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My Family- Chapter 3

Sorry it took so long for me to fiinish Chapter 3

CHAPTER 3 – The Plan

We had passed out in Ashley’s bed after our dirty sex spawned by Ashley’s panties and us both admitting that we wanted to fuck our 16 year old daughter. I woke up and looked at the clock and it was only 1pm, I had already missed my golf game so I had nothing to do the rest of the day. I looked over at Cindy who was lying naked next to me, god she was a dirty, nasty slut and she was my wife and I loved her. I gently ran my fingers over her leg and she stirred. I moved my fingers to her nipples and gently pinched one of them.

“Ohhhhhh, are you ready for more?” She asked.

“I think after three times last night and twice this morning I might need a little break, what do you say we be lazy today and just hang out by the pool?”

“That sounds great, should I put a suit on?”

“Your such a slut anyway that it will be off of you 15 minutes later, so I don’t think you need one.”

After I got out of Ashley’s bed and made it outside to the pool, Cindy joined me 20 minutes later. We laid out by the pool, her naked of course, for a couple of hours. We were talking about everything except the only think really on both of our minds, how to seduce our daughter and make her a slut. Finally Cindy said, “How about we just leave a porno on the coffee table and when she takes it to her room we walk in and confront her?”

I looked at Cindy, smiled and said, “that sounds good, but don’t you think that’s a little forward?”

“Yea your right.”

Now Cindy is one of the smartest people I know and we both knew her idea was not good. She was just so horny and willing to try any idea to get Ashley to open her legs so she could lick her sweet pussy. I said, “ I know this goes without saying, but if we try this and Ashley doesn’t want to do it, then we play it off and never try to seduce her again, right?”

Cindy responded, “oh god yes, I would never do anything to Ashley that she didn’t want to do.”

“I know you wouldn’t and neither would I.”

Cindy smiled and said, “anyway, it wouldn’t be any fun turning her into a cock hungry whore if she didn’t want to do it.”

“I agree.”

We laid around for a couple of hours then decided that since we had the house to ourselves for another night we should order dinner and stay in. Cindy told me she was going to take a shower and headed into the house while I cleaned up outside. After taking care of everything outside I decided to join Cindy in the shower. On my way to our bedroom I stopped at the door way to Ashley’s room and remembered how only hours ago me and my wife had fucked on Ashley’s bed while sucking her panties. It was the hottest sex we had ever had. As I was walking away I had a thought and went into Ashley’s room and opened the top drawer of her dresser and after a minute I formed a plan on how to seduce our daughter.

I went into our bedroom and sat on the bed waiting for Cindy to get out of the shower. A few minutes later she came out only wearing a towel. Cindy looked at me and asked, “What’s that smile for?”

“I think I have a way to seduce Ashley, but you are going to have to do most of the work.”

Cindy responded, “I’m listening.”

I told Cindy how I just went through Ashley’s lingerie drawer and noticed how she didn’t have any sexy panties, no thongs, g-strings or any thing a sexy 16 year old girl should have. I told Cindy that I thought she should have some slutty panties and that her mom should buy them for her. Cindy gave me one of her dirty smiles and jumped on the bed and said, “I think that might work. You are a dirty man and I love you for it.”

Needless to say we spent the whole Saturday night fucking, talking dirty to each other and telling each other what we wanted to do to Ashley and what we wanted her to do to us, it was very hot. When we woke up Sunday morning we both got dressed and started the day. Around 10am Ashley walked in the house. I stared at my 16 year old daughter, her dirty blonde hair and peach size tits.

“How was your weekend sleep over honey? I asked.

“Dad it was a lot of fun, but I’m really tired, we didn’t get much sleep.”

Ashley made her way to her room as Cindy and I stared at her ass as she walked away. We both now looked at Ashley not just as our daughter, but in a ‘god I cant wait to fuck her’ way. A couple hours later Cindy and I decided to put our plan in motion and see if Ashley would take the bait. I went to the golf course to play a round with Brian after bailing on him yesterday. I wasn’t sure how I was going to concentrate on golf while I could think about was if Cindy was succeeding in seducing Ashley.

Cindy went to Ashley’s room and said, “Sweetie, dads gone to play golf, why don’t me and you go shopping.”

