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My Family’s Secret, Who Knew? - Part One

I'm a virgin, but know I can be a proper slut.
Written By Poppet:For LushStories ONLY!

My Family’s Secret, Who Knew?

My Daddy, brother and I have always been really close as I grew up. My mum passed away when I was three years old while giving birth to my baby sister. It took its toll on the three of us and allowed our bond to become all that more closer. My brother and I are closer than most normal brothers and sisters relationships are but we bonded over the death of our mum.

I’m 16 years old and my brother is just two years older than me at 18. My brother’s name is Evan and is really cute. He is six feet two inches, He is 170 pounds. He’s a swimmer at our high school and keeps himself really fit, and even though it’s a little weird to some shaves completely all over. He even keeps his head bald which is so hot on a man. He has sharp gray eyes that light up when he laughs. He has dimples that make any girl swoon over. Now you’re probably wondering about me? Well, as I said I’m 16, my name is JJ. I come in at a very short 5 feet 3 inches and only 105 pounds. I have black silky hair with gray eyes a lot like my brother but a little darker then his.

My Daddy and brother have always been very protective over me and never allowed me to do my own thing, one of them were always around. It was close to my mum’s 13 year passing and I still took it the hardest since I can’t remember anything about her. I always get extra clingy to my brother when this time of year comes around.

It’s Friday and Daddy is at work still, my brother has swim practice and I’m home alone making dinner for the boys. Once I got old enough to cook I became the unofficial cook since daddy didn't cook and always ordered out or had us eat microwave stuff which grossed me out. I finish making dinner and put their plates away and go take a shower. I always love Friday’s it’s when I get the house to myself for a short bit.

I lose myself in the shower, day dreaming of what it would be like to be with a boy. I've never even been kissed. I feel so silly when my girlfriends at school go on and on about what they've done and I have nothing. I thought about making up a fake boyfriend who lives in another town so I can join in their conversations but I always get to chicken. I step out of the shower and wrap myself in a towel and head towards my bedroom. I open the door and still lost in thought don’t hear my brother walking down the hall towards his bedroom.

“Hey sis, aren't we looking good this afternoon.”

“Oh God! Evan you scared the hell out of me. What are you doing home? You should be at practice.”

“Awe sis, you don’t want me home? Are you hiding a boy in your room you don’t want me and dad to know about?”

“Yeah because I have the time and space to ever meet a boy with the way you butt in to my life.”

“Now sis you know I do it because I want you all to myself. Is that my fault?”

He grins at me as I look at him shocked but feel a sudden wave of burning desire for him. I can feel myself getting turned on. I then realize I’m standing there in a towel and go to my room with a deep blush. I lay on my bed and think of what just happen. Was he serious with what he just said? How does he mean he doesn't like sharing me? Does he want to keep me all to himself, and if so in what sense? My mind races with these thoughts. The more I think about it the more it turns me on and I feel myself sliding my hand between my legs. I start to wonder what it would be like to kiss my brother and feel his hands along my body. I let out a soft gasp feeling how wet I am as I slide a finger inside me working myself lightly as I let my mind wonder thinking of my brother. Just as I am getting into it my door swings open and my brother strolls in.

“Oh shit JJ, what the hell!”

“Evan, don’t you ever knock!?”

“When have we ever had to knock before?!”

I pull my hand out from between my thighs seeing how soaked my fingers are I blush deeply and try to cover myself the best I can. My breasts exposed now and feel the stir of desire build more for him. Evan walks over and sits down on the bed next to me instead of leaving and I want to jump him.

“JJ are you sexual active? I want you to be honest with me.”

“No, Evan. You know better. I've never been with a boy. I've never even kissed a boy.”

“Do you want to, kiss a boy and be sexual active?”

“I think I do, I mean what teenage girl doesn't?”

Evan takes my soaking wet hand and brings it to his lips and wraps his mouth around my pointer and middle finger and begins to suck on them gently. I let out a gasp having a hard time moving my gaze from his warm mouth around my fingers. His eyes are closed and sucking so gently, I can even hear him let out a soft moan of his own while sucking on my fingers. His tongue is working over every inch of my two fingers wanting to get every drop of juice. I can’t help but love it feeling how wet I am becoming for him. I want him so badly it hurts; I know I need the release of an orgasm. I drop my towel and not bother covering anymore as his eyes open and looks at me. His gaze devours every inch of my body while pulling the towel free from me.

