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My First Incest: Big Bro-Part 1

'He was in heaven watching his little sister stroking his cock...' Enjoy! :)
I am Christine, I am Bi-sexual and I am 20, my list of porn includes; lesbian, straight, anal, gay (male) and strangely... incest. It makes me feel so dirty, so naughty... so horny.

I started by watching the usual 'Mother/Son' and 'Cousins having fun' and so on, but they just never gave me the same excitement that 'Brother/Sister' incest gave me, I didn't know what it was about them specifically but it gave me the horn more than any other incests or pornos gave me. Then I started dreaming about my brother, Danny, his soft, short brown hair, his toned, tanned body and what I imagine to be his thick, soft 8 inch cock.

I dreamt about him grabbing me, kissing me passionately, throwing me on my bed, tearing off my clothes and sliding his meat into me, making me scream as his huge cock drives into my pussy... But I always wake up when the good part happens. I then realized that the reason I loved brother/sister incest so much was because I fantasized that it was me with my brother teasing him and fucking him, that was when my plan started... I wanted to fuck my brother and I was going to seduce him into wanting me. It would take around a week.

Day 1

The first day of my plan was a slow one, the trick was to not show him that I wanted him, but to make him want me. My brother is 21 and he works for my dad in a family run gardening business, he works around 10 hours a day and his job is very hard work so when he comes home he goes straight in the bath and then he has a quick nap.

I already knew what I was going to do when he got in. They set off at 7am and come home at around 4pm, I get up at around 10am so the timing was in place... Now for the action.

I got up at 10am on the dot, had my breakfast and brushed my teeth. Next I showered (fingered myself a little, but not cumming), I shaved my pussy clean just the way I like it and then brushed my shoulder high, soft, brown hair allowing it to drop behind my shoulders. Next I picked out my clothing... my tight pink short shorts and white short tight top, this made my perky round ass hug the shorts and my big 36c boobs poke out of the shirt, I wore no bra so my nipples were erect and in all there glory out of the shirt.

Next I applied my makeup; a little eye shadow, eye liner and mascara (black), then a small amount of blusher and to finish off lots of bright red lipstick. I pouted in my mirror and did a twirl, I was getting horny at the sight of me, I couldn't wait for my brothers reaction.

By now it was 2pm so I walked downstairs and watched some television, when my Mom saw me she asked "What's with you all glammed up? Is there a man I don't know about?"
I smiled as I thought to myself "Oh you know him".

But instead I replied "I'm going out later on, I just didn't want to be late for once".

She smiled and said "Just don't let him break your heart like the last one did". With that my mom continued upstairs with the laundry. Then I heard my dads van pull up "Surely there not back yet" I thought to myself with a slight excitement, sadly it was another of my Dad's employees, Mick, the final part of the three man team, he is of average build, no tan, in fact he's very white, short blond hair and blue eyes, for as long as my Dad's employed him he's been a good worker, but has always been a little doubtful with his personal life, he's got a small scar on his lip and rumor has it that he had a fight with a drug dealer... but its none of my business.

He walked into the kitchen and I greeted him saying "Hi Mick, do you want a cup of tea".

He replied quickly "Er... No... I'm fine Christy"

I fluttered my big brown eyes at him (I loved seducing him, I knew he wanted me) "Are you sure... you've been working all day... you must be really tired", slowly I walked over to him biting my bottom lip and rolling my fingers along the wooden table, he said nervously "Christy... what are you doing..." I walked quicker towards him and lent in for a kiss but at the last minute I turned down and lightly bit his neck, I whispered "What do you want?"

He replied "I just came for your Dad's work receipt's", I stopped suddenly, "Take them to him then, don't keep him waiting." He looked at me very disappointed and grabbed the receipts, as he was walking out of the door I smiled and yelled "Hey Mick... see if Danny or my Dad want a cup of tea".

Mick walked down the stone path to the big silver VW van and gave my Dad the receipts, he said still with the disappointment in his voice "Christy asked if you wanted a cup of tea, go up to the house if you do".

Danny and my Dad walked up to the house to get a cup of tea, my Dad yelled "Me and Dan' are gonna' have a 'cuppa" My dad was a proper Yorkshire man and his average build, with some muscle, carries him well, he has medium length, dark, dirty brown hair and loving brown eyes, his rough big hands are the punishment for over 30 years hard labor in his 45 year old life.

My Brother was of the same description as in my dream (apart from his cock I didn't know what that looked like) his soft, short, brown hair glistened in the sunlight and his light tan was shimmering as he walked up the path, he was topless as it was incredibly hot outside, his toned stomach glistened with the natural sweat he was producing and his brown eyes search for my company.

I poked my head out of the door and said " Two cups?"

My Dad replied " Yea, Mick doesn't want one", I then went into the kitchen and boiled the kettle, my Brother and Dad was still ignorant as to what I was wearing, I looked forward to there reaction.

Danny was the first to see me and his reaction was priceless, he looked at me all over and licked his lips, I purposely bent right over and picked up a cup from the bottom kitchen cupboard, my plump ass reached for the sky as my brother pulled his shorts away from the forming bulge trying to make it less noticeable.