Ashley upon hearing the words shopping jumped at the idea, “Sure mom, I’m ready when you are.”

Cindy and Ashley drove to the mall and carried on a conversation about nothing important, although Cindy continued to try to direct the conversation to boys,, but Ashley kept dodging the questions. When they reached the mall both women walked around mostly window shopping until the reached a lingerie store.

Cindy said, “Come on sweetie, I want to pick out something new your dad would like.”

Ashley without missing a beat followed her mom in the store. Cindy noticed that her daughter did not hesitate to enter the sexy lingerie store with her mother and took this as a good sign. They both looked around for a little while until Cindy found a red and black g-string that looked down right slutty.

“What do you think of these Ashley?”

“Wow mom, they are sexy, I didn’t know you still wore things like that.”

Cindy smiled at her daughter and said, “I’m not some old hag, and I do wear things like this, as a matter of fact all I wear are thongs and g-strings, that’s what your father likes.”

Ashley gave a sort of surprised look and Cindy didn’t know if it was because she told her daughter that she still wore sexy lingerie or that her dad liked that she wore sexy lingerie. She looked at Ashley and said, “I bet these would look really good on you” as Cindy held up a pair of white silk thongs.

Ashley responded by saying, “I’m not sure mom, you think?”

Cindy smiled at her daughter and in the most motherly voice she could muster said, “Ashley your old enough that if you want to wear more racy clothing I think you should and you should start with sexy panties. Whenever I wear something like this it just makes me feel sexy.”

Ashley looked at her mom and the white silk thong she was holding, smiled and said, “Well if its alright with you I would like to try a couple pair.”

“Oh course its alright with me sweetie, lets get you a bunch of different pairs and take them home and try them on and see what you like the best.”

For the next 30 minutes Cindy and her daughter Ashley walked around the lingerie store and Cindy picked out all different kinds of panties for her daughter. Some were plain thongs others were g-strings and she even picked out a couple of slutty pairs with hearts on them and had writing on them, words like “juicy” and “yes”. Throughout their shopping spree Ashley didn’t object to any of the selections her mother had made for her, she was secretly enjoying the fact that she would now have some sexy panties that she could wear on the weekends and maybe let some boys see.

On the way home Cindy send Scott a text and told him things were going well and not to come home for a couple of hours. Scott replied with only a smiley face. When the two women returned home Cindy quickly made the suggestion for Ashley to try a pair of her new thongs on. Ashley thought this a little odd but none the less said yes to the idea. They both went to Ashley’s room and Cindy went through what they had just bought and picked out a hot pink silk g-string and handed it to Ashley, “Try this one on first, it looks really sexy.”

Ashley hesitated for a second and said, “Ok.” And went into the bathroom to try it on.

As Cindy sat there for what seemed like hours, she couldn’t wait to see Ashley come out in the g-string. When Ashley finally came out a minute later Cindy was not disappointed. Ashley walked out of the bathroom in a t-shirt and the hot pink g-string only, Cindy held her breath as she stared at her sexy daughter.

“What do you think mom?”

“Wow!!!” was all Cindy could say.

Ashley smiled when hearing this compliment from her mother.

Cindy looked her daughter over and said, “turn around so I can see how your ass looks in them.”

Ashley didn’t hesitate and turned around so her mom could see her ass in her new sexy panties. Cindy couldn’t believe she was staring at her own daughter’s ass and felt her own pussy getting wet at the sight. Ashley turned back around and looked at her mom and said, “So? Do I really look sexy?”

“Absolutely, you have a great ass baby and that g-string just makes it pop. But I think we might have a little problem in the front.”

Ashley looked down and said, “What do you mean?”

“Well honey I can see a little of your bush sticking out the sides.”

Ashley looked harder and suddenly held her hands over her pubic region and said, “god, I can’t believe it, I can’t wear these, there just to small.”

Cindy laughed and said, “baby, we can fix this, its not a big problem.”

“What do you mean fix it?” Ashley said a little confused.

“Well we just have to shave your pussy.”

Cindy used the word “pussy” on purpose to see what kind of reaction Ashley had. Ashley upon hearing her mother use that word was a little stunned. Cindy didn’t wait for Ashley to respond and said, “Look I’ll show you how it will look when we are done.”