“JJ I want to do something I have wanted to try for a while now. I want you to trust me and lay back and allow me to do something.”

“I do trust you, Evan. I trust you with everything I have.”

“Good girl, now just lay back for me.”

I do as he asks of me and close my eyes. I can feel my heart thudding so hard it feels as though it’s going to bust from my chest. I let out a soft whimper not knowing what’s going to happen. It’s quiet for a long time but I’m almost afraid to open my eyes. I feel him move on the bed and between my legs as he parts them. I can feel his weight on the bed, leaning down he begins to suck lightly on my right nipple, while rolling the left one between his fingers. They become so hard so quick it almost makes me dizzy.

He begins to suckle hard on my right one; it reminds me of a hungry kitten drinking from its mother’s nipple. I can hear the sounds of him suckling which only makes me hotter for him. He sucks with such a hungry need, I run my fingers over his bald held. I’m petting him softly while moaning lightly my hips moving lightly on their own. He switches breasts and begins to suckle just as hard on my left playing with my wet right nipple between his fingers. He grips my nipple between his teeth and tugs on it pulling it away from my chest as far as it can go making me whine out, he lets it slip from his teeth as it falls back to my chest. He does this again and again before sucking hard on it again. He stays on my breasts for the longest time before moving down my slim flat belly.

I can feel his wet lips trailing down my body. My body responds with goose bumps that cover my whole body causing me to shiver lightly. His warm breath is teasing my skin as he moves so slowly. I begin to wonder, is this wrong? Should I stop him? Why am I doing this? He is my brother. I couldn't stop myself. It didn't feel wrong, I didn't think I should stop him; I’m doing it because it feels so good and so right. He reaches my pussy where he hadn't noticed before that I’m shaved so smooth. I blush looking down at him now, I see his gaze looking up at me…

“I see you shave, sis. Are you sure you’re not having sex?”

“You think I’m having sex because I shave my pussy? No Evan, I shave because I hate when I touch myself I feel all that gross hair. I like it smooth and silky.”

“Mmm I like that sis. That’s really hot, and so is your pretty pink pussy.”

“You really think so?”

“I know so, Sis. You've got an amazing little pussy. Now shh I want to finish what I started.”

I close my mouth and lay back down my legs parting a little wider. I don’t know a whole lot about sex. I just know what feels good to me when I masturbate. I've never watched porn. The only stuff I know about is what my girlfriends go on about at school. He begins to kiss my mound and I shiver again, I caress my nipples because it feels like the right thing to do. Each of them is still wet from his saliva and I feel how hard they are. I can feel him take a deep breath, deep breathing. He is breathing in my scent while kissing my mound and inner thighs. I can feel him almost shaking with anticipation.

He runs a single finger down over my slit, pushing in just lightly to run past my clit making me arch my back and let out a purr. I can hear him let out a soft chuckle clearly amused by my reaction. He does this again and again watching my back arch higher each time. He finally leans in and parts my lips with his tongue now doing the same as he was with his finger. He allows his tongue to flick past my swelling clit that makes me whine out hard for him. The softness of his tongue is so damn erotic that I nearly growl wanting more. It only takes just that one flick to make me want more. My fingers back on his head wanting to push him forward. I don’t and allow him to go at his own pace. He moves to take my swollen clit into his mouth and begins to suckle on it just as he did with my nipples. The sensation was like hot fire, like walking on coal but in the best way possible. If that makes any sense!

He suckles softly for a long time, just allowing me to get use to him, I am dripping wet now. I've never been so wet in all my life. I can feel my juices flowing down over my ass crack and making me moan out for him. He takes cue and changes it up. He let’s go of my clit and runs his tongue over the length of my young tight pussy now. He is lapping up all my juices while moaning; he can’t get enough of it as much as I can’t get enough of him. If this is wrong, it feels so good to do something so wrong. I don’t care and crave more of him. He moves his tongue back over my clit and starts making small circles over it, teasing me while I grind my hips in the same small circles. He slips his hands under me and pulls me closer, his tongue moves down further finding my tight virgin hole. He probes it a few times testing my reaction as I let out gasps unsure what to feel or think.

