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Mother and Son III: Two Lesbians and a Broken Marriage

Incest with my son has now extended to lesbian and bisexual sex
Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. 

Most of my eventful life has already been revealed to the majority of readers in Lush. This story is about my change in lifestyle starting from early this year (2012) and climaxing in late June. I would love to share this story with you which contain some real life experiences common to many families today, mainly how some marriages can vaporize in an instant.


I have been a frequent visitor to Lush over the last four years and have made friends with many people in that time, enjoying meaningful discussions and chats. Early this year a young 19 year old girl sent me a request to be a friend, which I accepted. On reading her story about how she was orphaned and later rejected by her aunt, I communicated with her initially through Lush, chatting with her and then sending emails. We soon swapped telephone numbers and became quite friendly. Her only friend in life is her partner, a former school friend, also 19 years old.

The week before Easter was the time where I planned to visit the Gold Coast to meet my new friends. For some twenty 20 years, I had had a fantasy of having a threesome with my husband, the third party being another female. I was bi-curious but never had the chance to fulfill my dream. On arrival, my uncertainty, apprehension and nervousness soon disappeared; creating a new dimension to my life. I was introduced to a new lifestyle, one that I enjoyed deeply and one that seemed natural to me. Until the day I die, I will never forget those experiences that I received and delivered. Not wanting to leave and invited to stay longer, I had to think of my husband back in the Hunter Valley. Before leaving, I suggested that both Clarissa and Angelique come down and stay with Shaun (my husband) and myself for around two weeks to coincide with Clarissa’s birthday. My parting words to the girls were to get on the pill as anything could happen. This is a story of some of the memorable moments of their visit and the repercussions as well.

The Girl’s Visit

Time was running down fast, June 11 had almost expired and it was only two more days until Clarissa and Angelique arrive. I had spent some two hours on the phone during the afternoon talking to the girls and we were all abuzz about the visit. Clarissa said that they were both on the pill and had taken my advice, but doubted that anything would happen. As I made love to my husband Shaun that night and snuggled into his arms afterwards, I found that I could not sleep. I was nervous, anxious and impatient, begging the next two days to pass quickly. In those two days, there was some planning to be done as well as some housework, to have the place spick and span.

During breakfast on the Wednesday of their visit, Angelique phoned up just before 7:00am to say they were just leaving. The trip by car takes about 9-10 hours, depending on the weather and the traffic. My day was kept busy taking my daughter, Candice, to school at 8:30am and pick her up at 3:00 pm. I had done all my shopping and was preparing dinner late in the afternoon.

At around 5:15pm, I heard a car pull up outside, anticipating that it was the girls. I was so happy and relieved to see them alighting from their car, having safely arrived after a long journey. I raced towards them and we all hugged and kissed each other with tears flowing freely down our cheeks. Clarissa and Angelique looked around and marveled at our ten acre estate and the large five bedroom house that we live in.

I showed the girls to their room so as to unpack and where the bathroom is so that they could freshen up. Around 6:00pm, Shaun arrived home from work and was introduced to my new found friends. After dinner, we all played some music and chatted in the lounge room, getting acquainted with one another. The girls were rather tired and opted for a relatively early night and headed for bed around 10:00pm.

Shaun and I cleaned up in the kitchen before heading to bed ourselves. I was restless and twitchy and Shaun could sense that I desired to be with my friends. He is an amazing and most understanding husband, and he has been faithful to me in almost 27 years of marriage. Shaun whispered to me, “I know you want to be there with them, please go and do what you need to do.” After a short discussion, I accepted his request, donned on my blue robe, and walked down the passage to their room. Knocking on their door, I called out to see if they were both awake. On getting a reply, I asked if it was alright to come in.

On entering the bedroom, they were both already in bed. Clarissa was cuddled up against Angelique with her head resting against Angelique’s breasts. I asked them that if it was alright with them, would they like me to stay the night with them. Now sitting up in bed together, they replied, “Yes! But what about Shaun?” Angelique asked. I told them that it is what Shaun wanted, knowing of our relationship from my visit to them on the Gold Coast.

