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Mum and Suzy

Mum finds Suzy's present for Tom

Elaine was 44 and a still slim 5’ 6”, with short-cropped dark hair with odd grey high-lights.   She hated feeling the need to cover up the grey.   It made men look “distinguished”, but as a woman in her forties, people seemed to dismiss you.   She was firmly of the opinion that as a woman reached a certain age, she gradually became invisible.


Elaine had married young, and had two wonderful kids.   Tom and Susan were 19 year-old twins.   They hadn’t always got on, but what brother and sister did?   They seemed to be getting on better than ever at the moment though.   They must finally be getting over the sibling rivalry.


Sex had gone off the boil with her husband Michael over the last few years.   Elaine still had as much of an urge as ever, and didn’t think she’d ever lose the need to orgasm daily, but Mike just seemed to want nothing more than the weekly fuck they’d become used to.   On the one night a week they did it, Mike had all the enthusiasm he ever had, but Elaine needed it more often than weekly.   The couple had fully explored their fantasies over the years, but sometimes it was hard to keep the excitement when your bodies were so familiar.


Elaine couldn’t and wouldn’t complain.   She knew that most men would have been unhappy at the relationship she shared with her own brother.   She and Paul had fucked off and on since Elaine was 18, and even now they still shared their moments once a month or so.   Mike had even joined in on more than one occasion, but not during the last couple of years.   She thought that now, Mike was secretly pleased that Paul was helping to keep her satisfied.


She’d always had a high sex-drive, and masturbated daily.   Unlike most women, she adored pornography, and had a decent collection of erotic literature.   She’d recently discovered internet porn, and loved nothing more than watching the girls on web-cams, strutting their stuff for the voyeurs tuning in.   Her part-time receptionist job meant that she got to spend plenty of time at home on her own, with a vibrator her laptop, and bottle of lubricant.


Comfortable with her sexuality, Elaine had discussed the birds and the bees with Susan at an early age.   She’d even provided her daughter with a DVD on how to gain sexual fulfilment, plus a vibrator for her eighteenth birthday.   Of course this was a private present that Suzy’s dad and brother knew nothing about, but Elaine was a firm believer that sexual contentment was central to a happy life.   She had managed to keep a relaxed and open relationship with her daughter, and was proud of the fact.


Despite the kids being grown-ups, Elaine still did all the washing and cleaning for them.   She supposed that whilst they lived with her, she always would.   She knew Suzy had been sexually active for a while, and trusted that she played safe.   Tom had been going out with a girl for a while, but Elaine wasn’t exactly her number one fan.   She supposed it would be difficult to accept anyone was good enough for her boy.


Tuesdays and Thursdays were Elaine’s days off work, and those were the days when she’d sort out the washing, and more often than not, sit in front of the computer for a couple of hours.   She’d soon strip to her panties behind closed blinds, and rub her clit through the fabric of her underwear.   She’d then find a webcam she liked the look of, and arrange a private session.   She’d tell the girl what she wanted to see her doing to herself, and would mimic the action on screen.   She particularly liked watching them push their fingers slowly into their anus.  


Elaine loved anal, probably because that was what Paul liked best.   She had a butt plug that she’d sometimes wear for most of the day whilst she did the housework, feeling the warm rubber pressing against her bowels until she ached.   The blessed relief when the plug was removed was often enough to bring her to the brink of orgasm on its own.   The most gentle of flicks across her clitoris would then send her into fits of shivering, with electric pulses passing from the centre of her body to the tips of her fingers and toes.


She’d always got very wet when aroused, and from an early age Elaine had become addicted to the taste of her own pussy juice.   She’d lick it from her fingers, and even from her dildo and vibrator.   If she’d not showered, the taste would be almost bitter, and the scent would be like piss.   She also liked to suck at the gusset of her own pants occasionally, imagining that they were the knickers worn by the sluts on the webcams.   She’d never had a bona fide lesbian experience (apart from a couple of bouts of group fingering during sleep-overs as a teenager) but had fantasised about it countless times.


