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My Brother and I

A sister's first time with her brother

I had always had a fondness for my brother. My feelings that I had towards him came naturally, and I didn’t know what to do with them. I knew my lust for my brother was morally wrong, even considered a sin. But knowing that didn’t stop all of my dirty fantasies I had about him, James. James was only a year older than me and we had always had a deep connection. He would pick me up and swirl me around in the air when he wasn’t studying. I noticed recently that when my brother would spin me in the air, he started to have an erection. I could feel the bulge in his pants against my bare skin. When we spent time together, I would wear only low cut tops and extremely short shorts, which would arouse him even more.

My seventeenth birthday was today, on a Monday. My brother and I were out of school because of a holiday, but my parents still had to go to work. My brother and I were left alone in the house. When I woke up, I thought of James and wondered how big his dick was. It turned me on to guess how long and thick his dick was. My pussy started to moisten, and I couldn’t help but fondle my pussy. I slipped my fingers through the covers of my clitoris and found mine to be swollen with lust. I brushed my fingers across it, and I sighed loudly. I started moving my hand vigorously, bringing increasing pleasure with each hand motion. This felt so damn good that I got on top of my bed so my bed covers wouldn’t restrain my movements and took off all my clothes. I was just so horny, thinking about his blonde hair and his crystal blue eyes. All of a sudden I heard my brother’s footsteps coming to my room and hid my naked self under the blanket.

“Sis!” He smiled at me. “Happy birthday!”

He came closer to my bed and sat down next to me. Sitting down, the my bed covers slipped down a little bit so he could tell I was completely naked. I quickly pulled the cover up, embarrassed by my nudity.

“Uh…um…I was just…you know…” I stumbled the words out of my mouth.

“Pleasuring yourself? That’s nothing to be ashamed of,” my brother said smartly.

A rush of butterflies came into my stomach, and traveled down to my pussy leaving a tingling sensation. I was so wet just my seeing my brother and knowing he was thinking about me naked. I could also see the huge lump rising in his pants. I didn’t know what to say, but he could tell I was staring at his erect dick.

“You ever felt a cock before?”

“No, never. I’ve always wondered what one would feel like…” I trailed of, hoping to give my brother a hint.

I wickedly reached down under my blanket and inserted my fingers into my pussy one more time, letting a moan escape from my lips. My brother widened his eyes at me, he would have never expected this behavior from his baby sister. I reached my hand up to his cock, dangling my fingers in the air.

“Can I touch?” I asked, hoping he would let me.

He nodded, and immediately ripped off his pants until he was stark naked from the bottom of his hip. I gasped. All of my guesses on how long his dick was were completely wrong. His dick was at least twice as big as my guesses and three times as thick too. I had never seen anything like it, even after watching porn multiple times. He looked pleased at my astonishment, but that look faded to lust as I started touching him there. I trailed my finger up and down his dick, teasing him. I could tell he wanted more, so I gave him a proper handjob. His dick was so hard! I couldn’t believe it.

I then revealed my naked body to him, and he just stared at my generously sized breasts and shaved pussy, as I lowered my face to his dick and started sucking it. First I swirled my tongue on the tip of his shaft quite clumsily, but I got used to it after a while. I could tell he wanted it, but he wanted more. That was no problem for me. I swallowed his whole dick, gagging a little as his dick reached the end of my throat. The feeling wasn’t that pleasurable for me, but the whole idea of sucking my brother’s dick turned me on even more.

“Slut! Give me more!” he shouted, completely aroused by me, almost as aroused as I was.

“You first,” I whispered in his ear, letting my tits slide up his chest, which was now not covered by any shirt.

“Whatever you say, slut,” he said, and he stuck his fingers inside my pussy, my juice squirting everywhere. I loved it when I masturbated, but when it was done by somebody else, my own BROTHER, the pleasure was a million times better. He then sat on his knees and I put my pussy near his face, making him eat me out. I had never felt that rush of pleasure before; heck, my brother was the first guy to see my boobs and my pussy! I was climaxing, twitching with more than contentment.

I got on my knees prepared to give my brother a blowjob, but that was not what he wanted anymore. He got onto my bed and started licking my hard nipples, and then kissing me trailing down to my pussy. His dick was aching to be put into something, and I knew that it would be me. My first time. I was ecstatic. I lowered myself onto his gigantic dick, and almost started crying because of the pain. I thought sex was supposed to feel good! Soon after, the pain had gone and was replaced by this burning pleasure. I was definitely not the first girl my brother had fucked, he certainly had a lot of experience.

We got into a rhythm and I had orgasm after orgasm, which was something I never thought would happen to me. After he was done fucking me, I got onto my knees one more time and started sucking his dick. He cummed right in my mouth! I couldn’t say I liked the taste, but it pleasured my brother and I would do anything to make him happy.

After we wore both worn out, we lay down in bed together, him holding my breasts.

“Happy birthday,” he whispered in my ear, sending chills down my spine.

He stood up to leave, but stopped suddenly. He looked frightened, so I looked to where he was looking, and saw my dad. My dad had seen the whole thing!

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Posted 28 Jan 2013 20:09
Agree with Katie, nicely written but seems to lack direction/plot..
Posted 20 Dec 2012 01:17
This was written well but for me lacked something in terms of a plot line - seemed a bit predictable. Incest isnt realy my thing though.
Posted 18 Dec 2012 17:18
part 2 please!!!!!
Posted 18 Dec 2012 15:33
Thank you all for your nice comments, unfortunately I can't reply to each of you separately. So thank you!
Posted 18 Dec 2012 12:05
Very nice. I hope there is more to cum
Posted 18 Dec 2012 09:03
HOT, can't wait for more 5+
Posted 18 Dec 2012 03:32
Now the fun starts. 5+
Posted 18 Dec 2012 01:21
Damn I'm all hard now! Oh my what shall I do?!
Posted 18 Dec 2012 01:02
Really enjoyed your story and can not wait for part two, well done and thank you for sharing
Posted 17 Dec 2012 22:15
What a way to end the unbelieveable pleasure. Nothing worse could happen. 5

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