On disrobing my blue robe and letting it fall to the carpet, I stood naked on the side of the bed in my full glory. Clarissa, who was nearest to me, reached out and gently stroked my thigh. Slowly working her way up my inner thighs to my unshaven pussy; my heart started beating, my breasts heaving, and a small flow of my pussy juice began to trickle. Then, taking me by the hand, Clarissa then drew me down to the sheets beside her. We kissed as Angelique licked, sucked, and nibbled on her ear lobe.

I moved to the end of the bed and then dragged Clarissa’s naked body towards me. Raising and parting her legs slightly, she revealed her slightly trimmed pussy with her soft dark pubic hair trailing down to her butt hole. Clarissa has extended inner labia, protruding through her outer lips much further than normal; one would almost think you could tie a knot in the meaty bits. Unopened, they closely resemble a giant clam with an irregular serrated edge. Carefully I pulled her pubes away from her outer labia revealing the slightly darker skin between her inner and outer lips. Licking and flicking my tongue around the perimeter of her inner lips soon had Clarissa moaning with pleasure. Nibbling so gently on her meaty dangly bits so as not to inflict any pain, her moans increased in intensity. Angelique was not idle while this was happening; she was darting her tongue around Clarissa’s nipples, teasing her areola, making her nipples harden and protrude.

I pried her now very moist lips apart, exposing a very pink and wet vagina. Licking inside her lips and probing her vagina with my tongue sent Clarissa into ecstasy. Angelique suggested we change positions where Clarissa was at the head of the bed, I was on my knees and butt up between her legs and Angelique was at the foot of the bed behind me. Going back down on Clarissa I continued to eat her out while rubbing her clitoris in a circular motion with my fingers. Before long, her clitoral hood retracted, revealing her swelling clitoris in all of its glory. Angelique was behind me, rimming my butt and forcing her tongue deep inside. My sphincter at first denied Angelique’s tongue, but after relaxing a little, her tongue probed deeper and deeper inside my butt. Flicking my tongue around Clarissa’s clit and now finger fucking her at the same time was bringing her close to orgasm. Angelique sank lower to be able to eat me out from below, while at the same time, fucking my butt with two fingers. We were nearing exhaustion when Clarissa orgasmed into my mouth and face. Moments later, Angelique had me in an orgasmic rapture as well.

Tired from a long drive and tired from a torrid lovemaking session, the girls collapsed onto the bed. Within minutes we were huddled up together and off to the Land of Nod for a good night’s sleep.

Thursday was recovery day where very little happened. Hubby was at work and my young daughter was at school. Being winter in Australia meant that it was quite cool outside and the breeze from the hills was quite nippy. I suggested that we all hop into the hot spa at the back of the house for a relaxing dip. With no neighbors nearby, we all disrobed and enjoyed the pulsing water jets on our bodies. My son Harrison (Harry as my readers know him) phoned up in the early evening to invite all of us over for dinner on Friday, the following evening. He and his wife, Brooke, suggested that a welcoming party would make the girls feel very welcome. On behalf of the girls, I readily accepted the invitation for dinner at 7:00pm.

My son and Brooke met at university and married shortly after graduation. Harry graduated as a mechanical engineer while Brooke graduated with a BA degree. They have a wonderful young daughter together named Amber, and I get on quite well with Brooke. I still have the belief that the marriage was devised by Brooke by getting pregnant in her last year of university. Although friendly to me, she does become quite possessive with regards to Harry; never letting him much out of her sight. Also, since the birth of Amber over two years ago, her sex life has diminished somewhat, leaving Harry quite frustrated at times. For the sake of their child, Harry has stuck through their marriage.

During the day on Friday, 15 th June, the girls and I had a quiet day, playing the piano and playing pool on Shaun’s snooker table. Some time was also spent outdoors feeding and grooming our horses before relaxing again in the hot spa. Shaun came home in the evening from work, showered and changed, and we were all ready to leave for Harry’s place.

After a ten minute drive into town, we all arrived at Harry’s place around 6:45pm. I went out to the kitchen to help Brooke prepare and serve dinner, while Shaun, Harry and the two girls sat down and chatted. We all enjoyed an aperitif called a “bamboo cocktail” made from sherry, dry vermouth, orange and Angostura bitters.