With that statement Cindy stood up and unbuttoned her jeans and let them fall to the floor. Cindy now stood in front of her daughter in only a bright red thon that did little to hide her pubic hair, if she had any. Cindy stepped closer to Ashley and said , “See once you shave your pussy bald nothing will stick out and you can wear what ever kind of panties you want. And most men like a shaven pussy, I know your dad loves mine.”


Cindy smiled and said, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to freak you out.”

“Its alright, I know you and dad still have sex.”

Cindy almost asked her how she knew, but passed on the question and wanted to save it for a later time. She was now very close to her goal of seducing Ashley and didn’t want to screw it up.

“Stay here, I’ll be right back.” Cindy said and walked out of the room. Ashley sat on the bed wondering wear her mother was going. She was also impressed that her mother looked so good in that thong. Ashley felt a slight tickle in her pussy at thinking about this. Then Cindy reentered the room holding a bowl, towel and a razor.

“Alright young lady, lets get to work.”

Ashley stared at her mother and said, “Get to work? What do you mean?”

“Well if your going to wear those panties and all the other ones we bought we need to shave your pussy. Now lie down on the bed and let get started.”

Ashley was in a daze after her mothers last statement. Was her mom going to shave her pussy for her? She didn’t know why but Ashley went to the bed and laid down on the end of it. Cindy crawled to the end of the bed and got right between Ashley’s legs and reached up and hooked her fingers around her daughter’s panties and slowly began peeling them off of her. Once Cindy had removed the g-string enough to see Ashley’s pussy, Cindy had to restrain herself from locking her mouth onto her daughter’s slit. Cindy removed the panties and looked up and smiled at Ashley and said, “Ok, first we have to get some warm water over everything.”

Cindy dipped the towel in the warm water and then slowly began rubbing Ashley’s pubic area. First the mound over her pussy and as she was doing this Cindy couldn’t help but look straight into her daughter’s pussy and Cindy could see that Ashley was starting to get a little wet, which in turn made Cindy wet. She then rubbed the towel up and down Ashley’s slit, adding a little pressure as she did this. This act caused Ashley to let a very soft moan, which made Cindy smile. Then Cindy added the shaving cream and then began to slowly remove the pubic hair of her daughter. How erotic it was for Cindy to be on her knees in between her daughter’s legs shaving her pussy, if only Scott could see this. After a few minutes and many strokes of the razor Cindy said, “Ok, now turn around and get on your knees.”

Ashley who was now in a semi trance obeyed her mother with no question. Cindy sat there with her 16 year old daughter on her hands and knees right in front of her. Cindy added a little shaving cream to Ashley’s ass and began to remove what little hair she had there also. When Cindy was finished she ran her finger down Ashley’s ass just to make sure she got every last hair and also to hopefully give her daughter a little shock, which worked because Ashley jumped a little at this touch. Now that Cindy was finished she said to Ashley, “Ok, all done. Stand up and lets see how it looks.”

Ashley got up off her knees and stood in front of her mother, “What do you think sweetie?”

“I love it. I look so, so?”

“Sexy. You look sexy baby.”

As Ashley put the g-string back on and began to examine her new look Cindy asked her, “Baby, you said you know that your dad and I still have sex. How do you know that?”

Ashley looked down at the ground and said, “Sometimes I hear you at night.”

Cindy laughed and said, “Its alright baby. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Your father and I love having sex and sometimes we get a little loud. I’ll try to keep it down when you are in the house from now on.”

Ashley looked up and said, “That’s ok mom. It doesn’t bother me.”

Cindy looked at her daughter and asked, “Ashley, are you still a virgin? Its ok either way.”

Ashley looked back at her mom, “Yes, I’m still a virgin.”

“Ok, well if you ever have any questions about sex, about what to do or anything, you know you can ask, right?”

Ashley smiled, “Yea I know I can ask you.”

Cindy sensed that Ashley wanted to ask something, “You look like you want to ask me something sweetie.”

“No, it will be to personal.”

Cindy now felt like the conversation might be going in the right direction, “Baby, I promise I wont be embarrassed. You can ask me anything, no matter how personal.”

Ashley looked down, not wanting to make eye contact with her mother, “When I hear you and dad having sex, I hear him call you names, and you both talk dirty. Do you like that sorda thing?”

