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My Family Chapter 5

The next day
Sorry it took so long to get the daughter involved, so I hope you like it and all comments are welcome.

CHAPTER 5 – The Next Day

Ashley woke up in her bed the next morning around 8am, this was early for her. She had woken up due to the fact that her 16 year old pussy was soaking wet. Her mind traveled back to last night and what she had seen and heard. She had watched her mother and father have sex. No, it wasn’t sex, they fucked, and they didn’t just fuck, they fucked like nothing Ashley had ever seen. Ashley had seen some pretty nasty things on the internet and her friends and her had talked about almost every possible thing people could do together in bed. But none of these things had even come close to what she had witnessed last night.

She had watched her mom act like a total and complete whore, and her mother loved it. She watched her dad fuck her mom’s mouth and cum all over her face. She listened as her mother practically begged to lick her dad’s ass, then watched her do it. She was ten feet away as her loving father pounded her mother’s ass and her mom couldn’t get enough of it.

Ashley had watched and listened to the whole thing last night and the whole time she had her hand in her panties playing with her young pussy. She lost tract of how many times she had cum while standing in the shadows of her parent’s bedroom. She had to drag herself away from there to her own bed where she fingered her wet cunt till she came some more, and only fell asleep due to sheer exhaustion from her orgasms. She had cum countless times and all from the memories of her parents fucking. Was she sick for having these thoughts. Wishing it was her taking her father’s cock instead of her mother?

She awoke this morning with her pussy soaking wet. She reached down and could feel that the new panties her mother had bought her yesterday were saturated with her own juices. She ran a finger over her well used cunt and was about to get herself off when she heard some thing in the kitchen. Ashley quietly made her way to the kitchen, secretly hoping to catch her parents in the act, but when she arrived she had no such luck.

“Good morning sweetie.” Her dad said with a smile.

Scott and Cindy were at the kitchen table, fully dressed having coffee.

“Morning dad. When do you leave?”

“Well, I didn’t realize you were in a hurry to get rid of your old man.”

Ashley smiled and said, “No, I was just wondering.”

Scott stood up and walked over to his daughter, “I’m actually walking out the door now. I didn’t want to wake you, but since your up.”

Ashley stood up and hugged her dad and kissed him on the lips, something she had done everyday of her life, but this time she didn’t know why, but she let her lips linger on his for just a second longer than usual. This did not go unnoticed by Scott or her mother Cindy.

“Well, I will be back on Thursday and when I do get back we can do something special as a family. Whatever my two girls want to do.”

The first thought that came to everyone’s mind was a family orgy, but no one said that.

Cindy got up and kissed her husband on the lips letting her tongue snake into his mouth, “Well me and Ashley will think of something fun to do and when you get back I promise you, I’ll have a treat for you.”

With all the goodbyes said, Scott left his wife and daughter with only one thought on his mind, would his wife be able to seduce his 16 year old daughter?

After Scott left Ashley and Cindy sat at the table and didn’t say much. They both wanted to talk about last night but neither wanted to start that conversation. After a few minutes Ashley excused herself and went to her room. Cindy waited a few minutes and followed her to her room only to find the door shut. Cindy put her ear to the door and could hear her young daughter moaning softly, Ashley was masturbating. Cindy’s first thought was to walk in and catch her daughter in the act, but instead just stood there and listened through the door. After a few minutes she heard Ashley let out a loud moan and Cindy could only imagine that her daughter had just climaxed.

Cindy quietly made her way to her room and fingered herself to a mild orgasm while thinking about her daughter. After this she made her way to the shower and started her day.

Ashley having made herself cum while thinking about her parents got out of bed and she too showered and was ready to start her day.

The two women went about their day as if nothing had happened the night before. Ashley went to her friend’s house and Cindy did the things around the house that she always did. When Ashley returned later that night they both sat down to have a nice meal. Once again the subject of last night was on both of their minds but neither said anything. After dinner Ashley went to her room and Cindy cleaned the kitchen. After cleaning the kitchen Cindy sat down and wondered if this whole thing was a bad idea, that Ashley wasn’t talking about last night because she was disgusted by what she had seen. Cindy decided to make the first move and went to her daughter’s room.

