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My First Mistake

My First Mistake

I thought I would never be like most dirty men, but I am. This is my story.

I came home, it was bad dealing with issues at work and my ex-wife calling me crying and worrying about our daughter. Ami had just turn eighteen and once again having issue at school, so I was going to go get her and bring her home with me. I now how to take her with me, where Ami could at least finish high school, at this moment I no longer give a hoot if she went to college. It was no big deal to me anymore. I just wanted peace with my ex-wife. So I came home to shower and change clothing to go fetch my step-daughter, who didn’t know I wasn’t her biological father. I could never bring into my reality or her the hidden lies about her mother that destroyed our marriage. I hated the fact, I had to drive six hours to my ex-wife house, but I was going to do what was best for my Ami. She was everything to me that her mother wasn’t. I have loved her like she was my own child, so I gather my keys and wallet. I walk out to the car,

I take a deep breath. I get into my car and start my six hour drive.

I got there, when I open my car door. I could hear hell going on inside my ex-wife’s house. I shook my head. I walked towards the front door. I could Ami screaming at her mother, it was clear this was all over the new man in her mother life. I hated to enter the war zone, but I had no choice. I knock on the front door.

He answered the front door, not my ex-wife, he said, “Take the little raging bitch with you!!”

Boy, did I hit the roof when he said it to me. I don’t know why, but I hit him so hard his body hit the wall and his body sled down it.

Ami laughed.

My ex-wife screamed, “Why in the hell did you hit him for, Scotty !!”

“That piece of scum has no right to speak about Ami like she is trash!” I said, then added, “Ami get your damn bags and get in my car now!” I wasn’t going to deal with this. Nor was I going to let some douse bag speak to Ami like that, I have no say nor did I care what the douse bag to my ex-wife. I felt she deserve this man wrath after I left. Without any more words or care, I turn to leave.

My ex-wife yells out! “Keep that bitch with you forever Scotty , I will no longer put with her lies or trouble here in my house!!”

I balled up my fist, but I just walked back to my car knowing it was best not to turn and around react to my ex-wife raging stupidity. Oh god help I was heading down a road of sin and wasn’t even looking or caring. I was just trying to make sure Ami would have the perfect life and free from the drama of her mother’s many lovers coming and going in her life like she changed shoes upon each day. I felt Ami was lost and struggling in life as I sit down in the car seat. I looked over at her, she was lost in her IPod music, so I just started the car and drove away from her mother’s drama. It started to rain bad about two hours into the drive, so I pulled into a motel. I got a room. My luck…

Motel only had one room and one bed, so I took it. Not fearing I would have to share a bedroom and bed with Ami.

Ami didn’t say a single word to me, as she carried her bag into the motel room. I like puppet on the string walked behind her, I was watching her butt sway side to side, than I paused in shock. Ami was wearing something she should not be wearing….

A very short short skirt and a very tight blouse that made her breasts seem they were about to explode out of her shirt.

I was lost in hell to her movement, her long hair moving about her firm and round butt like whips teasing her butt. God my cock got so damn hard. I gasp. I stood there trying to shake it off, I knew it was wrong. I had raised this child from birth up to her tenth birthday, now I wasn’t see her as my daughter. I was seeing her as hot piece of ass to fuck. I need to focus and remember….she is my daughter, but my heart and soul keep saying, “Fuck that lie man, she just a fucking kid your wife had with another man, while she was married to you. There is no reason or law saying, your can’t fuck her.” I tremble as the wicked thoughts flow within my mind, but it was my heart and soul was ignited with such desire and passion for her, then….

Oh damn me to hell! I was wondering if she was still a virgin. God help my wicked heart and soul, I was now wondering, if she was tight and sweet. I was hoping and praying she was not sloppy leftovers like her mother was, since I have never been with something young and pure as the day she was born.

Ami stopped, she turn around, she smiled at me, then she said, “Come in, daddy, you are getting wet standing out in the rain.”

I was getting wet, but I was horny and hard as rock. I was not sure she or I would live through this long and wicked night, if I enter that motel room with her, but I did enter. I closed the doors.

My first mistake…..

Walking in the damn motel room alone with her thinking these sexual thoughts.

Her scent and her movement were driving me crazy.

I stood there as she tossed her bag on the floor. I stood there watching her slip off her shoes and clothing. Ami had no fear of me seeing her naked, she turns to look at me, god help me. I was wanted to fuck her right here and now all damn night. She smiled at me, she said, “Daddy, I am going to take a shower now, if that is okay with you.”