Cindy knew that if she played this right she could be close to her goal of seducing her own daughter, ”Well, yes we both like talking dirty. I really like when your dad calls me names and we both like to talk dirty to each other. We are both very sexual people and the type of sex we have, well, it’s not like most people.”

Ashley now looked up at her mother and asked, “What do you mean not like most people?”

“Well, your dad and I like dirty sex. We try everything, no matter how dirty other people might think it is. I like being your dad’s little slut, doing whatever he wants me to do. And the nastier things we do the better orgasms we both have.”

Cindy looked at her daughter after this statement and Ashley’s face was frozen, she had no idea what to make of what her mother had just told her. Cindy held her smile in, knowing that Ashley was trying to process the fact that she just told her that her mother and father enjoyed dirty, nasty sex and her mother liked to be a slut. Cindy touched Ashley on the shoulder and said, “We might not be the most conventional people when it comes to sex but I promise you our sex lives are better than any of your friends parents, and for that matter any of your friends.”

Ashley still looked stunned and she didn’t know why she was asking this but she did, “Mom, what kind of dirty sex do you and dad have?”

Cindy now knew she had her, “Well its difficult to explain. But if you really want to know, you can watch me and your dad sometime, if you want.”

“Watch you? Have sex?”

Cindy responded, “Yea. I would rather you learn from us than from some 16 year old boy who couldn’t find your clit with a map and a flashlight.” At this point Cindy got up and started to walk out the room when Ashley asked, “When?”

“When, what?”

“When can I watch you and dad have sex?”

Cindy smiled and said, “Well your dads leaving for business tomorrow morning and he will be gone for three days so I’m thinking that tonight we will fuck our brains out like porn stars. So if you really want to watch me and dad fuck, and see how dirty we are, tonight would be a good night.”

Ashley was still in a daze and didn’t know why she wanted to watch her parents have sex, but she said, “Ok, I’d like to watch tonight then.”

Cindy smiled and said, “Ok, well later tonight go to your room so dad thinks your asleep and when we go to bed I’ll come and get you and leave my door open so you can watch.”

“Ok, thanks mom.”

“Anytime, but I have to warn you, some of the things you are going to see us do, well you might think they are disgusting or dirty or nasty, but remember, what ever you see or hear us doing we both really, really like doing, ok.”

“Ok. So you’ll come get me later?”


A couple of hours later Scott came home from his golf match and the first thing he wanted to know was how it went with Ashley. Cindy took him outside so they could talk in private, “Your plan went great. We went shopping and we both bought some pretty sexy panties.”

“Both of you bought some?”

“Yes. And when we got home she tried a couple of pair on for me, and Scott, our daughter looks so sexy in a g-string.”

Scott smiled and said, “I can’t believe you got to see Ashley in a g-string.”

“Well I got to see more than just her g-string.”

Now Scott had this look of excitement on his face, “What do you mean more?”

Cindy now smiled, knowing that her husband would go wild at hearing her story, “Well when Ashley tried them on, she had a little of her pubic hair sticking out, so I told her that she would have to shave them off so nothing would stick out. Well I quickly took the bull by the horns and made her lie on the bed and take off her panties and I started to shave her pussy.”

Cindy could see that Scott was dumb founded, he had the look of a deer in head lights, “Do you want to hear the rest of the story?”

“Yes, please!”

“Well after I shaved her pussy I made her get on her hands and knees and I shaved her tight little ass. She now doesn’t have a hair anywhere below her waist. Scott, her ass was perfect, I had to do all I could not to run my tongue up and down it.”

“Oh god baby, hearing this has gotten me hard, I want to fuck you right now.”

“You might want to wait on that until you hear the end of the story. After she was cleanly shaven and had gotten dressed again I asked her if she was a virgin and she said yes. I then asked her if she had any questions about sex. She told me that she had heard us having sex and asked why you called me names and we talked so dirty to each other. I told her that’s how we liked to have sex and if she wanted to know anymore about our sex life that I would let her watch. She jumped at the chance to watch her dad fuck her mom. You are going to have an audience tonight when you pound me, how does that sound? So you can either fuck me now or wait and have your daughter watch as you blow a huge load of cum all over my slutty face, which one will it be?”

“I’ll wait.” Was all Scott said.

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