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More than a Lodger…Part 12

Tom is more than intrigued about Amanda, Jerry and Laura and he starts something that is so wicked!
More than a Lodger…Part 12

It was a conscious effort by Amanda that she started visiting her parents more often. After all it was just a train journey up from London, and now with Tom in residence, there was another reason to visit. Amanda had also finished with her boyfriend in London so there wasn’t that much keeping her down in that part of the world, except work.

Over the many months of working and living in such a surreal household; fucking both Laura and Amanda, and joining in with the sex parties, Tom had started thinking hard. Thinking mainly about Amanda, Laura and Jerry and how they explained how they found out about each other.

Tom thought the explanation very plausible, as indeed it was, but he was intrigued. How do parents fuck in front of their daughter? How do daughter’s fuck wildly when their parents are watching? Especially as he had seen Amanda get covered in cum one evening with Jerry looking on. Did Laura and Jerry get turned on by seeing Amanda get all sexed up? And did Amanda feel the same sometimes?

These were just a few of the questions running through Tom’s head. He would have loved to get to the bottom of them - one day, he thought.

That one day had come.

Amanda, Jerry and Laura were all in the kitchen preparing an early evening meal, drinking coffee and socialising as families do. Tom just came out with the question in his simple, innocent way.

“How do you all feel when you have sex in front of each other?” asked Tom as he lifted his coffee to take a sip.

Laura looked at Jerry expecting him to reply first, Jerry did the same and Amanda just looked at both of them. It seemed like the question just died.

“Never really thought about it…” said Jerry first.

“But you must get turned on by seeing Amanda get fucked in front of you, and Amanda surely you feel the same way sometimes?” asked Tom, not letting go of the hook and line he had thrown to them.

“Well, I suppose we do…” admitted Laura. Jerry shook his head affirmatively. “Every now and then…” he piped up.

“What about you Amanda, do you get turned on by watching your parents…and not necessarily when they are with each other?” asked Tom, trying to squeeze out more answers.

“Well yes, I guess I do, but it‘s just two people fucking or whatever, I don’t think of one of them as dad or mum,” she explained.

“That’s true actually,“ said Laura and Jerry almost at the same time, “and that’s as far as it goes,” continued Laura.

“Jerry, you must have seen Amanda get fucked once and thought how much you would like to sink your cock into such a wonderful pussy,” continued Tom as he grinned at him.

“No,” lied Jerry.

“I’ve wanted you to feel my breasts once,” said Amanda as she looked at Jerry, it was a revolutionary confession to make.

The room fell silent.

“When I was being fucked by George at one of your parties. I was bent over the sofa in the lounge and you were getting a blow job from Jenny, I think,” related Amanda, “I remember wanting someone to rub or suck on my nipples and I thought to myself, why don’t you just rub them for me, I was going to ask but something just stopped me. I guess I felt awkward.”

Laura and Jerry looked hard and long at Amanda. Laura bit her lip which eventually broke out into a small smile.

“It was how I felt at the time,” continued Amanda.

Tom had dug down deep enough, he thought, for now at least.

“I‘ve wanted to feel your breasts,” replied Laura, pursing her lips as she made the comment. She then bit her lip again as Amanda looked at her.

“I suppose it‘s awkward sometimes when it‘s the four of us, like here and now and the combinations are severely reduced…but that‘s life,” added Laura.

Tom and Amanda nodded. It was the last word that was said on the subject, before they all sat down and ate their evening meal.

It was much later in the evening when Tom was sitting on the chair with Amanda on his lap. Laura and Jerry were on the sofa and they were all watching a sex documentary, the ones where every aspect of sex is brought out in the open. The particular episode was on spanking and bondage and everyone was watching with intent.

Tom found his hand work its way inside Amanda’s trousers as he awkwardly reached for her pussy as the woman on the screen, a dominatrix, spanked a client with a leather whip.