Harry was no stranger to the girls as he had spoken to them on several occasions leading to the girls visit. Every second or third Saturday morning, Harry would call around to my place on the pretext of delivering my grocery shopping for me. On two occasions, Harry answered the phone while I was momentarily absent doing other chores, to find it was Clarissa and Angelique phoning me. Our incestuous relationship started in 2002 when Shaun was deployed overseas in Afghanistan, reignited 12 months later when he was deployed to East Timor, and has spasmodically continued until the present. Harry obtained Clarissa’s telephone number on one of those calls and phoned the girls on numerous occasions prior to their visit. Tonight was the first time they had met face to face.

Dinner was served just after 7:30pm and the main course was balsamic stuffed chicken with mustard glaze. The meal was delicious and I was amazed at Brooke’s culinary skills. This was washed down with a local Hunter Valley wine from the Lindeman range. It was an Early Harvest Semillon-Sauvignon Blanc, which complemented the poultry dish. The meal concluded with a tasty Bombe Alaska for dessert.

The next two hours were spent talking; with Harry and Shaun asking the girls about their lives, their schooling, their waitressing jobs on the Gold Coast, and much more. Harry was taking personal interest in a lot of what Angelique had to say. It was noticeable that Brooke was becoming a little impatient as she was not the center of attention for once. I have noticed for quite a while now, that Brooke is a possessive and jealous type of a woman, not allowing Harry’s eyes to roam at all; especially with other women.

After concluding the night with coffee, it was time to go home. Harry was washing up some of the dishes when Angelique took her half-drunk coffee mug in to get washed. This was the first time that they had been alone for the whole night. Unbeknown to me at that time, Angelique came onto Harry in the kitchen and kissed him fully on the lips. This was apparently the first time she had ever kissed a guy before. Harry reciprocated and told her that he would call around in the morning to deliver some groceries for his mother. We left shortly afterwards and drove back home for a good night’s rest.

I was up early on Saturday morning to get Shaun’s breakfast ready for him before he headed off to our shop in town. He closes the shop at 5.00pm and is always home by 5:15pm. The girls awoke as Shaun was leaving and had breakfast around 8:00am. Candice has ballet/dancing lessons on a Saturday morning and is picked up and brought back by our neighbor up the road whose young daughter also attends the lessons. It is when Candice is away that Harry delivers my grocery shopping and a lot more. On this morning Candice was picked up just after 9:30am and Harry arrived some 15 minutes later. The three of us were still in our dressing robes with panties on, beneath.

After a knock on the door and self-made entry, Harry walked into the living room where we had been chatting about last night. He took my groceries into the kitchen and then came back; he hugged me tight and kissed me, as he always greets me. We all sat down on the couch and chatted for a little while; Harry greeted the girls and asked how they liked it here, and what they thought of last night. At this stage, I was still oblivious to the kiss that had happened last night between Harry and Angelique.

Angelique turned and looked at me and asked if she could see me in private for a few moments. We headed into the kitchen and Angelique asked me directly, “Tracey, do you think Harry would like to have sex with me?”

I pondered for a moment before answering. I replied, “Are you really up to it Angelique, is it what you really want to do?”

“Yes it is. I have been thinking about it all last night in bed, after the party at their place. I am too nervous to ask him as I am still a virgin with a guy and I have no idea what to do. Tracey, can you please ask him for me?”

“Alright Angelique, leave it to me. I will have a few words with Harry and see what I can do for you.”

“You’re a real sweetheart Tracey,” was her reply.

Angelique went back into the lounge and I called Harry into the kitchen to talk with him. He could hardly believe his luck when I told him what Angelique wanted. I never expected it so soon, if it was to happen at all. Harry and I went back into the lounge and I took the lead by asking everyone to follow me into the girls’ room.

The four of us sat by the bed and I suggested to Angelique that she disrobe and get onto the bed. Angelique looked at me and said, “Tracey, can you please do me a huge favor?”

“Sure, what do you want me to do?” I replied.

“I am a little embarrassed as I don’t know what to do. Can you please do it with Harry and show me how to suck his cock, and also show me some positions on how to fuck?”

