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My Daughter Alexis Part 3

By the pool
Lexi lay on a recliner by the pool. She was on her stomach wearing a bright pink bikini but the top was untied so as not to leave tan lines on her back. She loved the summer. This was a lazy afternoon with a blue sky and a perfect temperature. Daddy was mowing the lawn and the smell of fresh cut grass, along with the sound of the mower in the distance somehow added to the tranquility.

She had a great childhood. Her father had always been there for her, back to her earliest memories. He was her rock, her protector and she loved him dearly. She became aware early on that in his eyes, she could do no wrong and that made him even more special to her.

Lexi and her mother had a different but equally close relationship. She thought she had the most beautiful mother of all her friends. They did everything together, shopping, cooking, swimming, laughing, talking about boys... Lexi was devastated when her mom was killed.

She and her father helped each other through the grief. Over time their wounds healed and Lexi started doing more of the things around the house that needed to be done in addition to going to school. She was seventeen now and had learned to do everything necessary. It was during this time that her feelings for her father started to change.

She started to get excited to spend time with him and did everything she could for him. He had the sexiest eyes and smile. He enjoyed keeping in shape too, and she loved seeing him in his t-shirts and shorts. Without warning, things changed drastically two days ago and Lexi couldn't be happier.


Finally, the yard work was done and I could relax for the rest of the day. The steaks I bought were marinating in the refrigerator and I was ready to relax. I was looking forward to a swim and spending time with Lexi.

I stepped into the private pool area and saw her lying on a recliner in the sun. I admired her young body. Her firm legs led up to a perfect behind and narrow waist. I felt a familiar stirring in my bathing suit as I approached. I leaned down to kiss the back of her head and let my hand gently slide up her back. Her skin was smooth and warm from the sun.

After sweeping her long hair aside I put some lotion in my hand to rub over her bare back. I started at her shoulders, rubbing and massaging the lotion into her skin. When I started doing this, I didn't intend intend it to be erotic but as new lovers, I suppose it was inevitable. My hands moved to her sides and I couldn't help but brush against the outside of her breasts, which led to a soft moan from her.

Next, instead of putting the lotion on my hands, I put a stream on the back of each leg starting at the knee and down towards her ankles. With one hand on each leg I massaged the lotion in. I loved the way the it glistened in the sun on her skin. Of course, while rubbing her legs most of my attention was on her cute butt and the way her bikini bottom had folded slightly into the crack of her ass.

I used the same technique in applying the lotion on her upper legs. I concentrated on the backs and outside of her thighs. I could feel her muscles tightening and relaxing as I rubbed up and down before eventually moving to the inside of her thighs.

Starting above her knees, I slowly rubbed lotion up towards her ass. As I moved higher, Lexi parted her legs to allow my hands better access. I eventually ran my hands up inside her bikini bottom to massage the cheeks of her ass, squeezing gently. Neither one of us had said a word yet, but the silence was broken with a moan that seemed to come from somewhere deep inside her.

I could see some wetness beginning to show on the cloth of her bikini. The dark spot was pretty noticable on the bright pink material. I slid a hand down between the recliner and her pussy. Lexi moaned again and started to move her pelvis against the recliner and my hand. With her legs out like they were, it was a little tight getting my hand in place, but then she bent her right leg at the knee and lifted it to her side to form something like an upside down number 4. That allowed me much better access.

Lexi began almost grinding herself against my hand. I could feel her lips swell through her bikini. I pushed the thin strip of material to the side to directly access her wet pussy. Her hands were now above her head tightly gripping the frame of the recliner.

My fingers slid between her engorged lips from the bottom up towards her clit and back down. The scent of her natural wetness was drifting up and I just breathed her in. I slid a finger deep inside her with my palm facing down and I was able to press her clit from inside her pussy against the recliner. Leaving it in deep, I massaged from side to side and in circles. By this time, Lexi was moaning loudly... I withdrew my finger and placed it directly over her clit. It was so full and stiff, I couldn't believe it.

"Oh God, Daddy!" she screamed

I felt a flood of wetness cover my hand as Lexi climaxed. Her pussy was pressed down hard on me only allowing movement by the tip of my finger and I eased my pressure against her clit. Soon, she started to relax. Her pouts of pleasure slowing as she caught her breath. Her hands eventually released the tight grip she had on the frame of the recliner and she slid one down between her legs to join my hand on her pussy.

After a minute or so, Lexi rolled over on her back. Her top slid to the ground. She had the dreamy look of someone totally satisfied. I took my hand, still very wet from her pussy and spread some of her juices over her breasts. Leaning over her, I began to lick, kiss and suck them before kissing her mouth deeply. She could taste herself on my lips.

I stood up next to her and Lexi reached out to caress my rigid cock that was straining against my bathing suit. Oh, I wanted her so much. I took her hand in mine and we slid into the shallow end of the pool. The water felt amazingly refreshing.

With my hands around her waist, I pulled her tightly to me. She had her arms up around my neck. As we stood there kissing, my cock was pressed hard against her and I could feel her stiff nipples pressing into me. With our lips barely touching, I ran the tip of my tongue around her lips before joining her tongue again.

I slid my hands inside the back of her bikini bottoms to slide them down over her ass. She wriggled them down and kicked out of them before doing the same to my bathing suit. We stood there in the water totally naked just holding each other, hands on each others ass with my hard cock up tight against her belly.

Lexi softly said, "Daddy, I love you so much."

I slid my hands under her ass to lift her to me. She lowered one hand to my cock and guided me in. The feeling of my cock sliding into her was the most sensuous feeling which was enhanced by the temperature difference between the cooler water and the warmth of her pussy. She again wrapped both arms around my neck and her legs around my hips with her feet locked together behind me. I began to move in and out of her.

My mouth sucked on her right earlobe as I whispered, "Daddy loves you, Alexis."

She squeezed me tightly and began to bounce up and down on me. My right hand moved so that I could press a finger into her ass. I didn't go in far, just up to the first joint of my middle finger but she wasn't expecting that and it caused her to moan in my ear.

"I love the feeling of your cock in me, Daddy," she said.

I felt her pussy tighten around my cock as if she was trying to milk it. She began to bounce with more intensity. I could feel my balls tighten. Her breathing was quickening and her moans grew louder. I felt her legs and arms tighten around me as she started to shake. I heard myself grunting as I thrust hard. Lexi actually bit down on my shoulder to try to stiffle her cry as she was lost in a huge orgasm. I felt spurts of cum flooding out of my cock and filling her. At the end, we were clinging to each other just trying to hang on and it was all I could to to stay upright in the water.

"Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy," she kept repeating.

I have no idea how long we stayed in that position but it took a while to calm down and relax a little. While I was still in her and with her legs still tight around me, Lexi released her arms from my neck and lay back on the water. Her long hair floated out above her head. The water was lapping up over her breasts. Mona Lisa's smile had nothing on her at that moment. It was the most beautiful and sexy thing I had ever seen.

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Posted 25 Nov 2013 09:08
swimming pool
Posted 16 Nov 2013 18:36
Unrealistic, but definitely wanking material. Long live Alexi!
Posted 14 Nov 2013 08:10
A good love story between Daddy and Daughter. Could have been helped by a little more dialogue,but still good Keep it up.
Posted 14 Nov 2013 08:04
Great read, Such a good story. Please continue.
Posted 14 Nov 2013 06:06
Like you style and detail. 5+

Posted 13 Nov 2013 22:00
A 5 all the way, a great love story between father and daughter . Loved it!!!

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