Am I ready to feel this? Do I want to take that step? Most of all do I want to with my brother? In one quick gasp I moan out a yes, it almost sounded like a begging moan and he begins to push his tongue inside me. I feel the tip of his tongue moving inside me his fingers dig into my ass and holding me close. I lay still holding my breath, I feel like I can’t breathe at all. His tongue is moving slowly inside me probing the inside of my tight unused virgin pussy. I move my hips up wanting to feel him. I can feel him start to fuck me so slowly with his tongue. His nose begins to rub along my clit making me finally cry out a long gasp and tremble with firing need for him. I want to orgasm hard for him. I know it won’t be long and it drives me to the point of insanity for my own brother. He lets his tongue probe inside me long quick strokes a few times before moving back up to my clit. He puts his full mouth on it and sucks so hard that I feel like I’m going to shatter in a million pieces like a porcelain doll. With that I begin to orgasm deep and his mouth moves hard sucking deep on me forcing my orgasm to come with wicked waves of passion. My moans and screams are almost ear-piercing; I grip the blanket feeling as though I’m going to fall even though I’m lying down. My mind suddenly feels like its sky high and I’m falling quickly with my orgasm. It doesn't end, my orgasm waves out with another quick one as Evan releases my clit and runs his mouth down back into my hole for one moment and coming back up and doing it again. He sucks so hard on my clit shaking his head side to side like a rabid animal in need of food.

My body is in so much shock I can’t hardly breathe, I feel myself inhaling as much as I can but I can’t seem to catch my breath. I let out whimpering moans trying to breathe. Evan gets up and pulls me into his arms and holds me close. I’m in such utter bliss I am lost in where I am. I have never experienced something so intense in all my life. He rocks me to sleep like he has too many times in our lives. It doesn't take long after what he did to me. I fall into a deep sleep in his arms, just listening to him breath and smell of my sex.

I wake up about 8:30 and am alone. I am covered with my throw blanket and still dripping with my juices and blush. I try and figure out what happen. Was it even real, or was it all a dream? In the state of daze I am in I am not sure. I get up and decide to take another showering knowing either way all I do is smell of sex. I take a short quick wash me over shower. I go to my room and throw on some pjs. I don’t bother with panties or a bra at this point.

I walk out into the living where both Daddy and Evan are eating dinner and I climb onto my chair and try to pay attention to the TV as they eat. My mind still keeps thinking of what happen just a few hours ago and I know it happen, there is no way it didn't. Evan acts completely normal. I begin to wonder if anyone is going to speak when finally it’s Evan who does.

“Hey Dad, I’m going out with a few friends tonight, we’re going to be out late so don’t bother waiting up for me. I know you do.”

“Alright Evan, just use your best judgment, you maybe 18 but you’re still living under my roof and not going to do as you please just because you think you’re a full grown man.”

“…. *Sighs* Yes Sir. I know. I’ll be home around 2:00.”

“Good, I won’t hold you to that I know you better just get home safely.”

“Yeah, Yeah.”

Evan looks at me and smiles a devilish smirk at me and winks. It sends a chill down into my deepest parts and I bite my lower lip looking back at the TV trying not to think of those lips on me.

“What about you, JJ? You have any plans?” Daddy asks me breaking my thoughts of my brother.

“Ah... No not me, I had a long day and just want to stay in tonight. It looks like you’re stuck with me Daddy.”

“I can think of worse people to be stuck at home with then you, sweet pea.”

“Stop it, Daddy. You need to find yourself a girlfriend. You’re to attach to me and Evan.”

“You know better than that, I don’t need a girlfriend. I have you kids to take care of.”

“We’re not kids anymore Daddy.”

“She’s right, old man. You’re not getting any younger.”

“Oh now don’t you both go gaining up on me or I’ll ground your asses.”