“Why Don’t I just make it easy for you,” said Amanda, as she stood up, removed her trousers, knickers, top and bra before sitting back down on Tom’s growing erection.

“Good idea,” said Laura as she too stripped off, along with Jerry. They cuddled up on the sofa together as Jerry placed his hand over Laura’s shoulder to fondle her breast as her hand encircled Jerry’s cock. Everyone settled back down to watch TV.

During the break, Tom got up to go to the loo. He came back into the room naked. His cock was a little under fully erect and Amanda smiled at him as he entered the room.

“Been playing with it?” she commented. Tom knew better than to deny it, so he just shook his head.

“Yeah,” he replied, “that group spanking session got me a little horny.”

“Me too!” exclaimed Laura and Jerry almost simultaneously.

Tom settled back into the chair and started to finger Amanda’s pussy with long strokes of his index finger. His other hand was gently circling her nipple. Amanda was doing the same as Laura - pumping cock slowly and sensuously.

Laura eventually slipped further along the sofa to allow her mouth to reach Jerry’s cock. She gave it a loving suck and let out a loud noise as he let it plop from her mouth.

Amanda was watching Laura as she sucked on her dad’s cock. It was definitely turning her on to watch another couple have sex, did it matter it was her parents, she thought. Amanda then looked at her nipple, the one not getting any attention from Tom and thought about what it would be like if her mother did actually fondle her, right now. Right now, she thought, at the same time as Tom fingered her pussy.

The final quarter of the dominatrix story finally made it onto the screen and they all stopped their acts of sexual gratification to continue watching the show. This time they were being transported to the dungeon of a sex club somewhere in London. Laura pointed to Amanda and then the screen.

“Never been there,” said Amanda as she shook her head.

“We should go,” commented Tom, “we all should,” he added.

Laura shook her head as she smiled at him. Laura then sank her mouth down on Jerry’s cock and sucked him into her mouth. Tom and Amanda missed the next thirty seconds of the show as they watched Laura sensuously suck cock.

The dungeon scenes were one of the best that Laura and Jerry had seen, but it was constantly interrupted by Amanda’s groans and moans as Tom stroked her pussy. Amanda was very wet by the end of the show and needed cock up her badly. She knew that Tom would have to fuck her and she was looking forward to his intrusion into her cunt.

Tom had other ideas, yes, he was certainly going to fuck Amanda, but something struck him as he watched Laura suck on Jerry’s cock. When the show ended Laura had slipped off the sofa and was kneeling between Jerry’s legs. Her head was bobbing up and down on Jerry’s cock as she sucked on it and even circled her tongue around it from time to time.

Tom pushed Amanda off him and grabbed her by the hand. He took Amanda to the other side of the sofa, pushed her forward so that she was bent over the arms of the sofa, her breasts free to fall on the other side. Her arms were pushed out in front of her and were close to Jerry’s thighs.

Tom sank his cock into her pussy and fucked it all the way in and out. He was watching Jerry and Laura as he fucked her. Tom leant over Amanda and grabbed her tits while he fucked her. He kissed her neck.

“Say it, go on, say it!” he whispered in Amanda’s ear.

It was a while before Amanda let the sentence fall from her mouth.

“Feel my tits please,” she said as Tom fucked his cock into her. He mouthed the words “Oh! Fuck, yes,” as he heard Amanda say the words. He watched Laura and Jerry with intent.

Amanda had secretly wanted it anyway, especially after her earlier confession, but now the suggestion was firmly out in the open. It wasn’t up to Amanda anymore.

Jerry looked at Amanda as she closed her eyes and he watched her get fucked by Tom. Laura stopped her spirited blowjob of Jerry and looked at him. Jerry returned her gaze.

Then without asking, Laura grabbed Jerry’s hand and placed it on her daughter’s left breast. Her own hand then went to her daughter’s right breast and they both tweaked on Amanda’s nipples. She opened her eyes and saw each hand fondle and tweak her dangling breasts.

