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moving on to sis

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quick dangerous oral session with my mother has consequences

l was now 18 and a half and it was two years since me and my mum had begun a sexual relationship, l'd filled out to quite a good looking tall, thin, but muscular man and so had my cock. The sex l had quite regularly with my mum had just got better as time went on. Sometimes we would stay in bed all day and night, trying different things, things that were new to her to, as she had a pretty much straight wam bam sex life with my dad when he was alive.

Sometimes we would hire porn films, then try out the scenes from the films. We tied each other up, spanked each other, had anal sex, tried many different positions, all sorts of things, all new to both of us, but it was one time when we had quite a dangerous quick oral session that led to a brand new experience!

l'd been away for the summer, doing a bit of travalling and was on my way back to see my mother. Although l'd had a great time l still couldn't wait to get back to her and feel that fantastic feeling of being in her, drinking in her pussy juices and seeing her suck on my now fully developed cock. l really wanted to go to the train toilet and masterbate, but l wanted to save all my cum for her, l hadn't told her exactly when l was going to be back and wanted to surprise her with a hard cock, she'd let me know whilst l was away how much she was 'missing' me.

l got off the train and jumped in a taxi to my mum's house, all l could think about was fucking my mum and l had as big a hard on you could in trousers. After l paid l got out of the taxi holding my rucksack to hide my bulge, lights were on in the house and l knew she was in. l let myself in and crept to the living room, opened the door, saw my mum sat at the table. l dropped my rucksack thrust my bulging trousers forward and said 'hi l'm back and look l'm very horny to see you!!'.

My mum looked a bit taken aback and started to shake her head and looked to the kitchen, 'who's that?' came a shout from the kitchen, o shit l thought my big sister. My mum looked at me and with a do something look, 'o hi sis, it's me, bursting for the loo, l'll see you in a min'. l turned and quickly went to the toilet to get rid of my hard on!

l came back down, they were both in the living room and l gave them both a hug. l t was strange and frustrating hugging my mother as quite often a hug like that would lead to so much more, but what could l do. My sis said she was cooking some food and did l want some she would make it stretch, o yes please l'll just go for a quick shower and get changed. All kind's of things went through my head whilst in the shower, what was my sis doing here, why was she here now of all times and how am l going to handle this l'm so horny. l hadn't had sex for ages!!! l got out of the shower and put on the only clothes that were clean, a tight t-shirt and a pair of baggy shorts and went down for dinner.

'o you're here, good it's ready' said my sis and we sat down to eat, l asked her what she was doing up, just visiting? 'well actually' she said 'l've finally told mum about Alison'. Now my sister, as l knew, had recently out of the blue shacked up with another woman, she had explained to me that although she still liked men, she had met Ali at a gay club and fallen for her. l looked at my mum who just smiled and said she can't wait to meet Ali and that she hadn't seen my sis this happy for ages and indeed my sis was very happy, even happier that mum knew.

We ate and drank some wine and l told them about my summer, eventually quite drunk my sister went to bed. Me and mum chatted for a while, then she said she should go to bed to, l stood up to give her a hug and we embraced. l imediately got fully erect in my loose shorts and pushed my hard on to her crotch. She told me to stop, it wasn't fair, l tried to kiss her but she pushed me away. l placed my hand between her legs and started to rub her. She tried to back away saying we can't, but l followed her never letting my hand off her until she was against the table.

l knelt down lifted up her skirt, pulled her panties away and buried my face in her wet pussy, sucking hard on her clit. As she pleaded with me to stop she also opened her legs up and took hold of my head pulling me in even harder till l could hardly breathe. l buried three fingers into her wet gaping pussy, rubbing hard the front wall of her pussy finding the area l knew made her shake with pleasure. l carried on licking, sucking and nibbling her clit and really quickly she was writhing and her pussy juices were dribbling down my arm.

She was trying to stifle her moans and gasps but she finally let out a string of quite load moans as she shook and thrusted her pussy onto my fingers and mouth, l knew l'd got her to where she wanted and my arm was running with her juices. l took out my fingers and pushed my mouth forward so l could drink in her juices, l'd so missed this. l stood up and and kissed her, sharing her juices with her. l then said your turn, she smiled and said, she knew she shouldn't but she couldn't resist.

We swapped places, she got on her knees, took out my hard cock, stroking it she took my end in her mouth, wraping her tongue around my throbbing end. Cupping my balls she started thrusting her mouth on my cock taking as much in as she could, sucking deeply. lt wasn't long before l could feel an orgasm rising, l knew it was going to be a big one, l'd saved up. l gasped as quiet as l could that l was going to cum, so she could stop sucking and start stroking me to cum on her tit's, which she liked. But she didn't stop, she kept on sucking and soon l was exploding a huge gush of cum into her mouth. She took in as much as she could, before moving away, my cock still gushing out more cum onto her face. l hadn't cum this much for ages and l'd never cum in her mouth or face before, it was fantastic. l looked down at her looking up, she was smiling, her face covered with my cum, she opened her mouth and showed me she still had mouthful of cum, she had seen this done in porn films we'd watched and knew l liked it. Then she closed her mouth and swallowed, it was so horny l could probably have done it all again straight away, but she stood up and straightened our clothes and lead me to kitchen where we cleaned up.

 l so wanted to take her to bed and fuck her over and over, but she said we had to wait till my sister left in a couple of days and that we had to be careful, we were lucky we hadn't been caught. We went to our seperate bedrooms. l laid there thinking about what had happened and dosed of, only to wake up about an hour later, with a hard on. My mind full of thoughts of fucking my mum l started to stroke my shaft, but l heard someone moving about down then up the stairs, my bedroom door opened and my sister walked in, she had a couple of glasses of wine. She came over and sat on my bed next to me, it was all l could do to hide my erect cock.

