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My awakening

How 2 people find their forbidden love
I was sitting in the garden wearing nothing more than a pair of white shorts and top when my mother walked up and stood directly in front of me before smiling, “I’m glad that I’ve found you because I need you to help move the dressing table in my bedroom.”

“Okay,” I replied looking up at her and it is at this point I immediately focused on the way her somewhat average looking breasts seemed to be pressing against the taut material of the rather thin lime green blouse she’d decided to wear. As I kept staring I immediately noticed that her nipples seemed to be appearing like a couple of landing lights on a runway and seeing such a wondrous sight my cock started to react. It probably took about 3 seconds before the tip slipped into view and realising what was happening I think I was quick enough to hide it away. Though in saying that I’m not exactly sure whether she saw anything, or not, but she did linger that bit longer before turning and walking towards the house. With her out of the way I waited for the inevitable flagging of my manhood before getting up and following her into the kitchen.

“Right,” she smiled once I’d joined her. “Just follow me.”

“Lead on,” I grinned while being led through the rather spacious hallway and towards the stairs. Once at the bottom she simply carried on with both hands clutching the bannisters and with me tagging along I was quietly enjoying the seductive view of her middle‑aged derrière as it deliciously swayed about a foot in front of my face. We were making good progress until about halfway up she suddenly stopped causing me to push my, rather embarrassed, face into her buttocks. “Sorry,” I apologised as my hands suddenly shot out, well I had to prevent myself from doing something a trifle risqué, and grabbed the first thing that was available. For the record and in my defence; I did manage to seize either side of her hips as I tried to steady myself. This action would have been perfect but for the fact that she chose that precise moment to start climbing the stairs again. As I now had hold of the elasticated waistband of her floral skirt she moved forward and as would have been expected the skirt stayed precisely where it was. As it slipped a good six inches down her naked backside, as she’d obviously decided not to wear any knickers because of the heat, my eyes suddenly flew wide apart in absolute delight when seeing the cleft of her beautiful buttocks coming deliciously into view.

Obviously realising that what I’d done was truly unintentional she instantly stopped and twisted her grinning face before giving what could only be described as a girly giggle, “Right, let’s find the bedroom.”

“Okay,” I smiled when following her along the landing.

Outside one of the doors she halted and opened it. We both walked inside and as we did my eyes suddenly noticed several drawers lying on the bed and the dressing table waiting to be shifted.

“Where do you want me to put it,” I asked moving towards the mahogany shell of the dresser and carefully started to move it.

“Over there,” she smiled. “By the window.” It took about twenty minutes before she was eventually satisfied with my efforts and having completed the task watched as she picked up one of the drawers and started towards the dresser. About halfway there the telephone downstairs rang. “I’ll just go and answer that,” she smiled and with that she’d gone. With her out of the way I decided why not be helpful and replace the drawers myself and so picked one of them up. Before sliding it into position I quickly looked at the contents, as any male might have done, and smiled rather disappointedly when seeing the various jumpers she had. The next drawer was a little more exciting as it had various cotton blouses quite neatly folded one on top of the other. The next one was, to my joy, full of numerous items of underwear that caused a dutiful stirring in my groin. Realising that she was still downstairs I carefully lifted the top pair of sky blue knickers and brought the gusset to my nose before giving it a lingering sniff. I was in paradise when closing my eyes and imagining what she’d look like in them. With this erotic thought I soon felt the standard growth of my cock and knowing I had a bit of time quickly unzipped my shorts, removed my erection and began wanking. As I kept up a good rhythm and feeling the fine texture I soon realised that I was getting close to a climax and it was then that I instinctively wrapped those same knickers around my cock before shooting my spunk into them. Having satisfied myself I immediately wiped myself clean, scrunched up the soiled pair of pants and thrust them into my pocket knowing that I’d dispose of them at some point in the future. Now ready I continued to look through the array of lingerie and smiled when seeing a white vibrator carelessly hidden at the bottom of the pile, again my cock reacted as I imagined precisely where she’d put it and what she’d be doing with it. I was suddenly brought back to the present when hearing footsteps climbing the stairs and in no time at all saw her standing in the doorway with a large grin across her lips. “Thank you for doing that,” she announced walking towards me.

“No problem,” I awkwardly responded while picking up that final drawer and just holding it as if trying to conceal my flagging erection.

