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My Best Friend and My Brother

This isn't the sequel to 'My Best Friend' but a one-off for a certain someone who gave me the idea.

"Can I stay with you tonight?" she asks happily, sipping her coffee.
"Sure, but my brother's staying for a few days, is that alright?" I reply, smiling at her.
We finish our coffees and begin walking back home. I wish I had the courage to hold her hand in public.
She walks along beside me, talking slowly about how much (quiet) fun we're going to have tonight. It's been a week since we last spent the night together.

I fumble with the keys excitedly as we reach my door, knowing my brother won't be in right now and we'll have the house to ourselves for a few hours. The second the door's closed, her lips are on mine. I lead her into the living room and we collapse onto the sofa, peeling each other's clothes off as we kiss more passionately.
I leave her lying on the sofa as I crawl across the floor, wiggling my ass seductively, to the drawer containing my sex toys. I pull out a purple strap on and attatch it to my waist.

She giggles and stands up, her breasts bouncing as she walks to the middle of the room. She bends down on all fours, her pussy glistening in the light. I position myself behind her and thrust the strap on inside of her. Cum runs down her thighs as she moans and pants loudly, shuddering after each orgasm. I slide the strap-on out of her and rub it gently against her ass, making her gasp suddenly. I teasingly push the tip into her ass a few times before ramming it into her. She yelps and whimpers with pain and pleasure as I fuck her.

"Why not try the real thing?" I hear a male voice say.
We both look up, surprised and embarrassed. My brother's home.
"How long have you been standing there?!" I ask, pulling away from her and grabbing blankets to cover ourselves with.
"Long enough" He says, smiling.
I can see the bulge in his trousers, and for some reason my pussy begins to throb.

"Shall we have a threesome?" He asks, watching us both carefully.
I'm about to yell at him when she turns to me and says "I...I've always wanted to try one".
I can't resist her when she has such a dirty look in her eyes.'s my brother. Then again...nobody has to find out, right?
I nod reluctantly and he grins.
"Well then, Sis, let's get started".

She drops the blanket and tugs at mine gently, forcing me to let it go. Moments later we're all upstairs, clothes off. I follow my brother's instructions and bend down on my hands and knees while he stands infront of me and she stands behind me with the same purple strap-on I used on her. My heart is pounding and my pussy is throbbing as I wait for one of them to do something to me. I look up at my brother's cock, large and hard, and suddenly have the urge to touch him.

Before I know it, his hands are on my head and I'm licking and sucking the tip of his cock. I suck hard and move my head up and down quickly. Suddenly, without any sort of warning, she's put the strap-on inside of me. I moan loudly, causing my brother to moan too. Somehow, hearing him moan turns me on even more.
She pounds me hard and fast, grabbing my breasts and pinching and squeezing my nipples. I deep throat my brother, his cock reaching the back of my mouth. I squirm and shudder, moaning wildly.

Cum begins to pour down my legs and I can taste my brother's precum. He pulls his cock away from my mouth and aims it at my breasts.

We'll never speak about this again, but every time I see my brother I'll feel a rush of excitement knowing we share the same dirty little secret.

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Posted 10 Jun 2012 07:59
Awesome thresome wish it had beem me
Posted 10 Jun 2012 04:44
Jennifer, threesomes are awesome as is this short totally torrid short tale of yours. More, please, and soon.
Posted 10 Jun 2012 04:42
Wish you could describe the details of sex with your bro and your friend too and of the threesum, but maybe you do it in part 2.
Posted 10 Jun 2012 03:13
Even though I'm not really interested in incest. This shit was hot!

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