I agreed to give the girls a demonstration on lovemaking with a guy. I went to Harry and gave him a big hug and a long sensuous kiss. While embracing, I felt down towards his groin and I could feel his cock harden through his pants. Breaking the kiss, I said to him that he is already excited and that we have to put on a super exhibition for the girls. I took off his shirt and unzipped his pants, my hands were met with resistance by his now rock hard cock. Still standing, I slipped my hand inside his jocks and pulled out his hard, rampant cock. Kneeling on the floor, I ran my tongue along the underside of his cock which was pointing vertically upwards. Kissing and licking the shaft of his cock, I worked my way up to the bulbous circumcised head.

I glanced around to look at the girls, and I noticed that their eyes were wide open in amazement. Their eyes responded to every movement I made while stroking his shaft, while at the same time, licking and sucking on his hot throbbing cock. I said to Harry, “Let’s go on the bed now Harry where it is more comfortable.”

He slipped off my robe and I took of his pants and jocks and we stood naked together. Harry lifted me onto the bed and joined me there. I opened my legs, inviting him to fellate me; to get me ready to accommodate his cock. Looking at the girls who were standing near the bed, I noticed that they were touching themselves as they were obviously very horny.

I went back down on Harry again, licking his balls, the inside of his thighs, and working up his rampant shaft towards his head. I could have finished harry off there and then but I wanted him to save all his cum for Angelique a little later. I eased off for a few moments and suggested to him that we show the girls a few sexual positions. Over the next 10 minutes or so, we started with the Missionary position with Harry on top; then performed Doggie Style, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, the Amazon (one of my favorites), Deep Impact and the Scissors.

I would have loved Harry to come inside me, but I really wanted Angelique to get the full force of his cum. On disentangling ourselves from the Scissors, I invited Angelique over to take my place and feel what it is like to fuck a guy. Tentatively she got on her large queen-sized bed and sat naked beside Harry. They embraced and kissed, and I was surprised at the sensuality of her kiss with Harry.

Their choice of style was the Cowgirl with Angelique on top. She was primed and ready to go as her pussy was wet from masturbating while watching Harry and me fuck. Harry lay on his back while Angelique slowly lowered herself on top of his cock. Bit by bit, his cock sank deeper and deeper through her bushy pussy into the depths of her vagina. On working up a rhythm, she leant forward so as to kiss him and let him fondle her size C breasts. After a few minutes they changed to Doggie Style with her butt pointing to the ceiling. Harry was thrusting deeply inside her and Angelique was moaning with pleasure.

Harry called out that he was about to cum and couldn’t hold on any longer. Angelique quickly turned around, got up, and started sucking on the head of his cock while jerking the shaft. Moments later, Harry erupted like an active volcano; spurting out ropes of hot creamy lava down Angelique’s throat, taking it all. Moments later, she took one large gulp and swallowed the lot without blinking an eyelid. I have never seen a hotter sight in my life before that.

Harry collapsed back on the bed, needing some time to recover after fucking me and Angelique. For her very first time, she really excelled and was most impressive. During Harry’s recovery period, Clarissa said it was now her turn and she wanted to try for her first time. Within ten minutes, Clarissa was playing with Harry’s cock, rubbing and jerking it with her hand and licking up and down the shaft as well. His cock soon started to stir, three inches soon became four inches, then five inches and finally fully erect at just over six inches. Harry went down on Clarissa and parted her enormous inner lips, licking her pussy and rubbing her clit. Before long, both were ready to fuck. I was deeply turned on watching them after watching Angelique before. I sat down in a chair beside the bed watching Harry and Clarissa make reckless, unashamed love. Angelique got me to sit over the edge of the chair with my legs wide apart. She ate me out while I was watching Harry and Clarissa.

After fucking in several positions for around fifteen minutes, Harry was ready to ejaculate his hot cum again. Clarissa wanted to taste his cum, just as Angelique had done earlier. The transition from fucking to blowing was a little longer, and just as Clarissa was about to accept the head of his cock into her mouth, Harry erupted into violent spasms again, spewing out more hot cum. The first two streams of rope were taken on her face while the next streams were taken in her mouth. Poor Clarissa started coughing and then gagged, and then spat out what cum was left in her mouth. She hated the taste of cum.