“Anyway,” she started looking directly at me. “I’ll just take that as I need to put in the correct place.” Having spoken she grabbed it, turned and fitted it.

“If that’s it,” I smiled. “Then I think I’d better be going.”

“Thanks for your help,” she smiled while putting more pieces of underwear in the drawer. “And if you don’t mind then can you see yourself out as I’ve got things to sort out up here.”

“That’s alright,” I answered watching as she held at arm’s length a surprisingly small pair of pink knickers and thinking you couldn’t possibly want to wear a pair like that. With that thought I started towards the stairs and was about halfway down when I heard a sudden scream.

“What’s wrong,” I quickly asked rushing back into her bedroom.

“I thought I saw a mouse,” she screeched having climbed onto the bed and just stood with her back against the wall.


“Running along the skirting board,” she indicated with a trembling finger.

“Okay,” I smiled. “I’ll have a quick look.” Getting onto all fours I carefully searched around until realising that it had probably disappeared. With a deep sigh I got onto my knees and glanced at my mother before speaking. “It’s okay,” I smiled. “I can’t see anything.”

“Right,” she smiled starting to walk with a wobble towards me and as she approached suddenly screamed, “I’ve just seen it again.”

“Where,” I asked having a quick look around and having finished glanced up to see that she was now balancing somewhat precariously on the edge of the mattress. As I glanced up I was in heaven because I was now staring, for the first time in my life, at a woman’s real pussy. For several moments I erotically admired the way the two pink lips of her vagina were pushing through the rather sparse array of curly black pubic hair and to make it even more erotic I saw just how wet it was. Seeing; what was there I immediately got an erection.

Suddenly she screeched, “Catch me.” In a flash I stood and watched the way she appeared to be losing her balance, and it was a moment later that she fell into my waiting arms and after shuffling about we stood cuddling each other in a kind of awkward safety. “Thanks,” she smiled, and as we stood together I could feel just how soft her breasts were as they pressed into my chest. If this was going to be my reward then I had no problem with it, but in saying that I was a little shocked when she gazed into my eyes and smiled. “Give me your hands” she gently instructed while lusciously licking her lips and I was in for an even greater shock when she deliberately placed them on her skirt so that I could feel just how soft her actual buttocks were. Having read many stories, in various magazines, about what to do next I began to urgently knead the softness. “Please,” she moaned as my eager palms slipped beneath her skirt and began to massage her naked backside. Then as my fingers enjoyed the luscious softness I instinctively pressed my fully grown erection even harder against her belly as an indication of how sexually aroused I’d become. She responded by suddenly giving me a full bloodied mouth to mouth snog and feeling the way she forced her tongue into my mouth I of course reacted by pulling her even closer. As I felt her soft breasts pressing into my chest I wanted more and with no thought of the consequence moved a trembling hand to the front of her skirt. I closed my eyes before licking my dry lips when touching the wetness of her pubic hair. Suddenly she stepped back. “I think that’s enough,” she playfully smiled and watching the way she’d reacted I started to panic because as she looked directly at the bulge in my shorts, and knowing that I’d obviously overstepped the mark I really didn’t expect what she did next. “I think you’d better be going,” she sighed. “Because I think you need to be alone.” I was about to walk away when she suddenly added, “But before you go,” she smiled while walking to her dressing table, opening the top drawer and grabbing a pair of white knickers. “You may find these useful.”

“But,” I awkwardly cringed while hurriedly taking them.

“There’s no need to be embarrassed,” she calmly stated. “Because when your father was alive he’d often use a pair.”

“Thanks,” I awkwardly grinned as I just stood and stared at her.

“Now please go,” she smiled walking to the bed “And close the door.”

I think it’s about time that I’d better explain the situation we had at home. My mother was a single parent as my father had died in a fatal car crash when I was nine and for the next seven years she’d struggled to bring me up. It was about a month later when I was in my bedroom listening to my record player that someone knocked on the door and opened it. “Hello,” mum smiled as she walked towards me until finally standing by the bed. “Would you like to come into town, with me, as I’ve got some shopping to do?”

“Ok,” I answered getting up rather gingerly because ever since that day I’d been trying to avoid her like the plague.

