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Morris Family side story – Yuuko’s destiny

When Yuuko lost her family, a new one formed there to support her and love her
This is a spin off of the Morris Family, I wanted to put some background on Yuuko.

Thanks to frogprince for his help editing it.

I was raised to be the proper wife of a person I had never met. Behave well, don’t talk unless spoken to and don’t think more than what I am told. That was until I got the opportunity of my life and a view of the world that had been hidden from me forever.

During my last year of high school, I won a scholarship to a university in the US. Without thinking twice I left my family in Japan and went to the US to study abroad.

Upon arrival I was really concerned what kind of people I would meet. I had heard all kinds of warnings from my family and friends about all kinds or liberal activities that the people of the US do and enjoy. I have to admit, that made me a little wet between my legs. Being raised a proper Yamato Nadeshiko I had to keep away from that.

By chance, when looking for a room I found this announcement in nicely written calligraphy upon the board the school kept for this purpose. A girl from Mexico was looking for a roommate to share a 2 bedroom apartment. I thought I would give it a shot. She wasn’t from the US so she couldn’t be as bad as the US people I had heard about.

I got the flyer and dialed the number. After some rings a nice sweet voice answered.

“Hello” the voice said.

I was stunned at the voice and couldn’t talk.

“Hello… anyone there? If you are not going to talk then don’t call…” she said “I’m hanging up now.”

This snapped me out of dreamland and could finally talk.

“Wait, don’t hang up. Hi my name is Yuuko. I just found your flyer about the room you want to share. Can we meet to talk about it?” I don’t know why but I wanted to meet face to face with the owner of that voice.

“Ok, but I can’t get there today. I’m about 2 hours by car from there and I think there is no one that can drive me there at this time.” Noting that it was late afternoon, it made sense that she wasn’t able to meet me today.

“Tomorrow is ok. Where can we meet?”

“How about the school cafeteria around 10 a.m.?”

“That would be nice. I will be there”

We exchanged ways to recognize each other. We hung up with the promise to see each other the next day.

Still thinking of her sweet voice, I went back to the hotel the school provided me while looking for housing. That night I dreamt of a girl with tan, caramel colored skin. She whispered in a sweet little voice in my ear that she will be there whenever I need her. I woke up the next morning at 8 a.m. My hand was between my legs and my pajama bottoms wet in my private parts. I took a shower and headed for the school cafeteria to eat breakfast before she arrived.

I was finishing my breakfast when I saw her enter the cafeteria. A girl much like the one in my dream appeared thru the door. Almost the same height as I am at 5 foot 4. I was barely taller than her. Unlike my 32AA breasts she had nicer looking breasts around 34B was my best guess. I had always known, I was attracted to both males and females equally for a long time. Her looks were appealing to me big time.

Right after she came thru the door, a guy with similar looks, but with a nice pair of brilliant green eyes walked in. At that moment I was grateful that I was sitting because I was sure that if I was standing I would fall over as result of the effect both of them had on me.

She looked around the cafeteria for a few seconds. When she saw me, she came to me and introduced herself.

“Hi, you must be Yuuko. As you read in the flyer, I’m Joanna. Well not really, my name is Juana. This guy has called me Joanna since childhood and it stuck with the family. Now only my mother remembers I’m Juana and that is only when she is angry” she said with a laugh in her voice.

“Hi Jo-a-na” I pronounced her name as it would sound in Japanese.

“This guy behind me is my nephew Tom”

I eyed him suspiciously, as I saw him watch her with a longing look. He extended his hand for me to shake.

“Hi Yuuko, as well as with her name, my real name is Tomas. No one but my mother remembers it”.

“Hi Tom”

I took his hand and shook it for a little longer than needed. I’m still a little nervous around men because I was raised to be apart from them. I never had a boyfriend and his good looks were not helping my nerves. He just raised and eye brow and let me end the handshake when I wanted.

We sat at a table and talked about the apartment. She wanted the arrangements to be sharing it and the expenses. We talked for over an hour, The chat came to the topic, that I was most awkward with.

“It was about bringing someone to the apartment. I think a phone call is in order, or at least a message. That way the other is aware that we have someone visiting and there won’t be surprises”. When Joanna finished this phrase I’m sure I was tomato red with embarrassment. I was imagining what kind of ‘surprises’ was she talking about. I had never had those kind of experiences. I could only say “O.. Ok”.

At this Joanna just giggled and said. “Don’t worry we all came here far from home to get that kind of experience”. I smiled a little as I saw her throw a quick glance at Tom.

We wrapped up the chat agreeing that it will be a good thing to share the apartment and set a date to move in. Next time I saw her was the date we moved in. She was no longer throwing quick glances at him. They were sharing accomplice’s glances at each other. I’m sure they had already made their move and were sharing a relationship deeper than aunt and nephew. I was happy for them but felt a little left out.

***Two years later***

One year ago I helped them finally be together. It was his surprise to her. I moved to the apartment he rented and he moved in with her. For his family I was his girlfriend so they won’t be surprised if I was in his apartment and answered his phone.