My daughter was due home soon and Brooke would have expected Harry home by now, so we all headed to the shower. Harry showered with Angelique and then got dressed; and then Clarissa and me showered together and got dressed. On leaving, Harry and Angelique embraced, kissed passionately, and then Harry departed. I said to myself that there is some chemistry going on between those two. I never saw it coming, nor did I expect what the future would unfold.

Monday the 18 th of June was Clarissa’s birthday. No longer a teenager, she had blossomed into an attractive young woman. No longer a virgin and now bi-sexual, the world was her oyster. We had all planned to have a birthday party for her at a local restaurant in town. The restaurant we chose was Henri’s Brasserie in John Street which has a great range of Australian and seafood menus. Shaun had booked a private dining room within the restaurant for the occasion. Naturally, Harry and Brooke had been invited.

On the Monday afternoon, Brooke phoned me up to inform me that they could not attend the birthday party as Amber had taken ill with something. On asking if Harry could still attend, her reply was a short, abrupt NO! That woman really has an attitude at times, one that has never endeared her to me. I was later to find out that there was nothing wrong with Amber. The party still went ahead with the five of us still dining at Henri’s. The night was most enjoyable and we all had an excellent time.

Tuesday was a day of surprises. After breakfast, Shaun headed off to work and a little later I took Candice to school. On getting home, Angelique and Clarissa helped me with some housework and general cleaning up. By late morning, all the work was finished and I was about to suggest that we go for a hot tub spa and then give the girls a sensual and erotic massage using some apricot kernel massage oil that I bought for some aromatherapy treatment.

Unexpectedly, around 11.30am, there was a familiar knock on the door followed by Harry’s entrance. What a surprise visit! Harry was in his work clothes and had taken an early lunch break from work. Harry is a mechanical engineer and works for Yancoal Australia, a large coal mining company which is a subsidiary of the Ashton Coal Project. Harry called around to apologize for not being able to celebrate Clarissa’s birthday the previous evening. On entering, Harry said hi to all of us and made a beeline for Clarissa. He went over to her, gave her a kiss and said happy birthday. Harry then pulled a box out of his pocket and gave Clarissa her birthday present. On opening the box, it contained an 18 carat gold necklace together with an 18 carat gold Gemini astrology pendant. Clarissa was so thrilled with her gift and she gave Harry another hug and kiss.

Angelique then asked Harry how long his lunch period lasted. He said he was in town on business and also had to inspect some machinery in one of the nearby mines; and he wasn’t expected back in his office for a couple of hours. Out of the blue, Angelique asked Harry if he would like to go to the bedroom and make love again. Clarissa shouted out, “Me too!”

With that sort of invitation, Harry couldn’t resist the temptation and he took both of the girls’ hands and led them to the bedroom. This was all about Clarissa’s birthday and the girls; so I stayed away, not wanting to impede on their excitement. Before long, I could hear gasps, sighs, moans and shrieks as the girls were very audible. Curiosity finally got the better of me so I decided to have a tiny peek at what they were doing.

I quietly opened the door and had it very slightly ajar, giving me a perfect view of the bed. Naturally, all three of them were naked. The position that they were in was incredible and I am not sure who was responsible for being so innovative. Harry was lying on his back with his head around half-bed and his legs dangling over the end of the bed at his knees. Angelique was squatted on her knees astride Harry’s chest, facing the end of the bed. Her butt was lowered onto Harry’s face so he could eat her out from below and behind. Clarissa was in the same position as Angelique but with her butt sticking up in the air. Clarissa was playing with Harry’s balls and sucking on his cock while Angelique was licking her pussy and butt hole with her tongue. I have never felt so turned on in my life. Believe me, I really wanted to join in; but I couldn’t get myself to spoil the pleasure that each of them was giving to one another.

That visit lasted around two hours. When all the noise and commotion had died away, the girls were left exhausted. Harry quickly showered and had to leave in a hurry for work. Both girls had experienced vaginal sex and the sensation of feeling hot squirting cum splash against their cervixes. The girls talked about that experience for well over an hour until I had to leave and pick up my daughter from school.

Friday, 22 June was the day everything went wrong. It was the defining moment for Harry and the girls which would ultimately alter the course of their lives. It was the time that Harry went to the honey-pot once too often and with tragic consequences; consequences that would change his (and others) lives forever.

