on cowboy," I remember her saying. You have to learn to take it slow and be patient. Now put that little button in your mouth and suck it likes it's candy. There you go, use your tongue to flick it a tiny bit while you are sucking it... Oh my, that feels really good Christopher."

I was enjoying myself, spreading her lips apart with my fingers, licking her entire vagina from the top of her clit to just shy of her ass.

"Slow down my lover, just open your mouth and leave it on my clit without moving your tongue. That’s it, just wait and tells me when my clit starts to swell, kind of like your cock but a lot smaller."

I did exactly like she said and pretty soon her clit was bigger than my thumb. Pulsating and growing like a little Gremlin, it felt alive in my mouth. Mrs. Murphy was having an intense orgasm and started slamming her thighs around my head yelling my name.

"Oh Chris, stick your fingers in my cunt! Don't stop, keep sucking my clit, suck it you fucking bastard."

Oh my god, she was going crazy, the fluids were pouring out of her pussy like wet swim trunks, her eyes were crazy. She slammed her head back on the pillow and just covered her face momentarily. After a second or two she sat up and looked deep in my eyes.

"Give me you cock, give it to me," she moaned.

My cock was so hard, I had her pussy juice all over my face, down the front of my chest, pubic hair in my mouth and she just started attacking me.

She finally got my pants down, pushed me back and started sucking my cock. Her mouth was dripping with saliva, her hand was stroking me and she knew I was about to cum.

"Oh this is a really nice cock." She was holding it like was gold chalice or a prize she had worked hard for.

I couldn't hold back any longer, she was stroking and sucking and I just released the largest load of cum. The first blast dam nearly hit the ceiling fan. My cum came down all over the top of Mrs. Murphy's head. My second and third blasts were just duplicates of the first, cum was everywhere, on the food tray, all over me and all over Mrs. Murphy.

We both started laughing at my excitement; she kept squeezing my cock and put her mouth back on it to lick any last cum. She then started wiping cum from the food tray. She grabbed a piece of celery and started to suck the cum from it.

"Here Chris, try this," as she held a piece of celery up to my mouth covered in my own cum. I went ahead and tasted it and thought, not bad.

"Christopher? Why don't you go to your parents’ bedroom and start a bath in their large bathtub?"

"Ok Mrs. Murphy" I said

"Please Christopher call me Aileen, I think you deserve to use my first name now."

I walked down the hall naked into my parents’ bedroom. They had a huge tub custom made for at least four. I started the bath and waited in anticipation.

Mrs Mur.... Aileen walked in stark naked so I could see her entire body from head to toe. Wow, she looked so good! I can still remember her standing there, her body was very pink with a few freckles. Her tits sagged a bit, but they were so large that no woman could have held those puppies up without surgery. She leaned forward and shook her tits side to side. “Do you like these?”

She had the biggest smile and from what I could tell she was just as turned on with me as I was her.

The hot water quickly filled up the tub and she stepped in. We started making small talk as she washed herself, she than got on her knees and started to wash me.

"Can you sit up please and turn around?"

She then moved me away so I was doggy style with my ass facing her.

"Go ahead and just relax, I am going to wash your back."

She was on her knees washing my back and my ass, she then put her soaped up hand in my ass crack.

"Does that bother you?"

"Not at all," I said

She then started to gently finger my ass and stroking my fully hard 9" cock. She was stroking and really rubbing my ass. This was the first time I felt such pleasure.

"Christopher, I have been masturbating every day thinking of you. Did you ever notice I positioned my chair by the exit door in class so I could stare at your boner?”

“Yes” I said, “I was thinking of those tits each day in class and dreamed of sucking those nipples many times.”

"Your cock is so large, innocent and fresh."

She kept stroking and I was ready to burst again, but somehow I knew I had to stop if I was going to fuck her. I pulled away and told her it was my turn to wash her.

We quickly switched spots and there she was, doggy style, her ass in the air and me staring at her asshole and lengthy pussy lips. You could tell she really worked her pussy over as it was sexy, but her lips where huge and must have hung down three inches. They were really stretched and looked like they once had piercings.

I soaped her ass, rubbed her pussy and decided to insert my thumb in her ass. With one hand I had my thumb as far as it would go in her ass. My fingers spread her lips and stroked her bright pink cunt. I could feel her clit enlarge and her thighs started to tense up.

"Oh Christopher you are a quick learning, keep doing that and I am going to cum all over your hand."

My thumb was deep in her ass, while my fingers were on each side of her clit. I could tell she was really getting turned on as her clit was growing again.

"Yes my love, rub my clit just like that. Don't stop, keep it just like, yes don't stop, don't stop."

Aileen quickly started bucking, screaming so loud our dog started barking.

"Fuck yea, keep rubbing, rub that fucking cunt," she kept screaming.