This Tuesday she went into the kids rooms and stripped the beds as usual, except under Tom’s pillow, she found a pair of yellow silk panties.   She thought she recognised them as Susan’s, but surely they couldn’t be?   She lifted them off the floor and was hit by the strong smell of sour pussy juice.   She turned the panties inside out, and saw the filthiest gusset she could imagine.   Her head was telling her to drop the panties under Tom’s bed, and pretend she hadn’t found them.   Her heart, which was pounding in her chest like a jack-hammer, told her to lift the panties to her nose and mouth.   The heart won.


Elaine took the crotch of the yellow silk pants and inhaled the aroma deeply.   The heady mix of pussy, pee and semen hit the sensitive nerves in the back of her throat and she fell onto Tom’s bed with her head spinning.   She gently pushed her tongue against the silken cloth, and tasted her daughter’s nectar for the first time.   She sucked the material into her mouth, and with her second taste, took in her son’s dried sperm.


By now, the heel of Elaine’s left hand was pushed firmly against her denim clad cunt, and she cried out as her orgasm coursed through her veins like a hot wind.   She broke out in goose-bumps and cold sweat, and lay shaking on the bed as the wave subsided.


“It looks like you enjoyed my pants as much as Tom did!” a voice said from the bedroom doorway.


Elaine jerked upright, her face flushing even more, to see Susan stood there in just her Eeyore socks.   Conflicting emotions raced through Elaine’s mind.   Foremost was shame but closely followed by confusion; why was Susan stood nearly naked in the doorway?   Then desire was hot on the heels of the confusion.   This gorgeous girl was stood naked in front of her, her legs slightly parted.   She wore her hair in plaits, her heavy breasts hanging on her chest, with dark pink nipples standing erect.   Her waist curved in sexily, and then her hips flared out.   Between her daughter’s legs, Elaine could see her pussy lips swollen and moist, peeking from beneath a very fine covering of pubic hair.


“I…” stammered Elaine.


“Shhhh” responded Susan as she stepped seductively towards her mother on the bed.   She kissed her deeply, and pushed her backwards.


Suzy broke the kiss, and Elaine moaned softly and tried to rise, only to find Suzy’s legs astride her head, and her wet cunt and puckered anus moving towards her willing lips.   Elaine’s tongue pushed forwards and slipped between the slick lips of her daughter’s pussy.   She gently worked her tongue backwards and forwards along the length of Suzy’s lips, pausing over her pee hole, and darting into her vagina.   She was delighted to find that her daughter was just as quick to get wet as Elaine was herself.


She felt Suzy’s hand pulling at the front of her jeans, and reaching inside as she opened the button and pulled down the zip.


“Oh mummy” Suzy moaned, and pushed her cunt harder onto Elaine’s mouth.   Elaine took one perfect buttock in each hand, and lifted Suzy lightly.   She repositioned herself and gently pressed her tongue against her lover’s anus.   She pushed more firmly and Suzy squealed with delight as her mother’s tongue poked inside.   Meanwhile Suzy’s fingers were furiously rubbing her mum’s clitoris.  


As the heat built, both women resumed their concentration on each others most sensitive part.   They began to breathe more heavily, and Suzy began to bear down harder on her mother’s tongue.   Within minutes, both women were bucking and heaving as their orgasms blasted through their tired bodies.


Suzy fell away from on top of her mother and lay panting on the bed.   Elaine turned around so that she lay alongside her daughter, took her in her arms, and gently caressed her breast as she held her.


Suzy sighed contentedly.   She loved her family.

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Posted 10 Jan 2014 00:47
yeah was getting to the interesting stage
Posted 06 Jan 2014 23:18
I only wish the story went on a little longer...
Posted 18 Jun 2008 15:25
i have fucked 3 ladies that ranged from 49 58 and let me tell you. they poured the juices like crazy, older chicks know how to fuck.
Posted 01 Jan 2008 08:12
To the guy who posted befor. The girl is 18 years old and is NOT a child. Also it was not sexual abuse for it was done in consent NOT rape. Also its probly 99% fake.

Good story though.

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