I had just dropped off Candice at school and arrived back home at around 9:00am. Moments later, I heard a car pull up in the driveway outside. It was another unexpected visit from Harry. On asking what he was doing here (the reasons were quite obvious), he told me that he had taken a recreation day off work to be with the girls as it was probably his last chance to see them before they returned home in Queensland. I asked him if his wife, Brooke, knew that he had the day off; his reply was that she didn’t. I was uncomfortable with that, but I accepted his choice. Although I refrained from any action on his previous visit three days ago, I was not going to miss out on this session of a foursome.

Harry fucked each of us in turn, while the other two either helped join in or paired off with each other. When he ejaculated his hot creamy semen inside Angelique, I was quick to lick up the cream pie as it started to ooze back out onto the white sheets. When he filled Clarissa’s vagina with his cum, it was Angelique who licked out the dripping cum. Angelique then snowballed the cum into my mouth; and in turn, I snowballed the cum back into her mouth. Angelique finished the sequence by swallowing what cum was left.

Just before 11:00am, I needed to go into town to pay some bills and get my fingernails manicured. Clarissa wanted to come with me rather than stay with Angelique and Harry. We were gone for around two hours before we returned back home. I was not privy to what happened in my absence, and the report on what happened is as told to me by Harry and Angelique. Here is a recollection of those events.

I had been gone for around fifteen minutes with Clarissa when Brooke pulled up in the driveway. Harry and Angelique must have been oblivious to the noise as both were hard at it again having sex. Brooke knew Harry was there as his own company car was in the driveway and she also guessed that I was out as both Shaun’s car and mine were gone. Opening the front door, she entered the hallway and followed the noise trail of gasps and groans of ecstasy to the girls’ room. The door was partly open, so she entered unnoticed as Angelique had her back to the doorway while riding Harry cowgirl style.

“WHAT THE FUCK are you doing you fucking prick!” she said as she vented her spleen at Harry and Angelique. “I phoned up work fifteen minutes ago to talk to you and your boss said you had the day off. I fucking knew something was going on when there were some long blonde hairs on your jumper last Saturday.”

Angelique was quite afraid and upset as she lifted herself off Harry’s impaled cock. She then turned around, fully naked, and lay beside Harry on the bed. Angelique held him tight with fear throughout Brooke’s tirade. Brooke then grabbed a vase of flowers off the dressing table and hurled it towards Harry and Angelique. Fortunately, her aim was too high and the vase shattered on the wall behind them into smithereens, leaving a hole in the plaster. As Harry attempted to get out of bed and subdue Brooke, she picked up a copper figurine of a horse from the dressing table as well. Throwing the figurine directly at the advancing Harry, who quickly ducked. The figurine sailed over his head smashing the glass window beside the bed.

“I’m fucking finished, I’m through. Next time you hear from me will be through my lawyer. I want a fucking divorce you prick!” were her final words before storming out the room. To quote William Congeve who penned in his play “The Mourning Bride (1697)”...”Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned;” would be an understatement.

Clarissa and I got back just before 1:00pm to find a very upset Angelique still quite shaken, sitting on the couch in the lounge, clinging onto Harry. I asked Harry what had happened and Harry told me the full story. He said he couldn’t go back to the house to try and settle things with Brooke while Angelique was in her present state of mind. I agreed that was the right thing to do and probably best to wait another hour or so before returning home, in order to let her settle down some.

When I returned home with Candice from school after 3:00pm, Harry had left for home. Shortly afterwards, he phoned me up telling me that Brooke had packed all her belongings, the baby’s belongings and other personal items, and had left. Harry stayed home alone that night in case Brooke returned or tried to contact him. Despite repeated calls and text messages to Brooke, they all remained unanswered. Shaun was not impressed to learn as to what went on.

Friday night and Saturday were rather somber days as we were still reeling from Friday’s catastrophe. To ease the tension and drama that had unfolded, Shaun took us all for a picnic at Lake St. Clair, about 40 minutes’ drive north of our place. There are excellent barbecue facilities there for a meal and also some nice bush walks to go through. Although winter and the weather was quite cool, the day was fine and a good time was had by everyone.

On arriving home, I phoned Harry to see if he had heard from Brooke at all. I learned that she was not answering the phone and on phoning her parents in Sydney, they would not reveal where she was staying.

