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My Cherie Amour

My niece comes to visit and fulfill an old fantasy
I opened the front door to a very handsome young woman. She seemed familiar, but I just couldn’t place her. Then it struck me! I’d seen her face on Christmas cards! It was my niece, Cherie. Well, not exactly my niece. Cherie was my ex-wife’s niece. I’d known her most of her life. We had traded Christmas cards for years, even after her Aunt and I divorced. And here she was, 25 years later , standing in my doorway. She’d transformed from a cute, shy and giggly little girl into a seemingly self assured woman, who didn’t look remotely close to thirty years old.

“You always urged me to come and visit! Here I am!” she said as the snow fell gently onto her knit hat.

“It’s great to see you Cher! Where’s Matt and Billy?” I asked looking over her shoulder towards her old beat up Volvo.

“Long story! I‘ll tell you later.” she said as I ushered her into the house, taking her coat and hat. Once free of her overcoat she stepped close and gave me a hug. “Its good to see you again!” Looking up into my eyes she added, “Before I forget, I’m truly sorry for your loss!”

“So you heard?” I said, trying not to tear up.

“Yes. Aunt Mary told me about it! Are you doing OK?”

“Yeah! I guess. Like that old song says, ‘Some days are diamonds, some days are rust’, but yeah, I’m doing alright.” I invited her to sit while I went to the kitchen. “Can I get you something to refresh after your long drive? Beer? Bailey’s? Wine?”

“Since this is wine country, and I’m on vacation, a glass or two would be great!” she said demurely folding one leg underneath her as she sat down on the leather couch.

“Chardonnay OK?” It’s local!” I said, handing her a near full glass as I sat down at the other end of the couch.

“Mmmm! This is quite good! Very buttery!”

“Glad you like it! There’s plenty more where that came from. So, tell me, why vacation here? And why alone?”

“Matt and I are divorced. Have been for almost a year, and this Winter Break is his Holiday with Billy. Honestly, I didn’t feel like being alone. When I got your card, with your annual, ‘come and visit’ plea, I decided, ‘What the hell! Why not!’ Now that I’m here though, I’m having second thoughts. I should have called ahead. Made sure it was OK.”

“Its fine!” I said refilling her glass, “You’re always welcome here! I could use the company, and God knows I’ve got the guest space!” I added, gesturing down the hall to the spare bedrooms. Standing up, I said, “Allow me to show you to your quarters.” I picked up her overnight bag and walked down the hall to the spare bedroom, laying her bag on the double bed. Turning to her, I smiled. “You look stunning, by the way! The last time I saw you in person, you looked little girl cute! You had a pony tail sticking out of your softball cap. Now? If I wasn’t your uncle…… ” She stood before me, in the doorway, blushing but beautiful in her suede jacket, tan turtleneck, knee length leather skirt, and knee high boots, her ash blonde hair falling to her shoulders. ‘How the hell could Matt give this up?’, I thought to myself, trying not to surrender to my body’s urges.

Walking up to me after I dropped her bag on the bed, she smiled, “Well, technically, your not, since you and Aunt Mary divorced, but don’t let that stop you!” Wrapping her arms around my neck, she lifted her head and pulled mine down to hers. Our lips met, brushing slightly against each others. We held there for a moment before I opened my mouth and hungrily pressed my tongue inside hers. Molding her body to mine, I stopped wanting to be proper, letting my penis’s imagination run wild, stiffening while we stood there locked in a passionate, deep kiss.

“That was all I ever expected it to be…..and more!” she whispered, still looking deep into my eyes. “I’ve wanted to do that for years!”

“You were sixteen when Mary and I split” I said incredulously.

“Yeah, and that was about the time that I started fantasizing about my favorite uncle.”

“And what, exactly did you fantasize about?” I asked, smiling, and still pressing my hard-on against her belly.

“Losing my virginity to the kindest man I knew!”

