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Must Have Some-Part I

Kaci tastes herself for the first time...
It all started about 5yrs ago. I was 18 and still a virgin. I often fantasized about my neighbor, Jake, who is the same age as me.

I'm not bad looking. I'm 5ft 2, 34DD, and curves in all the right places. I have long curly blond hair that fall down to my waist. Jake is 6ft 4, and muscular, with dark hair.

The way our houses are set up. I can see his room from my bedroom window on the second floor. We've hung out a few times, but not too often. He was only around during the summer to visit, who I assumed was his mother and sister. At first I would find any excuse to be outside while he mowed the lawn or cleaned the pool. He often did these outside jobs in nothing but a pair of shorts. His body would glisten in the sun from the sweat dripping down his intense abs.

One day I built up the courage to go over and offer him a glass of lemonade. He didn't say anything. He just took the glass and downed the lemonade while staring into my eyes. He handed the glass back to me and smiled. I quickly went back to my room and lay back on my bed.

I removed my clothing and slowly let my left hand caress my right breast. I took an ice cube from the empty cup and put it to my lips. I slid it down my neck and circled my breasts with it. I let it glide over my hard nipple. The sensation was incredible. I glided the ice cube further down until I reach my soft lips between my legs. I rubbed it up and down my slit then let it glide over my clit.

I let out a moan. It felt so good. I was imagining Jake's face the entire time. The ice soon melted from the heat that was coming from my snatch. I inserted two fingers and pumped slowly at first. Then more vigorously. I rubbed my clit until I had one of the most amazing orgasms. My body jerked and my back arced off the bed.

Later that night, I decided to go into my Dad's office and find a pair of binoculars. I was going to use them to peep into Jake's room from my window. It was about 10:00pm and I figured he'd be in his room by now. I turned out all the lights in my room and crept over to the window. I peered through the binoculars and what I saw was the most unexpected thing ever.

Jake was on his knees in front of a girl and his face was eating her snatch. She had her legs over his shoulders and her head was tilted back. She had an amazing body. Similar to mine in fact. I didn't know who the girl was until she lifted her head. I was shocked to see it was Jake's sister Lisa.

Lisa is one year older than me and Jake. I wasn't grossed out or anything. I simply watched in amazement. I could feel myself getting wet and as I held the binoculars in my right hand, I slowly slid my left hand into my panties an gently caressed my heated mound.

Jake then stood up. He lifted Lisa up. His cock was at full stand. It was at least 8 inches and it was very thick. He took Lisa and guided her down onto his shaft. I could tell she liked every bit of it because her head fell back and her nails were digging into Jake. He lifter her hips and slammed her down again in quick movements.

After what seemed like a few minutes. Lisa orgasmed. She was a squirter I could see her juices running. Her body jerked and her long brown hair jerked all over the place. Jake lay her on the bed and took his cock from inside of her. He took his shaft in his left hand and pumped his fist fast. soon loads of white cream flew from it and landed on his sister's stomach. I watched him scoop up his seed and place it in his sister's mouth. He fed her all of it. And I watched all of it. I jumped in my bed and had my second intense orgasm of the day.

I couldn't take it anymore. I needed Jake inside of me. I needed them both. The next day. I waited til just before lunch and took a shower and got dressed. I put on my sexiest pair of shorts and white tank top. I didn't wear a bra. I went downstairs and made lunch for three. I was going to get myself into Jake's house today.

I went over with my picnic basket and rung the doorbell. Lisa came to the door. "Hello" I said.

"Oh, come on in" said Lisa.

That was easier than I thought. I told Lisa that I had made some lunch and was tired of sitting at home by myself and thought it would be nice to have some company. She said that it was a nice thought, but she was the only one home. I don't know what it was about sitting there in the kitchen enjoying our lunch, but I could feel myself getting wet between the legs watching Lisa eat the fresh strawberries I'd brought over.

She must have been feeling the same way because she took some chocolate from the fridge and put it on her finger and sucked it seductively. "Wanna try some?" she asked me in the sexiest voice I've ever heard.

I got up from my side of the table and stood next to her. She took the chocolate, put it on her finger and slide it into my mouth. I sucked. and I sucked hard. It was the best chocolate ever. "You like chocolate, don't you?" As she said this, she removed her finger from my mouth and flicked my nipple, that was hard and could be seen through my white tank top. I moaned.

Lisa leaned in and pinched my nipple and said. "You're a naughty little girl, aren't you? you're a silly slut who came over without a bra. and now I'm going to punish you."

I was so excited, but I dare not show it. I didn't want this game to stop. Lisa took me by the hand and led me to the living room. She commanded me to take off all my clothes. "what about your mom?" I asked.

"She's away for the weekend," Lisa responded with a smile. I took off my clothes. Lisa came over and kissed me on the lips. I parted mine and she slid her tongue in. her lips were soft but she kissed vigorously. Our tongues danced for a while, then I felt her hand on my left breast.

Her hand was soft but she messaged my breast and flicked my nipple. she then started suck on my right nipple, using her tongue and pulling on it with her teeth. It felt so good. My head fell back as I moaned. Lisa guided me to the couch. "Have you ever been tasted?" I didn't know what she meant, but I didn't care. I told her that I had never been tasted.

She lowered herself between my legs. I looked down at her. I then figured out what was coming. I spread my legs as far as they would go and opened up to her. She blew cool streams of air onto my burning cunt. Long streams, followed by short burst of heated ones. It felt so good. I moaned and did my best to keep my legs a part.

Lisa inserted two fingers into my slit. "You're a tight one. still a virgin I bet." I couldn't say anything because the feeling was so intense. She pumped her fingers in and out of me. she used her tongue to circle my clit. She inserted a third finger and I arched my back and fought to keep my legs spread.

I could feel the juices running down and onto the couch. Lisa pumped faster and harder. Using her tongue to stimulate my clit. She then used her lips and sucked as hard as she could on my clit. I exploded. My juices felt warm as it ran down. She kept pumping until she worked every single flutter out of me. She removed her fingers and brought them to my lips. I tasted myself for the first time.

This story will be continued. This is my first story. Feedback is encouraged. Thanks.
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Posted 12 May 2013 02:58
very good first short story. with a little more scene description, character interaction and dialogue - would give you a longer story and allow more tasting - lol. Let me know when you write another
Posted 18 Mar 2011 12:53
Very creative way of introducing incest. Very hot and nasty. Too short, in my opinion, but very erotic.
Posted 12 Mar 2011 10:19
WTF just getting intresting a THE END,please continue & quickly
Posted 12 Mar 2011 06:23
Very hot story. Can't wait for more.
Posted 12 Mar 2011 06:19
Great story Want to hear the rest
Posted 12 Mar 2011 05:33
awesome, thanks, can't wait
Posted 12 Mar 2011 05:11
oh ur teasing,,, loved it, cant wait for more
Posted 12 Mar 2011 03:49
Your story was excellent! It was just a little different way of getting to the incest part which was exciting as well. I know there is much more coming si I can't wait to see how it happens.
Posted 11 Mar 2011 21:02
great job on your first story and licking that was really hot.
Posted 11 Mar 2011 19:42
Very nice story. Can't wait to read what happens when Jake comes home!
Posted 11 Mar 2011 18:35
nice first story keep'em cummmin'
Posted 11 Mar 2011 17:46
WELCOME TO LUSH. Very good fist time story. Great story line. Now that you've been tasted, it is your turn to taste Lisa. Have fun. "V=5."

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