I said nothing as her haunting and sinful body walks away towards the bathroom. She was everything a man could dream into his reality. Her young and bouncing breast were not to small or too large, they were…god help me…perfect fit in my hands or mouth. God I stood there dripping wet think how my cock could slide in and out of her breasts, as I stare down into her bedroom eye. I always loved women with green eyes, not sure why I married her mother, because her mother has hazel eyes. I drop my keys onto the table. I walked over to the phone, and I order food. I order booze too, lots of it for me.

The woman said, “Room service.”

I said, “I need to steak dinners with the works for room 201. I will need six bottles of Jack Daniels . A size cocks please.”

The woman said, “I will send that up in half hour sir to room 201.”

“Thanks.” It was all I said to the woman as I hung the phone. I knew I should not be in this room, but it was the last room. Nor could we drive any farther. I turn on the television. The weather report said we were in the middle of Hurricane. It was on a path of hitting us. if we could find a safe shelter, we were to stay upon until the warning was lifted….

God help me…..

My world was spinning out of control. I rose from the bed. I slip off my jacket and shirt. I slip my trembling hands down my pant. I fumble with the belt and zipper. My pants fell around me ankles. I step out of my clothing. I laid them over the heater to dry. I had not brought myself any more clothing, so I was naked as the day I was born. I slip under the covers fast.

Ami enters with a towel wrap around her, she flop upon the bed. She took another towel to dry her long butt length hair that was flaming red like the sun upon a hot summer day was driving me up the wall with lust.

I was not bad looking man. I use to be something in my younger days. I was now…god…I was getting old. I was now 51 years old. I was old fart with wicked desire for my young eighteen years daughter.

What was wrong with me?

Hell her mother was twenty-one when I meet her and fucked her, but it was a month later when I married her. But our marriage was rough the first year, than my wife gave birth to Ami. Just after her twenty-second birthday. Her mother was forty, but she was still hot and breathtaking, but I found her to be witch of beast sent from hell. It wasn’t until Ami fifth birthday, I found out I wasn’t her biological father. It was when Ami got really sick. I wasn’t a match for her blood or what she need to save her life, but….

Her mother boss was perfect match.

It killed me to learn I wasn’t the father, but I never and ever allowed the truth to be told to Ami. I had lost my wife and dream, but damn it to hell…I wasn’t going to lose the best thing in my life. Ami was all I worked hard for, dare life for, even tried to make my dead marriage worked, but my wife had cheated again, she became pregnant again. She lost it about four months into the pregnancy. I would raised it as my child too.

I prayed this child had been mine and lived, but I knew there was no chance. Since she was making me use condoms each time I made love to her, I knew, no way this child she lost could had been mine. When I did make love to her, she would scream and cry for me to stop and get off her. She never could get use to his size. I was not big or small, I thought I was just average.

My cock was sticking up from under the covers. I pray Ami would not notice. Ami was listening and watching the television. I watched her move about the bed, I watched her brush her long hair with long strokes that made me softly sigh and wished I was making love to her. I watched her rise up and walk over to the television and change the station.

I gasped as her towel falls down to the floor, she bends over, her firm and round naked butt was staring me in the face. I could just walk up and poke her hard and deep in that tight little butt, I trembling as she rose up. I could see her nipples were erect. I wonder, fuck no….I was wanted and desire to touch, lick and suck on them. I even want to fuck her nice set of breasts, so I could cum in her face where I could watch her tongue lick and tease me erect cock. I wanted her mouth to suck my cock head as it slide in and out between those perfect alluring hills of delight.

Fuck….I was pre-cumming under the damn covers. I wanted her and was going to have her now. I went to rise off the bed.

A knock on the door, I quickly got under the cover, I knew it was room service.

I said to Ami, “It’s our dinner baby, the money is my wallet.”

Ami smiled and said, “I get it daddy.” She got the money and walks over to the door, she opens it with that small damn towel wrapped her body again.

My ten inch cock long, but it was nearing over three inches thick too. It was throbbing with pain and needing to fuck her now with such intense and raw passion, I was not caring if it was or wasn’t her first time with man. I just simply wanted to fuck her all night long. I watch the man walk into the room. I saw him staring at her. I wanted to kick his sorry ass for staring at her like that, but it was the same look I was watching her with.

I kept my mouth shut, Ami smiled and hand him the money. He walked into the chair, he tripped over his own feet. He ran into the door, as Ami grab upon the towel that was about to fall of her body, she said, “Thank you and good-bye.”