Now ready I watched as she disappeared back onto the landing, but not before staring at the way her beautiful buttocks seemed to be sexually swaying and seeing this I had to reprimand myself because this was my mother when all said and done. Into the kitchen I walked and saw her standing next to the washing machine. “Hello,” she smiled while pulling out a pale blue bra and putting it in the basket on the floor. Next, whether it was an accident but as she pulled out a rather thick blue towel a pair of black knickers fell onto the stone floor and just lay there. She’d obviously not seen them because she turned, with some more washing, and walked towards the clotheshorse standing in the corner of the room.

“So when are we going,” I nonchalantly asked as I couldn’t take my eyes off the way the knickers were just lying there.

“When I’ve finished putting the washing out,” she smiled while picking up a pair of white coloured pants and draping them over the clotheshorse.

“Alright,” I smiled when watching the way she casually picked up another pair of knickers, and this time they were flame red, and placed them next to the others. “So, you’ll be about five minutes.” It was maybe a little longer when at last she’d finished but she twisted around and as she did I suddenly noticed, well I was a hormonal boy, the way her breasts seemed to wobble in an erotic sense of the word.

As we came face to face she must have seen the pair of knickers on the floor, as well as noticing the way the front of my jeans seemed to be sticking out, because she walked up to them and picked them up. Needing to put them on the clotheshorse she turned. “Have you had a chance to use those knickers I gave you,” she asked.

“No,” I blushed at such a question and quietly muttered, “I can’t.”

“Why ever not.”

“It doesn’t feel right,” I frowned. “Because I know they’re yours.”

“So,” she smiled with some slight mischief.

“But you’re my mother.”

“That didn’t stop you masturbating when you helped move the chest of drawers.”

“But,” I cringed somewhat mortified that she’d witnessed what I’d been doing. “It was just seeing all those pants and imagining what they were used to cover.”

“Now we’re getting to the truth,” she giggled.

“What d’yer mean,” I suddenly asked focusing on the way her nipples were clearly visible through the blouse she’d got on.

“You’re growing up,” she laughed. “And I’m sure that you’re thinking about sex all the time.”

Not wanting to admit to anything so sordid I looked away. “Maybe I do,” I stage whispered. “Is that so wrong?”

“Not at all,” she answered. “It’s just a natural male urge.”

“Is that so,” I responded.

“Yes,” she replied. “And it’s also every boy’s favourite fantasy to catch a glimpse of their mother naked.”

“Is that right,” I blushed.

“Yes it is,” she giggled like a school girl. “So have you ever caught sight of me without any clothes on?”

“No,” I truthfully answered and then added somewhat arrogantly. “The only time I did was when I looked up your skirt, the other week, while searching for the mouse you said you’d seen.”

“And what did you see,” she asked while gently swaying.

“Nothing really,” I shrugged.

“Now, you wouldn’t lie to me.”

“Not at all!”

Hearing this she gave an impish smile. Then, she stood and walked a few paces before twisting around. “So you didn’t see this,” she asked while grabbing the front of her skirt, lifting it and showing me the fact that she wasn’t wearing any knickers again. Obviously seeing my reaction she asked with a curious grin running along her luscious lips, “Can I ask you a rather personal question?”

“Certainly,” I smiled as I simply couldn’t take my eyes off the way she just stood there.

“Can you remember when I fell off the bed and we ended up cuddling each other?”


“And I allowed you to reach beneath my skirt and quickly touch my pussy.”


“What I’d like to know,” she murmured with her head tilting slightly to the right. “Is; would you have known what to do if I’d allowed you to continue touching me?”

“Not sure what you mean.”

Hearing this rather painful confession she looked at me before asking, “Have you never managed to get your hand inside the knickers of any of the girls from school?”


“So; you’ve never actually played with a woman’s pussy?”

Hearing the question, which wasn’t the kind I was expecting, I immediately turned beetroot red. “No,” I cringed while carefully looking at the floor.

Seeing my reaction and hearing this admission she giggled. “So, if I’d allowed you to carry on then I would have been your first?”