Monday was the girls’ second last night here before returning to the Gold Coast. Harry contacted Angelique and took her out to dinner that night. Angelique stayed at Harry’s place for the night which was really the start of their relationship. With Clarissa alone that night, I asked Shaun if it was alright to sleep with her as she has never slept alone for close to four years now. Despite my repeated efforts to get Shaun involved in the threesome that I have always fanaticized about, they disappointingly never came to fruition. He never had a problem with me making out with the girls, but he could not yet let go of his reputation and standing in the community. I had his blessing to have one last night with Clarissa.

With the guest’s room still looking like a train wreck, Clarissa and I slept in Harry’s old room before he got married and moved out. Before we went to bed, we showered together, each washing the other, touching and kissing. After drying each other we headed for Harry’s room where I gave Clarissa a long and slow massage with my expensive apricot kernel massage oil. Laying her on a towel on the bed, I had her lie on her tummy to begin with. I straddled her body and knelt on the bed as I started working on her neck and then shoulders. As I inched down her body, I massaged her arms and hands then worked down her shoulder blades, spine and lower back. Moving back down on the bed I parted her thighs where I had a perfect view of those remarkable labia of hers. I massaged her hips and buttocks and worked into her inner thighs, brushing against those enormous lips, making them quiver. With the oil I easily slipped inside her lips and massaged her vagina with two fingers. I finished off the back of her body with her legs and feet. Before turning her over, I applied some apricot oil to the front of my body and body surfed her up and down as our naked bodies slid effortlessly over each other

On turning Clarissa over, I started on her temples, her cheeks, ear lobes, and gently kissing her mouth. Her shoulders and arms and hands came next before pouring some oil on her breasts and stomach. I rubber the oil in a slow circular motion around her areola, making her nipples harden and point towards the ceiling. Her oily breasts glistened in the lamplight as her chest swelled and subsided like the tides in an ocean. As I moved back towards the foot of the bed I could see her glorious pubes as they glistened from the oil. Working down her tummy, I went past her navel down to her honey-pot. I massaged her inner thighs, once again brushing against her pussy lips before prising them open. I used my mouth, tongue and lips to massage her swelling lips; and then I inched up to massage her clitoral hood. Flicking my tongue on her now protruding love button, brought Clarissa to moan and sigh in ecstasy. I finished off her thighs, legs and feet.

Once the sixty minute massage was finished, I oiled myself up and I lay beside Clarissa. We raised our legs and intertwined them; on raising by body forward up the bed, our hairy pussies met and began to purr. For the next fifteen minutes we ground our pussies together until we both orgasmed in unison. Totally exhausted we lay back on the bed, legs still entwined, and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Tuesday, 26 th June was the girls last day with us. It was a relatively quiet day and the evening was bitter-sweet. Sweet in that the girls had really enjoyed their visit and had broken their virginity with Harry; but bitter in that they had to go back home at 7:30am in the morning before returning to work. On the Wednesday morning before leaving, we all hugged and kissed each other. Some tears of sadness were blurring my vision, while Clarissa openly wept. That was the extent of the visit.


What you have read is only the beginning of a wonderful relationship with the girls. In a few months’ time, I hope to write about their subsequent visit here. All will be revealed about Harry and Brooke and their toddler; about the girls finding jobs in town and moving down here to live. You will also find out if my fantasy comes true with a threesome including my hubby. There is so much more to tell, so please bear with me for a while. I thank all of you readers for your support.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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I am so looking forward to reading more of this saga. To now, the story telling has been simply divine. The family dynamics that are involved, as well as the new family, it is beautiful.
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It is always better when it is true. Fantastically written. Loved it. Greg
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The only thing that spoiled this story for me was the disclaimer at the beginning and I have decided to put it aside in my head because it reads more autobiographical than fictional. Tracey you have real talent I can't wait for the continuation.

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Loved all your stories and hope to read more.

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TRACEY; I found this to bee very well written,highly erotic,& entertain g... Joel

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Posted 07 Jan 2013 16:59
Definitely a winner! A sensual, sexual yet poignant first chapter with so much more to yield. Definitely worth the wait(s).
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