She closed the door. The towel falls around her feet. She turns around to look at me. I see her tongue run across her lips. Was she looking at me in the same I was looking at her, God help us both of us, if she was.

I watched her. She walks over to the edge of bed naked. She sits down. She looks at the food, she says, “Daddy, I don’t have to go back to mommy ever again. Please tell me I can stay with your forever. I hate being there. I hate how her boyfriends are always watching me.” She paused, and she wanted to tell me something. I felt it was something I would not like hearing. but I rose up and sit on the edge of the bed not caring. I was now naked and exposed to her sultry green eyes. She looked at my cock, I acted as if didn’t know. She said, “Daddy, you are bigger than mommy’s men friends are. I had seen them walking naked around the house before and after they fucked mommy, why are they smaller than you?”

I reach for the Jack Daniels .I was turning up the bottle fast. I was sucking it down, and tossed the first bottle into the trash can. I reached for another, but Ami…

Oh god my sweet Ami opened it and turn it up, she was drinking down like me, she paused and handed me the bottle. I took it into my shaking my hands, but I was quivering to her haunting words, “Daddy….what’s it like to have cock your length and thickness inside a woman?”

I turn the bottle up and drank it down so fast, I could hardly breathe. Her hand…oh fucking god…her hand brush against my cock. I felt alive. I have not sex for eight years now, I was always to busy with work, visiting Ami and paying child support to my ex-whore of wife. I just looked at the food and said, “Best we eat now, before the food gets cold.” I was trying to be a good father, but I wasn’t even her damn father, so why was I being good, when I just wanted to touch and teach her all about what a cock was for. I cut my steak, I ate slowly. I fought to stay focus, but it was hard when her hand touch my erect cock, her warm hand moved around it, up and down it, I moaned to what she was doing.

“You like that daddy?”

God help me…..I did like it, in fact, I wanted her to do more. Her touch was curious and exploring what her hand could make my cock do, I was eating and trembling as her hand slide up and down it. I moaned again.

She smiled.

I said out of the blue, “Its better when your tongue is sliding up and down or taking my cock into your mouth deep and long, he will give you such a wondrous treat with such long and hard on him, Ami.”

“Really, daddy, can I do that?”

Her tongue made my heart and soul jump for joy. I was lost in a heavenly hell with her tongue curling around my thickness and sliding up down, damn….her tongue was the best feeling upon my cock, I had ever had. No woman had curled her tongue around it ,and slide it up and down like it was her hand jacking me off. Her own mother could not wrap her tongue around my thickness nor would her own mother ever suck my cock like Ami was doing now. I put my knife and fork down. I move where my body was on the bed, I lean back the headboard. I just let my sweet Ami lick and suck my cock, my hands stroke her long and held her head tightly as she slide up and down. I moaned and gasps as her sweet mouth deep throat my cock like she was born to suck my cock always, I said in heat passion, “Oh god….Ami, you are such a pleasure, baby. Oh god…Ami…suck him long and hard, baby. Make him cum for you!!” I was losing my mind, yet I could not resist what my sweet daughter was doing for me. I had needed a blow job for so long. Never dared to bring another woman into my life, since her mother was always calling and fussing about Ami not doing this or that when she was told, but here and now. I knew Ami was not the issue. It was my ex-wife, who had the problem.

Ami was so damn willing to please me. I wonder what else she knew or what she had been taught. I felt her suck all of my seed down her throat. I watched her get up, and I asked her, “Have done this baby before? Have you fucked around with your mother’s men?”

She rose up and slide up my body, she said, “Daddy girl, I am, I want you daddy, no other man has ever touch me. Can we play like mother and her men do? I want to please you and want to know what its like to have a man doing me like they do my mother.”

I was touched by her haunting words. I forgot all reasoning and logical. I touched her naked body, I watched her lean back on the bed, as my hand roamed about her body. I rolled her nipples between my fingers. I dance and slither my tongue about her other breast. I sucked and nibble on it. I felt her body jerk and tremble, I heard her moan out, “Oh god…yes da…ddy! Oh god yessss…yessss, da…ddy!” I loved how she smelled and tasted. Ami was fresh and young, so damn ready for whatever I wanted to share with her with no one. I was perfect timing having her in my life.

Okay, our food got cold, but me and Ami were burning up with sinful hell fire upon each other bodies.

I stared into her sultry green eyes. She stared into my deep, dark brown eyes. I was the luckiest man in the world upon this night getting his groove on with an eighteen years old girl. Who was giving her old man a heart attack, but I felt young and alive with each touch, kiss and everything else we did, but I promise I would not fuck her tonight. I would savor that for another time, if there was another for us.