“Somehow, I don’t think Mary would have understood, but I will admit to enjoying you parading around the pool, while trying to hide this from you, your mom, and Mary” I replied, pressing my fully hardened cock against her belly. “Want to finish this discussion over dinner?”

“I’d love to, kind sir!” she said as we disentangled from each other and headed for the kitchen. “What about after dinner?” she added coyly, giving the lump in my pants a friendly tweak.

Over plates of Cajun shrimp and rice, salad and Semi-dry Gewurztraminer we talked. She filled me in on the gory details of finding her ex-husband in bed with his 19 year old secretary…..twice, as well as the physical and emotional abuse he heaped on her. I told her about my wife’s battle with ovarian cancer some six months ago.

We retired to the living room where she sat in my lap playfully asking me to tell her a story. “ Just like old times, How about Sleeping Beauty Meets Pinocchio? The adult version!” she said squirming in my lap, my underused prick poking up between the skirt protecting her ass cheeks.

Playing along I made it as dirty as I could while slipping my arm around her shoulder and my hand up under her sweater, cupping the swell of the left side of her padded bra.

“Feels good to have a gentle hand paying attention.” she cooed, her head on my shoulder, her fingers playing with the buttons on my shirt.

I continued my unexpurgated tale of Sleeping Beauty being ravished by Pinocchio , his head nestled between her thighs as she awoke from her spell induced sleep. My free hand, now up under her skirt, my fingers playing across the silken fabric of her panties, feeling her building heat and humidity. Continuing my bawdy tale, Sleeping Beauty held his head to her crotch as he told several lies, each making his nose longer and longer, sinking deeper and deeper inside the Princesses virgin pussy.

“Enough words!” she said, rising from my tented lap, “Show me, my Prince, how you would go about waking me up after a long slumber!”

Picking her up, I carried her to the Master bedroom. Gently pulling her sweater over her head and laying her down, her ash blonde hair splaying out behind her onto the pillow. Continuing, I unsnapped the front closure, peeling the cups from her creamy breasts. Small but full orbs, topped by puffy silver dollar sized areolas and the most inviting nipples. I leaned over and captured her left side in my mouth, sucking gently, my tongue washing every inch of the sensitive flesh. Cherie moaned as her hands cradled my head, imprisoning me willingly. Her breasts smelled of Chanel No.5, making my cock swell.

“Well, my Prince,” she said, “I’m awake now. What more do you intend to do with me?”

Unzipping her skirt, she wriggled out of it, revealing chocolate covered thigh high panty hose and cream colored panties, complete with a damp patch in the front. I peeled the panties down over her knees, off her ankles, and up to my nose. Closing my eyes, I breathed in her scent before tossing the garment aside I leaned in and pressed my face into the tangle of blonde hairs standing guard over her pussy. “I’m going to lie to you!” I mumbled into the wiry pillow as I separated her legs, exposing the moist pink flesh beneath. Prying her lips apart I kissed the hood covering her clit as I pressed two fingers in between the bedewed lips below. “I hate your scent!” I said as I pushed my fingers just inside her. “This is the ugliest cunt I’ve ever seen!” My fingers slid deeper inside. “And the taste! Ugh!” fingers slid in even further as my tongue caressed the emerging nub.

“Lie to me! Lie to me!” she laughed, squirming under my assault.

“I’m gay!” My fingers curled deep in her wetness, searching for her g-spot.

“Ohhhh! God! Don’t stop!” she moaned pushing her hips downward against my hand, then upward against my tongue.

I continued to curl and uncurl, my tongue trilling against her clit, my spare hand cupping her breast, my fingers circling her swollen nipple. Her hands gripped my head, holding me to her, encouraging me to take her higher and higher. Finally, she stiffened, my hand covered with her musky essence as I rasped my tongue against her quivering clit.

“Is Pinocchio going to fuck me now?” she panted, her breasts sheened with sweat from the exertion of her orgasm.

Crawling up her body, I kissed her navel, between her breasts, up the side of her neck, then to her lips.

“So how do I really taste?” she asked, holding my face in her hands as she licked the musk from my chin.

