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Mother In Need Part 3

My Mother squated down on my face with her back to my Aunts front.
My mother's and my sexual relationship had really begun to blossom. It was all very open and natural for us now. When ever one of us felt the urge, the other was always more then willing to comply. We were both so well in tuned to each others desires that every thing fit so perfectly.

More then once I would come home at the end of the day and my mother would greet me at the door. Her long lingering soul kiss as she pushed my hands up under her shirt to her bra less tits would get my cock instantly hard. Then either she would have me fuck her right there in the entrance, or we would go straight to her bed for an evening of sexual bliss. Of course that made for very later dinners, but I sure didn't complain. Yes, we certinly did have a very active sex life for being Mother and Son.

Mom had completely let her sexuality go free. She was no longer an unhappy, but active and excited. She now had a new zest for life and every one commented on how great she looked and acted, just as she had years ago. If they only knew the real reason for the change in her.

Today, when I got home from my part time job, I came in the front door. Usually I parked in the back and entered that way, but because of a stalled truck in the alley, I had to park in front.

I unlocked the front door and walked towards the kitchen where I could hear voices. Just as I was about to enter, I recognize my Mother's older sister Aunt Kay and my Mom talking together.

Now I am not a snoop nor an eavesdropper, but some thing made me stop and listen. I was trying to make out exactly what they were saying but couldn't quite hear. I quietly moved closer to the corner between the living room and kitchen when I heard my Aunt say.

"I don't know Ann, it's just that since Dan died 5 years ago, I feel so empty. I miss the love and affection and I especially miss the sex.

"I am so horny all the time now that I can't keep my hands out of my panties." said my Aunt frustrated. "I always was oversexed wasn't I ?" she said in a coy tone. "You remember how horny I used to get when we were young?" laughing.

"Oh gawd yes, how could I forget the first time I saw you masturbating." Mom said. "You were such a horny devil and I can't believe that you actually asked me if I wanted to watch you do it. I sure didn't complain about sharing a room with you after we started playing together did I?" my mother said now in the low sexy voice she uses when ever she starts getting horny.

My Aunt Kay replied. "Ann, I loved it that you were as horny as I was. We would play together almost every night wouldn't we?" she laughed.

"Do you remember that time Mom caught us with our faces in each others pussies?" Aunt Kay laughed?"

"Oh gawd, I thought I was going to die. Either that or be killed." Mom replied laughing.

"I couldn't believe it when she sat down with us and started to explain how our sexual curiosity was natural and an expression of the love we have for each other." "How sappy was that?" Aunt Kay said.

"That was nothing. I was floored when she said that her and her own sister had been discovered by their mom, and she eventually joined in on their lovemaking. All in the premise of education of course" Mom giggled.

"Yes, all in the premise of education." echoed my Aunt as the both began to laugh hysterically recalling my Grand Mothers words.

I was stunned. Could I believe what I just heard? My Mother and Aunt not only had incestuous relations together, but my Grand Mother and Great Grand Mother as well? I was in total shock.

"I am sure that the only reason she told us that story was to get us to allow her to have a go at us." said Aunt Kay. "I knew there was some thing up because of the way she had been acting long before that night."

"Always walking in on me while I was dressing, brushing up against me with her big boobs, hugging and kissing me." said Aunt Kay. "I remember the one time she even walked in on me when I was in the bath tub. She actually came in with out knocking, lifted her dress, pulled her panties completely down then sat down to pee." she said.

"Then she stood up to wipe herself giving me a good long look at her pussy." Now who actually stands up to wipe after they pee?" " If that wasn't flashing, then I don't know what is." chuckled Aunt Kay." " She was trying to turn me on, I know it and my gosh did that woman ever have a hairy snatch." laughing at the word she just used.

"I guess shaving or waxing was pretty much unheard of back then wasn't it?" Mom replied also laughing.

"Well she certainly did know how to use her tongue and she proved it that night after she convinced us the true meaning of "Motherly Love." They both laughed hysterically at the statement.

" I must have came 10 times that night." said Aunt Kay. "As I recall, you came about the same amount as me didn't you?"

"Yes, and my gosh, how we got her bucking and jumping as we both did her. You licking her pussy and me sucking her nipples." my Mom mused.

