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My Dad and Me - Part One

Tags: dad, daughter
I've thought about fucking my dad before but I never thought that I would ever do it, or even actually want to for that matter. But one day when I was walking to my room and saw my dad jerking off, it changed all that. I'm not sure whether or not he knows I saw, on some level I think he knows by the way he looks at me, ashamed almost, but I'm not sure. All I know is that after seeing it, I want to fuck my dad.

After seeing my dad jerk off, I dreamt about his luscious cock sliding into my wet sex, and his tongue playing with my clit many times. I devised a plan to seduce him and this what I did.

My mom and sister had gone on holiday to Paris just after I saw, and my brother had already moved out, so it was just me and dad. I started to wear these really tight shorts that my ass hung out of with a really tight vest top that was slightly see through without a bra and I pretended I didn't know it was see through. When we were in the kitchen together, I dropped something and bent down with my ass right in his face, I know he liked it because he was still watching me when I got up. My nipples had become hard and my dad was staring at them, I gave him a seductive yet innocent look and walked away.

The next day I was in my bedroom masturbating and I had left my door slightly open, enough to be able to see me. Then when I heard him starting to walk by I moaned and said things like, "Oh dad, that feels sooo good. Harder dad, faster!" By this point I could tell he was starting to want me back, so when I was in the bathroom I did the same. He thought I didn't know he was watching me, but I could see him in the corner of my eye, watching me passionately, wanting me.

After that, I wore a white flowing skirt with no underwear, I also put my see through vest top on again with no bra. As I was walking up the stairs with him behind me, I bent down to pick something up, flashing my sex at him. I heard him give a quiet moan and continued up the stairs. Then that night, he was stood in the kitchen making dinner. It was pretty hot and I had a jacket over my vest. Once I started to sweat enough that my vest became even more see through, I took it off. My nipples were completely in my dad's view and he couldn't look away.

I went up to him and gave him a hug and I knew that when he looked down, all he'd be able to see was my boobs. "What do you want to do tonight?" I asked seductively.

He looked at me confused. "I don't know, why do you want to do something?"

I imagined his firm body lying on top of me as his big dick went inside me. "Well, we never do anything and we do have the house to ourselves, we can do whatever we want." I felt his cock bulging in his jeans, longing to be in me. I looked down at the bulge and smiled at him so he knew what I wanted.

He leaned over and turned the oven off. I moved my arms from his waist, up across his chest to his neck and held him tightly, then standing on tiptoes, I gently kissed and sucked his neck. His hands slid down my spine, sending a tingle all over my body, until they rested firmly on my ass, still wearing the skirt with no underwear.

I kissed him some more and he lifted me so I could wrap my legs around his waist and kiss his soft lips. He slid his tongue into me and after a few minutes, he carried me to his bedroom.

As we stood at the foot of his bed, with me still wrapped around him, I whispered in his ear, "I want it rough." You see I was a virgin but I always assumed I would want it rough. His legs were shaking as he threw me on the bed, roughly like I asked.

He crawled up and sucked my neck as I stroked his dick through his pants. He slid his hands to my waist and slowly removed my top. He sucked on my now bare nipples and bit them, sending shivers through my body. I unbuttoned his trousers and slid them off, he put his dick in my mouth and I began to move my mouth up and down, slowly at first and then quickly, putting more of his dick in each time. He quickly climbed out and put a condom on, "So, you want it rough do you?"

I sucked on his ear lobes before whispering, "Fuck me hard and fast."

He removed my skirt and nibbled my clit, inserting his tongue into my sex and moving it around in circles. I moaned in pleasure and begged for more. He moved up and kissed my breasts again before finally gliding his cock into my sex. I gasped in pain and he stopped but I begged him for more. He moved slowly in further and then out again, before long he was moving in so fast I thought I was going to explode with pleasure. I was cumming all over him and we were both screaming in pleasure. He was yelling things like, "Oh do you like that sweetie? Do you like my cock!"

All I could reply with was moans of 'yes' and cries for more. "Oh fuck me! fuck me dad!"

After about 30 minutes we stopped and he rolled off me but I wasn't finished yet. I climbed back onto him and straddled his cock. I started to ride him and after that we fell asleep.

Look out for Part 2 of my adventure.

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Posted 26 Jan 2014 20:10
I'd love to read more
Posted 16 Dec 2013 06:05
very good just enought to want more xxx
Posted 17 Nov 2013 19:59
Uhhh made me so wet! Good work
Posted 02 Jul 2013 17:16
Posted 12 Jun 2013 07:04
Enjoyed it.
Posted 26 Jan 2013 21:21
Good first story. Don't be afraid to take it slow and work out the details. The art of seduction is one of the sexiest things.
Posted 31 Dec 2012 00:03
hot, pretty hot...
Posted 12 Nov 2012 14:25
Nasty story and I love nasty stories .......
Posted 11 Nov 2012 09:48
yes it's hot short but nasty hope you will call your (sex) what it is your hot young little pussy or puss maybe your wet cunt the way you tell how you were dress is hot and the way you seduce him is hot and i like it just wish you were my little girl

now give us part two call your sweet little pussy what it is
so what do you think your mom and your sis are doing on a trip alone bet they not looking at the trees and the hills in the county side

go for it get real fucking nasty little girl
Posted 11 Nov 2012 07:57
my best subject part two soon so hot loved it
Posted 11 Nov 2012 06:45
well done and hot...part 2 soon please
Posted 11 Nov 2012 01:45
Sexy but a little short and jumped around a little. But enjoyed it
Posted 10 Nov 2012 23:53
it should have been "more" and quickies... sorry about typo spelling mistakes...
Posted 10 Nov 2012 23:51
Loved the seducing details ... it could have been a bit more lingering and sure sex could have been a bit mote emotive and lingering ... may be it is just me not too keen on either quickes or rough sex ...
deffinitely very good for a first story
Posted 10 Nov 2012 19:35
This was a good first story. It was short but you will get better the more you write. It is difficult to know when what you wrote is enough. You are the writer. It is your story. There was seduction there and sex. The seduction was handled very well. The actual act seemed unimportant to you more anti-climactic. What you were writing about was your first time and we did not read about it.
Posted 10 Nov 2012 19:29
Good... but the anticipation was short-lived... wish you could have told more of the actual fornication...

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