“The nectar of the Gods! Want some?” I plunged my tongue into her mouth before she could answer. Moaning into each others mouths we savored her musky sweetness as my fingers again explored her molten depths. Not yet down from her previous orgasm, she built quickly toward another as my thumb strummed her clit and my fingers danced up inside her.

Still hungrily kissing, she bucked against my invading fingers until she stiffened again, her breath catching in her throat, her cunt squeezing my fingers, and her precious essence dripping freely down her crevice of her sex onto the bed.

I positioned myself over her, the rose colored mushroom atop my cock poised at her glistening entryway.. She was a vision of loveliness, eyes half closed, breasts rising and falling, her pubic hair matted with lust induced juices.

Still panting, she asked, “Am I supposed to beg?”

“Of course not!” I said pushing forward, feeling my shaft separate her lips, slipping into her heat and humidity. “I was just enjoying the view!” I leaned down and planted another gentle kiss on her lips as I felt us join together, my cock firmly and completely lodged in her cunt.

“Oh God, yess!” she mumbled into my mouth as her hips rose and fell, massaging the length of my manhood as it caressed her birth canal, again and again and again.

Breaking the kiss, she whispered, “You’re going to make me cum, again”

Using my free hand to play with one of her nipples, I smiled, replying, “Isn’t that the point?”

“But, what about you?” she asked

“Don’t worry about me, Cher! I’m dangerously close now!”

She started flexing the muscles of her passage, trying to hasten the inevitable. “Then let me have it! All of it!” She smiled up at me, her hands framing my face. “I have a lot of catching up to do!”

Continuing to pump slow and deep, I gave her a puzzled look.

“Just fuck me! Fuck me like you need me!”

Faster and deeper, my hips jerked as I strained to do her bidding, wanting to cum inside her hungry cunt. My face contorted as I groaned and grunted. I felt the jets of sperm as they sprayed deep inside her clasping womanhood, filling her tightness and spilling out of her, dripping down her ass onto the already dampened sheets.

My cock shrank, slithering out of her swollen pussy, dribbling sperm onto her thigh. I rolled off, panting, my chest heaving from a most intense orgasm.

“What did you mean……you have a lot of catching up to do?” I asked between gulps of air.

“Do you have any idea how many nights I put myself to sleep jilling off to the thoughts of you taking my cherry?” she said as her fingers combed through her bush before dipping into her drooling honey pot. In a mock pout, she added, “You have a lot of catching up to do too, mister!” She licked the dollop of cum from her finger and leaned over to kiss me. She tasted of sperm and girl cum, a flavor I’d never had the opportunity to experience before. Not unpleasant, but apparently she liked it because she repeated it before kissing her way down my chest, and across my abdomen.

“No hands!” she said before sucking the still leaking crown of my cock into her mouth.

I took one of her nylons and wrapped it around part of my headboard before twining it around my wrists. “I’m all yours!” I answered, smiling as she looked up at me, a devilish twinkle in her eye.

Her small hand cupped my nuts as she kissed the slickness from my head before swallowing all of me. I could feel her nose against my pubic bone, her tongue rubbing the underside of my growing shaft. Humming softly, she let me grow in her mouth and began to bob up and down, stealing glances at me as she did so.

Slipping off my head, she took my left testicle in her mouth, washing the crinkled skin with her tongue while gently stroking my revived member.

“Where do you want to cum, next?” she asked after popping the orb from her lips. “My mouth? My cunt? My ass?”

“You have me at your mercy, Cher! I’m perfectly content to be your fuck toy.”

“You sure?” she said.

“I haven’t met a kink I couldn’t handle.” I replied watching her swing her leg over my head, her still oozing cunt, just inches from my face.

She returned her attention to my pulsing hard-on as she settled on my willing face, her matted pubic hair greasing my chin as my tongue began to swipe up and down the length of her leaking crack. “I think a little mutual satisfaction is in order.” she said just before enveloping my cock in her willing and welcome mouth.