My dad then walked in and saw me just as I was standing he said " What's with the get-up" he smiled.

I turned around and said " I'm going out later so I wanted to get ready early and not be late for once" my Dad smiled and sat at the kitchen table " Well you look beautiful sweetheart" he said.

I made the cup of teas and for now left it at that, I didn't want to rush things and come on too strong so I went out with friends that night and waited till his bath time tomorrow.

Day 2

I followed my daily routine as usual but I left my soft pink and black nightgown on so it could hide my red bra and pink thong this would suit my plan perfectly. It was now 3pm so I had an hour to kill.

I used that time by watching porn and playing with my wet pussy. My index finger and thumb gently squeezed my clitoris as I stuffed the middle finger of my other hand into my pussy as far as it would go, it wasn't far enough, I wasn't satisfied I held back my orgasm and waited for a special moment to release myself at that moment my brother walked into the kitchen...

I quickly pulled my panties up and over my soaked pussy and sucked my two fingers clean, then I covered myself up with the silky dressing gown and walked into the kitchen still a little flushed. "What's up?" Danny clearly could see that I was shaky and embarrassed "Nothing I'm just hot" I quickly replied, Danny made a cup of tea, drank it quickly and announced "I'm going to get in the bath then I'm going to bed for a bit" I nodded my head and watched him leave the kitchen and walk upstairs into the bathroom.

Composing myself I looked at my reflection in the kitchen window and said to myself "Time to make my move". I licked my plump lips and brushed myself down throwing my hair behind me I waited a few more minutes and went upstairs, the bath had just filled and he was wrapped in a towel. I walked into the bathroom and said "sorry bro can't wait!" I quickly chucked the nightgown aside and pulled my panties down and sat on the toilet, Danny yelled "Why can't you go to the downstairs toilet!"

I replied "It's freezing down there I won't be long just have your bath I won't look!" I finished on the toilet and wiped myself, I stood slowly sticking my perky ass out I bent right over and slid my panties back up. My brother was watching me from the corner of his eye he could see my tanned, long legs and the curve of my ass but not my shaved pussy, I turned to face him in nothing but my pink panties and red bra "You like?" I said to him biting my bottom lip, he looked at me and blushed "What are you talking about?" he murmured trying to not seem embarrassed when he clearly wanted to slip away.

He attempted to move the bubbles discreetly over his semi-hard cock "You know what I mean..." I said as I walked over to him in a lap dance style I knelt beside the bath tub and looked at his toned, tanned body up and down, I stared at him and said "Are you horny?" he nodded his head awkwardly and at that I stood over him and rubbed my hand over his chest moving down to his cock. I moved the bubbles out of the way and revealed his erect 7 inch dick I looked at him teasingly and spat on my hand slowly I let the spit drip onto the head of his penis and watched it roll down the length and disappear into the surrounding water.

"What are you doing sis?!" I ignored him and carried on gripping the head of his cock and rolling it between my thumb and fore-finger I slowly stroked his length and build up the pace to jerking him off.

He was in heaven watching his little sister stroking his cock he moaned loudly and I smiled knowing I was doing something right, I reached over and kissed him passionately while wanking him and stroking his chest.

Suddenly the door opened "I'm back!" yelled my mum, I broke the kiss and whispered in his ear "Next time bro, next time..." at that I stood up, put my dressing gown on and walked out of the bathroom leaving my brother with a raging erection and confusion in his face. I smiled to myself thinking "I can't wait for tomorrow"...

Till next time,
The End...

Leave your criticism and ideas for part 2 in the comments and give a rating please. Thank you for reading! :)
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Posted 15 Mar 2014 10:39
Excellent!!! Wish my sister was like Christy. Great story. Thanks.
Posted 29 Jan 2014 13:25
Really nice start. Like your style and detail. 5+
Posted 22 Nov 2013 17:12
Nicely done and the story lines is great
Posted 28 Aug 2013 22:44
Nice plan that seems working.5
Posted 19 Jul 2013 17:42
I love the storylines and can't wait for the part-2
Posted 26 Jan 2013 19:55
Wow love it!!! great tease and build UP! Was getting me very aroused... I'm off to read part 2
Posted 01 Oct 2012 13:00
Lots of potential with this story. keep it going.

Posted 01 Oct 2012 09:08
Nice story Christine....don't leave us
Posted 14 Jul 2012 16:24
love it more
Posted 25 Apr 2012 05:36
Great story! Hope part 2 gets posted really soon! Thanks for sharing!
Posted 02 Apr 2012 09:45
LOVE IT! reminds me of how my sister teases me love the sneaking around the house between loving siblings
Posted 02 Apr 2012 08:35
Excellent build up, well done story!

Posted 02 Apr 2012 04:40
Very well written.
Posted 01 Apr 2012 23:16
Ahhhh Darn just as it was getting so hot the end came or Cum maybe
Posted 01 Apr 2012 21:08
great build up, cant wait for part 2
Posted 01 Apr 2012 19:22
oh this is good

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