He says with a chuckle tossing pillows at the both of us. Evan gets up and picks me up and dogs piles on Daddy as we get into a wrestling match that somehow I always lose. With Daddy on bottom and Evan on top I am stuck between them as we all fight. I’m squealing in laughter as Daddy has Evan in a head lock but before I can even know what’s about to happen Evan’s head is head locked right between my legs. Daddy doesn't even notice and Evan takes the chance to lick my inner thigh and take a deep breath. I feel the fire blast through me all over again. Just as I was about to lose myself in thought a car horn blares outside and Evan wiggles free of the head lock.

“That’s the guys. I’ll catch you later peeps.”

“Behave yourself Evan.”

“I always do father!”

Evan calls out as he rushes out. I relax and feel Daddy put his arms around me and hold me close to him. I've always cuddled with both Daddy and Evan so it wasn't out of the ordinary for Daddy to cuddle me. His face was more resting on my chest though and I could feel his warm breath tease my skin. I was so horny I couldn't help but think of dirty thoughts of my own Daddy. What was I thinking, first my brother, now my own Daddy? I must be losing my mind. I am able to forget about it when he reaches for the remote and sees one of our favorite movies is just about to start. It is Con Air and we both smile at each other.

I run off to go take care of their dishes and pop some popcorn. We can’t ever watch a movie without popcorn and sweet tea. I come back and noticed that Daddy went to go and put on his night wear and I smile at him before settling back on his lap. We watch the movie almost quoting it word for word all the way through as we eat our popcorn. I love quiet time with Daddy. Times like this I’m glad he hasn't anyone else in his life other then Evan and I. The movie ends and Daddy looks at me with a sleepy smile.

“Alright sweet pea, your old man needs to get to bed. I have work in the morning.”

“How? It’s Saturday. You don’t work on weekends.”

“I know but two people quit, one left, and the girl from shipping had her baby two days ago. So, it’s left up to just four of us to do a 10 person job. Now come on, get up before I take you over my knee.”

“Don’t tease me with a good time Daddy. I might like it.”

“Are you testing me little girl?”

“I might be. What are you going to do about it?”

With that he takes me and turns me over putting me over his knee and slips my shorts down exposing my bare ass, he lets out a groan and rubs my ass slightly before slapping it three hard strikes. I cry out muffled moans and pained groans each time he does. With each strike I can feel his cock twitch under me through his pajama bottoms. He pulls my shorts back up and swats my ass.

“Don’t test me, JJ… You’ll always lose. Now let me get to bed.”

“Yes Sir. Good night Daddy.”

I get up off his lap and rub my ass and wince a little from the heat that I can feel from his spanks. He never hit us as kids but has playfully spanked me like this once or twice this past year. I always wondered why he started to do it now that I am 16. He goes to bed and I start picking up the mess from our movie and do up what few dishes we have. I always keep the house spotless and never allow the boys to mess it up.

I head to my bedroom which is the last room in the house. I walk by Daddy’s room, his door is open just slightly and I can’t help but notice that he is still awake sitting there. I quietly peek in a little more and see that his cock is in his hand and I bite my lower lip, letting out a soft moan but not loud enough for him to hear. He is jerking off and I can’t take my eyes off his cock. I've never seen one before let alone one when it’s being jerked off. I can’t look away, I keep watching him. He is moaning quietly to himself with his hand working quick over his shaft, he slows ever so often then back to a quick pace. Before I know it he is moaning a little louder and orgasm hard. It shoots up and hits all over his bare chest. I can’t believe how much he orgasms! I don’t dare stay any longer and quickly run off to my room.

I lie in bed and think about all that has happen today. My brother and the way he touched me, my Daddy spanking me then jerking off. Is that why Daddy spanks me, so he can jerk off? Is he thinking of me when he orgasms? What’s going on with the men in this house? What’s going on with me?! I toss and turn trying to allow sleep to take over me but the late nap and all that is on my mind isn't allowing it to take over me. I watch the clock tick by and 1:30 rolls around. It is the last time I look at the clock before sleep pulls on me and I’m out like a light.

I wake up at about 4:10 and hear the noise of my brother right outside my bedroom door. I roll over and face my door wondering if he’s coming in to check on me before going to bed. I keep my eyes closed and wait, hoping he does. I hear the sound of my door click and open slightly. I hold my breath and smile to myself.

“You awake, sis?”

“Do you think the sleeping answer questions?”

“You never know? Can I come in?”

