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First thing you should know is that Mona has been a cheerleader since like 6th grade. I think she would have been a cheerleader from 1st grade if they had cheerleaders back then. Mona was born to be a cheerleader, spunky, happy, playful and most of all a total slut. I heard that she once gave a blowjob to two dicks at once…no, not dicks as in guys, as in two guys put their dicks together and she sucked both of them off.
Mona is cool by default. One, she is rich. Well, her parents are rich. Two, she always knows what to say and the right time to say it. Three, she had huge tits! I saw them when they were sprouting and they are nice. Full and soft and milky white, her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. Combine these three things and you’ve got yourself a popular chick no matter what she does.
I enjoy being around Mona because it’s like I get to park my own ego in the garage and sit back and watch hers for an hour or two. It isn’t so much that she is cocky, it’s just that she always has to be the center of attention and she always has to have the last word. In most people this is instant asshole, but in Mona...well, she worked it.
Mona invited us to come over to her house after school and hangout and maybe go to the mall. Mona tried to get us a ride to the mall from her parents but they just passed over us several times like we weren’t even there. When they left Mona home with us, alone, it was with a kiss, kiss and toodles. Mona didn’t let it shake her, she looked at us and asked what we wanted to do.
“You guys are gonna stay the night right?” Mona asked.
“Sure.” I said.
"God, you could get lost in this house!" Tina said.
"House!? This is a mansion!" I said.
"Hey, you guys wanna go lay in the hot tub?"
"But I don't have a suit." Tina said.
"Oh posh-smosh, what do you need a bathing suit for?" Mona said.
The hot tub is in a room on the second or maybe third floor of the house (hard to tell really). I'm not sure if this type of room has a name, but it is all glass and overlooks the trees down below in their expanse of yard. The tiled floor felt cold on my bare feet. Just this little side room was about half the size of my entire house!
"This is so cool of you guys to come over, it was just one of those nights were I know I was going to get completely stir crazy in this house. Thanks for coming and making me sane!" Mona said as she stepped out of her shorts.
“Sure, I can’t believe your parents just leave you alone here.” Tina said.
“Oh, they go off all the time because they trust me. They think I’m a good little girl. Of course what they don’t know right?” Mona said as she pulled off her top exposing her purple double D cup. Her nipples poked out of the bra and she turned her slender little frame toward me and I swore I saw a little wet spot in her pink and purple panties before she slipped them off.
I didn’t want to undress. Undressing in front of Mona and Tina was like undressing with super models when you are like, the ugly duckling. I’ve got absolutely no tits. Mona’s are perfect. Tina has smallish tits that I absolutely adore and even though I love her to death she makes me feel massively insecure.
I pulled off my shirt and bent over to slip off my shorts.
Mona slapped me on the ass!
"Hey! What the fuck!" I yelled as I tried to get my balance. I turned and chased Mona. Just wearing her bra, I chased her bouncing lily white fine ass until she bumped into Tina and the two of them fell onto the ground. Tina nude except for her panties so the two were like yen and yang, I laughed my ass off at the two of them. Mona started grabbing at Tina so I took off my bra and flicked it at Mona’s firm little cheerleader ass.
"Don't hit me with that little training thing!" Mona said.
"Oh, so now you are going to make fun of my boobs!?" I said.
"What boobs!" Mona and Tina said at the same time. I turned six shades of red.
This sent them into uncontrollable snot inducing, snorting laughter! Ha, fucking Ha! I self consciously covered my chest.
Mona pulled me down to her and said, "Oh, don't get so freaked. I'm just messing with you." Mona said and kissed me on the lips.
Tina and I both froze. Mona laughed at our discomfort and flung off her bra. Lines cut across her huge tits from the bra. I found her breasts fascinating. No one had boobs as big as Mona’s. I had nothing but a flat chest with little pimples sticking out so I was fascinated by any breasts.
“I never wear clothes in the hot tub.” Mona said.
“Never?” Tina asked.
“What about when people are home?” I asked.
“Who? My parents? Like they would care. If I don’t want to wear clothes I don’t wear clothes. If I want to fuck, I fuck.” Mona said with a devil may care attitude.
“I bet Tina is a virgin.” Mona said.
“Like I’m not?” I said.
“Are you?” They both asked.
This made them laugh so I felt good but continued to look at Mona’s breasts. Tina’s were like tight little balls on her chest, so firm and round. I found the hot water jets weren’t really helping either. I moved in front of one so that it shot right past my exposed little pussy.
“Have you ever masturbated in a hot tub?” Mona asked.
“No.” I said. Tina didn’t reply.
“It’s wonderful but you have to get your pussy out of the water.” Mona thrust her hips up so that her sleek little pink labia pierced out of the bubbles and were exposed to the air. “The cold air on your pussy will make you cum. Try it, just do it!”
We didn’t move.
“Oh you guys, look.” Mona covered her exposed labia with her fingers and masturbated right in front of us! Tina and I looked at each other with shocked amazement. Mona lowered her hips and came. Rocking front to back, her eyes popped back in her head and she moaned.
“It’s amazing.” Mona said.
“You do that a lot?” I asked.
“Yeah, every time I come in here. I have to masturbate when I get naked. I can’t stand being naked without touching myself.”