She finally settled down, I removed my hands from her ass and positioned myself to enter her cunt with my diamond cutter. I was one thrust away and she jumped forward to escape my surge.

"Hold on my little stallion, I don't want you to fuck me like this.I want to look in your eyes as you fuck this pussy for the first time.You are not the only one who is experiencing a first tonight! I have never made love to a virgin so It's just as important to me as you!"

Crap, blue balls again! If there is a God, why is he putting me through this, I thought?

"Ok baby, follow me."

She stepped out of the shower grabbed a towel and headed to the bed. I quickly followed and jumped on top of her. We were making out, twisting in each others embrace. My mouth moved to her breasts and as soon as my lips touched she started going crazy again.

"Oh yes suck that tit, suck it boy, suck it."

My mouth was on her tit while my hand was all over her love canal. She was so wet, squirming and bucking. The waterbed was going insane and for a moment, I thought we might break it.

"Ok, it's time" she said. "I want that huge cock inside me."

She pulled away, lifted her legs up and grabbed her ankles.

"Oh my God, Aileen, you fucking pussy is gorgeous!"

"Stick it in Boy" she screamed! "Stick that fucking cock in in my CUNT!"

I couldn't believe it; I was actually going to lose my virginity!!

"Oh baby, Aileen, her it comes."

I was on my knees holding my cock, slowly inserting the head and just pushed all the way in. Her eyes never left mine as I started thrusting in and out.

It felt so good I thought I was going to cry. Her pussy was smooth as silk and very lubricated. I pulled my cock completely out and started fucking her clit up and down side to side.

"Stop that she screamed, shove your cock back in me. Fuck that pussy, deeper deeper, you little bastard, fuck that hole!"

I just kept fucking it, she had her legs dam near over her head so I could really see my cock and watch it disappear in her red mound. Thrusting, pushing, and just doing my best to hit every spot inside her love hole.

"Oh God, I am going to cum" she said. "Fuck it boy, Dam you, slam it home boy, fuck that cunt, fuck it!"

I couldn't hold out any longer.

"I am going to cum Aileen; I am going to cum deep in your pussy."

I had my hands on her thighs, pulled my cock almost out and in one swift motion pushed with all my might, grabbed her ass and just kept shoving my cock deeper and deeper.

"Ah, Ah, Oh that feels so good."

My cock was just pulsating, pumping my seed deep in her canyon, I must have had 6-8 spurts because my cock would just not stop, I don't know how much I came, but it was flipping huge.

"Christopher, that was awesome."

"You made me cum at least three times watching you, looking in your eyes and feeling your cock."

We lay there for another half hour or so. My cock softened up a bit, but still firm enough that I could feel her inner walls of her vagina.

I finally pulled my cock from her bright red pussy, it was covered in her juice and my cum.

"Let me have that, son."

She climbed on top of me and started licking my thighs, grabbed my cock and started cleaning it from the base to the head with her lips. She push me back on my back, held my legs up and started licking my balls. She pushed me up a little higher and started licking my ass hole. It was weird at first, but I quickly realized how good it felt. She pushed her finger my ass, opening my hole so she could get her tongue inside.

She was stroking my cock with one hand and shoving her tongue in my ass as far as it would go.

"Aileen, I am going to cum again, oh that feels good, keep licking, keep licking."

Wow, I shot my third load of the day and it was almost as intense as the first!

"Baby, I hope I am making you happy?"

"Yes you are Aileen, this is the best night every."

"Your Mom told me all about what she did to you and Lucy and I hope I am making it up to you?"

"You don't know how happy I am to take your virginity!"

I started to wonder what was going on, but was too involved in her to ask questions.

"Well the night is still young and your parents are not going to be home until Sunday night my dear."

Mrs. Murphy and I never left each others sight, overall I think I came twenty times that weekend and she must have had a hundred or more orgasms. She taught me the art of love making and the dirty secrets of hardcore sex. She used all my mother’s toys, both on her and on me. She even pulled another box from my parent’s closet that I was unaware of. It was filled with straps, whips, handcuffs, nipple clamps and an assortment of masks and headgear.

After she left Sunday afternoon I came to realize my parents were very much in tune with their sexuality. My relationship with my Mom only grew stronger and the events that happened that weekend really shaped my life.

Today I have a very loving wife and have been married for twenty years. We do a lot of wild things, but that will have to be another story or stories!

I hope you enjoyed my story as much as I did. It brought back a ton of memories of Mrs. Murphy.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Excellent!!! Super hot. Waiting for Luck. Thanks.
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Excellent story. Tell us more. Did he ever get to fuck Lucy? "V=5+++."
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Fine fantasy there
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Great! 5+
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I really enjoyed this..Thankyou
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Hot story, hope there is more to cum.
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Thanks for a damn hot story, Older ladies are so GREAT
as I know by wonderful experiences. please keep writing.

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Very well written hot erotic story....Good luck in the comp

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wow great story

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