"Oh gawd, just thinking about all this has me so horny I really can't stand it." Aunt Kay whimpered. "Oh Ann, do me like we used to when we were kids." Please, please honey, I need some tenderness so badly." Aunt Kay pleaded as she squirmed in the chair, her pussy on fire with lust.

I knew some thing huge was about to happen so I knelt on the floor and slithered closer to the kitchen door. At that level, I was able to peek around the door unnoticed noticed.

I saw my Mother get up, walk around to the side of the kitchen table now closest to me, lower herself to her knees and bring her lips to my Aunts face. Their long tender kiss was that like lovers separated for many, many years.

The sweet affection was evident. Maybe my Grandmother's words were true. They really did love each other deeply. Deeply enough to share every thing. Their bodies included.

"Mom started undoing the catch of Aunt Kay's shorts.

" Lift up honey to help me get these things off you." instructed Mom. " We have to hurry though, Eddie will be home soon."

My Aunt lifted her ass off the chair and Mom quickly slid her shorts down to her ankles, spread her thighs and began licking circles around Aunt Kay's completely shaved cunt. I marvled at how pink and smooth her pussy was, and her inner lips now jutting put from in between revealing her excitement.

Now Mom's lips found her clit and viciously started tongue lashing her. If this kept up my Aunt's howls would be heard by all the neighbors.

"Oh yes Ann, lick me like that, you remembered how I loved it. Yesssss, now a little lower, a little lower. Oh Gawd Ann, I am comming, I am comming." screamed my sexy Aunt Kay.

I had slipped my cock out of my shorts and was stroking it while looking at my Aunts intense sexual expressions as her cunt was being eaten by my Mother.

After her sisters orgasm subsided, Mom got up and sat back down at the table, her face glazed with my Aunts cunt juice. They looked at each other and both smiled.

Aunt Kay, now some what composed after her gut wrenching orgasm, reached over and wiped my Mothers cum soaked face with a tissue.

"Oh thank you sweetie. Thank you so very much." Aunt Kay said. "You will never know how much I needed that," "but it's just a tease compared to having a real cock in me. It's been so long." she sighed.

She sat there with a dreamy look on her face and her shorts still at her ankles.

I snuck back around the corner undiscovered still stroking my cock remebering the sight of my Aunts wet cunt.

"Whew." she sighed. " Hey, wait a sec, what about you?"

"There isn't time, Eddie is due home any minute now." Mom said with a warning voice.

"Ann, I have noticed a big change in you lately." said Aunt Kay. "You seem like your old self again. Hey, are you getting it regular again? my Aunt said looking intently at her.

Now with a sudden realization my Aunt Kay said to Mom.

"You are, some one is fucking you aren't they? OK, fess up, you have to tell me who, or I will
never let you rest." she said with great excitement.

"No, it's nothing." Replied my Mom sheepishly.

"Come on Ann, this is me you are talking to. You know you can tell me every thing." She said demanding. "I know, he must be married, that's why you don't want to say."

My mother shook her head no.

"Is it another woman then?" Aunt Kay asked?

Again My Mother shook her head no.

"Then if it isn't a married man or another woman, then what is there to be so secretive about?" questioned my Aunt.

"I don't know how to tell you this Kay. But yes, I am fucking some one, and that some one is Eddie." Mom said in a flat and hushed tone.

There was a dead silence. Nothing was said for a full thirty seconds then my Aunt finally spoke.

"Eddie? You mean some man you met named Eddie?" my Aunt now nervously stumbling for words.

"No," my Mother said in a steady and serious tone. "Eddie my son, your nephew." she said with complete confidence.

I had to see their expressions so I slide back to peek around the corner. I could see Aunt Kay with both her hands on her chest as her breasts heaved with her deep breaths. The stunned look on her face slowly transformed into a wide grin that lit up her face.

"Oh my gosh." Aunt Kay said "He is a real cutie isn't he? stated my Aunt. "You know, just the other day in the shower,I was thinking about him while I"

Just as the words were to come out of her mouth, aunt Kay stopped short. She looked up at Mom hoping that she didn't notice what she had said.

"You were masturbating thinking about my Eddie? Jerking off fantasizing about my son? You little slut you." Mom now said laughing.

The fear was now draining out of my Aunts face and was being replaced by that same miscevious and contemplating smile of hers.

"So how long have you two been doing this?" she asked now sitting at the edge of her seat.

"About 6 weeks now, and he is so very attentive to my needs. He is literally the best fuck I have ever had in my life. You can't imagine.