The door was shut, so Cindy gently knocked and Ashley said to come in. Cindy walked into Ashley’s room and Ashley was lying on the bed, “About last night, I wanted to see if you were alright?”

“Yea mom I’m alright.”

“Well do you think your mother’s a slut now?”

“NO! but when you told me that you and dad had dirty sex I didn’t think it was going to be that dirty.”

When Cindy heard her daughter say this and saw the look in her eyes, she thought that Ashley wanted nothing more to do with the conversation and she turned around and was going to leave when Ashley said, “Mom?”


“Those things that you did last night and the names that dad called you, you really like it?”

“Well sweetie, I do. Last night was very dirty, even for me and your dad but it was the best sex we have had in a long time. And to tell you the truth, I was turned on even more knowing you were watching.”

“Really, why?”

Cindy sat down in the chair across from her daughter and explained, “Well, knowing that you were there and could see and hear us was a big turn on for me. I guess because it’s not right to let your kids see you do things like that, it made it even better for me. And if your dad knew you were watching I’m sure he would say the same thing. Does that make since?”

”Yea, a little.”

“Well then, what did you think about last night and what me and your dad did?”

“Honestly, it was really cool.”

Cindy smiled, “I’m glad you thought so. So do you have any questions about what you saw?”

Ashley had so many questions she didn’t know where to start, “When dad, you know, all over your face”

“Sweetie, I think we are passed the point of being proper, you can use dirty words, I wont get mad.”

Ashley flashed a half smile and said, “When daddy came all over your face and you looked in the mirror, what did it feel like?”

“”Well, anytime your dad cums in my face it turns me on. And last night when I looked at myself in the mirror and knew that you could see me it got me really wet.”

After hearing her mother say this Ashley let out a breath knowing that she could talk to her mother about anything, she asked, “do you always wipe daddy’s cum off with your panties?”

“Sometimes I do and sometimes I rub it into my face. Most of the time I usually lick my panties, it really turns your dad on and I love the taste of pussy.”

Ashley looked at her mom with a weird look and asked, “You lick your own panties?”

Cindy responded, “Yea, your dad likes it and like I said, I like the taste of pussy. You have never tasted yourself?”

Now this was the moment of truth, and if Ashley answered this question, either way, Cindy thought she could make her move. Ashley looked down and said, “Yes.”

“Don’t be embarrassed by it. All girls taste themselves. Did you like the taste?”

Ashley now raised her head a little, “Yea, a little.”

Cindy smiled. Not that tasting your own pussy juice made you a slut, but it was a start.

“Mom, next time you have sex with dad are you going to lick your panties?”

“Well, I’m not sure. Why do you ask?”

Ashley looked her mother right in the eyes and said, “Because I think it would be hot to watch you do that.”

Cindy now knew she had her daughter right where she wanted her. “Well if you want to see me do that you don’t have to wait till your father comes home, if you want.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well if you really want to see me lick my pussy juice out of my panties I can do it right now, my panties are pretty wet.”

Now Ashley had to make a quick decision, if she said no then she might not get another chance, but if she said yes, then, “Right here, in my room?”

“If you want.”


Cindy smiled and stood up. This was it, she was so close to her goal of seducing her daughter she could feel it. It made her pussy drip. She looked at Ashley and took off her shirt and her shorts, leaving her in a matching green silk bra and tight boy shorts. She reached back and unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor exposing her tits for Ashley to see. She sat down on the bed only inches from her daughter and laid down on her back. She looked at Ashley and asked, “Are you ready?”

Ashley was only inches from her mother and seeing her in just a pair panties, her own pussy was soaked. She stared at her mother and said, “Yes!”

Cindy slowly ran her left hand down and cupped her tit and massaged it. She ran her right hand down her stomach until she reached her panty clad pussy and began to rub her cunt through her green panties. Cindy ran her finger up and down her slit while still pinching and pulling on her nipple, “Is this what you want to see? You want me to make my panties wet and lick them?”

Ashley could only mumble, “Yes.”

“I need you to tell me what you want to see. I need you to talk dirty to me, it will make me wet.”

Ashley had never really talked dirty to anyone. Yes, she had used words like ‘cock’ and ‘pussy’ while talking to her friends, she even used those words when fooling around with boys, but she had never actually talked dirty to someone and now her mom was asking her to talk dirty to her, “What should I say?”