“Fuck me hard, Tom,” she said. She then looked down onto her mum first and smiled at her, then she lifted her head and smiled at her dad. Jerry and Laura concentrated on pulling at her tits as she was fucked by Tom.

It was Amanda, once again that took things that little bit further. As she was being fucked, she edged forward. She was over Jerry as Tom was pushing his cock in and out of her pussy in long sensual thrusts. In one movement, which was fast enough to stop any thought of apprehension, she reached out, grabbed Jerry’s cock so that it went vertically upwards and she sank her mouth down on it and sucked it.

Laura’s mouth opened wide and she smiled with lust as she saw Amanda make the move. Jerry was taken aback when he felt his daughter’s mouth on his cock. He wasn’t sure how to react, what to say or what to do. The fact was, his daughter’s mouth was firmly on his cock and she was sucking it and making mewling noises as she did so.

“That’s it fucking suck it…” Laura encouraged her own daughter to suck cock. “Me too,” she continued.

Amanda brought her head back off his cock which was immediately replaced with Laura’s mouth. She started sucking on it and bobbing her head up and down as Amanda held it firm at the base.

Laura then stopped as she heard Amanda’s groans and moans become louder as Tom was fucking into her fast and furious. Tom was almost the forgotten foursome of this new and outrageous coupling. But it was Tom that had started it all off with what seemed like a benign question. Tom now wanted to cum inside Amanda as her mother and father tweaked her tits.

“Oh fuck, yessss…” cried Amanda, “pull on my tits now,” she continued. Jerry and Laura did just that, they pulled her nipples as hard as they could downwards.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, yes,” she cried once more and then, “yes, don’t stop, fucking, yes,” as Amanda’s orgasm washed over her. Her stomach muscles were tensing and as she arched her upper body upwards her nipples and tits got pulled downwards.

Tom was not far behind her.

“Fuck, I‘m cumming too…” he announced.

“I want your spunk…” Said Laura, “Over her back please…Tom…” she said.

Tom pulled his cock out just in time as his first jet of spunk leapt through the air and hit Amanda between her shoulder blades. The rest followed suit and got closer and closer to her arse as he just drained his balls and cock over her. Laura immediately started to lick the spunk from Amanda’s back and shoulders and swallowed everything that was there before she returned to Jerry.

Jerry watched as Laura turned herself and mounted his stiff cock, her feet were on the sofa, her legs spread as wide as she could and her arse was resting on her husband’s stomach as she took his length inside her. Laura looked at Tom.

“What do you have in mind now, Tom,” she said to him.

Tom was rubbing his hand over Amanda’s arse, it was more like massaging his spunk into it, than rubbing. He watched Laura and Jerry for a short while and then he motioned Amanda to join him.

Tom knelt on the floor in front of the fucking pair. Amanda was pulling her arse off Jerry’s cock and letting it sink back down on it, in long extended motions. As she sat down on his cock Tom started to suck on Jerry’s balls. This was a first for Tom, he had not even touched a guy’s cock before and here he was sucking on one. The same can’t be said for Jerry who pulled and sucked Tom to orgasm on that fateful day when the rent dropped.

Tom thought the scene was highly erotic. He sucked on Jerry’s balls one at a time and then he started to lick his cock as it went inside Laura’s cunt. Then he flicked his tongue on Laura’s clit which made her groan with excitement.

Laura watched Amanda, who was kneeling slightly behind Tom, and watching it all as he licked and sucked at the pair of them.

“Want some cock, Tom,” asked Laura. Tom nodded.

Laura extended her pussy so that Jerry’s cock sprung free from her insides. Tom’s mouth immediately replaced the soft flesh of her pussy and he sucked on it.

From behind him he heard the words, “My turn, Tom.”

Tom gave Jerry’s cock a few more sucks and savoured the feel and heat of his cock in his mouth before he moved out of the way to give room for Amanda.