“Ah,” she smiled putting her hands out for me to grab. “Come here and give your mum a hug.” I stood and went towards her. We cuddled, and as we cuddled I smiled because it felt so different from the last time. I don’t know whether it was the way she kept pushing her breasts into my chest, or the way she kept softly sighing as my excited groin pressed against the fiery warmth of her belly but it was after about thirty seconds of this she suddenly pulled away and stepped back. Without a word she smiled and walked from the room leaving me to contemplate whether I should have tried to maybe touch her vagina. As I was deliberating the possibility I suddenly heard my name being called. Wondering where she was I left the room and walked onto the landing hoping she’d call again. “I’m in my bedroom,” giggled the direction and hearing this I wandered towards her position and quietly opened the door. “Come in,” she warmly stated waving a hand. Stepping inside; my gaze was instantly drawn to the fact that she’d obviously changed into her usual floral house‑coat and was sitting at her dressing table looking in my direction. “Come here,” she softly demanded when seeing me. “Because I want ask you something else.”

Hearing the instruction I took a couple of steps before standing directly in front of her. “What is it,” I asked rather stupidly looking down, and as I stared I suddenly noticed that the front of her loosely fitting gown appeared to have fallen slightly open thus allowing me to marvel at the way her breasts were partially visible although not to be classed as pornographic.

“D’yer remember saying that you’ve never actually caught a glimpse of me naked.”


“So when I’m in here getting dressed,” she started. “You’ve never been tempted to look into my room and watch me.”

Hearing this question I’m sure I blushed because whenever I’d tried to do what she’d just asked I’d always find that the door was either closed, or if ajar then she’d be no-where in sight. Wanting to be as open as I possibly could replied, “I may have tried a couple of times but I could never catch sight of you.”

Listening to the answer she smiled and it was then that she appeared to thrust her chest out that bit further. “Thanks for being honest,” she said. “But now I’d like to get dressed and so will you please close the door on your way out.” Having spoken she turned towards the mirror, picked up a brush and started combing her long black hair.

Realising that the session had probably finished I turned and walked away. Having reached the door I walked through and was about to close it when I heard some slight movement behind. Quickly turning my head I noticed that my mother was beginning to stand up; and deciding that if I was quick enough then I could close the door and leave it slightly ajar with a big enough gap for me to see through. This I did and once in position watched as she suddenly turned towards me. As I looked did she know I was watching? If she did then it didn’t really matter because it was like a dream come true when she opened the front of her house-coat. Seeing her standing there I licked my dry lips. I was licking them because I could now see her naked breasts rising and falling with every one of her breaths. As I stared my mouth became even drier when spotting each of her large nipples as they sat perfectly inside the dusty brick coloured areola. Instinct now compelled me to force my gaze to move down her smooth belly and having seen many pictures of naked women at school, I wantonly grinned when realising that her beautiful pussy was clearly visible. By closing my eyes I wanted to make myself more comfortable, and understanding my subconscious desires, I hurriedly unzipped my jeans and quickly removed my stiff cock. As I began to masturbate a sudden though flashed inside my head, and that was I would need something to catch the spunk in when I finally reached my climax. With this in mind I once again looked into my mother’s bedroom and was somewhat disappointed when spotting that she’d disappeared from view. Not wanting to stand around, in case the unthinkable happened, I raced to my bedroom and smiled when finding the lacy pair of knickers she’d given me before quickly wrapping them around my cock. Now feeling like a million dollars I resumed masturbating until the moment arrived when I shot my warm spunk into those self‑same pants.

It was ten days later when watching a programme on the television, something to do with a recently discovered tribe in the Amazon basin, that I sat glued to the screen as the camera constantly focused on the women, of all ages, going about their daily tasks and if it hadn’t have been for the fact that they were partially naked then I don’t think I would have been that interested. “What are you watching,” asked a quiet voice standing at the back of my chair.

“I’m not sure,” I lied quickly trying to conceal the rather large lump that had grown in my jeans.

“You’re just like your father,” she smiled as another scene showed a group of older women standing waist deep in the water apparently washing clothes. “You just can’t take your beady eyes off any woman who's willing to show a bit of tit.”

“Is that so wrong?”

“Not at all,” she replied when coming to sit next to me. We’d been sat watching it for about twenty minutes when the picture on the television seemed to focus on a young couple walking towards the great river and once there zoomed in on the girl who looked no older than seventeen as she removed the small piece of modesty, she was wearing, and stood completely naked showing absolutely no pang of conscience. “See what I mean,” my mother cussed looking at the same image and then while pointing a finger as if making a valid point added. “Why do the producers of these programmes always show naked women?”