'Saw your light on and thought you'd be awake' she said handing me a glass of wine, 'so whats new?'. 'you telling mum you're living and shagging a woman's pretty new! she looked at me with that familiar sideways look and said 'so tell me all about it?'. 'not much more to tell sis l went travelling, have some stories though'. 'no' she said, 'tell me how you came to be fucking mum?, l watched you both earlier'

l sat there speechless, 'tis ok' she said 'mum told me how fustrated she was a couple of years ago, she told me that she had a secret someone though now, didn't realise it was you!!!'  l was sat just trying to take all this in when my sis said 'it is o.k. look she's alright about Alison cos l'm happy, l'm ok about you two, cos she's happy' , 'anyway' she said moving her hand under and on to my cock. 'l want you to, watching you two earlier turned me on so much and l miss a good cock like yours in me' she said, l was shocked, but my instant erection and feelings of excitement made me know l wanted this. l just laid back and let her take control. she handled my cock quite roughly , squeezing and working fast on my shaft, she threw the covers back and started to suck hard on my bulging end. ' l want you as big and hard as you can get' she said, then she stopped took off her nighty revealing her not to big, but beautifully rounded breasts with bullet nipples and a gorgeous trimmed pussy, her pussy lips hanging down slightly and glistening. She straddled me and lowered herself on to my cock, l slipped into her wet pussy tunnel easily and took hold of her beautiful tits squeezing them, she began to ride me.

Having the woman on top is one of my favourite positions and she knew exactly what she was doing. My cock was as far into her as it could be and she rode it with brilliant rythm and speed. She leant back and pushed herself onto my cock even harder, l could feel her pussy muscles working up and down its shaft. She was writhing and pushing faster and harder, manickly even, but never loosing rythm and we were both soon gasping and moaning. her pussy was so wet and l could hear my cock inside her and l knew it was about to explode, 'hold it' she said 'not yet' and l struggled with trying to stop it. l felt her pussy muscles really tense up around my cock, 'go' she said and l gushed my cum out deep inside her pussy, imediately she started to orgasm to. As l shot several loads of cum in her she gushed her pussy orgasm juice out, l could feel it enveloping my balls and inside my legs, there was so much. When l stopped she carried on, still trying to ride my softening cock, 'fuck me fuck me fuck me' she kept saying writhing her pussy still on my cock and amazingly it started to get hard again. 'Oh yes' she said laying on me still writhing, gasping out 'more more more'. We rolled over and l started to bang hard my cock into her soaking pussy, seconds later her pussy exploded again, l could feel her juices squirting out. She wrapped her legs and arms around me 'keep going' she implored me 'harder harder'. About every twenty seconds she exploded into another orgasm and then another and another, it was totally amazing, she just kept cumming. Eventually just l thought l couldn't carry on any more when l felt an orgasm building and l put one last frantic effort in, she knew exactly what was happening and gasped 'ooh yes cum again honey', l came again, not a lot but enough to send her into one last squirting orgasm.

l collapsed and rolled of her into a puddle of her juices and we laid there gasping together. l gently took hold of my limp cock and said 'jesus he's sore', she looked down, touched her pussy 'so's she'. We lay there giggling, then we embraced and engaged in a very long and sensual kiss, our tongues twisting and dancing together exploring each others mouths. We fell asleep in each other arms in a very very damp bed.

We woke up together and the bed felt very wet and cold, we could the radio in the kitchen, mum must be up. 'l need a wee and l'll get some towels' said my sis, seconds after she had my mum came in with two glasses of orange juice. 'Thought you both would like a drink' she said 'oh morning mmm sis woke up in the night saw l was awake and came in for some company, we just fell asleep' 'mmm' said mum and put her hand under the cover 'had an accident?'. l said nothing, she came over to my side of the bed, bent down, kissed me on my cheek and whispered 'l hope this means you've not moved on from me?'. l took hold of her kissed her deeply and told her that l'd always be hers as long as she wanted me.

My sis stayed for another night and what a night that was.






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Posted 22 Jan 2012 16:58
hhhmmmmm,,very, very, nice,,,,,,love family sex tales!!
Posted 30 Dec 2010 11:12
really hot how about mom and sister tag team
Posted 18 Jan 2010 13:26
mmmmmmmmm I loved it
Posted 14 May 2009 21:47
make a third with a threesome
Posted 07 Aug 2008 06:58
quite a pain to read...
Posted 30 Jul 2008 13:28
how lucky you are. i always wan to fuck my sister.she is 50 but very sexy.i know she does sex with her husband daily and is very satisfied. dont know how to seduce her.
Posted 17 Jul 2008 01:25
love to to, then we could write our own story!!
Posted 16 Jul 2008 04:06
looooove to fuck you!!
Posted 14 Jul 2008 02:15
how i luv to fuck yr mom n sister now
Posted 10 Jul 2008 02:47
wwowowowowowow!!! i wanna fuck ur sis!!!
Posted 05 Jul 2008 12:36
would definately like to hear more
Posted 05 Jul 2008 12:06
Posted 05 Jul 2008 01:36
sure would love to hear all of them.just would like the same
Posted 04 Jul 2008 08:05
Would like to hear anything u got.
Posted 04 Jul 2008 06:57
o, comment if you would like to hear more of my incestual experiences, the one above was quite a while ago and there have been many more since including some with my now wife ;-) so just let me know x

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