"I don't want to imagine. I want to do it." my aunt replied with urgency reaching down between her naked thighs and rubbing herself. "You must be willing to share him with me? I mean, if he is fucking his mother, then it shouldn't be a big deal to fuck his favorite Aunt as well right?" she asked hoping for the right answer.

"I don't know." My mother said now contemplating. " How would we get him to do this with out scaring him off?

Just then I realized. These two women were trying to find a way to get me to fuck my Aunt. The nervousness and excitement over whelmed me and I gasped. My head began to feel light and I lost my balance. Like a complete fool, I fell forward hitting my shoulder against the door jam and completely rolling in to the kitchen with a loud bang.

There I was, laying on the floor, my stiff cock still hanging out of my shorts. My Mother got up and ran towards me.

"Eddie, are you OK?" she said with great concern.

Once she realized that I was not hurt, a scowl came over face.

"What were you doing there eavesdropping on us?" she asked in a stern voice.

Just then Aunt Kay got up, kicked off her shorts and sandals off her feet and walked over to me bare assed.

"Don't be too hard on him Ann," said my Aunt in a stern way. "He is just fine."

As she said that, she stepped over me, squatted down, took my still hard cock in her hand and guided into her wet cunt that my Mother had been licking just a few short minutes ago.

"We don't want to let this magnificent hard cock go to waste now do we?" said Aunt Kay grunting as my cock separated her inner lips and slid into her.

"Kay, what are you doing? Get off him." my Mother said shocked and excited at the same time.

"Ann, either shut up and let me fuck this young man or join in. That's up to you, but I am going to show little Eddie here how to fuck a womans cunt the right way."

I couldn't believe my ears. This was my sweet, sincere Aunt that helped raise me now talking like a trailer park slut. Gawd how I loved it. I was so excited by her words that I took her by her hips and start pounding my cock into her as hard and as fast as I could.

My Mother decided that she was letting too much fun get away on her so she stood up, stripped out of her top and shorts, (no panties) and squatted over my face.

"Lick Mamma's cunt for her sweetie. I want to have some fun too."

Mom was squatting over me with her back to Aunt Kay's front as I began to lick her very hot and oozing pussy. Aunt Kay reached around her to caress Mom's tits and nipples. I could look up between Mom's thighs and see her head thrown back and eyes close as my Aunts fingers cause her nipples to harden and stretch.

My cock was being pummeled by my Aunts slippery wet vagina as she pleasured herself, I got an intense rush as I listened to her quite muffles.

"Oh yeah, that's right lover boy, keep fucking your Aunty. Come on honey, fuck me. I need to cum so bad."

I was trying so hard to hold back my orgasm but it was so difficult. I was always a sucker for hearing a woman talk dirty and I didn't know how much longer I could last. My Mother joined in by saying

"That's right Eddie, fuck Aunt Kay. Make her come." she grunted as her own orgasm was approaching.

Aunt Kay went off first. She buckled at the first contractions of her orgasm. Her juices flowed out of her drenching the both of us. My Mother looked behind her and saw the expressions of true passion as my Aunt came. That brought on her own orgasm. Mom started bucking and shaking violently. Her orgasm completely taking over her actions.

Their mutual orgasms were timed perfectly. Now that they had both settled, both her and my Aunt crawled off me.

"He hasn't come yet." said my aunt cooing like a pigeon. "Let's help him Ann." she said with great delight.

With that said they both got on their knees an either side of me and started licking and sucking my cock till my cum sprayed over the faces of both of my matron realitives.

After we all calmed, my Mother still naked naked and my aunt and myself still with no pants, sat back down at the table.

"That was incredible young man. Thank you for looking after me so well." said my Aunt as her hand slid under the table then wrapped around my still hard cock. "Ann, I want to borrow him for the weekend if that is OK, I really have some time to make up for." she stated as she started stroking me up and down.

"Sure, no problem, as long as I have him back by Tuesday because I know by then I will defiantly need some lovin."

They both sat there and talked about my services as if I weren't even there. Like I was some kind of slave. Hey, maybe that's it, maybe I will be their sex slave. I think I like that idea. So it shall be I thought to myself, so it shall be.

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Posted 16 Jul 2013 08:50
Both at the same time. Great story
Posted 03 Sep 2010 13:31
excellent,the story just gets better & better,can't wait to hear what happens next

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