“I don’t know,” dribbled my answer as I concentrated on the way the cameraman first focused on the young girl’s tiny breasts and then zoomed in on the triangle of dark pubic hair at the top of her thighs and then adding while shifting about hoping to hide the obvious bulge I’d got. “I don’t suppose that there are many women who watch this sort of documentary?”

“That may be true,” she complained. “But, we women would like to see the occasional cock.” Hearing this; I was a little shocked because I’d never imagined my mother using such a word, and if she did then not in front of her own son. I was still recoiling when the young man, who’d also removed his clothes, was shown with his back to the camera. “See what I mean,” she cussed while watching him race towards the Amazon and dive in. “All you can see is his arse.” The documentary then spent a good few minutes on this couple before moving on to the next scene about how the men would capture their daily food with the use of a blowpipe. Suddenly, the scene changed as it went back to the couple in the river who were generally messing about. As the credits rolled; the girl was the first to get out of the water closely followed by the boy and it was while he was emerging that my mother went very quiet because there as clear as day was exactly what she’d wanted. In fact it was more than see wanted because the boy had an erection and to make it all the more sensual the last two seconds of the programme showed the boy actually masturbating with the girl watching him. Seeing this no-one dared speak but I did notice that my mother was getting a bit fidgety. In fact her eyes were staring directly at my crotch and did I see just how erect her nipples had become as they pushed against the cardigan she’d got on. “It’s a bit warm in here,” she deliberately moaned while standing up and walking to the door. “I think I need to go and change.”

“Are you coming back?”

“Maybe,” she smiled before disappearing from sight and as I listened she went up the stairs making a lot of sound. Knowing full well that I could hear whether she was returning, or not, I quickly unzipped my jeans and took out my stiff cock. I was happily masturbating when I suddenly felt the back of the chair, in which I was sitting, being gently pushed. Absolute panic rippled through my body as I twisted my face and saw my mother looking down at what I was doing. Not a word was uttered as she rather wickedly smiled before walking across the room and sitting in the chair opposite. “Come here,” she insisted as she began to fidget with the cord of the dressing gown she’d got on.

“Okay,” I agreed while struggling to push my erection back into my jeans as best I could and it was a few moments later that I stood directly in front of her looking down.

“Do you remember watching that documentary,” she smiled. “And seeing that naked couple by the river.”


“So what were you thinking when you saw the girl’s pussy and childlike breasts,” she continued. “That you’d like see something like that for real.”

“If only,” I giggled looking at her.

“Well if that’s the case,” she grinned. “Then how would you like it if I showed you mine?”

Understanding the consequence asked, “Don’t you think that it might be classed as morally wrong?”

Her reply was instant, “Who’s going to know.”

“No-one I suppose.”

“I’m rather glad you’ve said that,” she smiled while opening the front of her gown and showing off her lovely tits. “Because if you look down here,” she indicated while opening her legs and moving her hands towards her crotch. “Then you’ll be able to see just how wet you’ve made my pussy.” Hearing this I gawped, like any sex maniac, at her. Ok I knew it actually belonged to my mother but who was I to complain. I must have been staring for about twenty seconds with my heart pounding, like a blacksmith’s hammer, when she asked another question, “Would you like to touch it?”

“Can I,” I stuttered while seeing just sexually alluring it looked.

“Of course,” she panted. “Now give me your hand.” With me trembling, like a leaf, she quickly took it and placed my right index finger against the wispy strands of her pubic hair. “What can you feel,” she quietly moaned as she slowly pressed my finger against a wetness that felt so delicious.

“It’s wet,” I answered like a complete novice.

“That’s right,” she softly whimpered as she pushed my finger between the two lips of her fanny. “Now, what can you feel?”

“I’m not sure,” whimpered my response.

“Try moving your finger,” she insisted. “And if you go a little deeper you may feel a small lump towards the top.” Hearing the instruction I searched for that illusive spot and when I did locate it she suddenly panted, “Gently rub it for me.” Whether I was doing it right or not, but I suddenly became aware of the fact that my mother had removed my stiff cock and was giving me a wank. As she continued for a few moments the unspeakable happened when I suddenly shot my big load of spunk high into the air and watched as it landed on her tits.

“Sorry,” I cringed with embarrassment while watching the way she carefully rubbed the spunk into her nipples as if that’s what she wanted. As I looked at what she was doing I was in for another shock when having finished her erotic massage she licked her fingers before lifting her knees and pushing those same fingers into where mine had been but a moment ago.