Cindy continued to rub her pussy through her panties and looked at her daughter and said, “Tell me what to do, use dirty words, call me names, just like daddy did last night.”

Ashley looked down at her mother, her mother who was lying on her bed playing with her pussy and tried her best to give her mother what she wanted and needed, “Play with yourself. Play with your….pussy.” Ashley had just told her mother to play with her pussy and that one statement seemed to open everything up for Ashley, “That’s it mom, rub your pussy, get your panties nice and wet, you slut.”

Upon hearing her own daughter call her a slut, Cindy had a mini orgasm. She had only imagined this moment and now that it was actually happening, it was so much better. Cindy rubbed her pussy and moaned, “Yes baby, tell me what you want me to do, talk dirty to your mother, call me a slut.”

“Rub your cunt you little whore. You like playing with your cunt in front of your daughter? Does that turn you on slut?”

“God yes, I love it. I love being a nasty slut in front of my daughter.” Cindy said this as she used two fingers to push the silky material into her cunt.

“That’s it mom, get your panties nice and wet with your pussy juice. Get them nice and wet so you can taste yourself.” Ashley couldn’t believe she was saying these things to her own mother. She felt her own pussy soaking into her panties and so badly wanted to touch herself, but didn’t want to ruin what she was watching, “Are they wet?”

“God yes baby, there soaking wet.”

“Take them off and show me how big of a slut you are. I want to see you lick your cunt juice out of your own panties.”

Cindy was in heaven. Her own daughter was watching her play with herself and was telling her how big of a slut she was, she had never been this excited before in her life. She stopped playing with her nipple and pussy and hooked her fingers around her panties and slowly slid them down her legs. Ashley’s eyes were fixed on her mother’s pussy when it came into view. She could see that her mother’s cunt was soaking wet, her juices were almost running down her legs, it was the hottest thing Ashley had ever seen.

Once Cindy had removed her green panties she brought them up to her face and looked at her daughter, “What do you want me to do with them?”

Ashley finally took her gaze away from her mother’s cunt and said, “Lick them. I want to watch you suck the cunt cream out of them…you whore.”

Cindy gave a dirty smile to her daughter and brought the soaking wet panties to her face. She stuck out her tongue and ran it along the gusset of her panties. Cindy could taste her own juices and it was only making her wetter. She pushed the panties into her mouth and began sucking on them like she was sucking in her last breath, all while looking Ashley right in the eyes. After sucking every last drop of pussy juice out of the panties Cindy put them down and looked at her daughter and asked, “Is that what you wanted to see? Did you like watching me be a dirty slut?”

“YES! Mom that was so hot. I really liked watching you be a dirty slut. Did you cum?”

“No, not yet, do you want to see me cum?”


“Will you help me? Can you keep talking dirty to me, you are very good at it.”

“Yes. Now I want to watch you cum you dirty whore.”

Cindy smiled at Ashley when she said this. She ran her hand back down her stomach and slid one finer into her wet cunt, slowly fingering herself. Ashley watched as her mother did this and wanted to help, “That’s it mom, finger yourself. Finger your wet pussy. Show me how you cum, you dirty bitch.”

Cindy began fingering herself faster while she pinched her nipple hard, letting out low moans as she felt herself getting close, “Yes baby, this is so dirty having you watch me cum.”

“Yes it is dirty, now put another finger in your cunt. Use two fingers to fuck yourself.”

Cindy added the second finger and began to rapidly fuck herself. She used her other hand to massage her clit. Cindy looked at her daughter and said, “Baby I’m so close to cumming, can I see your tits, it will help me cum?”

Ashley was way beyond the point of stopping now and keeping with what her mother liked said, “You want to see my tits? You want to look at your little girl’s tits? Will that help you cum you nasty whore?”

“God yes!!!”

Ashley reached down and lifted her shirt over her head exposing her young perfect breasts. She then cupped them together and pushed them up while staring directly at her mother. Ashley began playing with her tits, pinching her nipples and pulling them so her mother could see, “You like watching me play with my tits? Only a dirty slut would get off watching her own daughter play with her tits. Is that what you are?”

