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My brother.. Chapter four

Suzy and her mum get better acquainted

Suzy lay in her mother’s arms, breathing deeply, their breasts lightly brushing together.   She leaned her head forward and gently took her mum’s dark pink nipple between her lips.


Elaine shuddered and sighed.


Suzy’s tongue began to trace around her mum’s breast, tasting the salt of her sweat.   “You’re so fucking hot” she breathed.


“Less of that language if you don’t mind!” Elaine reproached, blushing with embarrassment.   Suzy burst into a fit of the giggles, joined by her mother.


“Well what do we do now?” Elaine asked, still a little ashamed and confused by what had just happened.


“We seduce Tom of course” Suzy replied.   “He’ll love the taste of your pussy, I guarantee it.”


Elaine turned a vivid shade of crimson.   “How can you say such things about your brother?” she stammered.


“Well I’ve been soiling my knickers for him to sniff for the past three months, and sucking his cock every chance we get.   His prick is magnificent, and he can cum like you wouldn’t believe.   I love the taste, and I must say he licks cunt like no-one I’ve ever been with, present company excepted of course.   By the way, I loved feeling your tongue in my asshole.   I thought my orgasm would never end.”


“Thanks” Elaine replied, turning redder than ever, somewhat lost for words.


“You’re welcome...and blushing.   Your boobs are even flushing”


Elaine, uncomfortable with the direction the conversation was taking, tried a change of direction.   “Are you and Tom fucking then?   You know it’s taboo.   I hope you’re taking precautions”


“Oh we haven’t fucked.   Just fooled around.   I suck him off, he licks my pussy, and we wank each other a bit.   Once or twice I’ve thought we might get carried away, and he might slip it in, but if that happens, I just have to think about tasting his spunk, and he always seems happy with the whole blow-job-off-his-sister thing.   We’ve fooled around with watersports a little too.”


“What do mean by watersports?” Elaine asked naively.


It was Suzy’s turn to blush, and she giggled in embarrassment.   “You know.   I’ve held his cock whilst he pees, and I’ve pissed on him whilst he’s been laid in the bath.   Now that’s salty!   It really makes me hot.”


“Would you pee on me?”   Elaine asked.


“Now?”   Suzy felt the familiar butterflies in her stomach, and warming in her cunt.   She could almost feel her pussy lips swelling with the increased blood flow that accompanied her lust.   “Where?”


“The bath seems ideal.”   Elaine breathed heavily, her own lust rising.   This had been a secret fantasy of hers ever since the sleep-overs of her teenage years.   She had often fingered herself, remembering getting ready for bed, and the girls sharing a bathroom, taking it in turns using the loo, and brushing hair and teeth in front of the mirror.   None of her friends had ever taken any notice, but Elaine had always been keenly aware of the smell of pee, and the tinkling sound, and her mind’s eye had always pictured pee leaking from between plump pink pussy lips.   It had always seemed so pervy, but if Suzy liked it....


“Only if I get to watch you pee afterwards.”   Suzy replied, her own pussy lips itching, aching to be rubbed and caressed.


The two women leaped from the bed and into the bathroom.   Elaine climbed into the bath, and lay her head back.   Suzy pulled her socks off, and climbed onto the edge of the bath, one foot either side of where her mother’s soft, round breasts lay.   She leaned forward slightly, and crouched over Elaine’s face, steadying herself on the sides of the bath with her hands.


Elaine gazed up at her daughter’s hot, pink pussy, somehow resisting the urge to lean up and bury her tongue up her little girl’s cunt.   From her vantage point, she could see in detail how Suzy’s lips, almost brown looking around the edges, seemed to pulse as she breathed.   She also had a perfect view of the tight anus a few scant inches above her face.   Suzy’s light downy pubic hair framed her pussy and asshole, with a few pale hairs along her arse crack.


Elaine’s hand slipped down to her own perfectly waxed pussy lips, and her middle finger rubbed gently against her own clit.


“Here it comes mummy.”   Suzy said, breaking the tense atmosphere.


Elaine watched as her daughter’s pussy lips and anus pushed outwards, and the first trickle of piss crept along her lips, with fine rivulets moving down her crack, and her left thigh.   Suzy steadied herself, and her mum watched as she pushed to expel the pee.   A torrent was then unleashed, with a powerful stream of warm, steaming piss shooting from the young pink pussy, into the valley formed by Elaine’s tits.   The pee splashed onto Elaine’s chin, and trickled down her sides, forming a puddle around her lower back and buttocks.


Elaine’s fingers were flashing over her clit with increasing intensity, bringing her rapidly towards her orgasm, as the stream began to slow.   When the torrent had once again become a trickle, Elaine could resist no longer, and leaned forward to lick the remaining droplets from Suzy’s lips.   Suzy shuddered, and squeezed out one last jet of pee, directly onto Elaine’s chin.   Elaine bucked as her orgasm hit, letting out a squeal.


Suzy climbed off the sides of the bath, and sat on the toilet lid, watching as her mum’s orgasm abated.


“That was so fucking hot.”   Suzy said, this time her mother not bothering to comment.   She leaned over the side of the bath, and took one of Elaine’s nipples into her mouth, tasting her own pee for the first time.   “Hmmmn, it’s an interesting taste, but I can see why Tom likes it.”


“Me too.”   Her mother replied.


“When you get your breath back it’s my turn.”   Suzy said.


“Do you want me to rinse the bath first?”   Elaine asked.


“I want something different,” Suzy replied.   “I want you to stand up, and lean forward over the sink.   I’ll sit between your legs, and you can piss on me.   That way, I get to see your lovely bald pussy from the front, and if I look up, I can also watch your gorgeous boobs swinging.”


“Sounds messy to me, but OK,” replied Elaine, feeling her pussy beginning to tingle once more.   “It might take me a minute or two to get going though.”


“We’d better get started then.   Tom will be home in an hour, and we’ll need to clean up.”


Suzy sat on the floor, her back to the sink vanity unit, and Elaine stood in position over her, legs parted, and slightly crouched.   Suzy held the back of Elaine’s thighs gently pulling her pelvis forward.   Elaine looked down, to see her daughter looking up, gazing with a combination of love and lust.   “Give me everything you’ve got” Suzy said.


A full minute later, the first small trickle began to run down Elaine’s right thigh, falling from her knee onto Suzy’s stomach.   After a few seconds, even this slowed to nothing, and Suzy tried to hide her disappointment.   “Don’t worry if that’s all you could do.   It was still cool.” She said.


“Hang on a second” her mother replied, straining harder.   Suddenly, Elaine let off a fart, making Suzy jump a little and squeal excitedly, and a powerful jet of hot piss hit her squarely in the throat.   Suzy moved her head forward, pushing her forehead into the flow, soaking her dirty blonde hair, then moved back to fill her mouth and drink down her mother’s fluid.


Elaine’s legs buckled, and she fell to the floor beside her daughter as the pee trickled to a stop.   “Oh God I’m embarrassed” she said, but Suzy just leaned over her, kissing her deeply, and passing the last of the pee back into her mum’s mouth.


“Don’t be,” she whispered, “just kiss me, you horny bitch” she said, pulling her closer.   “And make it quick, we’ve got a bit of cleaning up to do” she giggled.

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