“What’s ever stopped you before big brother?”

“True enough.”

He comes in and slips off his jacket and takes off his shoes. He looks at me and smiles a little before he removes his shirt and takes off his jeans. It isn't the first time I've seen him in just his boxers. Both he and Daddy roam the house in just their boxers all the time. I've never seen anything that I shouldn't. I have wondered about it before though. Of course now I have seen Daddy’s cock and makes me wonder what Evan’s looks like. Daddy’s cock looked big but not really that thick. He keeps himself trimmed down which made it look nice. I could tell Daddy wasn't circumcised. I wonder if Evan is.

Evan climbs into bed with me and pulls me into his arms. He kisses the top of my head and relaxes. I can feel the coolness of his skin and I nuzzle in closer to make sure he is nice and warm. I run my fingers mindlessly over his chest. It’s nice and smooth, like I said he is a swimmer so he keeps himself all shaved. I knew that meant he shaves down there like I do. I want to see it but don’t dare ask him.

“You have fun tonight with the guys?”

“Yeah, it was nice. We went to the pool hall and played some pool and a little bit of darts. I still suck at darts though so when they got real into it I just watched, until this girl came up to me. She started flirting with me. I am not sure if she ever flirted before but she was so bad and so obvious I couldn't help but laughing. I think it pissed her off. “

“That’s not nice. You could have played along and then just forgot about her later on.”

“I could have, but I can’t seem to get this one girl out of my head.”

“Oh? Who’s that? I didn't know you liked anyone.”

“It’s kind of recent. I've known her forever but just started taking an interest in her recently.”

“Are you going to let her know all this or just think about her?”

“I just told her.”

“What? Me? You like me?”

“Wasn't it obvious by this afternoons events or did I do so badly you didn't take cue?”

“You weren't bad! Oh God! Evan, you weren't bad at all.”

Before I could go on he takes his mouth and kisses me deeply. He sucks my tongue sharp into his and devours me like a beast. He wraps his arms around me while moving on top of me, he kisses me so deeply it takes my breath away. He lets his hands roam my slender body once more, just as he had this afternoon. He breaks our kiss and removes my tank top and slides off my shorts with skill. He comes back in and pecks my lips lightly before going to my jaw, biting along to my ear. He sucks on it softly, my hands shake but I daringly move them to his shorts. I feel my fingers find his cock with ease and to my surprise he is rock solid and it makes me moan out.

“Oh Evan, are we going to really do this?”

“There is no turning back now, baby.”

He tells me as he crashes into me kissing me again; I tighten my grip on his cock. I jerk on him almost like Daddy was doing to himself only hours ago. I have no clue what I’m doing and just going with what feels right. He lets out a groan and I know I’m doing well and keep going at it. He moves down and takes my nipples into my mouth once more, sucking on them so needy for them. I feel how hot my sex is and am desperate to feel my brother’s cock fill my tight virgin pussy. I've never wanted something as much as I do now.

He sits up and takes off his boxers and I see in the moon light that my brother’s cock looks nothing like my Daddy’s. Evan’s cock is a little smaller then Daddy’s but much thicker than his, I can see that Evan is circumcised, unlike Daddy. I reach out with a need wanting to feel it once more. I look up at him kneeling in front of me, while I pet and stroke him. I let out a purr, enjoying the powerful feeling of his cock around my fingers. He leans back down and kisses me while spreading my legs. I feel his heart pounding hard against my chest, and I’m sure he can feel mine on his.

“I promise you this will hurt but I’ll be gentle, sis. I just want you to trust me again.”

“I trust you, Bubby. I want this.”

“That’s a good girl. You know I love you sis, just relax for me.”

I lay back and take a few deep breathes awaiting the unknown of what it’s going to feel like. He guides the head of his cock over my pussy lips like he was doing this afternoon, he can feel how wet I am and he groans. I part my legs a little wider wanting him. He takes the head and places it right at my hole; I can feel it just resting there. He looks at me, wanting the okay even though I gave it to him already. I nod at him and with that he begins to push into me ever so slowly. I let out a gasp feeling the pressure of his cock begin into invade a space that has never been used before.

“Oh fuckkkkkk, Sis!!!!”