Drilling my tongue as deep as I could, I lapped up gobs of sperm mixed liberally with her juicy goodness, paying particular attention to her prominent clit. Cherie rolled her hips giving me access to every fold and crevice and I returned the favor, sliding my cock well into the back of her throat, hearing her gag and slurp while I hummed and moaned into the soft wetness of her creamy pussy.

Suddenly, she pulled off my spit soaked rod and lifted her cunt from my face. Spinning around, she impaled herself on my hardness, groaning as I bottomed out in her tight, wet channel. “Cum for me uncle!” she groaned as she rose and fell, our bodies smacking together, the squishing noises of our energetic fuck filling the air.

She leaned down, pressing her lips to mine, her tongue delving into my cum filled mouth, sucking some of us into her mouth and telling me how much she loved the taste of pussy and sperm. “Matt hated to do that!…..He thought it was unmanly” she panted as she leaned back, allowing the crown of my dick to scrape against her g-spot with every thrust of my hips. “Oh fuck! Make me cum!” she demanded as she rode me, her fingers digging into my chest.

I grunted like a stuck pig as my cock spewed its contents deep into her womb, throbbing as each spurt splashed against her g-spot, triggering her orgasm. Her cunt milked my cock, pulling the creamy white sauce from my balls, letting the combination of our love juices pour down my shaft and washing my balls and thighs.

Rolling off me with a wet pop as my cock sprung free from its heavenly prison, she panted between words, “That…was….incredible!” Untying my hands she brought one to her dripping sex, wiping up a dollop of us and sucking it clean before thrusting her tongue into my mouth.

The room reeked of sex, all we could smell and taste was pussy and semen. We played in the syrupy mess, feeding each other from her drooling twat. “You are insatiable!” I said, letting her suck my fingers clean.

“You bring out the beast in me.” she replied, “I never thought sex with an older man could be so fucking amazing!”

“Thank you!” I replied, giving her yet another spermy kiss, before drifting off to sleep.

We spent the next three days finding as many places to fuck as we could, the shower, the kitchen counter, the living room floor, standing in front of the living room window. Her favorite, however, was in the middle of the bed, me on my back and her riding cowgirl, leaning back so my cock would constantly rub her g-spot with every thrust. She would cum all over my cock, her warm juices soaking my balls, thighs and bed sheets, then I would cum deep in her cunt. Since she loved the taste of sperm and girl cum, she would suck me clean while hovering over my face so I could suck out the creamy liquid and we could share it,.

With her stay coming to a close, I helped her pack. Noticing a pair of her panties had been left out of her bag, I went to pack them in her bag. She stopped me, saying, “I’m leaving them behind. For two reasons.” Wafting them briefly under my nose before tossing them on the pillow, she said, “First, I’m sure they will remind you of me, and, second, I’ll be sure to come back to collect them.” Giving my cock a friendly squeeze, she continued, “Don’t wear them out!”

Again, she promised to stay in touch, since she had so much fun. “This ‘friends with benefits’ thing has a lot going for it.” she said , as we discussed our relationship, knowing it couldn’t go much further. Her family would never understand her taking up with her uncle, even if it was only by marriage.

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Posted 05 Apr 2014 18:19
That was a great story can't wait to read more

Posted 20 Dec 2013 14:03
Great sexy story, so freakin' hot and arousing. Thanks for sharing.
Posted 24 Jan 2012 12:39
hm! cher's family would not approve?,,,well. fuck them!! maybe she should!,,they might loosen up a bit!! (lol) nice little sex tale,,,wwwaaayyy too short but will suffice,,for now,,,,more like this, please!

Posted 23 Jan 2012 21:55
Beautifully written. Keep it up.
Posted 23 Jan 2012 21:07
Wow wish that was me
Posted 23 Jan 2012 18:38
Mummm! all us old guys need a niece like that!!!
Posted 23 Jan 2012 16:17
VERY NAUGHTY BUT loved it hehe Well written & detailed KEEP up the GOOD work

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