Cindy was now fucking herself with recklessness. Watching Ashley fondle her tits was going to push her over the edge, “Yes!!!! God Yes. I’m a dirty slut. I love watching my own daughter play with her tits. AHHHHH, FUCKKKKKK!!!!!! I’M CUMMING!!!!” and with that Cindy had one of the most explosive orgasms of her life. Cindy’s body twitched in the after glow and she laid there for a full minute before even opening her eyes. When she did open her eyes she looked at Ashley who was staring at her. Cindy removed her fingers from her pussy and brought them to her lips and licked her juices, “Was that what you wanted to see baby?”

“Yes. Oh my god that was hot.”

“Well that was one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had, thanks to you.”

Ashley was sitting next to her mother, topless, staring at her pussy which was still leaking juices. She had just witnessed her mother cum, and had encouraged her by calling her a slut, whore and any name she could think of. Cindy looked at Ashley and asked, “Did watching me get you wet?”

Ashley, now with no secrets from her mother said, “Yes, my pussy is soaking wet.”

“Do you want to play with yourself?”


Cindy sat up on the bed and asked, “Do you want me to leave so you can be alone, or do you want me to stay and watch?”

“I want you to stay and watch me.”

“Good, because I would love to watch my little girl cum. Do you want to do it like I did?”

“You mean lick my own panties?”

“That and do you want me to talk dirty to you?”

“Yes, I want you to talk dirty to me and I want to lick my panties, but I don’t think that I can.”

“What do you mean you don’t think you can?”

“I mean I really, really want to, but…if you could make me lick them…”

Cindy was a little thrown back by this. Ashley wanted her to make her lick the panties, maybe she was a submissive after all, “You want me to take your panties off and make you lick them? Is that what you want?”


“Ok baby, I’ll make you do it. Now lay back and rub your cunt and get them nice and wet.”

Ashley removed her shorts and laid back in her bed in only her red cotton briefs. Cindy could already see a wet spot where her pussy juices were leaking out. Ashley ran her hand down and began to rub her cunt. She ran a finger up and down her slit, jamming the thin cotton material inside her twat. Cindy was in heaven watching this and said, “That’s it Ashley, rub your pussy. Show mommy how much of a slut you are too. Get those panties nice and wet and I’ll make you clean them with your tongue.”

Ashley was now rubbing her cunt with a fury. She was looking at her mom, waiting for her to make a move. Cindy put her hand on Ashley’s thigh and ran it up her daughter’s leg until she reached her hand rubbing herself. Cindy put her hand on top of Ashley’s and pressed it into her cunt one more time. Ashley let out a small moan. Cindy then began to peel the soaking wet panties from her daughter’s body. When the red cotton material was off her daughter Cindy held them in her hand and brought them to her face. She looked right at Ashley and inhaled her daughter’s sent. She then crawled up next to her daughter’s face and said, “Stick out your tongue, I want you to taste yourself, you little whore.”

Ashley did as her mother told her and Cindy ran the panties along her tongue. Up and down, up and down, forcing more of the wet garment into her daughter’s mouth. Ashley continued to finger her young virgin cunt while doing this.

Cindy noticed this and said, “That’s it baby, finger your pussy while you taste your own juices. Finger that cunt and cum for mommy. Show mommy how big of a slut you really are.”

Ashley sucked the panties hard into her mouth as she fucked herself with two fingers, “Ohhhhhh, I’m cumming mommy. I’m cumming. I’m a dirty slut just like you are, oHHHHHHHHHHH, FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!” Cindy sat back and watched as Ashley began to convulse in her orgasm. When Ashley finally came to and looked at her mother she smiled, “that was amazing mom.”

“Yes it was baby. Are you done or do you want to cum again?”

“I want to cum again, but my hand is tired.”

“You don’t need your hand this time, do you want me to get you off? Do you want me to lick your cunt and make you cum?”

Ashley knew this was coming and wanted it, “Yes, please eat my pussy mom, make me cum with your tongue.”

Cindy smiled at her daughter and crawled between her legs and said, “lie back and let mommy make you feel good.”

Cindy kissed the inside of her thigh and ran her tongue up to her pussy. She had wanted this for so long and now she was going to have it. She ran her tongue up and down her daughter’s slit, getting her first real taste of her. Ashley moaned. Cindy began to fuck her cunt with her tongue, driving it deeper and deeper inside her daughter’s virgin hole.