He growls out as he pushes into me, I can feel him having to force himself further inside me. My tight pussy is too tight for his thickness and he growls between it. He makes it half way in and I feel the delivering pinch of his cock taking me and I cry out a whimpering moan. It hurts badly and I grip my fingers around his forearms. He doesn't stop but goes a little slower until he is finally balls deep inside me. We’re both panting, I can hear myself whimpering as my tight pussy adjusts around his shaft. I can feel him throb so hard inside me while I feel my walls trying to adjust back to normal but can’t with Evan’s cock inside me. I rest best I can feel him not move for the longest time. He finally begins to move inside me and makes me yelp out but it’s not a bad yelp it feels so good it makes me moan out. He smiles down at me and begins a slow steady pace inside me. He starts to push a little faster inside me and with one hard thrust I feel my cherry pop and my whole pussy tightens hard and I cry out he muffles my mouth with his hand not to wake up Daddy.

He moves his hips back and forth in and out of me. I can feel the thickness of his cock take every part of me. The longer he is inside me the more I want of him, just like I did this afternoon with his tongue. I love the feeling of my brother inside me. It was then I fell deep in lust for my own brother. I needed him, and needed him always. I bring him down and kiss him with a passionate kiss while he rocks his hips in and out of me. I move my hips to match his pace, it feels so natural. He slides a hand down between and toys with my little nub. I moan out through our kiss, he doesn't break our kiss allowing it to be what muffles my moans and cries.

He starts to really fuck me hard now. The faster he fucks me the faster his fingers dance over my tender little clit. I shiver and shake feeling that welcoming need of orgasm heighten. I don’t hold back and let the wash over orgasm take over me. I moan out deeply through our kiss. I can feel Evan groan out while fucking me. My walls tighten even harder around him as he fucks me. My walls pull him inside me with each thrusting need. He takes me harder and forces his cock inside me deeper. I can feel his cock begin to bottom out inside me with each thrust; it’s harder and deeper more. He suddenly growls out and orgasm so hard inside me. I take every last drop of him; I can feel my womb fill with his hot seed. It feels so good to have him cum inside me. It makes me feel like a dirty little slut but so hot at the same time. He is panting hard and trying to catch his breath when he rolls over next to me with a pull of me to take me into his arms. He kisses my forehead.

“I never expected fucking my own sister would feel so good. It was like magic.”

“I have nothing to compare it to but I don’t even need to, know it was amazing. I couldn't get enough of you. You make me feel like a dirty little slut but in a good way.”

“That’s exactly what you are. You’re a dirty little slut, but you’re my dirty slut.”

“I can live with that, Bubby.”

“That’s because you’re a good girl.”

I smile at him and kiss his lips softly. I decide to tell him what happen after he left. He couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of our dad jerking off because he spanked me, though telling him made me excited and made me want to now fuck my Daddy too.

“Well maybe you can become the family slut, Sis. Maybe you can give Dad a treat sometime. He needs it more then we both know. I’m sure.”

“You think that Daddy wants to have sex with me?”

“If he is jerking off after spanking you he does!”

I bite my lip and wonder if it was true what Evan said. I really wanted to find out if he did or not because it made me wonder what it would be like to fuck my own Daddy. It made my pussy ache and craved having him. In the mean time I had Evan fuck me again.

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Posted 20 Dec 2012 19:24
great storie
Posted 20 Dec 2012 19:12
excellent story, hope daddy gets a little too 5 +++
Posted 20 Dec 2012 18:02
great story! loved it
Posted 20 Dec 2012 17:41
nice loving story family being there for family
Posted 20 Dec 2012 17:40
Very, very hot! You can certainly spin a yarn...can't wait for the next chapter.
Posted 20 Dec 2012 16:35
Hot story... novice turning pro... sounds like things are going to get really fun-filled around the house... 5++
Posted 20 Dec 2012 16:14
A good hot read!

Posted 20 Dec 2012 16:09
You will always get a 5 from me Poppet. I loved it. And I know and look forward to what comes next. Thanks, sweetie.
Posted 20 Dec 2012 16:07
Really enjoyed reading this story well done and thank you for sharing
Posted 20 Dec 2012 15:18
another lovely story

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