The year we spent together I forged a tight relationship with Joanna. We looked after each other and she helped me experience a lot of firsts for me. I got drunk for the first time with her. I found that I’m quite comfortable in a lingerie store. Those small strips of cloth do cover some and are good enough to wear every day. I also found that I like those dirty videos that my family never allowed me to watch. I like those where there are well endowed guys with petite girls and those that only show girls pleasuring each other.

This last year living in his apartment apart from her has been a bit difficult. He has made an effort to not keep her away from me. He invites me to the parties they go to, introduced me to their friends so I don’t feel awkward only knowing them at the party. He encourages Joanna to have a girls night out for me to share with her going out only her and me.

Everything was right and happy until the moment I got a notice about my family.

A call came from Japan to inform me that my family was in a plane crash on their way here. Talking later with friends about them I found that they were thinking of giving me a surprise to arrive at my home here. I was devastated. I was now alone in the world.

I could only think of one person I could go to. I went to Joanna’s apartment and rang the bell. She opened the door clad only in a big T-shirt, probably Tom’s. As soon as she saw my tear-soaked face she had a concerned face and asked.

“What is wrong Yuuko?”

“My family” I said between sobs. “They are all gone Joanna. Mom, Dad, my big brother; I lost them all” I started crying hard and she opened her arms. I ran to her and let her hug me. We stood like that for a few minutes and she guided me to the living room to sit on a couch as I kept crying my heart out.

She kept me in her arms patting my head until I calmed down. I looked up at her and felt something pass between us. Without saying a word she leaned down and kissed me. As if snapping out of a dream she jumped off the couch and started apologizing.

“I’m sorry Yuuko. I don’t know what happened to me, I shouldn’t have done that to you, especially now that you are going thru something so difficult.”

She said all this while walking around the coffee table in the center of the living room. I stood and put myself in her path.

“It’s ok. It was unexpected but not unpleasant. I’ve wanted to do that for some time You took the step before I did”. I hugged and kissed her now with full intention and pushed my tongue against her lips. She parted them and we started fighting with our tongues. Each of us trying to gain the upper hand and be the first to explore the others mouth.

I lowered my hands to the hem of the T-Shirt she was wearing. I took it off to reveal that she was only wearing a pink lace thong. I supposed that she was waiting for Tom, but her hands taking off my T-shirt took that thought out of my mind. We undressed each other as we caressed and kept kissing.

When we were naked she pushed me to the couch and went down on her knees.

“I want you to feel good first” she said as she lowered her head to my neatly trimmed pubic area that she taught me how to keep like that. She moved her tongue around it and lapped at it. She proceeded to open my lips with her fingers to reveal my most intimate area, that no one has seen until now.

She moved a little more with her tongue until she got to the hood covering my clitoris. She gently uncovered it with her tongue and started playing with it, nibbling and sucking it. I was drawing short breaths as I felt the most powerful orgasm forming deep in me.

I felt that she inserted two fingers in me and took me over the cliff and I came hard and long squirting my female juice all over her face. She kept lapping my pussy until I came down from my orgasmic high.

I took her face in my hands and leaned down to her face and kissed her, tasting myself in her mouth. That was so kinky that it made me want to do the same for her. I began to stand up and pull her to her feet, when a cough startled us. We turned our heads to find Tom in the door looking at us.

We started to fumble for our clothes and to stammer a reason to be like that.

“Honey, uh we were ….” Joanna tried to explain the situation. While I just could mumble “Tom I’m sorry I shouldn’t…” and he interrupted both of us.

“Don’t worry I heard her from the beginning. “

“How much is ‘from the beginning’? “ I asked.

“I saw you running this way when you passed by me in the stairs with your eyes full of tears. I heard you explain to Joanna and followed both of you when you entered the apartment. I hid while she was calming you giving you time to be together.” He walked to me and hugged me.

“I’m so sorry Yuuko, count us as your family and let us make you feel better.” He gave me a gentle kiss on the mouth and over his shoulder I could see Joanna with a surprised look on her face.

I broke the kiss and told him “But… But you are with her, you love her and I know she loves you too”.

“I know, and I also know that she loves you too and is just now realizing it. It has been in her mind for a while now. I see her every day. I see how she looks at you. I know she loves me, but she loves you too. To see you that sad was something she couldn’t handle. I love you too. Maybe not as much as I love her but you being sad is something I can’t allow”.

He leaned down again and kissed me. It felt so right that I gave in and kissed him back. As we started to kiss deeper and play with our tongues I felt his hands going to my hips. Suddenly a couple more hands started playing with my breasts from behind and I felt Joanna’s breasts press against my back.

After a few minutes kissing Tom and both of them playing with me, Tom broke the kiss and suggested we move this to the bedroom. Each one of them took one of my hands and we walked hand in hand to the bedroom

He took me in his arms and gently deposited me in the center of their king size bed. Joanna lay on my right side and we started making out while Tom shed his clothes. When he was completely naked, I stopped making out with Joanna to admire him. He stood there on the left side of the bed.

I’ve always known from Joanna that he kept himself fit with exercise but I have never seen him without a T-shirt. I’ve always imagined how he looked based on what I’ve seen in those dirty videos that I like. Now, finally seeing him naked, he looked better than them. His penis hung there half erect 7 inches long at least.

