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my cousin

i was working out of town, staying at my cousins

I was staying out of town and my cousin Pam and her husband lived close to where i was working so instead of me staying at a hotel they invited me to stay with them, they were just married for about a year and Pam was always on the quiet side and never said too much.

Jim her husband on the other hand was a very out going kinda guy, he always made sure that everyone knew he was there at parties and other gatherings.

well it started out kind of innocent the first night i arrived there they showed me to the basement there was a pullout couch and a bathroom  that i could use and they told me to make myself at home, anything that i wanted to just help myself.That night Pam made a great meal for me and we ended up talking til late in the night. This went on for a few weeks.Then one night Pam was doing some laundry in the basement and i came home to see her there in a sexy pair of panties wearing a tee shirt doing the laundry, i think i was just as startled as she was at that point as we both jumped, she quickly coved herself and apologized and went upstares saying she was sorry.

I got changed and went upstares and she was making dinner and i told her that eveything was fine and not to even think about what had happened and that it was myfault as well for walking in on her, later that night i could hear something going on upstares and i walked up the steps to find her and Jim making love in the middle of the livingroom on the floor.

I just stood there for a min. and watched as she was on her knees sucking Jim and i started to get a little excited seeing this and went back downstares thinking that noone saw me.

The next day i acted as if nothing had happened at all and me and Jim were up late talking and watching tv having a few beers and Pam came out of the bedroom to use the bathroom, only this time she was wearing a see through nighty and a small pair of panties, as i watched her go in the bathroom Jim was looking at me and asked if everyting was ok( i guess i had this look on my face) startled that i was caught looking at Pam i didnt know what to say, and Jim said something that totaly caught me off guard saying she looks good doesnt she.

Well at that point i knew i was busted and that i may as well just agree and started talking about something else and then he asked me if i liked what i saw last night, i got quiet for a min then he said its fine we love to play around and that it makes their sex life all the better, he talked for a while about it and saw that i was very uncomfortable talking about my cousin and his wife and i excused myself and went to bed.

The next day when i got home from work there was noone there so i got a quick shower then figured i would do some laundry, however when i opened the washer up it had cloths in it so i opened the dryer up and found it was full so i  began to fold the cloths and as i was folding them there were panties and bras that were matching sets in there and i found one set that really got my attention, it was a purple g-string and matching bra that would barely cover Pams big breasts, then all of the sudden i heard a voice saying so you like that huh.

At that point i didn't know what to do Pam was standing there just smiling at me, so i said yes it is sexy then she started to come toward me, she took the basket and went upstares

The phone rang and i could hear her talking to someone for awhile then she yelled down to me that dinner would be done in about a half an hour, as i went up the steps she asked me to watch the rice while she went to her room she was gone for about 15 min. and came out wearing a long robe and a towel on her head and said that Jim was working late and wouldn't be home for awhile, we sat there eating and i could see something was strange just the way she was acting so i asked her if everything was ok and she just smiled and said yes its fine.

when dinner was done i got up and began the dishes as she went to her room to get dressed so i thought, then she called for me to come in the living room to see something on the news but when i got there she was laying on the couch with her robe undone wearing that purple bra and panties, and said does it look better on me or in the wash my cock grew instantly and she said come on over here and have a better look.

i started toward her and she saw the buldge in my pants and reached out for it saying we have all night lets play, she undid my pants and began to suck me right there as i played with her tits, i thought i was going to bust right there then she lay back and spread her legs, i could see a wet spot forming on her panties and went down on her licking her wet pussy, she bucked and moaned then pulled me up and guided my hard cock into her.

we fucked three times and each time she licked my cock clean, but it was getting late and i got nervouse that jim would come home and catch us but it was like the first time she had a cock and told me he would be gone much longer and began sucking me again.

i was laying back on the couch and we were in the 69 position and she was sliding her pussy all over my face moaning as she sucked me, then i heard a voice say outstanding, at that point my cock went limp it was Jim he was standing there watching us. Pam stopped and just looked and smiled and then took my cock back in her mouth and Jim said go for it baby. 

not knowing what to do Pam grinded her pussy harder in my face, i came hard and she got up licking my cock clean and said now we can really get things going                


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Posted 24 Jul 2008 11:01
more detail the sex happend to fast
Posted 20 May 2008 18:13
Not bad, could use a little work but still hot.

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