“Oh god mom, that feels sooooooooo gooooooooood. Keep doing that, keep licking my twat.”

Cindy wasn’t going to stop until Ashley came and continued to lick the sweet nectar coming from her baby’s cunt. She rubbed her clit as she ran her tongue up and down. She then put her mouth over her daughter’s clit and began sucking. This caused Ashley to grab a hold of Cindy’s head and hold it there, “YESSSSS, YESSSSSSS. Suck my fucking clit you dirty bitch. Don’t stop, AHHHHHHHH, Godddddddddd Yessssssssss! I’m cumminggggggg. You are making me cummmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!” And with that Ashley threw her mother off her clit and didn’t say anything as she came down from her cum. Cindy sat there watching her daughter bask in the after glow of another cum, while she licked her lips, savoring the taste of her 16 year old daughter’s twat.

When Ashley finally came around and looked at her mother she had a look of shock that quickly turned to a smile, “Mom where did you learn to eat pussy like that, it was amazing.”

“I actually have done that a few times in my life. So you like having your cunt licked by your mother?”

“Yes. And did you like licking your daughter’s pussy?”

“Yours is the best pussy I have ever tasted. So do you think you might like to lick pussy?” Cindy asked.

“Well, I guess if you made me lick your pussy there is nothing I could about it.”

Cindy gave Ashley her dirty smile and crawled on top of her daughter. Cindy leaned down and kissed her daughter, letting her tongue snake into her mouth. Cindy moved up and put her right breast in front of Ashley’s face and fed her daughter her nipple. Ashley clamped down and began to suck her mother’s tit. Cindy held her daughter’s head and wouldn’t let her mouth leave her breast for a few seconds. Then Cindy pulled back and said, “Now your going to eat my cunt just like I did to you. I’m going to sit on your face and I’m not getting off till you make me cum you little bitch.”

Cindy then stood up and stepped right over her daughter’s head. She lowered herself down, placing her dripping wet pussy right on her daughter’s mouth, “Now start licking you little slut.”

Ashley grabbed hold of her mother’s thighs and ran her tongue up and down the pussy that was forced on her, she loved it. She began to fuck her mother’s cunt with her tongue. Cindy was holding on to her daughter’s head, not letting her even get a breath, “Oh god. Yes you little slut, lick it, lick my cunt. OHHHHHHHHH, YESSSSSSSSSS!!! Don’t stop baby. That’s it, keep licking mommy’s cunt, make me cum.”

Ashley continued to snake her tongue in and out of her horny mother’s cunt. Cindy’s juices were dripping all over Ashley’s face and Ashley loved it. She never knew being such a slut could be a turn on. She heard her mother scream out, “YESSSSSSSSSSS. YESSSSSS you little slut, I’m cumming. I’m cumming all over my slutty daughter’s face. OHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!”

And with that Cindy came. And she came all over Ashley’s face. Cindy fell off her daughter and didn’t move. Ashley looked at her mother laying next to her, naked, who she had just made cum. Ashley never knew that being such a slut would be so hot, and she wanted more. When Cindy finally came to she looked at her daughter, her face was glistening with her pussy juice. Cindy leaned over and licked her own cum off her daughter’s face and kissed Ashley on the lips. When the women finally broke the embrace Ashley said, “What about dad?”

Cindy responded, “Well, we have a few days before he gets back to think about it. Until then we can play with each other some more, if you want.”

Ashley broke out in a huge smile, “God yes. I want to lick your cunt all the time.”

“Well, you can go down on me whenever you want as long as I can do the same to you.”

“Anytime you want to lick my cunt you can, you don’t even have to ask, just throw me down and have your way with me.”

Cindy smiled and said, “Well I might have to take you up on that offer. By the way, you are an amazing pussy licker, was that your first time?”

Ashley leaned over and kissed her mother and said, “No.”

Cindy gave her a puzzled look as Ashley put her head on her mother’s chest and fell asleep. Cindy closed her eyes and wondered whose pussy Ashley had eaten before hers? She also couldn’t wait to tell Scott about the new developments in the family.
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