“I have to go.” Tina said.
“Go.” Mona said.
“Tina come on.”
“No, you can stay if you want but I’m leaving.”
I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to hear more and I never wanted to stop looking at Mona’s tits.
“Let her go.” Mona said and held my hand keeping me in the water when I tried to get up. Tina looked at me again but we watched her dress and leave.
“Ok, good. I hate virgins.” Mona said.
“So are you going to try it?” Mona asked.
I did but I didn’t cum. Mona stared at my pussy like she was entranced. She was obviously getting worked up, wanting something to happen.
“Have you fucked anyone in the hot tub?” I asked boldly.
“Yes, plenty of guys but you seem pretty cool Paula.”
I didn’t know what she was talking about but I watched her touching herself. She touched herself like she couldn’t stand not touching herself. She fondled her breasts and pinched and pulled at her nipples.
“One time when I was in here my half brother came over and walked in on me. I didn’t say anything to him but he stared at my tits and without even saying a word he just like totally pulls off his pants!
I know!
So I like just sat there. I wasn’t going to say anything you know? So like his dick was hard as hell! He was thick girl and fine! I wasn’t complainin’ but he is like, my half brother so I was like all, no girl don’t go there. Then he scoots up close to me and kisses my nipple. Yeah! I know!
So like I froze but he sucked on it. I don’t know what it is but as soon as a guy takes one of the girls in his mouth I loose it! I reached in the water and grabbed his cock. Mmmm, it was like heaven! So hot and hard and ready. I wanted to suck it so bad.”
“So what did you do?”
“I didn’t do anything because he starts like kissing me and then he pushes my legs open and starts rubbing his dick all up and down me. I was so turned on by this point I just opened my legs and let him fuck me!”
“You fucked your half brother!?”
“Yes! I know. But it was so hot! I was so horny. Oh god Paula, he fucked me hard too. Water was sloshing around and falling all over the floor. I was screaming and moaning and my legs were wrapped around him. He was a good kisser too! We fucked like for ever until he finally came. You know how most guys are, they cum in like two seconds but he is older and fine and fucks like you wouldn’t believe!”
“Wow, so you still fuck him?”
“Oh god yes, like every time he comes over. Now it’s like some kinda thing we have. We try to find ways to do it without getting caught.”
I was about to ask what she does and how she does it but Mona grabbed me and started kissing me. I didn’t protest, she kissed me and her hips were all over mine.
“Oh god, I need a cock!”
“Here, let me try to help with that.” I said.
I pulled her up so she was sitting on the edge and her pussy was exposed. I sank my face into the warm soft folds of her pussy and ate her out like there was no tomorrow. She felt so fucking good and tasted wonderful. I didn’t even care when we heard the door downstairs open and close. We didn’t care when her parents called for her. I sucked on her hard little clit and she pinched and pulled at her huge breasts.
“Come here, I want to taste my pussy.” She said.
I let her kiss me and she threw me down and sucked on my little nipples and moved to my crotch. I opened my little legs wide and she licked me like she knew what she was doing. I don’t think I was her first girl.
“God, you taste good! I love your little body. Having huge tits isn’t everything. Sometimes they hurt. I wish I had little tiny breasts like yours.”
“I wish I had big tits like yours.”
We both rolled out of the hot tub onto the wet towels on the tiled floor. We both heard the footsteps coming up the stairs but didn’t care.
We were cuming.
We came together.
“What the hell is going on in here!” I heard her parents yelling.
“What does it look like!” Mona yelled.
“You two stop…oh Lord! Just what? Mona!”
“Oh please! Close the door on your way out, Paula and I are busy in here!”
“I will not! You two get dressed right now!”
“Oh please, leave or I’ll let everyone know what you guys do in here!”
“I know about you both, it’s called swingers and I have internet you know! I even know the password to your swinger club account! I’ve seen you sucking cock Mom!”
“I…” I tried to get out of there.
“No stay Paula, I want to hear them give me hell when they are doing the same thing.”
Mona continued to hold me close to her.
“Mona, we are adults, you are teenagers. It’s different.”
“Because we are adults!”
“So we can make choices…for God’s sake put some clothes on!”
“No, I like being naked. I love it. And from what I can see, Dad loves it too!”
With this I felt really uncomfortable. I slipped out of the hot tub while Mona’s mother yelled at Mona’s Dad for getting an erection while looking at Mona. I quietly slipped between them and grabbed my clothes.
I think they enjoyed yelling at each other and I’m not sure what happened after I left but I seriously doubt Mona put clothes on. Of course I should have stayed. Would have been fun. But I was young and Mona’s parents weren’t that hot. Would have been fun to fuck swingers though…and their daughter.
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Posted 07 Feb 2011 14:09
Scored with a 1 because: To long and in the story just about boobs, you did not get to any good sexual stuff until the end and not much of that.
Posted 28 Nov 2010 14:30
GR8. V=5.
Posted 31 Jul 2009 05:30
I must say Im glad u reccomended this story doll hehe! x
Posted 21 Jul 2009 08:38
Great story doll. Please add more to it.
Posted 20 Jul 2009 10:40
aswome read, well done :)
Posted 20 Jul 2009 06:36
what a delightful slutty yummy story.... keep them cumming..

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