He proceeded to lay on my left side and started kissing me. Joanna moved down to play with my breasts. She was giving me a wonderful feeling just by licking and sucking my right nipple. She was pinching and twisting my other nipple with her hand.

Without breaking the kiss as if they could read each other’s mind, their hands caressed me and moved at the same time to my pussy. They were so coordinated that when one was playing with my clit the other was massaging the entrance to my love cave. Without a word to each other they moved at the same time and switched positions.

At some point I felt 2 fingers penetrate me and I glanced down seeing their hands moving at the same time in and out of me. Both of them had their index fingers in me while Tom used his thumb to massage my clitoris.

I felt the orgasm build. “I’m Cumming…” I started to repeat softly at first fearing the neighbors will complain of the sound but with the orgasm approaching that fear was pushed out of my mind. I started to scream when the orgasm hit. “I’m Cumming… I’M CUMMING”.

I lay there panting for a minute with my eyes closed. I felt Joanna move and I heard sucking noises. I opened my eyes to find Joanna sucking Tom’s penis. It seemed bigger than before now that it was fully erect. Joanna was bobbing her head up and down Tom’s dick taking at least half of it in her mouth while she held the lower half with a hand and massaged it. I was mesmerized with that and started to feel hot in my inner part again and started playing with myself. Joanna noticed it and stopped sucking Tom leaving his penis glistering in her saliva.

“I think both of you are ready for the next step.” She said with a grin on her face. Both Tom and I looked and her with questioning glances.

She kissed Tom and said “I want you to make love to her”.

Then she kissed me and said “I know you are virgin and I want your first time to be special and what can be more special than making it with someone you love and loves you back”.

I looked into her eyes and saw that she really meant it. I turned to look at Tom and his green eyes revealed that she was right. He loved me and would do everything for me like her. I looked back at Joanna and nodded. She glanced at Tom and nodded. He moved on the bed and positioned himself between my legs.

He put his penis in the entrance of my vagina and started pushing. I felt how he penetrated me slowly letting me adapt to having a foreign body in me. When he reached my hymen he stopped.

“It will hurt a lot at first, but we will stop and let it pass before we continue”.

With a big push he inserted himself all the way in. I felt a burning pain deep in myself and a tear rolled down my cheek. Joanna kissed it away and held my hand while Tom kept himself still waiting for me to signal that we could continue.

“It’s ok Baby, it will pass soon and you will enjoy it a lot afterwards” Joanna whispered in my ear while I tried to relax to let the pain go away.

A few minutes later I gave the OK to Tom and he started to move in and out of me with slow strokes. I had already had two orgasms and I was really sensitive and could feel every part of his manhood caressing me from the inside.

While Tom was pumping me, Joanna was caressing, pinching, twisting and sucking my breasts. I was in heaven and could only moan. “Yes… keep going, please”. Within minutes I was fast approaching my third orgasm of the day and felt that it was going to be bigger than any other I had in my life.

“Faster… Faster” I told Tom and he sped up his movements. I started moving my hips to meet each of his thrusts feeling him reach deeper into me. In a couple of minutes I started to scream “yes… Yes…. YESSSS” then I started to shake with an earth shattering orgasm. Tom kept going in and out during my orgasm. At some point he thrust all the way in and with a grunt he stared to cum inside of me. I felt him squirt rope after rope of his semen inside of me.

After our orgasms subsided he collapsed on my side and his penis slid out of me. I heard sucking noises again and found Joanna milking him a cleaning him with her tongue.

“It tastes sweet and salty at the same time” she said. She kept sucking and licking until Tom was ready for another round.

“Now is your turn” I said, “I want to see him go in and out of you”.

“Your wish is my command” she replied with a giggle.

She then mounted him in cowgirl style and started to ride him hard and fast. I was mesmerized watching them. He was moving his hips to mach each of her movements. I started playing with myself. I inserted two fingers of my right hand inside of me and pumped fast while I pinched my clit with my left index finger and thumb.

After some minutes he said. “I’m coming Baby... I’m coming”.

“Shoot in inside me. I want to feel you deep inside my pussy.” Joanna said.

We all screamed as our orgasms hit at the same time. Afterwards we all collapsed in bed, cuddled and fell sleep there.

I woke up a couple of hours later and looked at Joanna and Tom sleeping next to each other. I really loved these two; they were in an illegal relationship but loved each other enough to challenge that to stay together. I wanted to be part of that but I also knew that I could not stay forever with them. They were now my family and I didn’t regret what we just did. But I would only stay with them for as long as it took me to find someone that will be only mine.

Right there and then I decided. I wanted them with me and I would enjoy the ride while it lasted. And even when I found this person that would be only mine; he or she would need to accept that these two are my family and that I will never be far from them. With my destiny decided I went back to sleep beside them.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 12 Feb 2014 17:38
Very touching story and a very loving way to loose her virginity. Well done!
Posted 18 Sep 2012 06:00
Well done. A good continuation of the Morris family. Keep it up. Looking forward to your next story.
Posted 18 Sep 2012 05:25
very nice...

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