“You’d better go,” she quietly panted. “And clean yourself.”

“Okay,” I answered walking away and stuffing my softening cock back into my jeans.

It was the next day while climbing the stairs and entering my bedroom I looked at the alarm clock by the side of the bed and decided to go for a shower if only to take away the sensual sweat I had. So removing my clothes I entered the bathroom and turned on the water. Making sure that it was at the correct temperature I got under and generally washed myself clean. Feeling like a new man, metaphorically speaking, I got out and opened the door. Looking about; hoping the coast was clear I started to walk towards my bedroom and as I was passing my mother’s bedroom noticed that the door was slightly ajar. Being nosey, and remembering the talk we’d had, put my eye to the sliver of light and had a quick peek. My heart missed several beats when seeing her lying totally naked on the bed with her knees up and wide apart pushing that white vibrator, I’d discovered, in and out of her glistening pussy while all the time rolling her left nipple. Seeing as she’d closed her eyes, obviously thinking sexy thoughts as well as believing that she was alone, I soon realised that I now had the opportunity to stand and watch her. It was a good ten minutes, just standing and admiring what she was doing, when I suddenly thought of doing something really wicked. As gently as I dare; I slowly pushed the door just wide enough for me to slip inside her room. Once inside I stopped just in case my entrance had disturbed her, but when I looked she was still pushing that sexual toy deep inside her pussy and moaning with passionate delight. Treading carefully I tip‑toed towards her bed and stopped. Now in position I grabbed my thick cock and started to masturbated while watching her every move. How long it was I don’t know but suddenly her pelvis seemed to go into spasm as a low moan erupted from her throat.

Realising the consequence of me ejaculating, like sending spunk everywhere over her body, I was about to turn away when my mother opened her eyes and just stared at me. She licked her lips and held out a hand. “I’m glad you’re here,” she murmured. “Because I’d like you to do something your father would never do.”

When hearing this I was a bit shocked. “Okay,” I shrugged. “What’s that?”

“Have you ever heard of a 69?”

“I think so,” I answered recalling what I’d read about in a top shelf magazine. “It’s where the man licks the woman’s fanny and she sucks his cock.”

“That’s right,” she smiled taking my hand and pulling me until I sat next to her on the bed. “So would you like to try?”

“Oh yes.”

“Right,” she calmly said as she stood up. “Just lay down on the bed.”

“What like this,” I asked getting into what I thought the right position.

“That’s it,” she answered climbing onto the bed and sitting astride my chest. “But first I want to show you where to lick me.” For the next couple of minutes by pressing her wet pussy against my mouth she made sure that I knew exactly where to place my tongue and how to use it. “Are you ready,” she asked when moving her position so that she could grab my stiff cock and start giving me my first oral experience. After about 5 minutes and whether it was an instinctive move, or not, but I suddenly pushed a finger deep inside her wet fanny. “Oh, yes,” she screamed while pushing her excited pelvis against my eager thrust.

Hearing this, and the way she’d been using her unused experience, I immediately sensed that I was about to ejaculate and wanting to warn her panted, “I’m cumming.” If she heard then it made little difference because she obviously wanted me to shoot my load into her waiting mouth and it was as I was finishing my climax she suddenly collapsed forcing her very wet fanny even further into my face.

Not a word was spoken for about 5 minutes as we lay exhausted side by side with each of us panting our selfish satisfactions. “Thank you,” she softly sighed as she got onto an elbow to hungrily kiss me and as our lips met my hands raced out to discover that her fanny was still wet.

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Posted 19 Sep 2013 16:36
Great Story!! I loved every minute!
Posted 24 Aug 2012 11:40
A well written story with tenderness. Like other people I would ask you to please consider a Part 2, many thanks.
Posted 27 May 2012 20:07
Great. Now tell us more in part two. "V=5++."
Posted 17 Apr 2012 14:06
great read got to be a part 2
Posted 17 Apr 2012 04:13
Hahaha... It's a joke when someone pushed his face into someone else's buttock while climbing stairs. I stopped reading at that point.
Posted 17 Apr 2012 03:57
Lovely Real like story
Posted 17 Apr 2012 03:55
What an exciting and erotic story. Part two soon please. 5+
Posted 17 Apr 2012 01:27
Great story which definitely needs a follow up.
Posted 16 Apr 2012 19:25
Well written!

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