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more than mother love #1

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More than mother love

This story takes place some years ago. Back then I had just become 16. I live alone with my mom, and only sometimes do I visit my father, who lives about 40 km away from me. I was 5 f 10 in, blue eyes, light hair, and my cock was at that time 6, 3 in. My mom was 32 at the time, about 5 f 3 in, brown hair, green eyes, neither thin nor chubby, regular c, and a perfect ass.  


It was at that time I started waking up with a hard on, and sometimes spots on my boxers.

And I believe my mom started looking different at me to, because often she could just come lie down right next to me, sometimes running her hand up and down my thighs, really close to my crotch, sometimes even gaze it with her fingertips. And when I stood up to walk away she ran her hand down my bottom. And she started doing it more and more.

At that time I had started pounding myself, I started doing that after finding my dad’s adult magazines.

I usually always pounded myself in the evening or night, after my mom had gone to sleep.


In a matter of the next couple of months, my mom started to wear fewer clothes than usual, and especially when she was around me. Sometimes she would even sit topless next to me in the couch, claiming it was to warm to even wear a bra, she also tried to make me undress a little, like saying:”it’s too hot for you to wear that t-shirt.” And trying to take it of me, and succeeded most times. Then we ended up sitting really close in the couch. And the next thing she would do was to kiss me all over, head, breast, arms, stomach, thighs and feet. Sometimes even lick a little bit.

Then she started asking me if I didn’t want to kiss her, and I usually said no but then she just grabbed me and squeezed me real tight, making my head squeezing her tits.

After that she started to take away the key for the bathroom, so she could come and watch me as I showered, and even join me and sometimes insisting to rub the soap on me, using extra time on the crotch and my ass. That was when I started enjoying her attention, but I didn’t think she knew I liked it, even though today I’m sure of it. I got erection every time we showered, and I started to rub her in soap to, and I liked it.


But when everything really started changing was in October. I was playing my Playstation. It was getting late and mom had already told me to go to bed several times, even though it was Saturday so I didn’t even have to go to school tomorrow. But then all of a sudden my mom walks right over and turns of the power on the Playstation, realizing I was actually getting pretty tired, so I didn’t even feel up to getting mad. So I went for the bathroom to brush my teeth, and pee. After doing that I go to my room to get rid of my clothes, so I could sleep in my boxers. When I was just about to lie down my mom calls me asking if I don’t want to sleep with her tonight. I think to myself why not, we have done it before, so I say yes, and walk in there. My mom was already lying in her bed, with her blanket on. She tells me to close the door, turn of the lights and lie down next to her. And I do.


As we lie there in the king-size bed mom moves closer to me, and reaches out for me, and I put my hands in hers, to let her know where I am. After 10 minutes or so with mom moving closer and closer to finally be lying right next to me, holding me, I realize that she’s naked. I can feel her beautiful tits against my right hand. I dared not moving. My cock grows big and hard as we just lie there; close, with my mom’s arms hugging me, pulling me towards her naked body.


“Do you love your mother?” she suddenly asks.


I hesitate a little before answering:”yes mother of course, I thought you knew.”


“Would you do anything for your mother?”


“Do what?”


“Just answer me.”


“… Yes I believe I would.”


“Then bring me your hand.”


She then grabs my arm, finds my hand, and place it on her left tit.


“Caress it.”


  As I grabbed her tit I felt like I had this warm, big boulder stuck in my throat, I couldn’t swallow, and I started breathing heavily, and so did my mom why I started running my fingers gently up and down her left tit. Then she ran her hands down my stomach, removing my boxers, and just gazing my cock a little bit with her fingers.


“Suck on my breasts honey.” She moaned.


And I did, I slowly kissed her from her neck and down her tits, she started moaning loud, so I kept going, just driving my tongue around the nipples, and then I started sucking and licking her nipples.


“Aaaah yes honey, suck on those breasts, suck on those breasts just like when you were a baby.”


She then grabbed my hand again, and led it down to her pussy, it was shaved and smooth. And wet.

I ran my fingers softly up down her pussy, while licking her breasts, and she moans really loud.

She al of a sudden grabbed my cock which was hard as steel, and starting to run the foreskin back and forth, but not for long, because I came pretty fast.

I felt her arm going back, and a slurpering sound reveals that she was sucking my semen of her fingers.

Now my mom threw the blanket away, and started kissing me, she put herself on top of my, and her tongue was drilling my mouth. She slowly moved further down, kissing and licking my breast, my nipples and my stomach, until she reached my cock. She started licking it up and down, then went for my balls which got licked and sucked to, and finally she grabbed my cock by the root, and started sucking my cock. It was a fantastic feeling, warm wet and soft, and it tinkled all over my body.


“Ooh yes mom, this feels so good.”


“mmffgh.” was all she could say with my cock in her throat, but I could tell she was enjoying this very much.


After having sucked my cock for little while, she gets on top of me, grabs my cock, and slowly going down over it. Letting it slide into her wet pussy. We both practically screamed with pleasure, and came really quick, I just couldn’t hold it. I filled my mother’s hot pussy with semen. After this my cock got really tender, and we couldn’t go on, but I could still go down on my mom, and that was exactly what she told me to do.

I went down over her tits and stomach to finally reach her wet pussy, and I started licking, and consuming the sent from my mother’s pussy which was drilling my nostrils, and making me feel high.   Which just made me lick even faster and harder, and soon after she came, almost filling my mouth with her juice.


  After this I got up next to her kissing her intensely on the mouth, and we both went to sleep.



 this can be a series, if you want me to write another, i will:)

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Posted 18 Jul 2010 22:50
I have commented on this story before - just re-read it - I think you have the right idea - but you need an editor - a fair few spelling and grammar errors which put the reader off - otherwise - keep trying
Posted 15 Nov 2009 22:24
You definitely have the right idea - you just have to put in more detail and a little more love - I am a fellow author so I know what the readers want - good luck - jena121
Posted 11 Jul 2009 06:08
yes, please write another. take more time to develop the situation. add more details. perhaps you'd like to read my mommy stories?
Posted 09 Jul 2009 13:20
It could be good if you handle it right. Check on Wolfen's work and also Reeb for the way they handle it.

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