Silently our hands, lips, and eyes were speaking to each other.

My tongue was roaming about I found all her special tickle places, she moved. She jump and tingle to what I was doing to her, I loved it. Her body rose up to greet me in welcoming and tempting way to take her now, but I didn’t. Her touch was haunting and passionate, yet it was longing and yearning for more from me. I wanted too, yet again each time she quivered, I knew she was not yet ready for me to take her. I slip up over her body, I held her sweet breasts against my cock. I thrust back and forth through them. She licked her lips, I said, “Oh they fell so damn tight and good around my cock, baby. Oh yeah….oh god fucking yes……sssss!!”

Her tongue flicked about my cock tip, I soar to her wicked tongue licking and nibbling at my cock head. God I want to fuck her hard and deep. It was the best, my eyes rolled back, I left my mind wander away as her tongue delighted my cock tip. I stroke her long and hard like I was fucking taking her tight untouched pussy for the first. I felt my heart thump out of control, my thrust slam the bed hard against the wall over and over again, she was moaning and screaming for more.

“Oh god…yessssss! Oh god yessss, da….ddy!! Fuck em hard and long…oh God! Yessssss!” My free hand moved behind me, my fingers rubbed and rubbed upon her clitoris. She was going to burst. I was going to make her cum. It wasn’t going to be the first time orgasm that I made her have tonight. It was just beginning many to come.

Moments later… sweet young daughter was cumming fast and hard. I shoot my juice into her face, like a good girl she sucked and licked all up, as I watched than I slip off her. I sled down between her legs, she screams as my tongue flicks wildly over her clitoris again. I knew she was raw and lost to this, she would soon cum again. I licked. I sucked. I nibble and insert two fingers into her butt. She bucked wildly and moaned out, “Oh God….yessss! “Oh, Daddy please, make me cum” God please fuck me now! I want it deep inside me da…ddy!!”

I licked faster and insert my two fingers into her wet and throbbing pussy, Ami grab the railings of the headboard. She thrust up and side to side, she wrapped her long legs down my back. I had her jump like Mexican jumping bean. Her hand drop down to my shoulder, she was clawing, dragging her against my back, she biting and screaming more and more. Her body thrusting and rubbing against my naked flesh was making me more and more hard, I wanted her. I needed her. God help, I was ready to cum again, even without her. I rose fast and squirt my seed upon her wet and naked body, I moaned out, “Oh damn baby, I have never…god I have never….cum like this before, you are the best!!”

She smiled and took her hand about his body, she licked and suck on her hands to lap up all my seed again like feasting demon upon life essence.

I laid beside her. I was tired, but ready to take whatever else from her. Ami was willing, but I saw her just lying next to me purring and falling asleep as her body was still trembling to what we had shared together.

It was the first night I slept with such ease and completely well satisfied from our oral sex and foreplay. I could not wait till my next week moment with her, where I took her either anal or took her virginity away. I knew she would sooner or later come to me for more pleasure. I knew……I would be happy to be her first lover in all ways. I knew me and my daughter would always be happier when we truly fucking completely. I pull her wet and trembling body against mine, we sleep all night within each other arms.

Continued…..My Daughter’s Haunting Lap (My Second Mistake)

©2009 Firestar

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Posted 10 Mar 2013 17:08
Excellent story
Posted 15 Dec 2012 22:34
Where is part 2?
Posted 26 Sep 2010 04:38
I couldn't read this story..I tried..It's so hard to even understand..The grammar is nonexistent and due to it, I quit!! That's how BAD this story is.
Posted 15 Nov 2009 08:21
Absolutely wonderful!
Posted 24 Sep 2009 05:44
Potentially a good story but it reads like a Slavic person speaking broken English. Please proof read.
Posted 16 Sep 2009 20:40
Proof read.
Posted 03 Sep 2009 14:41
Muggles and steel both had it correct, you were missing words and it ruined it for me. the story has a good basis. just need to slow down and make the senteces make sense. it was like they are half formed thoughts at times that you are trying to communicate.
Posted 03 Sep 2009 07:54
have to agree with muggles. the grammar was way too bad to really enjoy it. the story had potential to be very good. slow down and examine what you're writing.
Posted 03 Sep 2009 07:17
Scored with a 1 because: The grammar was so bad I couldn't even finish.
Posted 03 Sep 2009 06:31
Yes outstanding but please proof read and edit; it was difficult to read at times.
Posted 03 Sep 2009 06:10

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