Laura looked down on her daughter as she once more sucked Jerry’s cock into her mouth. She started to give him a spirited blowjob as she sucked on his knob, removed her mouth and swirled her tongue around it, then licked from the top to the base. All the time her mouth was inches away from Laura’s pussy.

Laura was loving the sight in front of her. She knew that she shouldn’t be, but she was. It was highly erotically charged and downright fucking naughty, not to mention illegal. But she just loved the sight. In her mind, Amanda could have been anyone else, Jenny, June, or any of her friends. But it was Amanda, her daughter.

Then Amanda stopped her sucking and held Jerry’s cock upright. It was Laura’s cue to sink back down on it and get some more fucking. As she did, Laura wondered whether Amanda would or wouldn’t do the same to her.

Laura’s cunt slipped down over Jerry’s cock and then she felt it. The flick of a tongue on her clit. Then again, this time, the lap of a tongue over her pussy lips and clit. Amanda continued to lick her mum’s pussy and clit for as long as she was happy slowly fucking her dad.

Tom watched in awe.

It was Laura that started to buck her pussy up and down on Jerry’s cock with intent. The intent being her own orgasm.

“Fuck me hard, Jerry,” she instructed.

Amanda had to eventually recede from her pussy licking. She stood up and immediately felt Tom’s hands on her breasts and pulling on her nipples. Amanda lent forward to steady her mum as Jerry fucked his cock into her.

“Fuck, I’m cumming,” announced Laura. She rose up and down slightly of her own will, most of it though, was Jerry pumping his cock into her from underneath.

“Jerry…I‘m fucking cumming…don’t stop hun,” she cried out. Jerry was grunting as he continued to fuck into her.

“Oh fuck, me…too…” Laura heard from behind her as cock was thrust into her hard.

“I‘m cumming, I‘m cumming, cumming, fuck,” Laura’s orgasm was one of the most intense that she had experienced. She knew it was down to the situation and not just the fucking. She had been in this position many times in the past, and it had never been that intense.

Her orgasm ripped through her body as she looked into her daughter’s eyes, knowing that Amanda had licked her father’s cock and her own pussy. She then glanced at Tom and smiled briefly as her face contorted and her body shuddered with her orgasm.

It took a while for Laura to calm down, she still had Jerry’s cock inside her as she sat firmly on his stomach.

Amanda put her arms around her mother and kissed her for the first time. Not a peck but a full on, passionate kiss, a loving kiss. As Laura stood up to allow Jerry’s cock to slip free. Amanda replaced her and straddled her dad. Without any choice whatsoever, Jerry was presented with her nipple against his mouth which he had to suck on. He couldn’t move anywhere else on the sofa. Jerry opened his mouth and took it inside and sucked on it. Then, they too, gave each other a loving and passionate kiss.

“I don’t know whether to say sorry or what…” said Tom as the reality of what they had just done, sunk in.

“I don‘t know what this means for all of us now,” said Laura. She looked at Jerry with some uncertainty. “It was a boundary we never crossed before…and we were happy with it!” she exclaimed.

“More fun, mum,” replied Amanda, “when we‘re on our own that is!” she added.

“I‘m not sure,” added Jerry, “it would be far naughtier if we had a party and Amanda and I snuck upstairs for a quick fuck, while the orgy continued downstairs.” Jerry was looking right at Amanda as he spoke and he pushed his cock up to meet her arse.

She just nodded towards him and grinned. “That would be fucking naughty!” she exclaimed. “Or even better, I could finger mum‘s pussy as we both made the salad…”

Laura stroked Amanda’s hair over her ears. She touched Amanda’s chin and then looked at Tom.

“Now look at what you‘ve started!” she said as she smiled and looked straight at Tom.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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oh gosh ... are there more to cum, i hope so thank you brilliant series
Posted 19 Oct 2011 16:46
Another well told story in this series. Thank you

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